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Replace 7 Non-Value-Added “Foods” in 7 Days with Healthier Alternatives

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    Shelly’s Simple Suggestions    

    Shelly K, contributor to Dustin's blog

    Yesterday I went to buy a few groceries and one of the things on my list was REAL maple syrup.  I have been eliminating processed foods from my kitchen as best I can for a while now.  Eating “whole” is pretty standard for me now (with planned cheat times), but the hardest part in the household are things I exposed the kids to in an effort to get the healthier foods in, like syrup, ranch dressing, breaded chicken, dried fruit, etc.  I have been successful in replacing whole grain for white in some cases, sauteed chicken for breaded, healthier bars for cereal bars, less chips, more nuts/seeds, etc.  But challenges remain.  I continue to try to swap things out without alienating the kids from their comfort zone.  Here is what I’m working on right now.    

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