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Your Free Fat-Burning Recipes and Meal Plan!

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I hope you enjoyed the crazy-effective but surprising way to help flatten your abs, which you can do any time, any place!

If you missed the video, click here to watch it now! Also, click here to download your free copy of our fat-burning menu and recipes. This simple menu is gluten-free and offers dairy-free options. It is based on nutritious, whole foods and does not require you to starve yourself or count calories! I guarantee that you will lose weight and feel better, even if you follow it for just one week.


I also want to share two more of my favorite workouts that target your butt and abs—two “problem” areas that most women want to tone >>> Click here for these unique exercises.

Doing targeted exercises like these is a great way to tone your muscles and burn fat. But they are only part of the solution to a fit, lean body. I believe there are four crucial (but simple!) pillars of success that are absolutely essential to have the body that you want, to be able to do the things you want to do, and to keep it that way for a lifetime.






Sculpt a Better Butt With Fitness Model Champion Natalia Muntean

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Natalia on the front cover of Oxygen

One of my favorite parts about traveling the country,hanging around highly successful fitness professionals, is the top notch experts I get to meet.  International model Natalia Muntean joined the group I am part of recently.  She has graced the covers of pretty much every fashion and fitness magazine around.  The best part about Natalia, is she is very humble about her success and a very genuine person.   At the age of 30 she has traveled the world as a model and fitness expert.

Being a full time model requires her to be photograph ready year round.  I have told people before that I think this is one of the most difficult things to do.  I diet down 7 weeks to get ready for my show, and many times she will have less than 1 week to get ready for a photo shoot.  So basically that means she has to eat nearly perfect year round.  I ate two meals with Natalie, and she is very picky and particular when it comes to ordering her food from restaurants.

Natalia, is known for her booty and is creating a program right now to help tone the butt and thighs.  If you want to know why she is known for her booty, google her name. I didn’t think the pics were appropriate for this blog, but if you want to see them just search out her name.  I asked her to show me 5 of her favorite lower body toning exercises.  I recently shared my favorite butt and thigh toning exercises on another post if you want to check that out.

Check it out!

Here are her websites (warning they do contain quite a bit of skin):

What are your favorite butt and thigh exercises?