My Mom’s Fitness Scholarship Now Available… Apply Now!

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Wow, it has been two months to the day that my mom went to Heaven after suffering a massive brain aneurysm with no warning signs.  She was the healthiest 66 year old I knew which made the loss more painful and shocking.  

Here is a picture I will cherish forever, this was taken a couple hours before we took her off life support.  I got to hold my only niece, who for the past 4 months, hadn’t let me hold her. It was hard on my mom to see Ellyanna cry when I tried to hold her and she kept encouraging me to not give up and soon Ellyanna would let me hold and play with her again.  Yes, mom, yes, she did, you got your wish.
As I sat by her in the ICU crying, knowing that in hours she would no longer be with us, I asked myself how can this tragedy bring about some positivity in my mom’s honor? A scholarship for those who can’t afford my programs instantly popped into my head. In the weeks after her death, money poured in from all over the world and we have raised close to $15,000 to help subsidize our memberships at the Transformation Center.
My mom would be so blessed to know that women’s lives are about to be radically transformed in her honor and because of your generosity.
->-> Click here to apply. <-<-
You can read more about the scholarship on the application form but my team will be awarding $300 scholarships for those who show a financial need and a STRONG desire for transformation. This isn’t a free handout, you will still be expected to pay for a part of the membership and be required to show up at least 2X/week.  I don’t want the money many of you generously donated to be wasted.  I take that EXTREMELY serious.
So, if you are READY for transformation and $$$ is the only reason holding you back, you might be a great candidate, so apply today.  They will be given out in the order we receive the applications and limited supplies are available. ->-> Click here to apply.<-<-
This scholarship can be used for:
Fit over 50
Killer Kurves
Fit Moms
Speaking of Fit over 50, in the 6 weeks since I have gotten back to work after my mom’s passing, our 50 plus small group training programs have QUADRUPLED, which has been humbling and inspiring.  We now have 46 different sessions offered each week.
Our current times are: 7:30 AM, 10:30 AM, 11:30 AM, 1 PM, 3:30, 4:14, 5, 6, and 7 PM.
If you are over the age of 50 and looking for your own trainer and small group to keep you accountable, you can fill out a short interest form and I will call you ASAP to discuss your goals.  Some of the times mentioned above are already sold out so apply right now.  I am offering grocery store tours to my Fit over 50 clients over the next few weeks so you don’t want to miss that.  ->-> Yes, I am Interested in Learning More about Fit over 50. <-<-

Why Your Friends Are Jealous of You (And What You Can Do About It)

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Does it ever feel like every time you gain momentum and start to make progress in a program, some of your friends and family start to sabotage your efforts? You are not alone and this is one of the other huge reasons why it can be tough to stick with a program.

Here’s how it usually goes. You are doing great. You are in the right mindset now—you did the 10 year visioning exercise (that we’ll share in our webinar) and now you believe that change is possible and that you are worth the effort. You understand your BIG WHY and use that to keep you motivated every day.

You eliminated the 5 foods that are making you fat and started eating the foods that will keep your body in fat-burning mode. You changed up your exercise routine and, while you are actually spending less time exercising, you are stronger, have more energy and you feel better.

You’ve been at it for 6 weeks and inches are dropping and your clothes fit better. You are excited and want to tell people about your success.

But slowly, some of your friends who were excited for you in the beginning are starting to pull back. They may tell you that you look too skinny. Or they may give you a hard time if you want to drink water instead of alcohol or soda. Maybe you hear that you are no fun if you don’t want to go out drinking. Some may say, “We want the old you back—what happened to the fun Sarah?”

The solution is to have a serious talk. Share with them why you want to make these changes in your life and ask them to support you in that. If they are unwilling to support you, you may have to distance yourself or step back from that relationship.

Sign up for our free, live webinar, where we will discuss 3 more ways to overcome friends and family who sabotage your efforts.

Let Me Be Vulnerable and Share With You A Secret…

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Being a fitness professional is hard…

Pizza2It is hard to live up to the standards and “perfect” lifestyle that our clients believe we have. Believe it or not, most fitness professionals struggle with body image, weight maintenance, motivation, etc., just like you. I really struggled with this earlier on in my career. I would make sure none of my clients were around at the grocery store if I bought a frozen pizza for a weekend treat, or got a cookie from the gas station down the street or pulled up the Mickey D’s drive thru for an ice cream cone.

As I have been in the industry for a decade now, I have tried to do a better job at being real and the struggles I even face at eating healthy and exercising Nachosconsistently. This is why I frequently post pics on FB of me eating massive plates of nachos… Have I told you before I LOVE nachos! Side note: please don’t buy me gift certificates now to places to get more nachos, I don’t need anymore help feeding my love addiction with them. 🙂

Then there is the whole working out…

I LIKE to workout

I LOVE the pump I get after a workout

I LOVE the endorphins I feel after

I LIKE the physical benefits it gives me


Even I haven’t been able to stay consistent working out on my own. I just celebrated 15 years of working out and you would think by now it would be a habit, and it sorta is, but I can catch myself going 3-5 even up to 7 days without getting much of a good sweat in. This is after I just got done telling you I like exercise and love the benefits.

Most people don’t even enjoy exercise, no wonder it is so hard to be consistent. Since I know my tendencies, I have made specific intentions and action steps to counteract my desire to rather sit on the couch then get up and move. I have at least one if not two workout partners. Last summer you might remember I pulled off a pretty incredible fitness feat that nobody has been able to beat yet.

Leading up to that day, I had a 21 year old professional rugby player from London living with me and working out with me 5-6 days per week. He pushed me and I pushed him. Consequently the day of that challenge at the age of 30, I was in the best shape of my life. That week he left to go back to London and gone was my workout buddy. 🙁 For the next 4 months I didn’t workout consistently and when I did it was maybe 60% of my best. I was frustrated that I gained about 9 lbs, but way more frustrating was the strength that I lost and the explosive short bursts of cardio that I once had.

I decided it was time to step things up because I wasn’t happy where it was going. I asked my brother’s friend Tyler if he would be my partner. Tyler is 220 lbs with big guns, something I want 🙂 The past 4 months we have worked out HARD 4 times each week for 30 minutes, and I am now stronger then I have ever been in my life, and not too far off my cardio from last summer.

I share this vulnerable story with you just to say that I can relate to you if you struggle from starting and stopping workout plans and eating consistently. I get it. It is ok to admit it, but what isn’t ok is to admit it and do nothing about it. If exercise consistency and intensity is something you struggle with you MUST find a workout partner, join an in person program that cares about you, or at the very least get together once a week with a group to make sure each are staying on track.

I have been to maybe 100 or so health clubs and gyms throughout my life and I am blown away that many of them have more a of funeral atmosphere than a fun, inviting, party atmosphere. Everyone is wearing their headphones and doing their own thing.

FitMomTransformationCenterOct13-70I guess that is one reason I am so proud of the Fit Moms Transformation Centers in Madison, Wisconsin, along with the 90 or so locations that have formed around North America under the Fit Moms for Life local Community groups. When you come to our locations or join a Fit Moms for Life group, you matter.  You always enter a place of fun and support. If you don’t have that in your life don’t just “wish” something will change, seek it out and you will find it. Click here if you want to be part of a local group around the world by joining our FM4L 6 Week Challenge.

Click here for the days and times at our Transformation Center to attend a FREE week to come check out what all the buzz is about.

Please share any stories you have of how a group or accountability partner has pushed you towards reaching your goals.

Dear New Girl at the Gym…

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“Why wouldn’t someone feel comfortable coming to the Transformation Centers or invest in my DVDs?”

One of my clients shared an article from a woman named Erica Millard. It is beautifully written and I think conveys what makes our Transformation Center and the community that we have created so unique. We don’t judge, we encourage and accept. Same goes with our leaders that lead our community groups around the world through our Fit Moms For Life home programs.

At some level we know where you are and where you have been and meet you where you are. We all have struggled, we all aren’t perfect nor do we pretend to be (it is noon as I am writing this and all I have eaten is two bowls of rocky road ice creams 🙁 ). Before I share with you this story, I want to let you know that this upcoming week we are opening our doors to all of our fitness locations to let you come for FREE and see if you feel loved, cared about, and understood.

Click here to check out all locations

Thank you Erica for writing this…

“Dear New Girl at the Gym,

You stand across from me in boot camp or on the treadmill next to me or a few bikes over in spin. I have never seen you before, but here you are. I can tell by the look on your face you are embarrassed. Embarrassed that you can’t do a pushup or don’t know how to adjust your bike or that you walk on the treadmill when the girl on the other side of you runs for a full hour at the speed of a cheetah. You look around and wonder what on earth you are doing here. You glance at me and I smile, but you look away pretending you didn’t see, because that would mean I noticed you. Maybe you are discouraged. Maybe you tell yourself this was a huge mistake and you’re going to ask for your money back. Maybe you wonder if I’m judging you.

I am not.

I want you to know how proud I am of you. You see, even though it might not seem like it, none of us are judging you. Why? Because so many of us were just like you. We know what it is like. We know how hard it is, especially in the beginning. Really we do. Maybe you woke up one day weighing forty pounds more than you did five years ago. I have been there. Maybe you stepped on the scale at the doctor’s office, had the nurse cluck her tongue, and then had the doctor say something like, “Now let’s talk about your weight.” I have been there. Maybe you recently had a baby, and you wonder if there will ever be a time when you don’t have to tuck your stomach into your pants. I have been there. Maybe you get half way through the warm up in a group fitness class and wonder if you are this out of breath now, is a full hour going to kill you? I have been there. Maybe money and time are tight and the idea of spending $30-$70 a month and an hour a day on yourself feels awfully selfish. I have been there. So many of us have.

You see us running or biking or lifting weights, and may feel discouraged or that we are judging you. Please, please, PLEASE know that we are not, because so many of us have been in your same shoes. You see us for what we are now, but many of us started out just like you, on a journey to find our best selves.

Please come back. I know it is hard, but it will get better, I promise.

And then you will wake up one day and wonder when you became that person. You know that person who can jog a few miles or do a whole spin class or even do boot camp without being sore the next day. And you will be the one, standing across the room, smiling at the new girl hoping she knows how lovely and wonderful and brave she is. Hoping she knows she is worth all the work. Because you are. You are so worth it. You deserve to be your healthiest self.

Now there might come a time and a place where someone will judge you, even someone at the gym. Maybe they make rude comments or give you that look. Maybe they have never known what it feels like to struggle with their weight. Maybe they have low self-esteem. Maybe they have never eaten an entire pan of brownies by themselves (I have) or an entire bag of Halloween candy before a single trick or treater came to their door (I have). Maybe they forgot what it was like to be the new girl. Please, don’t waste your time on them. You are on a journey to be your best self, and they don’t belong on your journey. Find people and a place where you can begin where you are.

Come back. You are so worth it.”

It breaks my heart and frustrates me when I hear of people who know they need to do something, but just don’t have the confidence or belief that they can do it. All it takes is that first step. So I would ask you today, are you willing to take that first step? That might mean throwing away some of the unhealthy food in your pantry, going back to the gym that you haven’t been to in 5 months, or having a talk with a loved one about what YOU want for your life.

Check out a short video that just might make you shed a tear but more importantly help you take action. Click here to see the longer version of the video.

Start the process, it is a journey that you can’t predict how it will turn out, but I would ask you to trust the process, it might just be the best thing you have ever done for yourself.

If you are ready to get others involved and lead a group in your community and get paid for it, click here to learn more.

Are You Proud of 2013?

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There are only 2 days left in 2013, which gives us a great opportunity to look back on the past year and give the year a rating. Chances are there were areas that were awesome, while others really sucked. Only you know how the past year has been for you. Just like myself, I challenge you to take a “life inventory” of 2013 in the following areas of your life (no particular order)…







-Any other metric you are interested in 2013 2014

2013 2014This can be a painful process. There are areas in my life that 2013 was the best year ever and there are other areas that I wished never happened. That will probably be the case for all of us. It is up to you to decide if you want more of the same or something better.

I would encourage you to set at least 3 goals for 2014. Come up with at least one in each of the following areas:

-Physical achievement: this could be a weight loss goal, a strength or speed goal or something else.

-Relational: is there a relationship you want to deepen? Maybe a relationship you need to end? Or possibly a relationship you want to start.

-Spiritually: this can mean something difference for everyone, but tapping into the higher powers and our “soul” can help ground you and put life into perspective more.

Fit Moms For Life and the Transformation Center are offering more programs and solutions then ever before beginning in 2014. Our Killer Kurves program starts locally January 6th. Click here if you are looking to lose 40 or more pounds of weight. Limited spots are available for Killer Kurves so click here to sign up today. We have FM4L Six Week Challenges starting all over North America through our DVD, book, and journal based community programs. Click here if you want to join or learn more.

Feel free to email me dustinmaherfitness@gmail.com, and share your story with me. I have heard it all and will cast no judgement on anything. I will commit to answering you personally and providing a solution that I think is best.

My friends over at Prograde Nutrition are offering their biggest discount I can ever remember at 40% for any capsule based products including krill oil and multi vitamins. Click here to grab them up and enter “caps40” in the shopping cart.

Cheers to making 2014 your best year yet.



Choosing a Fitness Program | One Of The Biggest Tips I Can Give You!

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One of my small group clients made a comment to me that got me thinking. She saw another one of my clients (extremely hardcore and dedicated), getting pumped up for his next workout. She asked me, “When does this ever stop? Don’t you get to a place where you are happy with your results and then just stop?” Unfortunately, some think that this whole eating healthy and exercising is a kick someone can go on for a bit, and then go back to their old poor choices and expect to keep the benefits that they saw. If you are on an eating plan or workout plan that you couldn’t sustain (or slightly modify), for the rest of your life, I would stop doing it ASAP. You are setting yourself up for failure.

Burnout and when people aren’t consistent are two big problems. You must learn to enjoy how eating healthy makes you feel, and how the act of exercising pumps you up! If you ask those close to me, they will tell you I get SO excited for a big crisp salad, with a can of tune and vinaigrette dressing!  Please check out my latest blog post in which I talk about this subject of consistency, and getting back on track when you fail.

FitMomTransformationCenterOct13-45 I would like to give you my top 5 things you should look for when choosing a fitness program.

1. It should be fun! I have found that if a person hates what they are doing, they will eventually quit. There might be times in the workout that aren’t pleasent, but as a whole, you must get excited and look forward to the workout. You might enjoy the actually exercises, the muscle burn, the cardio, the stretching, the socializing, the comaraderie, the muscle soreness the next day, or some other aspect, but whatever it is, you must enjoy some parts of it.

2. The instructor must be well likable and someone you can trust is knowledgable and you get along with. Similar to the first one, if you can’t stand the person who is telling you what to do, you will most likely hate it and quit. The instructor must be good at finding those buttons in you, to push you past your comfort level and do things you never thought were possible. They should be a role model for you and someone who inspires you to be your best!

3. The program must have variety and progressions. Variety is important for two reasons. First, it keeps you guessing and prevents you from getting bored with the workout. Second, it keeps your body guessing and limits the likelihood of plateaus. Progressions are so key, and one reason why places like curves will begin to struggle to keep their customers satisfied. The body needs progression, as the body gets more fit, it also begins to get more efficient at what it does and burns less calories. In order to keep moving toward your goals, larger and larger stressors need to be put on the body to continue the process towards change.

4. A combination of cardio, core, strength training, and stretching should be part of an effective program. If fat loss and muscle toning is your goal (which is seems it is for FitMomTransformationCenterOct13-4895% of the people I work with) all of these components are necessary to have to reach your fitness potential.

5. Must fit your budget: It is best to find a fitness program that fits your budget and one that is convenient for your schedule. If a program takes a long time to get to, or costs too much for you to continually be part of, you need to find a better program!

I hope these 5 tips help you in choosing the right fitness program for you! Of course if you are in the Madison area, I would love to get a chance to work with you! I hope you will find that all of my programs meet these 5 points. I believe they do, and is the reason why I get to work with about 150 clients each week to help them reach their fitness goals and feel strong and healthy.

My programs include Fit Moms, Fit Fun Bootcamps, and Killer Kurves.



Why Women Should Weight Train

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1_BulkI receive quite a few emails from my subscribers asking fitness and nutrition questions.  One common question is related to women being afraid to resistance train because they believe they are going to bulk up! I think this stems from the periodic viral emails that go around showing women who look like men.  These bulky woman have been taking steroids!!

One specific question I received was, “I have been hearing two different stories for years that I’m hoping you can shed light on. I’ve had some people tell me that if I don’t lose weight before exercising I will just turn the fat into muscle and be bulky.  I’ve also heard the opposite in which you need to work out to lose weight and thin down.”

Their are plenty of women I work with who are extremely strong, lean, and sexy, and all wear a size 4 or smaller. I have a couple of women who were small to start with, but had extremely low strength and muscle mass. Once they started to weight train, their body fat dropped 6-8 % and they became very toned and lean. Then I started hearing them complain that they couldn’t even fit into size 0, and were having to shop in the kids section. Both of these woman are moms with two kids, and are both under 100 lbs. My point isn’t suggesting that women should weigh under 100 lbs or be a size 2?  What I am saying is women who lift weights will NOT get bulky, but rather get toned and lean no matter your size.

My philosophy is lift heavy and hard… Women have 30 times less testosterone then men, and can’t really develop much muscle even if they are lifting hard. If a woman isn’t weight training, but just dieting and doing cardio, she is actually breaking down the little muscle tissue she possesses in the first place. Muscle burns fat, period. If you are constantly losing muscle, you are going to be on an upward battle to stay lean and tight because your metabolism will slow down and you will be forced to eat less and do more cardio to burn those calories. When weight training is combined with short bursts of cardiovascular exercise and proper nutrition, not only will a woman lose weight, but also get long and lean. I see women come to me who are cardio junkies, they are in the healthy weight range, but complain everything is loose and sagging. Most of these women have high body fat %’s and low muscle mass.

Just eating better without exercise can cause good weight loss, but for most who try it with diet alone, they gain the weight back. Weight training will give you a much higher success rate.

If you are in the Madison, WI area check out any one of our 5 Fit Moms Transformation locations and come for a “FREE WEEK” by just mentioning you found this deal off this webpage. Also sign up for our free fitness newsletter by visiting www.madisonbootcamps.com.



Living Life To Its Fullest

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Awhile back, a long time mom and daughter team of Fit Fun Bootcampers had lost their younger sister/daughter from a fight with cancer. She was only 20 years old and we continue to send prayers and thoughts to their family and friends.  We all have stories on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis that remind us that life here on earth is precious and short. It reminds us that we should spend each day laughing more, loving more, and living life to the fullest.

There have been times in my life where I have been guilty of coasting through, taking the lazy path, not growing as a person, and not fully living. I guess that is why I and my amazing trainers love what we do so much. Sure we are here to create and deliver fun, safe, and challenging workouts to our community, but in many cases the byproduct of working hard and eating foods that honor the body is a totally new way of living.  These are just a few of the comments we hear on a regular basis.

“I feel so alive.”FitMomTransformationCenterOct13-20

“I have so much energy.”

“I actually enjoy looking into the mirror.”

“I have more confidence now.”

These types of comments get us more excited than hearing someone say they lost 30 lbs. People usually join our programs to lose weight, but achieve all those other benefits that trounce any weight loss.

If you currently don’t feel like you are living each day to its fullest…

If you feel like the days turn into weeks, weeks turn into months, months turn into years and your life is just blurring by without significant experiences and transformation…

If you have things you want to accomplish but they just seem to impossible…

We would love to be a resource for you. We don’t have all the answers or solutions and we don’t know exactly where you are at today, but we do know when you decide to make a change and put energy, desire, money, and passion behind it, special things can take place.

If you currently have an exercise program, eating plan, and supportive community that is working for you, continue participate fully in what you are doing.  However, if you don’t know where to turn, if you don’t have a plan, if you don’t have cheerleaders and friends in your life that will challenge you to live your life to its fullest, listen up.  We have shared stories from men and women who have joined our Killer Kurves (K2) program. For many in the program they were 50-150 lbs overweight and were putting everyone else’s needs in front of their own.

->-> Click here to learn more about Killer Kurves<-<-

These individuals were making sure everyone else around them was living their fullest lives, while their own slipped away. But that is all changing for them. They are learning practical tools and strategies to combat decades of poor habits and self-talk. They are being surrounded by others in the same boat who understand where they are at. They are being taught by certified trainers who once themselves were obese and understand their daily struggles.

I would like to invite you to explore more about our K2 program. If you’d like to do the Virtual Program sign up asap so we can send you out all of the DVDs and materials before we begin our next 12 week program.  If you want your life to be more of the same, continue to do what you are doing, but if you want a richer, more happy and fulfilled life, I would challenge you to take this leap of faith and join many others on this exciting journey.  We are wildly passionate about your success!

If you don’t qualify for K2 because you don’t have enough weight to lose, Fit Fun Bootcamps in Madison, or our Fit Moms For Life monthly DVD and support group are awesome options for you.

It is OK To Be Scared…

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DustinI can’t tell you how many times I hear, “Dustin, I really want to get in shape and feel better,  I’d like to join one of your programs but I am scared I will (fill in the blank).”  The most common answer is, I am scared I will fail or I will give up. Doing something different or uncomfortable is scary, stressful, and nerve-racking, but the alternative to that comfortable, boring, stagnant, isn’t pleasant either.

An example from my own life. I am scared…

If you have been reading my newsletters for the past few months you are aware that I have launched a brand new facility called the Fit Moms Transformation Center.  At the same time my team launched the FM4L 6 Week Challenge in 65 communities around North America.  I’ve been coordinating all this while still teaching 20 plus classes each week.  In one week alone I hired 8 new people.

I am scared…

-I am scared I can’t keep up the 16 plus hour work days that I am putting in.

-I am scared that I won’t be able to generate enough new clients to pay the very high rent at the beautiful space (for the past 7 years no fitness place has been able to pay their rent).

-I am scared that I have people joining my team/mission who are leaving cushy 6 figure careers to pursue a dream of longing to help as many moms be as healthy, connected, and happy as possible.

I am scared of failure…

Can you relate to this in any area of your life?  So what can you do, and what am I doing to get through this challenging time in my life? I first ask myself the question, “What is the worst thing that could happen?”  If you are scared to start a new eating and exercise program, the worst that might happen is that you fail again, your friends think you are crazy, your kids complain about the healthy food, or you waste a few dollars.  To me all these things aren’t too serious compared to the potential and highly probability towards the upside.

Second question I ask myself is “WHY” do I want to do this?

You need to have a HUGE why.  People who are close to me were shocked when I decided to open up such a large Transformation Center.  They knew this wasn’t my first desire, but I felt I owed it to all my long-time clients.  I wanted  to give them the space they deserved, and they had been requesting it for some time now.  I also felt I owed it to my community (Madison), which has been so good to me.  I wanted to offer a safe place for the family to come in such a way that I didn’t see being offered other places.Fit MOms

For the FM4L 6 Week Challenge and everything that entails my “why” is even more massive…  I know based off of research, personal conversations, and experience that we are “starving” for meaningful relationships in our lives.  Being unhealthy, overweight, low-energy sucks, but if you have great relationships it doesn’t suck nearly as bad.  Fit Moms For Life is all about creating nutrition and exercise programs that connect women to one another and help facilitate those relationships.

One other big question I ask myself is who can I talk to, work with, hire, or get mentored by who has done what I am looking to do?

This one is so huge…

I would rather take someone’s painful and expensive lessons and learn from them instead of having to go through them myself.  Each year I invest upwards of 50K in seeking mentors, coaches, seminars, books, etc.  I would rather live in my small one bedroom apartment at 30 years old and be able to invest in coaches rather than live in a 6,000 square foot home and not be able to continue to grow as a person through personal development.  My coaches and mentors have been where I have been earlier in their lives. They provide me the tools and confidence though advice and a systematic plan so I too can get to where I want to go.

Same thing goes with fitness.  Investing in a program that you know has a great track record and gives you an “UNFAIR ADVANTAGE” compared to anyone trying to do it on their own. This could mean joining a gym, investing in some DVDS, hiring a personal trainer, a nutritionists, or a wellness coach just to name a few. Seeking the advice of someone who lives it day to day, and has studied it will help you progress in making changes you want to make.

As I wrap this up, I want to remind you that feeling scared is OK.  We all experience it.  Asking yourself the questions above and then surrounding yourself with others who have been successful in the area that you want to improve upon will help you gain the confidence needed to be successful.  For me, I am confident that with a couple more months of super long hours at the Transformation Center membership will pick up.  I’m confident it will become a household name in Madison, and the go to place for moms and families looking to transform their lives to healthier, happier, and more connected.  I will continue to hire a team that believes in the same things and are all there to support that mission.Women

The Fit Moms For Life movement, which I believe is in the stage of being a spark, will be taking off life wild fire over the next 18 months as moms find out how much fun and incredible life can be when healthy, fit, and connected, and how much better of a mom they will be to their kids if they themselves feel successful, full of energy, and empowered.

If you want to start that journey with me (as opposed to other great programs out there) I have a couple programs starting up in Madison and also a national program.  I have a 28 Day Skinny Jeans Challenge starting Monday at my 5 fitness locations.  Three spots remain.  Click here to learn more about this, close to $3/day.

I am also launching FM4L Six Week Challenge groups on Tues/Thurs nights in Madison as well as anywhere around the world.  You can sign up by clicking here.  If you are in the Madison area, let me know if you want to come to the Tuesday or Thursday 7 PM session.  Here is a pic of all those that signed up a couple days ago at our 6 Week Challenge open.


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I really like the story you are about to read about Fit Fun Bootcamper Kaitlin because it goes to show that despite growing up in a family of poor eating habits, it doesn’t have to be a death sentence.  Change is possible and results will be achieved.  Losing the weight has not only transformed her body, but has given her extra drive and confidence to build her growing massage business.

Here is her story…

“I’m 22 years old. I grew up in a less than healthy family; McDonald’s and other fast food choices were a regular meal. This unfortunately, continued on as a habit into adulthood. I developed a regular diet of processed food and Drive-Thru, in addition was not exercising at all, and as you can imagine this did not equate for a pants size that I was pleased with. I tried “dieting” a few times, but my idea of dieting at the time

Kaitlin Before

was getting grilled chicken instead of crispy chicken in the Drive-Thru.

My idea of exercise was doing 10 minutes on the elliptical and 20 sit ups twice a week. So obviously I wasn’t seeing many results. Well they always say opportunity knocks, in my case, it rang; my best friend called me at about 11 pm on a Monday night telling me about this boot camp class she found on Groupon, and she wanted me to do it with her. I said “whatever” and agreed, although I was not as excited as she was. I signed up for it, and then after the fact I realized I would be waking up at 5 am, so my initial reaction was “you better be lucky I love you!”. On the first day, I enjoyed a tough workout, definitely more intense than I was expecting but a lot of fun at the same time. The rest of that entire week I was so sore I couldn’t even sit down on the toilet my legs burned so bad. By the second week, the classes were still challenging enough to keep me motivated, and the instructors would give us modifications if we needed them. I started noticing changes in how my clothes fit. And I was suddenly able to pump out 10 push-ups no problem, when before I would struggle with 2. My favorite thing about the classes is after you force yourself to get out of bed at an ungodly hour, THAT’S IT the hard part is over. Once you get there, the trainers keep you moving, motivated and telling you what to do so it’s not like being at home trying to mentally convince yourself to do one more sit up, everyone pushes you and motivates you.

After about 6 weeks I had lost about 5 pounds and one pants size. I decided to take it up a notch and start taking some of the trainer’s advice about eating. So I slowly started changing my diet, first by choosing healthy snacks for while I’m on the go, and committing to one healthy home-cooked meal a day. These things became habit and now a typical 3 Days of meals for me may look like this. Read More

30 Days (Plus) of Awesomeness

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Posted by Roger, a contributor to this blog.

Me Post 30 Days of Awesomeness

Well, I’ve just completed Dustin’s “30 Days of Awesomeness” challenge and thought I would post my final journal entry here instead of just writing on the closed Facebook page.

I decided to participate in the challenge for a couple of reasons. One was to see what would happen if I started keeping a food journal again, as well as trying some of the recipes provided for those accepting the challenge. The second reason was to see what would happen if I tried to maybe step out of my comfort zone. Definitely not one of my strong points. Read More

Happy Holidays

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Happy Holidays Animated GreetingPosted by Roger,  a contributor to this blog.

It is that time of year again. For many of us this can be a difficult time as there are so many temptations. There is the temptation to skip workouts because we are just so busy and tired. There is the temptation to overeat because, dang it, everything looks and smells so good. What’s a guy to do? Read More