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21 Healthy Snacks

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When it comes to food, one of the most asked questions are about snacks and what are some quick healthy snacks that can be made and be transported easily. I gave my mom the task this week and she didn’t let us down!

Snacks are an important component of a well planned out day of eating and I encourage 1-3 snacks per day. Snacks help fill the void between meals. Eating small meals often will tell the body to burn calories rather than store them since it is getting a continual supply of food. Snacks also prevent you from overeating at the next meal because you aren’t overly hungry. Snacks are very handy and can be taken anywhere with you. Finally, snacks help psychologically, because if you are eating every few hours, you know you don’t need to eat as big of meals. As always, include a protein in each snack and combine it with a carb or fat. Read More