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It is OK To Be Scared…

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DustinI can’t tell you how many times I hear, “Dustin, I really want to get in shape and feel better,  I’d like to join one of your programs but I am scared I will (fill in the blank).”  The most common answer is, I am scared I will fail or I will give up. Doing something different or uncomfortable is scary, stressful, and nerve-racking, but the alternative to that comfortable, boring, stagnant, isn’t pleasant either.

An example from my own life. I am scared…

If you have been reading my newsletters for the past few months you are aware that I have launched a brand new facility called the Fit Moms Transformation Center.  At the same time my team launched the FM4L 6 Week Challenge in 65 communities around North America.  I’ve been coordinating all this while still teaching 20 plus classes each week.  In one week alone I hired 8 new people.

I am scared…

-I am scared I can’t keep up the 16 plus hour work days that I am putting in.

-I am scared that I won’t be able to generate enough new clients to pay the very high rent at the beautiful space (for the past 7 years no fitness place has been able to pay their rent).

-I am scared that I have people joining my team/mission who are leaving cushy 6 figure careers to pursue a dream of longing to help as many moms be as healthy, connected, and happy as possible.

I am scared of failure…

Can you relate to this in any area of your life?  So what can you do, and what am I doing to get through this challenging time in my life? I first ask myself the question, “What is the worst thing that could happen?”  If you are scared to start a new eating and exercise program, the worst that might happen is that you fail again, your friends think you are crazy, your kids complain about the healthy food, or you waste a few dollars.  To me all these things aren’t too serious compared to the potential and highly probability towards the upside.

Second question I ask myself is “WHY” do I want to do this?

You need to have a HUGE why.  People who are close to me were shocked when I decided to open up such a large Transformation Center.  They knew this wasn’t my first desire, but I felt I owed it to all my long-time clients.  I wanted  to give them the space they deserved, and they had been requesting it for some time now.  I also felt I owed it to my community (Madison), which has been so good to me.  I wanted to offer a safe place for the family to come in such a way that I didn’t see being offered other places.Fit MOms

For the FM4L 6 Week Challenge and everything that entails my “why” is even more massive…  I know based off of research, personal conversations, and experience that we are “starving” for meaningful relationships in our lives.  Being unhealthy, overweight, low-energy sucks, but if you have great relationships it doesn’t suck nearly as bad.  Fit Moms For Life is all about creating nutrition and exercise programs that connect women to one another and help facilitate those relationships.

One other big question I ask myself is who can I talk to, work with, hire, or get mentored by who has done what I am looking to do?

This one is so huge…

I would rather take someone’s painful and expensive lessons and learn from them instead of having to go through them myself.  Each year I invest upwards of 50K in seeking mentors, coaches, seminars, books, etc.  I would rather live in my small one bedroom apartment at 30 years old and be able to invest in coaches rather than live in a 6,000 square foot home and not be able to continue to grow as a person through personal development.  My coaches and mentors have been where I have been earlier in their lives. They provide me the tools and confidence though advice and a systematic plan so I too can get to where I want to go.

Same thing goes with fitness.  Investing in a program that you know has a great track record and gives you an “UNFAIR ADVANTAGE” compared to anyone trying to do it on their own. This could mean joining a gym, investing in some DVDS, hiring a personal trainer, a nutritionists, or a wellness coach just to name a few. Seeking the advice of someone who lives it day to day, and has studied it will help you progress in making changes you want to make.

As I wrap this up, I want to remind you that feeling scared is OK.  We all experience it.  Asking yourself the questions above and then surrounding yourself with others who have been successful in the area that you want to improve upon will help you gain the confidence needed to be successful.  For me, I am confident that with a couple more months of super long hours at the Transformation Center membership will pick up.  I’m confident it will become a household name in Madison, and the go to place for moms and families looking to transform their lives to healthier, happier, and more connected.  I will continue to hire a team that believes in the same things and are all there to support that mission.Women

The Fit Moms For Life movement, which I believe is in the stage of being a spark, will be taking off life wild fire over the next 18 months as moms find out how much fun and incredible life can be when healthy, fit, and connected, and how much better of a mom they will be to their kids if they themselves feel successful, full of energy, and empowered.

If you want to start that journey with me (as opposed to other great programs out there) I have a couple programs starting up in Madison and also a national program.  I have a 28 Day Skinny Jeans Challenge starting Monday at my 5 fitness locations.  Three spots remain.  Click here to learn more about this, close to $3/day.

I am also launching FM4L Six Week Challenge groups on Tues/Thurs nights in Madison as well as anywhere around the world.  You can sign up by clicking here.  If you are in the Madison area, let me know if you want to come to the Tuesday or Thursday 7 PM session.  Here is a pic of all those that signed up a couple days ago at our 6 Week Challenge open.


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I really like the story you are about to read about Fit Fun Bootcamper Kaitlin because it goes to show that despite growing up in a family of poor eating habits, it doesn’t have to be a death sentence.  Change is possible and results will be achieved.  Losing the weight has not only transformed her body, but has given her extra drive and confidence to build her growing massage business.

Here is her story…

“I’m 22 years old. I grew up in a less than healthy family; McDonald’s and other fast food choices were a regular meal. This unfortunately, continued on as a habit into adulthood. I developed a regular diet of processed food and Drive-Thru, in addition was not exercising at all, and as you can imagine this did not equate for a pants size that I was pleased with. I tried “dieting” a few times, but my idea of dieting at the time

Kaitlin Before

was getting grilled chicken instead of crispy chicken in the Drive-Thru.

My idea of exercise was doing 10 minutes on the elliptical and 20 sit ups twice a week. So obviously I wasn’t seeing many results. Well they always say opportunity knocks, in my case, it rang; my best friend called me at about 11 pm on a Monday night telling me about this boot camp class she found on Groupon, and she wanted me to do it with her. I said “whatever” and agreed, although I was not as excited as she was. I signed up for it, and then after the fact I realized I would be waking up at 5 am, so my initial reaction was “you better be lucky I love you!”. On the first day, I enjoyed a tough workout, definitely more intense than I was expecting but a lot of fun at the same time. The rest of that entire week I was so sore I couldn’t even sit down on the toilet my legs burned so bad. By the second week, the classes were still challenging enough to keep me motivated, and the instructors would give us modifications if we needed them. I started noticing changes in how my clothes fit. And I was suddenly able to pump out 10 push-ups no problem, when before I would struggle with 2. My favorite thing about the classes is after you force yourself to get out of bed at an ungodly hour, THAT’S IT the hard part is over. Once you get there, the trainers keep you moving, motivated and telling you what to do so it’s not like being at home trying to mentally convince yourself to do one more sit up, everyone pushes you and motivates you.

After about 6 weeks I had lost about 5 pounds and one pants size. I decided to take it up a notch and start taking some of the trainer’s advice about eating. So I slowly started changing my diet, first by choosing healthy snacks for while I’m on the go, and committing to one healthy home-cooked meal a day. These things became habit and now a typical 3 Days of meals for me may look like this. Read More

30 Days (Plus) of Awesomeness

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Posted by Roger, a contributor to this blog.

Me Post 30 Days of Awesomeness

Well, I’ve just completed Dustin’s “30 Days of Awesomeness” challenge and thought I would post my final journal entry here instead of just writing on the closed Facebook page.

I decided to participate in the challenge for a couple of reasons. One was to see what would happen if I started keeping a food journal again, as well as trying some of the recipes provided for those accepting the challenge. The second reason was to see what would happen if I tried to maybe step out of my comfort zone. Definitely not one of my strong points. Read More

11 Fat Burning, Muscle Toning, Tummy Tightening Exercises

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We had a great time with our Saturday morning outdoor bootcamp kickoff.  There were 90 positive and hard working bootcampers that came out and worked hard, burned calories, improved their cardiovascular fitness, strengthened their core, toned their muscles, and met tons of new people.

One of my highlights was the potluck that we had afterwards.  Great food and community building.  I met so many amazing people, but I wanted to give a couple specific shout outs.

1.  I will keep this anonymous, but a husband of one of my bootcampers pulled me aside and wanted to thank me for this program and how amazing it has been for his wife.  She not only has lost a couple sizes, but their relationship is better, she is more positive, happier, confident, and more adventurous.  I think he summed it up quite well, the benefits of a program based on strength training, burst training, proper nutrition, and community.

If you don’t have this type of program in your area, start your own Fit Moms For Life group up.

Also a shout out to Crystal who came back from Chicago for the workout.  She started Fit Fun Bootcamps 17 months ago, and recently moved back to Chicago.  She has lost 102 lbs.  I didn’t even know she was there until the end of the workout after someone told me.  I didn’t even recognize her!


Ok, not a good pic with the lighting, but some of our great trainers

Finally I want to thank all my amazing trainers for being there.  We had 9 out of the 14 trainers there volunteering their time and energy.  I couldn’t do what I do without you!

Enjoy the video, hopefully you will pick up on some new moves to try at home.

-High knees

-Side shuffle

-Squat jumps

-Sprinting up hill

-Dumbbell swings

-Side lunge with db


-Front plank

-Side plank

-V sits

-Scorpion pushups



How To Lose Those Last 10 lbs

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Jenny Before Bootcamp

I would like to share with you a story about a bootcamper who came, not in bad shape.  She was pretty healthy, weight was within normal healthy range and she wasn’t experiencing many negative things with her body.  But like many that come to Fit Fun Bootcamp or do the Fit Moms For Life DVD, they are looking for more.  They aren’t just content with being in decent shape.  They want to see what they are capable of, and through that process learn a lot about themselves.  I would say this describes at least half of the clients that I work with.

I also like Jenny’s story because it shows how changing your body composition, ie gaining muscle and losing fat can really show in the before and after pic. Keep in mind, Jenny only lost 10 lbs, but I bet it is closer to 15-18 lbs of fat loss.  I am proud of you Jenny, keep up the great work!


I started Fit Fun Bootcamp in May 2010 after deciding I had settled for being in “okay” shape for too long. At the time I was pretty active and ate what I considered to be a mostly healthy diet, but I was definitely not pushing myself to be as healthy as possible, even though I did have the time and resources to do so. I realized I really had no excuse for NOT being in excellent shape and determined that I needed to change that. Soon after this realization, I saw Dustin on the local TV morning news and was compelled to check out the website. Reading all the inspiring testimonials is what sold me on trying Bootcamp.

The first class was definitely an eye-opener for me. I learned that I was nowhere near as fit as I’d previously thought—while I could run a mile or two with relative ease, I discovered I couldn’t do a single push-up on my toes, and more than 10- 15 seconds of burpees or mountain climbers made me significantly winded. Even though that first class was very challenging, I didn’t hate it and recognized that it provided the extra intensity and “push” I needed and was looking for.

After completing the first month of Bootcamp, I could see tangible changes in my muscle tone, strength, and overall fitness, but the scale had not budged at all. This was disappointing, as I felt I’d been working really hard. However, I really had not changed my eating habits at all (I’d naively thought I wouldn’t need to). Acknowledging this was likely impeding my progress, I started really paying attention to what I ate and trying my best to eat clean (no refined carbs, a lot fewer processed foods, primarily low-sugar fruits and veggies, and a lot more protein). After just one week of doing this, I lost four pounds! This was the proof and motivation I needed to continue the healthy eating, and by August 1, I had lost 10 pounds and a couple inches from each measurement, and had also gone down about two sizes in clothing.

I continue to see positive changes in my body now, even though my weight has been consistent for awhile. I may not be losing weight, but clothes seem to fit me better and better with each month that passes, and I’ve had to purchase a lot of new clothing since the summer to replace the old stuff that is now too big. Recently I even bought a pair of skinny jeans and a pair of jeggings, two things I certainly would never have purchased prior to doing Bootcamp!

Jenny Now (left)

Jenny currently (left)

I’m most happy about the dramatic improvement I’ve seen in my physical fitness, though. There’s no doubt my strength and stamina have increased significantly,and I am no longer intimidated by physical challenges that previously I may not have even attempted. I’m proud to report that on a recent trip to Hawaii, I was able to complete an intense hike consisting of 1050 steps (the jumping photo is our celebration upon reaching the top) in less than 30 minutes. I was also able to maintain my weight while on vacation for eight days, which I credit to the conditioning and healthy eating habits I’ve acquired from Bootcamp.

Had someone told me at this time last year that I’d soon start a bootcamp class and not only stick with it, but also enjoy it (enough to wish I was able to do it 5 days a week), I would have laughed. However, it’s true! I’m so happy to have found Fit Fun Bootcamp, and I’m grateful to Dustin, Abby, Amber & Ryan for making it enjoyable as well as extremely effective. I am definitely the most healthy I’ve ever been and I’m excited to continue Bootcamp in order to keep working at being the most healthy me I can be!


### Dustin here again.  Here are my top 5 tips to losing the last 10 lbs which are definitely the toughest to get off.

1.  Decrease your carb intake and increase your protein.

2.  Find a support partner that will keep you accountably and encourage you.

3.  Find that little extra and give it each and every workout.  Challenge yourself just a little bit more.

4.  Drink a gallon of water per day and stop drinking, soda, diet soda, juice, sports drinks, energy drinks, or sugared teas.

5.  Get at least 7 hours of sleep to decrease your cortisol levels.

Question of the day: If you have lost your last 10 lbs, how did you do it?

Discover How Lynn Lost 61 lbs Through Fit Fun Bootcamps

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The before pic that started it all

Today I am happy to share with you a great story of a mom named Lynn who lost 61 lbs.  Lynn has been coming to Fit Fun Bootcamps for over a year now I believe and she has quietly been transforming her body in amazing ways.  Lynn ins’t the loudest person in the group, but she has a soft, determination about how that I really love.  It seem like each month I have to reset my image I have of her body, because it is always changing. 🙂  Lynn does a great job sharing her story with you below.  I think it is great that her husband is so supportive of her and her choices she is making.  Lynn has bought into my system of training and eating and she will never be the same.  Are you ready?  One note: MamaTone is pretty much the exact same workout as my Fit Fun Bootcamps, which are similar to all my different DVD programs.  The only difference is that is it during the middle part of the morning and we provide childcare.

Picture me, 33 years old, in the jeans section of a department store, 3 months after the birth of my second son. I have already lost the 30 or so pounds I gained during pregnancy or so I thought and I start trying on pants. The smallest ones I can fit into are a 22. A 22! I’m depressed. I leave with one pair of 22’s. I have to wear something. I am not the first or last mommy to have been in this position.

Picture me, later that month checking facebook. My friend posts a picture of me pushing my older son on a swing at the park. I don’t even recognize myself. I’m really depressed now.

Lynn smokin 61 lbs lighter and many sizes smaller

I decide things need to change. I decide to start with what I can do. I decide I’m going to need many partners to help me get through this journey. My first partners are Bob Green and his book The Best Life Diet and Leslie Sansone and her Walk Aerobics DVDs. I start paying attention to what I am eating and make small changes as Bob’s book suggests. I weigh myself and I am 190 pounds.

It’s 5AM and I have just fed the baby, I decide this will be my work out time. The 3 ½ year old is asleep and the baby usually takes a cat nap after his feeding. I place him in a bouncy seat and pop in a DVD. I don’t think I even bothered to put on a pair of shoes that first day.

Now, if you knew me at all, you would know that I am all about truth. My mother refers to my proclivity toward frankness as “graphic”, a perfect description. I start marching and side stepping and instantly I notice that I can feel the globs of loose fat and skin moving up and down with me. I am uncomfortable and embarrassed. How did I let this happen? Luckily, it was just me, my sleeping baby and Leslie in the basement and so I persisted. I got up faithfully every morning and did a DVD. Sometimes I made it through, sometimes one of the boys woke up and I didn’t, but I persisted. And every day, Leslie told me that I was making a good choice. Every day, she told me it didn’t matter how big I was or how long I had to exercise (a mile, 2 miles, 3 miles), I had made a good choice. I needed to hear her say that every day as my fat was flapping up and down.

Fast forward several months and I have lost many pounds. My next partner turns out to be Fleet Feet. I had treated myself to real shoes a few months back and was put on the Fleet Feet e-mail list. I read about their No Boundaries beginning running program. Previously, I had always been interested in running but didn’t feel I could do it. I was a great walker, but as soon as I tried to run, I overheated, got a headache and felt like I was going to die and would quit. That would all happen in about the space of one minute out on the trail! I e-mailed my husband and told him I wanted to join this running group and asked if he could come home early every Wednesday and wake up early every Read More

How Amber Lost 13 lbs in 4 Weeks!

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Amber "After" with more zest for life and confidence!

I am going to begin to feature more of my clients who really go at the eating and exercise 100% and get quite quick results.  I don’t want to make it sound like this is going to happen to everyone, but looking at what those who are successful can be a big help to see what might work for yourself.  So in the upcoming weeks, I will ask some of my clients to share their exact food journal as well as workout plan.  I hope that you will be able to take small tips and tricks and apply them into your eating and exercise life.

I would like to introduce you to Amber, she has been coming to Fit Fun Bootcamps for 1 month now and has lost 13 lbs.  It is very impressive to see the toning that is occurring all throughout her body and the many many inches she is losing.  She had less than 20 lbs to lose total, so for her to lose this much the first month really shows how hard she has worked and how nearly perfect she has been with her eating.  When I first met her and asked what her goals were, I could tell the spark wasn’t there in her life, she wasn’t happy and not in a good place.  A little more than 1 month later she is a completely different person, her spark is back and she exudes confidence now, which as a trainer, is SO great and exciting to see!  She has made a 180 degree change.

Amber is going to let you in on what she did exactly!  So check it out.

Food Journal

I stick to the the same meals/snacks for the most part, and add new snack ideas every week.

Day 1

Meal 1 (after I workout, around 7:45am):
2 Eggs (I now buy the cage free organic; they taste MUCH better, too) with spinach and tomatoe
1 Slice of oatmeal toast (the first three ingredients are filtered water, whole wheat flour, and enriched wheat flour)
Should I buy a different kind?  Yes I would recommend Ezekial Bread
1 cup coffee (No sugar added and I STOPPED putting half and half in 🙂
Meal 2 (around 11am)
Apple slices with 10 almonds
Meal 3 (around 2pm)
2 Wasa crackers with hummus and turkey slices
Meal 4 (around 5pm)
3 oz of chicken
Spaghetti squash
Green beans and cauliflower

Day 2

Meal 1
1/2 cup oatmeal with dried sweetened cranberries and a little brown sugar
2 Eggs with salsa
1 cup of cofee
Meal 2
Banana with peanut butter
Meal 3
2 Wasa crackers with turkey slices, grape slices and tomato slices
Meal 4
3 oz of chicken
1/2 cup brown rice
Meal 5
Soynuts with raisins and m&m’s

Day 3

Meal 1
2 Eggs with albacore tuna and tomato
1 cup coffee
Meal 2
Strawberry banana shake made with peanut butter
Meal 3
Apple slices with peanut butter
Meal 4
3 oz chicken
1/2 sweet potato

Day 4

Meal 1
2 Eggs with spinach, tomatoes, and salsa
1 Cinnamon raisin english muffin
1 cup coffee
Meal 2
Banana with peanut butter
Meal 3
Soynuts with raisins
Meal 4
3 oz chicken
1/2 cup brown rice
Meal 5
Green tea
1 Spring roll with peanut sauce (I waitress at a Thai/Lao restaurant right now….green tea has been my savior on work nights) Read More

Madison Fit Fun Boot Camp

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By now you are probably aware that Madison Fit Fun Bootcamps are kicking off the 2009 outdoor season Saturday May 9th at 8:30 AM at Elver Park.  We are encouraging families to come and everyone to bring someone!  This first boot camp is FREE, in order for everyone to experience what a boot camp is like.  We will have 15 trainers there helping out, ensuring you get the best workout possible.

[youtube lqZTEIX1CRA]

*This was filmed last year, some of the locations have changed and the Saturday morning boot camp structure has changed.

Madison Fit Fun Boot Camp is the largest boot camp program in the Madison area.  We currently have 5 locations and 9 different camps to make it as convenient and accessible as possible.  Most of the camps have 2-3 trainers, giving you personal attention.

When evaluating a fitness program, here are the top 7 things to consider.

1.  Program has a proven track record for delivering massive results to each and every participant.

-We have amazing before and after pictures as well as many testimonials talking about the unbelievable results and experiences of the boot campers.  Whether you are looking to lose weight, tone up, improve your 5k time, or complete your first triathlon, Fit Fun Boot Camp will deliver.

2.  Program is taught by high qualified and experienced trainers that use a consistent training philosophy.

-All instructors are either certified personal trainers, or have at least 1 year of mentorship by myself.

3.  Program incorporates some nutritional guidance and extra support.

-We will provide additional handouts and resources for what to eat as well as keeping each other accountable for our food choices. Read More

Weight Loss Transformation: Mom Puts Herself First And Drops 53 lbs!

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As I have said many times, I feel bless to have the job I have and be able to do what I do.  The story you are about to read emphasizes this point.  I get great satisfaction that in some way, I have improved the quality of life of a person, helped them live longer, help them see the world differently, and instill an “I Can” belief.  I met Lynn about 8 months ago and have been blessed to see the journey she has gone through in 2008.  Lynn, is a leader and someone who I could count on to rally the troops in bootcamp.  She is always taking the most challenging weights possible and pushing herself to her limits.  She is also very disciplined with her eating.  There is no doubt that she will lose her remaining 45 lbs and I will do a follow up story when that happens!

So here is Lynn’s story in her own words!

lynn-before-pic“Where do I start?  Ever since high school I was on the slow train to weight gain, when suddenly the slow train stopped off at “How on earth did I let myself get this far?”  Each time I went up a pant size I would tell myself, “This is it – I refuse to go up another size.”  Of course, this only worked until I could no longer zip my pants without sucking my gut in and hoping they would stretch quickly so I could breathe again.  I had gained another 35 pounds when I was pregnant with our daughter and was so happy that I had lost it while I was nursing her only to be disappointed to see it all come right back once I stopped.  One day a friend mentioned that she was going to sign up for a program that makes you keep track of what you eat to help you lose weight.  I decided I would join with her because the “tomorrow we are going to start eating better” plan was obviously not working.  In March 2008, I started tracking everything I ate and drank, actually measured my food to ensure I was eating the CORRECT portion size, made sure I ate breakfast everyday and ate fruits and vegetables every day.  Following this plan I had lost 20 pounds – not bad I thought, but I still had so far to go.  This is Read More