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The Best Thing You Can Do to Get or Stay in Shape

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Welcome to week 3 of our Transform You 2020 series!

This week is focused on fitness… where it all started for me.

If you missed any of the previous weeks’ installments, you can find the very beginning of the series here: https://madisonbootcamps.com/2020/01/14/the-best-diet/

I want to kick it off this week by sharing what I still believe to be the single most effective fitness formula for just about everyone, especially if you have limited time.

Later this week I’ll share the the key things you need to do/keep doing to stay fit as you age, along with the ways in which my views on certain kinds of exercise have changed over the years. 😉

What is my fitness formula?

It’s pretty simple, really. And it’s the foundation of what I’ve always done to stay in shape, when I’m not training for a specific event. 

Build strength first.

My top priority is strength training 3x/week for a minimum of 30 minutes. 

Strength training is the single best way to build lean muscle, keep your metabolism going, increase your energy, and generally help you feel better. It also builds a strong foundation that will help keep you injury free and make it easier for you to do the things you want to do, whether that’s keeping up with your grandkids or climbing a mountain.

I recommend compound movements that will work many muscle groups at the same time. Deadlifts, squat-to-press, cleans, lunges with a press, pull-ups and rows are all great examples of this type of movement. Even if you don’t have any weights available, you can do single-leg squats, bulgarian lunges, push-ups, pull-ups, burpees, etc and still build plenty of strength.

Incorporate core work as well, using movements like planks, hollow holds, glute bridges, etc. You can easily add core work as part of either your warm up or cool down.

Add interval cardio next.

If you have time in your week for more exercise, add 20 minutes of high intensity interval training 2x/week.

You’ve probably heard of HIIT… it’s all the rage, for good reason. Combined with strength training, it is an amazingly effective way of increasing fitness, building lean muscle mass, and putting your metabolism in overdrive. It’s also a very efficient way of improving your heart and lung health, as long as you do it at the right intensity.

The key is to work HARD during your work intervals, then rest during the recovery intervals. A classic HIIT session would be :20 intervals of all out work (treadmill sprints, battle ropes, burpees, jumprope, etc), going as fast/hard as you can, then :10 rest. Repeat that cycle for 4 or 5 minutes for one round of HIIT. Recover with light movement for a few minutes then do another round. You should feel totally gassed at the end of each round.

If that is too intense, simply increase your recovery time. So instead of :20 on, :10 off, maybe try :20 of hard work and :40 seconds of recovery. But I would still go as hard as you can during your work intervals.

Add steady state cardio next.

If you have still more time for exercise in your week, then add in some steady state cardio, like running, biking, even a brisk walk.

I’ll talk more about this later this week, but things like running and biking really help build your overall endurance and can give you a big dose of endorphins… the runner’s high. Plus, if you do it with a friend, it can be a great social outlet. Overall, it is an awesome complement to strength training and interval work.

So that’s it–my fitness formula. It’s simple, and it works.

  • 3x/week of 30 minutes of strength training
  • 2x/week of 20 minutes of high intensity interval training, if you have time
  • 2-3x/week of steady state cardio, if you have even more time

Keep moving,


PS Stay tuned as later this week I’ll touch on some commonly held misconceptions about fitness. Click here to find the next installment of our series!

I was wrong.

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This weekend, I am headed to Phoenix, AZ for the Function Aging Institute.  A fitness conference bringing the brightest minds in the world together who look to serve those 55 years old and above. It happens to land on my birthday (June 13th), but spending my birthday learning practical ways to help you improve the quality of your life is a pretty awesome way to spend a birthday if you ask me. I turn 32, and it has given me an opportunity to reflect back on the past 10 or so years of my personal workouts and the workouts I provide to my clients.
Back in my early 20s I would consider my workouts to be “bodybuilder” type workouts (although I never achieved massive muscle gains).  I would lift as heavy of weights as possible for 8-12 reps, 2-3 sets, most days of the week breaking my body up into “parts” and avoiding cardio like it was a toxic virus. While there was nothing inherently wrong with this type of training (and a lot of things right) it didn’t give me the same results as I am seeing now.
Call me old, but I am now more focused on WHAT I can do, rather than HOW I look. Don’t get me wrong, I still have some vanity and want to keep a 6 pack as long as I can, but HOW I feel and HOW I MOVE has become much more important.
I came across an old pic from 10 years ago (left) and a pic that was taken last week (right).


You can see in the pic from 10 years ago, I was a little more muscular, definitely had a bigger chest, and maybe a bit bigger arms. But looking back now, I wouldn’t consider myself to have been in great shape.  I could hardly run more than a couple blocks, my cardio was so bad, my legs were very weak (I skipped leg days), and my balance and agility weren’t great.
Fast forward 10 years, and I can MOVE better and FEEL so much better.  My joints don’t hurt anymore, I have much better endurance, and my resting heart rate is lower.  I am better at sports then when I was in high school and college, and I am more well rounded. I certainly can’t bench press as much as I use to, but I realized unless I am crushed under a car or trying to show off and do push ups with a girl on my back, it doesn’t really matter whether I bench press 200 or 300 lbs.
Why am I sharing all of this with you?
I encourage you to shift your focus from what your body looks like, to how it feels and moves.  Our bodies are our most valuable vehicle. When we move it the right way (exercise), and fuel it with the right foods, it will take us to amazing places and not limit us in the future.
I have created an online 6 week program that gives you the EXACT done-for-you workouts (you still need to do the workouts of course), and eating plan that I use and my clients use to get a body that looks great, but more importantly, moves and feels great. ->-> Click here to learn more. <-<-
If you are local to Madison and over the age of 55 and are looking to feel and move better our sold out program is now accepting 5 new clients.  Click here to learn more and to apply if you feel like you are a good candidate.

Bad news…

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At first I thought about only sending this out to those of you living in the Madison area, but I decided to send it out to the 10,000s around the world who receive my newsletter and follow Fit Moms For Life. Sometimes, we are all guilty of focusing too much on weight loss, but these testimonial quotes you are about to read will help us be more mindful of the many other benefits that come with living a healthy lifestyle.

Weight loss is just a by-product, or a result , of other areas in a person’s life improving.

Killer Kurves is the most comprehensive, effective, in-person weight loss program I know of, and we are starting a new session this coming week. I’m super excited about this new session, but the bad news is, time is running out and we only have a couple spots open in both the AM and PM time slots.

If you are interested in being surrounded by others who are also looking to make life transformations and lose 40-200 lbs, then you will want to sign up right now because time is running out!

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Please read the following quotes from clients who are current Killer Kurves members or are alumni of the program. The program has been so transformational, that over 90% join us for the alumni program after their initial 12 weeks.

“Since I’ve started K2 I’ve been migraine free! I suffered from severe chronic migraines and was on 2 different medications to help with them. The medications had some undesirable side effects too. Well recently I’ve been able to discontinue all medications because I haven’t gotten any migraines! Definitely from exercising and eating healthier.”

“Before K2 I was overwhelmed often with a feeling of anxiety and life just being too much (caused by out of control hormones and way too much cortisol in my system perhaps?) That feeling is gone. I feel good and miss workouts because I feel even better after them — physically and emotionally.”

“I’ve gained confidence in myself and my ability to make healthy choices.”

“I’ve learned to be nicer to myself.”

“I have made some friends that are on the same journey as me who will help me continue.”

“I got my groove back!”

“I have gained strength and confidence in myself that I can do it! “

“I have gained strength that I didn’t even know I missed. And a whole new outlook on my life to go along with it. More confidence, more happiness.”

Our Killer Kurves program includes access to a private Facebook group that has dozens of inspirational posts and comments each day. With their permission, I have a few that I would like to share with you….

Theresa lost a staggering 12 inches off her belly. As you know, belly fat is the most dangerous fat. Assuming she keeps it off, this statistically will extend her life by many years. How much $$ is that worth to you?


 Ivy has lost over 50 lbs with Killer Kurves and had a “strange” experience earlier this month…


Ebony is just finishing up her first 12 week session with Killer Kurve’s and will be joining the “Alumni” program next. She is shedding fat like it is going out of style.


Jennifer is a beautiful single mom on a limited budget. She is doing everything she can to make sure her and her incredible sons have a healthy future together.


Cheryl is a determined woman who took the leap and is reaping the results. Losing weight is just one of the many benefits that come with Killer Kurves.


Great job everyone and thank you for letting me share these quotes and posts. You have undoubtedly inspired many others to make a change!

I am so confident in our Killer Kurves program, I am willing to refund you the entire fee if you come for the first month and aren’t completely happy with the program. The investment in this program is about $6.50 per day. How much is it worth to you to experience the successes the above Killer Kurves clients have achieved?

->-> Sign up now <-<-

If you are on the fence about joining or just need more information and live in the Madison area, I’d like to offer you a last minute invite to our Killer Kurves meet and greet potluck this evening at 6:30pm at the Fit Moms Transformation Center. A great opportunity to meet the amazing trainers, K2 alumni and other new Killer Kurves clients! Just e-mail me if you plan on coming. We hope to see you there! 

I get questions from all over the world asking how people can participate in our programs if they don’t live in the Madison area. I recently created a comprehensive program for at home use that incorporates the best of Killer Kurves and provides a detailed exercise and nutrition blue print to follow. The digital version is only $47.

->-> Grab your program and get started today <-<

5 Ways To Stay Energized And Burn Fat At Work!

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No matter how awesome your job is, there are probably times during the day that you start to feel groggy, tired, and lose focus. I have gone into dozens of companies the past few years and worked with their wellness teams to devise strategies to reduce the amount of times their employees get tired and lose focus during the work day.

Here is a short list of 5 things you can do at work to gain energy and health and lose weight:

1. Set an hourly alarm and do 1 minute of exercise when it beeps. Some examples of exercises: jumping jacks, squats, lunges, stair walking, planks, or dips. This one-minute break will boost your metabolism, tone a little muscle, and make you feel more alert and awake. Don’t worry what your coworkers think… they may soon join you!

2. Keep a large container of water near you and drink it throughout the day. Not only will you be less tempted to drink calorie and caffeine laden drinks, but you will get awesome exercise walking to the bathroom.

3. Eat and move. It is tempting to just eat at your computer and continue to work through your lunch, but whenever possible get outside with others and walk around. The chance of scenery will do you good, too.

4. Pack healthy snacks and keep them in your desk or in a nearby refrigerator. Some great snacks include: string cheese, apples, carrots and hummus, raw nuts, beef jerky, etc. Having healthy snacks that are convenient will decrease the chance you make your way to the vending machine or the treat table, etc.

5. Stand up desks. Many businesses are now offering stand up desk options. If your company doesn’t have that option yet, if possible, try to build your own stand up desk by bringing in a crate or something to elevate your laptop. Standing promotes better posture and will increase your calorie burn compared to sitting all day.

These are just a handful of small ways you can integrate healthy habits into your work day and improve your productivity and energy all day long.

The Fit Moms For Life team are on a mission to help local Dane County businesses and organizations integrate more wellness into their cultures. I have a VERY short survey asking for an opportunity to come into your workplace, club, community, church group, etc and work directly with the organization to help each person get fitter, healthier, and gain more energy.

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Want to earn some FM4L SWAG money?! I will give you $25 worth of FM4L products for each lead you provide us with that results in a booking. My team will follow up with you regarding each lead you provide.

Thank you in advance for helping make Dane County a healthier place to live, work and play!

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 Included in this survey is an opportunity to nominate your kid’s school for a free fundraiser for the PTO or any other cause the school chooses!

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Your Big News!

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I try to stay away from over-hyping anything, but we at Fit Moms For Life are more than pumped to share our big news with you. We actually shared it to a sold-out live webinar last night, but many of you couldn’t get on because the lines filled so quickly, and others had prior commitments.

We have launched a complete weight loss system that is fully digital and can also be downloaded. This means that you can take the workouts anywhere you want on your laptop, phone, or tablet, and not have to have access to the internet. You can print off the over 80 tasty, easy to prepare, affordable recipes that have been kid-tested and FM4L approved.

You will have access to 7 inspirational stories of women just like you who have lost 50-120 lbs. Each week I will teach you for 10 minutes on topics of the mind, nutrition, exercise, support, and community. You will receive thought-provoking questions that will accelerate your growth.

If you are ready to make a change in your life then this is the program that can do it.

->-> Click here to learn more <-<

The information will be delivered in our brand new membership site that is password protected, which means in 5 minutes you could be downloading the recipes, meals plans, workouts, and some great bonuses.

Programs similar to this can cost $100-$300, but our goal is for each person that reads this blog joins, so we are pricing it at only $47!

->-> Yes Dustin I Want The Program Now <-<

This takes everything I have learned over the past 10 years and boils it down into a short 6-week transformation.

Dustin, what happens after the 6 weeks are up?

I hope that you will be well on your way to reaching all of your fitness goals, but I know that habits are hard to break and it is a big process that can take time. Due to all of the feedback I have been getting over the past 2 years, I have been in the studio filming for many hours over the past months to create an ongoing monthly program that will dive deeper into each topic from the 6 Week Challenge. There will also be at least 25-30 new recipes each month, two new full-body, fat-burning workouts for you to do at home, and much more.

That sounds incredible! How can I sign up for this monthly program?

Right now we are only offering this to anyone who is an alumni of the 6 Week Challenge program I mentioned above. This is to make sure you first have a solid foundation before going into the more advanced ninja strategies. 🙂

->->So click here now to begin your journey <-<

I will see you in the members area!

When you sign up in this first week, we are going to be emailing you out an awesome fast action bonus. One of the nutritionists on our team, Mary, created an incredible 4 week eating plan, with shopping lists that use things that can be found at the farmer’s market. We provided this to a small group of our local clients and the feedback was amazing. This is a $27 value that you are getting for free.


5 Secrets to Help You Lose 50 Pounds or more (or those last 10 pounds!)

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I’m super excited because one of my favorite programs that we offer at the TC, Killer Kurves, is now taking applications for our next 12-week session which starts July 7th!

This is the best, most comprehensive program we’ve ever created for helping clients lose significant amounts of weight (50 lbs or more). Right now this program is only being offered locally in Madison, but we have a similar 6 Week Fit Moms For Life program that is being offered all around the world. The FM4L program has had incredible weight loss success as well and uses the same eating, exercise, and mindset principles as our Killer Kurves program.

->->Click here to start your 6 Week Challenge <-<-

As I prepared for this Killer Kurves (K2) launch, I spent quite a bit of time personally chatting with the dozens of clients who have lost 40 lbs or more through our programs. As I listened to their successful weight loss journeys, I noticed some definite patterns emerge that I would like to share with you.

Here’s what’s working best for those who have lost significant amounts of weight:

1. Food journaling. Nearly everyone I talked to uses a food journal to log in their daily food intake or comes back to journaling on a regular basis. Most use myfitnesspal.com because of its ease of use and large database of food.

2. Drastically cutting back on sugar and processed carb intake. Some have a rule that they don’t eat after 7 pm which keeps them away from the dangerous foods, while others just make sure that food never enters the house.

3. Changing the way they spend their free time. We have a few husband wife teams that are part of the program and one of these teams has lost close to 80 lbs together. The coolest part of this type of transformation is the drastic change in activity levels that comes with the weight loss. This couples’ vehicle is now spotted around town with kayaks on top and bikes on the back. I bet if you told them last summer this is what their bodies and vehicle would look like, they would have laughed in disbelief! Now they are entering 5Ks and fun runs together and just live a totally different, more active lifestyle.

4. They are ready to change. This is a huge one. Just because someone signs up for K2 and invests in the program doesn’t mean they are ready or willing to do what it takes to be successful. Anyone can say they want to lose weight and get in shape, but if they aren’t in a place in their life where they know they need the change and are willing to do the work it’ll take to get there, chances are not great that they will follow through with the hard work it entails. Successful K2ers know they need to change their lifestyles and are willing to do the hard work it takes to get there.

In order to ensure we have people in our Killer Kurves program who are fully ready to commit, we have an application process for entrance into K2. Killer Kurves is such a time intensive program for our trainers and staff, we want to make sure we are making an impact on those people who are truly ready for a lifestyle change.

5. Those who lose massive amounts of weight don’t strive to be perfect. Instead, they are working hard at making more healthy choices than unhealthy, and when they do stumble and make poor choices, they come back to the group for support, help, and encouragement. In other words, they realize getting to a healthy weight is a journey that will not always be perfect or smooth, but that consistency will get them to their destination!

6. BONUS! The #1 thing my clients who have lost significant amounts of weight all attributed to their success… the awesome support of the Killer Kurves community. It is really hard to explain in words what this community is – it is only truly understood when experienced.

Think of K2 almost like a family – a family that is all striving to be healthier, happier, and more positive together. There are no discouraging words, no sabotaging when people start to see results, no bringing ice cream into bed, and no weird looks or comments when one of us signs up for a sprint tri or mud run. Just high fives, hugs, support and praise.

Another way to think of this Killer Kurves community is like a frat or sorority, minus the drinking and partying. Instead of a Friday night drinking fest, it might be a Friday night group bike ride, or a Saturday morning at the farmers market. Instead of a movie night with candy and unhealthy popcorn, we hold a movie night watching a documentary on a health related topic, with healthy snacks provided and a discussion to follow.

This community is why Killer Kurves has become the successful program it is today. Plus, our trainers have lost 50 or more lbs themselves to qualify to teach K2, so you know they have truly walked in your shoes and understand your journey.

->->Click here to watch a short inspiring video and apply today!

Our M/W/F session sold out even before we opened up any spots, but we still have openings in our T/Th/F spots – although a couple slots have already been taken by those on our waiting list. Sessions are designed to hold only 20 or so participants to ensure each person gets the individualized attention they need.

This program WILL sell out, don’t wait another minute to start your journey. You deserve to have all the energy, joy, and confidence you desire! Killer Kurves can help you achieve your desires!

->->Click here to start your journey and to learn more about K2 

In the K2 community we do a lot of social things together outside of class. At one of these events, I met a husband of a woman who has been part of our K2 program. She has lost close to 40 lbs this year. He pulled me aside and looked me straight in the eye as he got pretty emotional. He said he wanted to thank me for helping to create K2.  He explained that his wife has struggled with her weight her entire adult life and he has never seen her stick with a program as long as she has with K2. She has never seen such dramatic results, most of which have nothing to do with weight loss. He told me K2 has dramatically changed their relationship along with the entire family’s relationships with each other.

I just got goose bumps writing this, thinking back to that conversation. I almost started to cry as he shared with me. All I could do was thank him, and let him know I really had little to do with the program’s creation. Liz, his wife’s trainer and co-creator of the program, the fellow K2 family members, and most especially his wife herself, who has worked so incredibly hard – they are the real heroes and the people who need to be thanked.

If you are in the Madison area and are ready to start your journey, or be supported in the middle of our journey, click here now and get started. This specific program requires you to have a BMI of 30 or greater. If you don’t know what your BMI is we have a calculator on this website, click here to calculate your BMI.

I never really struggled with my weight, I just ignored it…for 20 years.

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Today I want to share with you a story of a woman named Jeanne. She was your typical middle aged woman – overweight, sedentary, hated exercise and she was losing a part of her past self. She began her journey of transformation with just one decision.

Here is Jeanne’s story…

“I never really struggled with my weight; I just ignored it . . . for 20 years.

I thought of myself as a healthy eater, making all the family meals from scratch – never from a box or a soup can. I enjoyed cooking and I was proud of my culinary skills. If I had any challenge with eating at all, it was that I loved good food too much and often didn’t know when to stop.

It was my lack of exercise, I knew, that was killing me, or likely would. As a communications professional and graphic designer, I have always held sedentary desk jobs. And while it wasn’t such a big deal early in my career, my steady weight gain and lack of energy had clearly escalated in my mid-40s, to the point where I was tipping the scale at just over 190 lbs.

I had a lot of excuses for not moving. I hated exercise. Hated sweating. With a full time job and a family to manage, I didn’t have time to go to a gym. I was just one of those people who was meant to be fat. Wide hips ran in my family. This is me – accept me for who I am!

At the same time, I longed to be thinner, healthier. And I was acutely aware that menopause was just around the corner. If I didn’t start doing something soon to build up some muscle, I’d lose what little I had left.

There wasn’t any one thing that finally motivated me to join FMFL. It was a perfect storm of things. A photo taken at a company holiday party. A favorite sweater that was relegated to the “some day” pile. My 12-year-old daughter’s eyes when I turned down her request to join her in a 5K. The fact that the “outer” me no longer bore any resemblance to the smart, sassy and fabulous “inner” me that I knew I was.

I had two good friends who had already been a part of the Killer Kurves program for a number of months when, around the first of the year, they posted a testimonial video on Facebook describing their successes. I took one look at that video and started to cry. I loved these gals, and I was so proud of what they had accomplished. They looked fantastic! Knowing they’d have my back, I didn’t give it a second thought. I just went directly to the Killer Kurves website and signed up. Just like that. And then I went home and told my family I was doing this . . . for me.

It was honestly the best knee-jerk decision I’ve ever made.

I hit the ground running, attending boot camp three times a week and adopting some healthy eating habits I had never considered before: reading labels; eating clean; eliminating enriched flour, corn oil, processed soy and added sugar; reducing alcohol; fasting after 7 p.m. I never felt that I was denying myself, I just made better choices and substantially reduced portion sizes.

I’ve had beautiful support from my family, friends and co-workers. On boot camp mornings, my husband gets up early in the morning with me when he could easily lie in bed at least another hour. And my daughter is helping me train for our first 5K together at the end of the summer.

The support I’ve received from the Killer Kurves community at FMFL is beyond awesome! We understand each other and have each other’s backs. If you don’t show up for class, you’re missed and we’ll let you know about it. It’s a very comfortable and welcoming atmosphere where we truly “come as we are.” And most mornings that means bed head and half-opened eye lids. By the end of class, we’re fueled up and ready to tackle the day.

And then there’s Liz, our trainer extraordinaire! She is always positive and caring and, having succeeded in her own weight loss journey, truly understands the challenges we face. Somehow she manages to keep boot camp fun and fresh, while pushing us in directions we didn’t know we could go. In the 24 weeks I’ve been a part of Killer Kurves, we have never done the same routine twice. Never. Who knew you could do so many moves with a Swiss ball?

After six months of attending boot camp three times a week and adopting some pretty simple eating rules, I’ve lost 23 lbs. — that’s nearly one pound a week! I’ve said goodbye to my old frumpy closet and hello to a more fabulous one. Even the outfits I was saving for “some day” had to find new homes. For the first time in a very long time, I’m looking forward to wearing summer clothes. My husband likes to show me off. And my daughter hugs me and tells me how proud she is of me.

I don’t have any specific goals for my weight loss. My intention is to be healthier, wherever that takes me. I will continue to maintain an active lifestyle and put clean healthy and tasty fuel into my body.

Most importantly, I will love me. Cuz I’m still smart, sassy and fabulous!”



Congratulations, Jeanne and thank you for sharing your transformation with us!

Killer Kurves (K2) is now accepting new applications for our next session which starts July 7th. The M/W/F session is already sold out, but we have spots still available on T/Th/F. ->->->Click here to learn more and start a new journey

I know you might be terrified, you likely have a million other responsibilities right now, finances might be tight, etc, but I can guarantee you that when you invest in YOU and put yourself and your health first for once, everything else in your life will improve, too!

Click here to learn more about the K2 program and watch a short powerful video that addresses the fears and skepticism many had before they took the leap and joined Killer Kurves.

->-> Yes Dustin, I am ready to learn, work hard, and build a strong supportive community. Click here to get transformed.

If you have questions, concerns, or would like to personally chat with someone who is in the Killer Kurves in the program right now, or someone who is a K2 graduate, e-mail me at dustinmaherfitness@gmail.com. 


The Best Thing You Can Do For Your Kids

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As a mom you will do anything for your kids. You will stay up all night when they have a fever, you will take off work to get them to a doctor’s appointment, and you will sacrifice your personal money and time so that they have everything they need and want.

I just saw a study that said pregnant moms are 96% more likely to eat healthy. This is awesome since the newer research coming out shows that the nutrition of the mom through the placenta plays a large role on how healthy, and possibly whether the baby will have a predisposition towards obesity.

Once your baby is born and begins to grow, the attention continues to stay on your child and that is when many moms begin to slowly lose important parts of herself, and her health.

1 Actions_not_words!I was recently on a 90 minute call with over 200 thought leaders from around the world and one of the primary topics talked about was the idea that when YOU (moms), take care of yourself, you are modeling that behavior to your kids. Your kids will see that mommy makes time to cook healthy meals, read labels, workout with weights to become strong, and finds time to read a book or create a couple minutes for “mom” time.

I don’t need to tell you that your kids watch what you do and learn from what you do much more then what you say.

So on this call, we talked about the deep guilt that you feel as a mom when you are trying to decide between going for a workout for 30 minutes or playing with your kids, or between making a tasty and healthy 20 minute meal when a frozen pizza can be popped into the oven and you could clean your house instead.

But if we are to step back a moment and really think about it…

Knowing that our kids watch what we do…

We should actually feel MORE guilty if we aren’t taking the time for ourselves.

You might be reading this and 100% agree that you would be a better mom, wife, friend etc, if you carved out a little time in your crazy busy lives to help yourself (I have over 300 survey responses that basically say just that).

Awesome! You are one step closer to achieving that.

Others still might not buy into that premise, so I hope over the next months and years to provide you with so much data, case studies, experts, and so on that you too might become a part of this paradigm shift.

Since the release of my Fit Moms For Life DVDs nearly 5 years ago, and over 15,000 DVDs sold later, I can’t tell you the number of emails and FB messages I receive of stories from moms about how their kids are seeing them workout and want to join in.  Their kids like to play the role of me (the trainer), and tell the mom what she should be doing. The stories, videos, and pictures are adorable and heartwarming, but they go much deeper then that. Those kids are laying a foundation and belief that exercise and healthy eating is what is part of a normal life, and that it is something they should do too since the person they admire most (their mom), is leading the way and setting the example. This of course isn’t a 100% guarantee that this child will grow up to be healthy, but it is an incredible start.

This past week at the Fit Moms Transformation Center we had to cancel classes for two days because of the cold temps and school was also cancelled which caused moms1 a Open Gym to be stressed out and kids to have too much energy.

I had an idea to offer an open gym for two hours. We wrote a workout on the board that the adults could do and the kids could do whatever. We announced this only a couple hours before the scheduled time and ended up having over 40 parents and kids show up.

It was so special to see these kids using the rowing machines with their mom, or carrying medicine balls, or trying to do pushups and enjoy it! The older kids raced (and lost), to their moms on the rowing machines, while others threw balls around and played tag.

1 a open gym 2

I would like to end this by encouraging you to incorporate your kids into your workouts sometimes, and make sure that they see that you are taking your own health and wellness seriously. This can also apply to grandmas with their grand kids.

This is the best thing you can do for your kids.

The Fit Moms For Life 6 Week challenge is a program that a lot of moms are doing with their kids as young as 4 years old. The DVDs are easy to follow and some of them are body weight only so any child can be part of the workouts. We have groups starting in person and online in about a week, so join the over 300 who are already completed their 6 Week Challenge.

Click here to get started

We will be sharing with you more about the program and getting those interested signed up if you haven’t already.

Are You Proud of 2013?

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There are only 2 days left in 2013, which gives us a great opportunity to look back on the past year and give the year a rating. Chances are there were areas that were awesome, while others really sucked. Only you know how the past year has been for you. Just like myself, I challenge you to take a “life inventory” of 2013 in the following areas of your life (no particular order)…







-Any other metric you are interested in 2013 2014

2013 2014This can be a painful process. There are areas in my life that 2013 was the best year ever and there are other areas that I wished never happened. That will probably be the case for all of us. It is up to you to decide if you want more of the same or something better.

I would encourage you to set at least 3 goals for 2014. Come up with at least one in each of the following areas:

-Physical achievement: this could be a weight loss goal, a strength or speed goal or something else.

-Relational: is there a relationship you want to deepen? Maybe a relationship you need to end? Or possibly a relationship you want to start.

-Spiritually: this can mean something difference for everyone, but tapping into the higher powers and our “soul” can help ground you and put life into perspective more.

Fit Moms For Life and the Transformation Center are offering more programs and solutions then ever before beginning in 2014. Our Killer Kurves program starts locally January 6th. Click here if you are looking to lose 40 or more pounds of weight. Limited spots are available for Killer Kurves so click here to sign up today. We have FM4L Six Week Challenges starting all over North America through our DVD, book, and journal based community programs. Click here if you want to join or learn more.

Feel free to email me dustinmaherfitness@gmail.com, and share your story with me. I have heard it all and will cast no judgement on anything. I will commit to answering you personally and providing a solution that I think is best.

My friends over at Prograde Nutrition are offering their biggest discount I can ever remember at 40% for any capsule based products including krill oil and multi vitamins. Click here to grab them up and enter “caps40” in the shopping cart.

Cheers to making 2014 your best year yet.



20 “Core” Exercises To Get You Through The Holidays… Plus Name Your Own Price Sale!

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Dustin I want a flat stomach, how do I get it?


I keep hurting my back and my doctor/PT says I need to strengthen the core how do I do that?


I am a runner or play other sports and after 15-20 minutes of activity, I feel like more core isn’t able to keep up, what can I do?

These are just a few of the questions I get related to core training.  I have obsessed about the subject since I was 13 years old. Read pretty much every book on the subject, 1 a dustindone so many core DVDs, and studied it in college and created fitness classes around core training specifically. I was even nominated and received an honorable mention in a national “abs” contest – haha the vanity in that. Luckily, I am mostly over the vanity of a flat stomach (but still want to keep a good six-pack up), and more concerned about making sure the core is functional to protect my back from getting injured.

I created a youtube video for you from one of my “Got Core” classes that I taught awhile back. It will give you at least 20 exercises that yougot-core-upright-graphic can start doing today to strengthening your core.  Click here to watch the video

I don’t believe it to be a coincidence that my #1 selling DVD of all time is my 2 disk DVD set called “Got Core.”  It has sold thousands of copies all over the world, and testimonials have come in from as far away as Europe and South America. On the surface it contains over 50 exercises that target the area, but it is much more then that…It is 8 workouts, each only 15 minutes long (who can’t create 15 extra minutes 3X/week). The workouts start out very basic and simple (to the level my 65 year old mom could do), and they slowly progress to level 8 which will challenge the most fit. [side note] I had my NFL friend try and he couldn’t do the hardest level.

The DVD set retails for $29.99 plus $4.99 S&H. A great value I must say and thousands have agreed with their pocket books. But for the Christmas season I want to try something I have never done before. I want to let you name your own price.  All you need for these workouts is a stability ball (55-65 cm will do) and maybe a weight for an extra challenge, but that is it.

Make a reasonable offer based on what you think they are worth to you, and I will have them shipped out. (If you feel like they are worth more then $29.99 feel free to offer more 🙂 )  Make me an offer!  With Christmas around the corner this could make a great stocking stuffer, so I am allowing you to get as many copies at that price, but I want to ask that if you do that, you won’t go and turn around and sell it on ebay, or other reseller site for a profit.

Flat stomachs are also made in the kitchen, click here for five tips to a flatter stomach.


Aerobics = Fat Storage

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sprintingI harp on this topic a lot and I apologize if it gets old!  But this is one of my BIG points regarding exercise that I want to ingrain into your head about cardio.  You DON’T and SHOULDN’T do long distance cardio if your goal is fat loss.  If you want to run a marathon for the challenge, the endorphins and the goal, by all means do it!  I am also not saying that everyone who runs long distance is overweight, there are many thin runners as well.  As a society that doesn’t exercise enough I have a hard time telling people not to do standard cardio, don’t get me wrong any movement is better than NO movement!

marathoner_sprinter2But there are millions of people out there, pounding the pavement in misery because they have been led to believe that this is THE BEST way to lose fat.  Unfortunately the research and evidence that I have seen by countless clients is that they are actually running into more fat!  Even if long distance runners aren’t overweight, many (who don’t do some weight training and core training) are very frail and weak because the body eats the muscle away to use for energy.

I have talked a few times about a far more effective type of training that burns fat up to 9 times faster than the steady state cardio.  I attribute this type of training as one of the biggest factors in getting the results and reputation I have gotten the past couple years.  Keep in mind, most people coming to my Fit Fun Bootcamps and MamaTone are people who already exercise and are frustrated with their results or lack there of.  I also get a lot of clients who are just looking for something different that is fun and new!  Just think how much more challenging it is to get someone results who is already extremely active compared to someone who has been sedentary, but these are the results that we get!

A guy that I follow and have lots of respect for is Dr. Pompa out of Philadelphia.  He specializes in helping those who are weight loss resistant.  I have found that about 80% of those who come to see me who are overweight or obese, I am able to help.  Another 5% don’t listen to what I say, and the other 15% seem to be doing everything right and still not getting results.  It is very frustrating for me as well as the client.  These types of challenges keep me up at night.  Dr. Pompa has some interesting things that he does and he believes many of the problems are due to poor hormonal communication or too many toxins, both biotoxins and metallic toxins.  I encourage you to check his research out.

Anyways back to the topic.  In this 10 minute video Dr. Pompa explains very well the point I was just making about why you should do interval training over standard cardio.


Besides the great weight loss effects, this style of training will greatly improve your 5K run times.  I have never met a bootcamper who hasn’t shattered their records from months or years prior by adding this type of training.  It will blow you away!

Please leave a comment!  What are you feelings towards this?  Do you agree or disagree?  Do you have any questions?  Please comment below.

Burn Fat By Jumping Part 2

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Last week I showed you a video of Rita doing box jumps on the NBC morning show.  This week I wanted to show another variation of that exercise that you can do.  This one involves a little more upper-body.  The drawback is that you won’t be able to jump quite as high since you will be holding additional weights.

We do this one in Fit Fun Bootcamp right now indoors and once we go outside to parks, we will use picnic tables, rocks, and playgrounds to use as our box to jump up to!


[youtube J_xDIYbPHQc]

Keep moving,

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