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Can You Out-Exercise A Poor Diet?

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Today, I have a big treat for you.  One of the biggest fat loss misconceptions out there is that once a person starts exercising, even in the most effective fat loss ways possible (Madison Fit Fun Bootcamps), they think the fat will just start to melt away like magic.  Unfortunately that is not the case.  If it were, most everyone would be skinny.  In fact the exercise is only about a 25% (in my opinion) of the equation.  The bigger factor is how many calories are you consuming and what is the quality of those calories?

Eating 500 calories of whole fruit compared to 500 calories of twinkies will be handled much differently in the body and will affect how fit and healthy a person is.

Summer is a time when people usually increase their liquid calorie consumption.  I challenge you to keep track of how many calories of liquids you are drinking each week.  I am not opposed to a cup of milk or a protein drink, those will fill you up and provide you with great nutrients.  But pay attention to this and let everyone now what you come up with!

In this video, my friend Craig Ballantyne, shares with you a powerful and very funny video to hit this point home.  What is an hour of cardio worth when you eat a 500 calorie dessert each night?


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