Farm to School Snack Program

Why I Spent My Sunday Morning Scrubbing and Peeling Sweet Potatoes (and it wasn’t even for Thanksgiving!)

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Post by Katie C., blog contributor

How many pounds of sweet potatoes does it take to feed children in fifteen Madison Metropolitan School District elementary schools? This weekend I learned the answer to this question firsthand: 750 pounds! When I saw what 750 pounds of sweet potatoes looks like, I was sure that would easily provide enough snacks for at least a week. Wrong. Those 750 pounds would provide a snack for just one day!

No, I’m not making a career change to work in elementary school lunch rooms (although changing what is served to children is a passion of mine). This weekend I helped with the REAP Food Group Farm to School Program. Every Sunday, a group of volunteers gathers at RP’s Pasta to clean, cut, and package enough local produce to provide a healthy snack to over 6,000 school children. This Sunday was no different; when I walked into RP’s, boxes of local sweet potatoes were stacked all around the kitchen, ready to be scrubbed, peeled, cut, and packaged. I plunged my hands into a sink overflowing with sweet potatoes and started scrubbing. While

Even after washing my hands multiple times, the sweet potatoes left their mark!

 doing so, I was able to talk to one of the program coordinators to learn more about the snack program. I found out that these fifteen schools get a fresh snack three times a week; one snack comes from REAP and the other two are either provided by parents or another program. The schools have to pay for the snack, but some schools are able to use the USDA-funded Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Snack Program Grant. Read More