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Tis the season…to buy a CSA share

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Post submitted by Carrie, a contributor to dustinmaherfitness.com

Finally we are entering that time of year in Wisconsin when the farmers markets will be starting soon. Fresh, seasonal produce will seem so good after a long winter of the same old, same old! If you enjoy fresh produce but aren’t really a gardener yourself, and/or don’t always wish to hit the market and select your own produce, a community supported agriculture (CSA) share may be something to try this season.

So what is a CSA share? Basically, the consumer (YOU!) buys a “share” of the farmer’s fresh crop of produce. For the price of the “share”, the consumer will receive fresh produce, usually weekly, at a predetermined drop-off location. Farms typically invite their “shareholders” to the farm for ┬áspecial events, too. Read More