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How Abby Got Her Body Back Part 1

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abby5Due to the overwhelming response from my last post about the transformation Abby has made, I have asked her to write a response answering your questions.  You had so many questions and Abby has so many answers that I have decided to make this a 3 part series.  So today is part one.  This article may not answer all your questions yet, but Abby felt this was the biggest reason for her change and felt compelled to write about this first.  Next article will be on her eating plan.

Here is Abby’s article!

Wow! I never would have thought there would be such a great response over an article written about me! (Granted, I never really imagined I’d be the center of attention for an article!) Thank you all so much for your wonderful comments and support. They motivate me to keep working hard & to get ready for the next show…at some point!

I’m not really sure where to start with my responses to all the questions. I guess I should first start by saying: I could not have done this alone! Of course, Dustin was a big help with the workouts, encouragement, and moral support (minus the fact he ate ice cream in front of me numerous times). I guess no one is perfect! 😉 My family was very supportive, as well, even though they thought the process was slightly crazy! They didn’t quite understand what I was doing, but knew that it meant a lot to me and that they needed to be there for me. Even my poor brother (and roommate) dealt with the crabby moods without saying anything. He was so patient during it all. They definitely did not “get it” at first, but saw what the end product was and they were impressed! It goes to show how important it is to make goals and let those people around you know about your goals and what they mean to you. Family is the best kind of support. Read More