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How Trish Lost 68 lbs Through Fit Fun Bootcamps

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Trish before starting Fit Fun Bootcamp

Sometimes I work with people who are literally in life or death situations; they are ticking time bombs waiting to go off.  1 year ago, I met Trish, a morbidly obese woman with a willingness and excitement about learning and working hard.  She has absorbed everything I have taught her by participating in my grocery tours, bootcamps, and everything else I have offered.  It has been pure joy to watch Trish transform as a person.

Learn more about Trish’s story and her sister in this post I did awhile back.

Trish is an amazing woman who came to bootcamp with a major motivator— her sister was extremely sick with late stage breast cancer.  Trish began researching the role diet plays in disease, particularly in cancer.  Many days Trish does “doublers” (two bootcamps back to back with no rest) and always keeps the group laughing with her outgoing personality.

Trish has lost 68 lbs. and 8 inches off her waist.  More importantly than the numbers is how incredibly fit she is now.  She came to bootcamp barely doing pushups on her knees and now she can even do 1-arm pushups.  What a difference a year can make!

Many people think my programs are just for fit people or for those who are trying to lose the last 10 lbs.  In reality, my programs are for anyone ready to make change happen, to break out of their rut, or to blaze new trails that they didn’t even know existed.

Thanks Trish for being a great role model for your kids and everyone reading this article.

If you live in the Madison area I would love to see you at one of my Fit Fun Bootcamps.  Come try it out for a week and see if you don’t deliver huge value to you.  If you aren’t in the area, I have bottled up my training and workouts and put them in DVD format through my Got Core DVDs, and Fit Moms For Life DVDs. They have helped over 2000 people in the past 10 months.

Madison Weight Loss Fitness Program

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This past weekend Fit Fun Bootcamps kicked off the indoor season in a big way with 97 adults and 25 kids participating in the workout.  It was great to see so many people and families coming together to invest in themselves, get a great workout in, and have lots of FUN in the process!

I wanted to thank 8 of my trainers for being there to help out with it!  Thank you: Ryan, Marsue, Deb, Abby, Kelli, Allie, Shane, and Matt!

Hopefully Youtube won’t take the audio off this video.  I chose Michael Jackson’s Man in The Mirror song.  The song doesn’t have the greatest beat for a workout video, but it shares a very powerful message…  We can’t change anyone else without changing ourselves first.  The 97 bootcampers who came, were creating that change from within!

With 7 locations and a couple more possibly on its way, I would like to invite you to come check out what all the buzz Read More