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Is Sugar Toxic? 60 Minutes Exclusive

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In this 60 minutes interview that aired recently, Sanjay Gupta investigates what is causing the obesity and disease epidemic of the past century.  For those of you who are avid readers of this blog, none of this information will come as a surprise to you… It is what I have been so passionately sharing for close to a decade.  It is great to have something that people believe to be credible (60 minutes and Sanjay) backing this up and making it known to the world.

Check out the video

Some days I feel like I am hitting my head against the wall, swimming upstream, trying to get people to “get” this to the point where they make lasting changes.  I don’t get why it is so hard to change until I am reminded that sugar is as addictive as cocaine for some.  For many it is not enough for people to stop excessive sugar consuption despite the fact they know it will most likely take many years off of their life.

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I believe the plan ahead for us is simple…

Less Sugar (this is a powerful link)

-More non starchy veggies

More healthy fats

-More unprocessed natural sources of protein

-No soda, coffee (that has added sugar), sports drinks, or any other sugary beverage

-No Soda or diet soda (yes I repeated it for emphasis, but click this link, different then the above one)

-Less grains

-More water

-More strength training

-More burst training

-More sleep

-More smiling and fun

If we ALL did this, just think about how different the world would be.

Our health care system would go from the brink of self destruction, to a place that dealt more with injuries rather than disease.  Our economy would pick up because less people would be sick, so they could work more, less disability insurance, less spent on drugs, and less spent on health care.  We would have more energy to do the things that we love to do and would be proactive with our bodies and health instead of being reactive.

Now it is your turn.  What do you think about this video and my remarks?  I know I am taking a strong stand the will upset some people, but that doesn’t bother me.  When I believe something to be the truth, based on all the information I currently have, and it involves your well-being and health, you can be sure that I will speak my mind and give you all I have.  Love you all!  Dustin

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Cutting Out Sugar = Fat Loss

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I have probably shared with you well over 1000 tips on this blog throughout the past year to help you lose weight and get in shape.  As we enter 2010 I tried to come up with one that trumps all the others if you are looking for fat loss, and quick fat loss at that.  I also looked at everything unhealthy we do in our lives to create sickness and disease, and it comes back to the same topic


I already know you know that sugar isn’t the best thing for you, but I don’t think you know just how bad it is and how it is making you fat as well as harm your body.  If you struggle with too much sugar watch this 30 second video 10 times in a row and ingrain it into your mind

Now that you have a disgusting image of what sugar is really doing to you,  I would like you to try to find some extra time and sit down and watch this lengthy video (maybe over the weekend).  Break it up into 3 30 min chunks if you need to.  This is the most scientifically backed presentation I have ever seen on the affects of sugar.  The presenter is making some very bold statements and has research to back it up.  I always try to find some middle ground in the argument and say that you can have sugar in moderation.  The problem is sugar is in almost EVERYTHING!  So it is very tough to have moderation.  The guy who is presenting is far smarter than me when it comes to this topic, but I want to let you know that for 100’s of my clients who have nearly eliminated sugar, and for myself when I do so before my fitness shows, I can tell you there is no simpler and quicker way to lose fat and feel amazing!  I guarantee that!

If you want more resources on this topic click here.

Please share with everyone your experiences with sugar or something that you got out of this video!