6 Tips For Increasing Your Daily Energy (Do these now!)

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I am writing this to you on Sunday evening, having thought back on the past 48 hours and how much I have packed into life. I realized I don’t think I could have done this when I was 21.

Now at 31, I have WAY more energy then I did at 21. I will try to not bore you with my entire weekend details but here are a couple highlights with a few pics.

pumFriday night we celebrated, with over 60 kids and families, the one-year anniversary of our Fit Moms For Life Transformation Center. We had pumpkin decoration stations, games, and lots of great, healthy food.

pum1Saturday morning I was up before 6 AM to train a small private group that is part of our Fit and Fabulous over 50 training program. I then headed to the American Heart Association walk as I was asked to be one of Madison’s local ambassadors. I had the honor of warming up the crowd of over 3,000 people!


After a quick trip to the farmers market, I drove 90 minutes to Milwaukee with my stair training team to climb 155 stories up and down (no elevators). I then quickly headed back to my place where I hosted a party for about 10 of my friends and family.

Got up at 5:30 AM Sunday and went to the Transformation Center and filmed 8 full workouts for my monthly Fit Moms program with 8 awesome clients of mine. I followed that with the hosting of a free 90-minute exercise and anti-aging workshop for anyone 50 or older (click here to register for Wednesday night’s similar workshop) and finally followed that with playing an entire basketball game.

It got me thinking about what I am doing differently now to give me more energy versus when I was 21 years old . I came up with 6 things:

#1 I am exercising 6 days per week. I used to workout longer 3 times per week but this past 6 months I have switched to 6 times per week for about 30-40 minutes each day and it has really changed the way I feel.

#2 I am eating more vegetables. I try to get in veggies with at least 3 meals per day for a total or 6-10 servings daily. Veggies fill me up, keep me lean, and keep me healthy.

#3 I eat more fat. I use to eat all low fat everything until about 5 years ago. It seems like the more good fats I eat, the more energy I have and the healthier I feel.

#4 I eat WAY fewer carbohydrates. 10 years ago I would consume massive amounts of oatmeal and a couple pieces of bread each day . Now I have found that I do much better without bread or healthy carbs like oatmeal. This isn’t to say these healthy carbs are bad, just that eating them doesn’t work for me as well.

#5 I do more burst training. Back at 21, I only lifted weights and didn’t do any cardio. Now I train stairs 4X/week or use the rowing machine and do 500M sprints. Short bursts seem to boost my cardio output without the need for long sessions, which can wear out my adrenals. These workouts usually only last 15-25 minutes.

#6 I practice gratitude most days. I took a lot for granted at 21, but now I look back on each day and find things I am grateful for and notice the daily little things much more often. Being a little more at ease and happier can go a long way to creating more energy.

#7 ??? I want to hear from you! What habits do you incorporate into your day to increase your energy?

In one week we are launching a new 6 week challenge in McFarland and Oregon called “Pay to Lose” where we PAY people to lose weight. It is an experiment. We have 3 spots still remaining.

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Since this is a beta test, I would love to hear if you have participated in a program where you were financially incentivized and let me know what you liked and didn’t like about it. I want to make this program amazing!

The Dead Zone

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Dead ZoneA couple months ago I wrote an article that became quite popular talking about many of the different options we have when it comes to getting into shape.

Click here to read the article

I even lost a couple clients from it (which is just fine), when they realized that our program wasn’t the program they needed given their experience and background.  This past week I have been going to a gym that I won’t name, but it is one of those 24-hour type gyms that don’t have attendants at it.  My brother has a membership there and I wanted to be able to have that bonding time with him once in awhile.

The gym is beautiful, incredible brand new treadmills, elliptical, and weight machines. The place is spotless, and the bathrooms shimmer and sparkle. But for me there was something missing…Call it the magic, the sparkle, the energy, the fun. There has not been more then 8 people at this place when I’ve gone. There is no music playing and everyone is wearing his or her headphones. Nobody is smiling; nobody is talking to anyone else.  My brother and I push each other and we get a great workout, since we are following a great workout plan, even so the environment is one that I personally wouldn’t want to workout to on a regular basis.

When I workout I feed off the energy of others…It is the reason I LOVE being part of sports teams or workout groups. We all having “boring” and “monotonous” times in our day, but I believe workouts shouldn’t be one of them. This principle I have known for awhile for myself, but working out this past week in a low energy “dead” place really made me appreciate what I have and what my clients have at our five Fit Moms Transformation Centers.

It makes sense why I am told on a regular basis that coming to the Center and working out is their top highlight of the day. It isn’t because the rest of their lives suck, it is that exercise makes you feel good, and even better when combined with awesome and fun people to share the experience with. If this is the type of environment you want, I challenge you to go out there and find it. Unless you live in a very small town there should be at least one place in town that is high energy, highly supportive, and lots of fun.

If not create it, this is why I created the FM4L 6 Week Challenge. I wanted to make it simple for anyone to create a group of their own and get paid for it.

In conclusion, there are times when silence and being alone is awesome and needed, but for most of us most of the time, life is best when connecting and feeding of the encouragement and energy of others. Don’t let your workout experience be any different.

If you live in the Madison area and can relate to working out in a “dead zone” or maybe you haven’t worked out before but realize that working out in a high energy place is much better, I would encourage you to send me an e-mail dustinmaherfitness@gmail.com, and share your story, I will personally get back to you.

5 Best Pieces of Fat Loss Tips

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YogaI wanted to share with you my 5 best pieces of fat loss tips. Keep in mind this is based off hundreds of scientific studies, and close to 10 years and thousands of clients that I have observed.

Don’t ignore this due to its simplicity…

#1 Know where you are and where you want to go.  It blows me away that people aren’t clearer on where they currently are, and what their end goal is. Losing weight, having more energy, are not specific enough goals. Complete a pre-test of some exercise, measurements, weight, etc.

#2 Find an eating plan that is SUSTAINABLE.  Atkins never worked long term for the general population because it wasn’t practical for people living in our type of society. Crash diets don’t work because it creates too large of a calorie deficit and your body rebels by craving high calorie foods and storing as many of those calories as fat. Low fat generally doesn’t work great, because it messes up your hormones and doesn’t make you feel full.

#3 Weight training, plus HIIT, plus a little steady state cardio, is the best types of exercise for burning maximum amount of fat AND changing the actual shape of the body. Cardio alone isn’t the best, nor is just strength training. I might add, doing some yoga is a great idea to even the body out and repair it from the higher impact and weight bearing activities.

#4 Reprogram the negative beliefs and self-talk that have been sabotaging you.  You can do 1-3 but to keep the momentum and results going you need to change the thoughts that are circulating deep in your mind. Affirmations are one technique you can use.

I saved the most important for last…

#5 Find a team of support that will be there during your success and during your challenges.  This is the secret ingredient. I can’t tell you how much of an uphill battle you will face if you have an unsupportive spouse, friends, and coworkers etc. Even the most motivated and hard-willed individuals will crumble over consistent sabotage from their peer group.  One other supportive person is better then none, but I have found 4 or more people who are all there for you seems to work best. More than 10-12 and you lose the closeness and intimacy of the accountability.

I hope you find these 5 tips to be helpful. It is no coincidence that the Fit Moms For Life 6 Week Challenge (and all my local programs in Madison) are so transformational. They do an incredible job at addressing all five of these points.

I have a goal of transforming the lives of 500 women by the end of this year through our FM4L Six Week Transformational Challenge. So far we have over 200 from all over North America and we are up to 65 leaders leading groups in their local communities.

Click here to learn more about this program and at just over $2 per day this program is so affordable that money isn’t the reason you don’t join. Plus the program was designed for the busiest of women, so you can expect to spend only 90-120 min per WEEK doing the exercise.

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