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Getting Into A Healthy Routine After The Summer

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Hurray! The Kids Are Back In School!

bus21For many of you, Labor Day comes with a big sigh of relief. Sure, you loved the summer and all that came with it; but between camping trips, kids’ sports, cookouts, vacations, and endless parties, you are exhausted and your body may have taken a bit of a toll!

For many moms, getting the kids back to school signifies getting life back in order. It is time to set a schedule and take that time once again for you. Now is the time to begin planning your meals out and having a consistent exercise routine that you can follow.


-Decide what time in the day works best for you: There is no time during the day that is better from a fat burning standpoint, but I have found that early mornings are the only time when there isn’t anything unexpected that pops up and prevents you from getting your workouts in.

-Figure out what physical activities you enjoy doing: If you don’t like it, chances are, you won’t stick with it.

-2-3 days of 30-45 minutes of resistance training: I encourage moms to lift heavy weights in order to burn the maximum amount of fat and build toned lean muscle

-2-3 days of interval cardio. This can be done on the same days as the weight training, but should be done after the lifting part.

-10 minutes of core training 3 times per week. Read More