emotional eating

5 simple tips to curb emotional eating TODAY

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Do you find yourself with the munchies when you are tired? Turning to sweets or snacks when you are stressed? Eating mindlessly in front of the TV?

Our emotions can make us crave certain foods. It’s not mental weakness—it is a physical response to the flood of hormones in our body from stress, exhaustion, etc.

It can also be a habit from years of turning to food for comfort or distraction.

The good news is that it is possible to break the cycle. Click here for five simple tips that you can use to stop emotional eating.

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In the meantime, look for the third pillar of long term success…

The Domino Effect

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Post submitted by Carrie, a contributor to dustinmaherfitness.com.

Last week during bootcamp Dustin asked us to reflect on our fitness journey and share something we’ve learned. I’ve learned a couple of significant things which have been the subject of my first two blog posts. Yet strangely neither of those things were the first that popped into my head. My first thought was “Be careful!! You still have moments that get away from you.” Hmmmm….

Most days when I decide to have that piece of chocolate or ice cream with my girls, I have no problem making good, healthy choices for the remainder of my day. But there are days when I make the choice to have the treat when just one doesn’t satisfy. And worse yet, it seems on those days my mental attitude is one of “Well, you blew it, so might as well REALLY blow it.” and the downward spiral begins. What started as a few M&Ms, leads to a handful of M&Ms, then to a soda, and finally pizza delivery. I was explaining this to my husband and he called it the “domino effect”. Seems pretty fitting….a chain reaction that starts with one small thing and seems impossible to stop. Read More