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Silken Chocolate Tofu Pie

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With Easter coming up, I thought a recipe related to chocolate was appropriate.  I personally enjoy chocolate, but have never had a strong NEED to eat it continuously, like my girlfriend seems to have.  So, today my mom shares some alternative pie recipes using tofu.  I have mixed opinions on tofu, but will leave that for a future blog post.

My mom sent this late to me last night because when writing it in the afternoon she decided she better try the recipes out, so she made both of them and had my dad and brother be the taste-testers.


Wow, Easter already!  And what beautiful weather we are enjoying; am expecting green grass any day now!  Dustin’s younger brother, Chris, went home to Lancaster, Pa. yesterday with his girlfriend, and he just shot me some pictures of VERY green grass and flowers from their back yard~so, our turn soon!

Well, like I promised in the blog the other day, I am using Nancy’s desire for silken tofu chocolate pie for our feature this week!  I told Dustin that with the big Easter Sunday dinner coming up, we can justify a healthy pie and maybe help out with desserts :).  Besides, it has chocolate in it, so what could be more Easter!

I found a couple that I liked online and will share both of them with you-I tried them both out, just making half recipes in case we didn’t like them :).


12 oz. bag of Ghiradelli chocolate chips
2 pkgs. firm tofu
3 Tbls. maple syrup
1 baked graham cracker crust

Melt the chocolate chips, blend in the tofu, and add the maple syrup; pour into the  graham cracker crust and chill in the fridge for several hours.  Serve plain or with your favorite whipped topping.

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