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My Journey-In the Beginning

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Roger and his younger brother, Leon

My name is Roger and I am a contributor to dustinmaherfitness.com.

I joined Dustin’s boot camp in June of 2010. However, the reason I finally took a chance and joined happened a very long time ago.  In fact, the year 1972 long time ago.

In the fall of 1972 I was 11 years old and had just started junior high school. I was a pretty tiny guy for my age. Very little, although I must say, unbelievably cute. Not as small as in the picture but one can get an idea as my younger brother was already almost taller that I was (he soon passed me). In any event, being the second youngest of 9 children I wanted to follow in the footsteps of my older brothers and sisters and decided to go out for the cross country team. Read More