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5 Tips To Achieve Those New Years Resolution

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This time of the year brings crowded gyms and optimism towards this being THE year that a person gets in shape.  Sadly most of these resolutions will be out of thought within 1-2 months.  How can we ensure that we achieve the desired outcomes?  Here are some of my suggestions.

1.  Set goals that are measurable, specific, realistic, and have a time deadline.  Writing goals out give you a 10 times great chance at success!  Plus it is much more fun to look back at your list and see what you have accomplished!

2.  Join a group, and tell everyone what you are doing.  This is huge!  Making that commitment towards yourself and to those in the group increase the success rate exponentially!  I believe lack of support is one of the greatest reasons why people fail to reach their goals and fulfill their resolutions!  I have tried to solve this problem by creating many different programs to fit everyone’s needs.  If you are in Madison and have not tried out Fit Fun Bootcamps I encourage you to do so, you can come for the first week on me, to see if it is the right program for you.  If you want follow along DVDs that have a proven track-record of working check out the Fit Moms For Life DVDs and receive the first one free to try out!  If you just want a program to strengthen your core and get rid of your lower back problems, check out Got Core. If you are a mom who stays home with the kids and live in the Madison area check out MamaTone Fitness.  Or join any other program that is in your community that has had a history of delivering results! Read More

Got Core DVDs Now Available!

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Buy the First “Got Core” DVD and get the Second DVD FREE! Limited Quantity Available.


addtocartDVD #1

-Interview with the star of the workout Abby Brockman


-Level 1 Building a foundation

-Level 2 Getting past the basics

-Level 3 Incorporating more muscle groups

Level 4 Getting more of the upperbody involved

Duration: 1 hour and 29 minutes

got-core-upright-graphic1DVD #2


-Level 5 Can you make it through?

-Level 6 How about now?

-Level 7 Bring it!

-Level 8 I dare you to survive!

Duration: 1 hour and 5 minutes




Normally each DVD retails for $29.99, but I was planning on selling them together for only $47. But I want to take that a step further and give you the second DVD FREE, as a way of saying thank you so much for all your support throughout the past couple of years. I am truly blessed and honored to be able to share my knowledge and love of fitness to you! All you will pay is $29.99 (+$5.95 sh&h)

Check Out What Others Are Saying

“LOVE IT!!!! I have used the Got Core DVD for a week now, and have done programs 1 and 2, will do 3 tomorrow. It moves at a fast pace so you don’t have time to think about not liking it, being bored, or how much longer. It has great exercises, and each routine is different–I can pick from 1-10 workouts so I’m never bored. I am getting very good at the “vacuum” and make a point of incorporating that multiple times a day, especially at work.

This is a very good quality DVD that is quick and to the point—it gets the job done. No need for expensive equipment, lots of space, or a huge chunk of time–it is absolutely an essential tool for attaining that flat, toned tummy!!!!!!

I can’t thank you enough for all your support, encouragement, and knowledge. As a trainer focusing on moms–you are an answer to my prayers and what I searched for since having my first baby 8 years ago. Keep it up—you have touched so many lives, and I’m thankful mine is one of them!!!!!!!!!!! “

“The Got Core program hoping it would help my chronic back pain and to improve flexibility. Since I started the program, my back has felt good and my strength and flexibility has improved. I’ve recommended the Got Core program to a number of people.”