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Healthy Carrot Soup

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Today my mom would like to share with you are great healthy carrot soup.  This soup can be eaten both warm or cold depending on the weather and your mood.

Here it is!

Just watching Abby do her core workouts gives me an appetite….not to mention those goofy, talented kids doing their balancing/pushup act for all of Madison the other day!

Fortunately, we have a very slimming soup on the back burner for today; yeah, I know, it’s feeling like summer these days, so who wants soup?! It really can be eaten cold, if that’s your thing, or otherwise, just make it lukewarm. But hey, let’s get real: we all know that more chilly days are ahead before serious summer sets in, right?!

Besides, a friend just made this delicious soup for a few of us gals from our Homemaker group at church and I enjoyed it so much that you now get to make it too; she served it with a baby green salad and warm Italian bread, giving us a lo-cal lunch…well, we won’t mention the dessert, okay? Well, get out your big Dutch oven and get ready to do some serious chopping.


5 c. water or chicken broth
5 c. sliced carrots Read More