5 foods you should never eat/that leave you fat and with no energy

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1 junkIf you’ve ever tried to lose weight, you’ve probably tried a dozen diets that have not worked. Maybe you lost weight, only to gain it back again. Or maybe the diet just wasn’t practical for your family. Perhaps it left you feeling worse than when you started. The thing about diets is that almost all of them are too extreme and too restrictive. They just aren’t sustainable.

Not only are many of them ineffective, they are potentially harmful. They may require you to spend a lot of money on questionable supplements or highly processed foods. Some may damage your metabolism, making it even more difficult to lose weight. Worst of all, the diet industry doesn’t want you to succeed! They want you to keep trying to lose weight, over and over again. Marketers are constantly trying to figure out ways to trick you into thinking that their diet or their pill is the one that will get results.

But they are misleading and deceiving you in order to get you to part with more of your hard-earned money. If you want to start to lose weight and feel better, there are 5 foods that you should never eat.

  1. Fake sugars—These chemicals are created in a lab, not a farm field, and offer no nutritional value. Worse, eating them increases sugar cravings and may contribute to cancer and other disease.
  2. White bread and other sources of “enriched flour”—White flours, where all of the grain’s natural bran and fiber has been stripped away, are very quickly converted to sugar in the body and have almost no nutritional value. They increase sugar and carb cravings and are quickly stored as fat if your cells cannot use that energy right away.
  3. Processed vegetable oils—While often considered healthy, most vegetable oils such as canola oil, soybean oil, corn oil, and margarine are highly processed and cause inflammation in the body. Recent research is implicating them as a major factor in heart disease and obesity.
  4. Fat-free foods—Again, while often labeled as healthy, most fat-free foods are highly processed and full of sugar. They lack the nutrients your body needs and will leave you with cravings and feeling hungry. Natural healthy fats will leave you feeling fuller and will help balance your hormones.
  5. High-fructose corn syrup and other processed sugars—These highly processed sweeteners will increase your blood sugar more rapidly and significantly than almost anything else. They will leave you with cravings for more sugar and will be stored as fat around your belly, while giving you very little nutritional value.

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5 Best Pieces of Fat Loss Tips

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YogaI wanted to share with you my 5 best pieces of fat loss tips. Keep in mind this is based off hundreds of scientific studies, and close to 10 years and thousands of clients that I have observed.

Don’t ignore this due to its simplicity…

#1 Know where you are and where you want to go.  It blows me away that people aren’t clearer on where they currently are, and what their end goal is. Losing weight, having more energy, are not specific enough goals. Complete a pre-test of some exercise, measurements, weight, etc.

#2 Find an eating plan that is SUSTAINABLE.  Atkins never worked long term for the general population because it wasn’t practical for people living in our type of society. Crash diets don’t work because it creates too large of a calorie deficit and your body rebels by craving high calorie foods and storing as many of those calories as fat. Low fat generally doesn’t work great, because it messes up your hormones and doesn’t make you feel full.

#3 Weight training, plus HIIT, plus a little steady state cardio, is the best types of exercise for burning maximum amount of fat AND changing the actual shape of the body. Cardio alone isn’t the best, nor is just strength training. I might add, doing some yoga is a great idea to even the body out and repair it from the higher impact and weight bearing activities.

#4 Reprogram the negative beliefs and self-talk that have been sabotaging you.  You can do 1-3 but to keep the momentum and results going you need to change the thoughts that are circulating deep in your mind. Affirmations are one technique you can use.

I saved the most important for last…

#5 Find a team of support that will be there during your success and during your challenges.  This is the secret ingredient. I can’t tell you how much of an uphill battle you will face if you have an unsupportive spouse, friends, and coworkers etc. Even the most motivated and hard-willed individuals will crumble over consistent sabotage from their peer group.  One other supportive person is better then none, but I have found 4 or more people who are all there for you seems to work best. More than 10-12 and you lose the closeness and intimacy of the accountability.

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