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As I mentioned last week, we are just about to release a new, free video training series on why relying on willpower alone to make a change will never work. Every week, I meet with people who are thinking about joining our programs, and I hear this all the time: “Dustin, I’ve tried lots of things and nothing has worked.  Why would it be any different this time?”

I get it—your confidence is shattered by having tried and failed so many times.  You feel as though you have no willpower, so why would you bother trying again. But the truth is that the diets, fitness programs, etc that you may have tried didn’t teach you how to guarantee your success.  They didn’t teach you how to bypass the need for willpower. Because relying on willpower alone never works. Even as a fitness professional, I have no willpower when it comes to certain things.  If there is a bowl of M&Ms or a bag of chips in my house, I will finish it… guaranteed.  I am a finisher.  =)

So that’s what prompted me to develop a short video series to teach you some tips and tricks that you can use to bypass the need for quite so much willpower. We use many of these strategies with clients in our local programs and our 6 Week Challenge, and they work.

That’s why I wanted to share them with you, to help you on your journey to be a happier, healthier, fitter version of yourself. We’ll release the first one this Thursday, April 30. Please invite friends or family to join us in this training. They can sign up here:  www.fitmomsforlife.com/willpower

We’ll send you an email each time we release the next video in the series.

I hope these help you take the next step on your journey.
Thank those of you who took a moment to respond to our short survey about what you wanted us to cover in the training–your input has been invaluable.  Thank you!
If you didn’t have a chance to respond but want to do so now, there is still time. Click here for our short 2 question survey.

This One Thing To Burn More Fat

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I am an alumni of the UW Madison and of course I am a proud Badger basketball fan. Frank Kaminsky is the Badger’s center who became one of the most dominant players in all of college basketball this year. His first two years of college ball, though, Frank wasn’t especially impressive and he didn’t emerge as an elite player. What changed this year? Did his shooting skills improve? Was it an increase in speed and strength? All of these skills probably improved a bit, but there is one factor that was WAY more significant to Kaminsky’s enhanced performance than just physical talent…


Confidence can transform an average player into an incredible player and on the flip side, a skilled and talented player who is struggling with his/her confidence may be Confidence1stuck performing at an average level. Frank Kaminsky now believes that he is the best (or one of the best) on the court at all times and can take his man to the basket or pull back for a three pointer at anytime.

When you have confidence in your life, life just get easier. Fat loss becomes easier, eating healthy becomes easier, and finding a support group becomes easier. I have written in the past about my lack of confidence growing up and how I had to build it up over time. Building confidence is a process and doesn’t happen overnight. I would like to share 3 ways you can gain more confidence when it comes to increasing your health and fitness levels.

But before I do that, I was going through our Killer Kurves private FB page and read these three stories from our K2 program and even though the word “confidence isn’t used much, you can just feel that the words “ooze” confidence.


#1 Create and appreciate little wins.

Did you skip the drive thru today and instead go home and made a quick dinner? Did you only hit the snooze one time today and still get up early for your workout?

These little changes are big wins! Be sure to recognize, celebrate and appreciate these changes. Recognizing these small, positive decisions can go a long way in building your confidence.

#2 Surround yourself with others who already have success in the area of life you are looking to improve or who are fully committed to the journey like you are.

Watching people around you achieve results, increases the chances that you believe those results are possible for you.

#3 Embrace and understand that failure is part of the process.

When you understand and accept that there will be moments when you will fail to make the right choices, you can reduce the time you spend beating yourself up and keep your confidence levels from diving.

Acknowledge those moments of failure, learn from them and use them to push you to the next level of success. Used this way, failure can help you build up your next layer of confidence.

Remember, building up confidence levels begins with small wins. Be sure to surround yourself with others who are making the impossible look possible and understand that the journey to a healthy lifestyle does not often look like a straight line, but more like a zig-zag – full of ups and downs.

The last piece of the confidence puzzle, that I am not going to talk about much about today, is knowledge and education. Having a well researched healthy lifestyle plan and an understanding of why this plan will work for you, can give you the confidence in your ability to reach your desired outcome.

If you feel confused or not as confident as you’d like to be regarding what to eat or how to exercise, I’d love help you increase your confidence in these areas! Please reach out and connect with me and my Transformation Center team.

If you don’t have a six week plan that you can implement right now to be leaner, more toned, and have more energy, I would like to invite you to join our FM4L 6 Week Challenge. For just over $2/day we can provide you an exercise, eating, and mindset plan to help you reach your goals.

Don’t Give Up!!

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I have seen so many people reach amazing physical accomplishments that both them and myself are shocked at. One of the programs I created and run is call MamaTone Fitness. These women are in their late 20’s to late 40’s. Every day I am inspired at how hard they work and the attitude each one brings!  Half way through their 4th set of sprints up an extremely steep hill one woman said, “Do you know how old we are?” It was true that this group of women were all over the age of 40 and I had been working with them for over 6 months. If you would ask these women how they feel, many of them would say they feel better and in far better shape than when they turned 30! One woman in her mid 40’s can do 14 pullups, another mother of 4 children can bench press her weight, a few 60 year old men can do over 10 pullups, are getting off their blood pressure medications, and feel better than they did a decade ago.

I want to point out what is possible when you believe, and work towards what you are capable of. Unfortunately, I have seen many people who let their limiting beliefs such as; I am too short, I am too old, I was never athletic, and I am just big boned, to hinder their results. These individuals will NEVER reach their potential with an attitude and belief like that. 1 Don't give up

I ask you, what is holding you back from reaching your potential? Is it fear? Is it laziness? Is it low self esteem? Whatever it is, push past it and go for what it is that you only thought was possible for “that other person”.

I don’t know where you are at today, maybe you feel like you are on top of the world with your body, finances, relationships, and confidence. If so, awesome keep doing what you are doing and look to improve.


Maybe life has thrown you some curve balls and challenges recently.  I spend a lot of time reading biographies, and listening to interviews from people who have had success in various parts of their lives. The only common thing I can find in all of their stories is that they didn’t give up. When life threw them challenges and knocked them down, they got up and fought some more even though they didn’t know what would happen next. Generally those who have had the biggest successes have overcome the highest hurdles.

Sometimes it seems like we are trying every possible option to reach our goal (the cheese), but we need to keep trying and looking for new ways of doing things.

If you need someone to vent to, feel free to share your story of challenge with me via e-mail at dustinmaherfitness@gmail.com.  I’d be happy to listen and lend an eye and ear, all I ask is that you include what you are now going to do to make the situation better.

Keep Moving!!


This Would Be Amazing!

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I shared with you 6 characteristics of a very negative support system in your life. Click here to review this. Don’t read any further until you have looked that over. I received about two dozen VERY powerful responses to this post, helping some realize the reality they have been living in.

Today, I would like to share with you what Dan Sullivan, my coach, shared with me. What you are about to read are the 6 criteria to determining if your network/relationships are positive.

confidenceEmpowered: You increasingly operate in environments filled with people who empower your biggest aspirations.

Abundance: More and more, everyone you know believes that the world is becoming more abundant in capabilities and opportunities.

Optimism: You create and invest in new possibilities because you know you will be supported by others’ optimism and abilities.

Confidence: Your growing 50-Person Future is filled with individuals who are masters at creating their own confidence.

Success: You have continually increased “cooperative competition” with individuals who are continually more successful.

Excitement: Year by year, into the future, you live in a community of creative achievers, where everything is always more exciting.

As I was typing this out, I just realized this is one of the reasons why I haven’t watched much TV (the past three years) and in particular the news. The news is fear based and spends no more then 10% of its time on any of these 6 criteria. By not putting that negative messaging into my brain, I decrease the number of negative/fear based thoughts floating around.

I can’t imagine after reading both of these lists that anyone would want to live in a world of pessimism, scarcity, and fear. The big question is how do you make that change, or how do you make the positive and abundant environment even more powerful and strong. It won’t happen overnight, because we are dealing with relationships… relationships that many times have been there your entire life. You will have to make a decision with certain individuals whether or not spending the amount of time you are spending with them is worth it. Only you can decide what is right for you.

I like to think of it like the cells in your body…

Every 7 months each cell of your body dies off and is replaced with a new one. As you become clearer on the person you want to be, you will find people in your life that need to “die off” figuratively off course. As certain people become less involved in your life you now have to opportunity to replace them with the type of people you want to become like and will support you instead of tear you down.

As this recycling occurs, you will be amazed at how much more incredible your life will become and who you are becoming. This principal of course applies to your health/fitness, but for any other part of your life as well. The goal is to have people in your life that you have for the rest of your life, so once you have this initial set of people that might need to be distanced, the hope and goal is to find those that will be there anytime for the rest of our lives.

You might be reading this and completely disagree with me, and that is ok, but I hope it at least gives you something to think about… it has certainly given me things to think about.

If health/fitness/energy/confidence are not at a level you want them to be, I would be honored to help you along the way in that journey. Whether you live in my backyard in Madison, WI or anywhere else in the world, I have programs and tools that can help you on your journey. Don’t put the pressure on yourself to do it alone, come along side a growing number of people who are looking towards a better future, and a healthier and fitter body then they have right now. Asking for help doesn’t show weakness, it shows a desire to get better and to be better and for that I applaud you. You can contact me at DustinMaherFitness@gmail.com.

If you want to personally work with me for 6 weeks starting on Oct 22nd, in person at 7 pm or through our virtual program for just $99, click here to sign up and you will receive your package in the mail within a couple days. Spots are very limited for the 7 pm group at the Fit Moms Transformation Center at 202 South Gammon Road. Or you can order my Fit Moms for Life DVDs and Fit Moms for Life Book.





My Journey-In the Beginning

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Roger and his younger brother, Leon

My name is Roger and I am a contributor to dustinmaherfitness.com.

I joined Dustin’s boot camp in June of 2010. However, the reason I finally took a chance and joined happened a very long time ago.  In fact, the year 1972 long time ago.

In the fall of 1972 I was 11 years old and had just started junior high school. I was a pretty tiny guy for my age. Very little, although I must say, unbelievably cute. Not as small as in the picture but one can get an idea as my younger brother was already almost taller that I was (he soon passed me). In any event, being the second youngest of 9 children I wanted to follow in the footsteps of my older brothers and sisters and decided to go out for the cross country team. Read More