I Choose You!

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you1I really enjoy weight loss shows… This past one was with a 23 year old from Wisconsin who had only 1 arm and he went from 410 lbs to 193 lbs in a year.  As I watch shows like EBM and Biggest Loser, I am struck by the fact of how much hope the person receives when they find out they have been selected.  It is like they have a new lease on life, the opportunity to get their bodies and their lives back.

The funny (or not so funny) thing that these people believe is they need a trainer like Jillian, Bob, or Chris Powell, to help transform them.  In reality everything that those trainers teach them could be learned for free online, or found in my Fit Moms For Life book, or free in my 500 plus blog posts.

Maybe you are just hoping and wishing for a miracle. Wanting something or someone to fall from the heavens and give you the road map to follow.  It isn’t a road map you need my friend, as much as the confidence to believe in yourself that you are capable of succeeding, and that you are capable of greatness.

If you watch the episode of this kid, you will see him stare fear in the face on a number of occasions and continue on.

Sure I would love for you to attend one of my programs, or invest in my DVDs, but none of that really matters unless you believe in yourself and you are going to recognize that there will be times fear is very intense, but it is in those times that you must acknowledge it and push past.

That is what I believe the best trainers and instructors in the world do, they help you to believe in yourself when you don’t believe, they help you to stare that fear down in the face, and celebrate together when you push past it.

So I choose you!

I choose you because you are destined for greatness.

I choose you because you deserve to live out your wildest dreams.

I choose you because if you don’t do it who will?

I have seen too many people from all walks of life overcome incredible challenges and transform to let you be any exception to the rule.

Go out there and choose yourself!

A Challenge To Live Your Most Incredible Life

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BelieveFor those who know me better, you might have noticed a shift in what I have been talking about over the past 6-12 months. The first years as a trainer, blogger and speaker, my topics were more along the lines of “10 different ways to tone your butt,” or “5 foods that burn fat.”

Great content…

But over the past year I have shifted to less of that (although it is certainly valuable and I will continue to share), to more about challenging you to live your most incredible life, and to do things that you have wanted to do, but don’t because of fear.

This shift has occurred because I have a desire to grow, but has accelerated because of the people I now surround and associate with on a regular basis. When I travel all over North America, I am meeting with some of the greatest thought leaders in the world, who have goals and dreams that I can hardly comprehend and who have already done mind boggling things. The more time I spend with them, the more I find myself setting bigger goals, and building up my levels of confidence and abundance.

You might have noticed the following…

I use less “I” and more “We.”

I write and share about not only what I think you need, but also what I am going through as a human just like you.

The first part of my career was trying to build a name and a business for myself, to make a good living, and help people.

Since turning 30 this summer, my goal and mission is to learn what it means for me to become the leader I believe I am meant to be, and then teach others how to do the same. I have no plans on leaving the fitness and wellness industry, because I don’t know a better way to get someone to believe in themselves enough to become a leader, then by helping them lose fat, gain strength, run faster, or tone up. By changing a person’s earth suit (their body) it nearly always transfers over into their minds and hearts.

I just listened to an audio of a guy who studied the literature on “death bed conversations.”  As you can imagine “I wish I would have spent more time working at the office” never comes up as someone is dying.  The two greatest regrets according to this interview were; I wish I would have spent more time with the ones I loved and cared about the most, and I wish I would have contributed more to society instead of worrying about stupid insignificant things.  Let’s learn these lessons now and not when we are ready to die.

In conclusion, thank you for spending a few minutes of your day, many days of the week, reading my writings (with more typos and grammatical errors then I would like to see), listening to my words, and watching my videos.  I hope in some way I challenge you to become healthier, become fitter, achieve goals that you didn’t think were possible, and to look fear in the eyes and do it anyways, which is my definition of courage.

I believe the decade of my 30’s is to discover what it means to be a leader and build up the Fit Moms For Life movement on the principals of “WE” rather then “I.”

Human connections are what we are needing more today then ever before. Ned Halloway calls it the Vitamin C deficiency, in which the “C” stands for community.

That is why I urge you, to reach out, put yourself out there, be vulnerable, and surround yourself with people who are striving for health and wellness, who put a premium on relationships, and have an overall positive and abundant mindset.

The quality of your life will skyrocket.

I look forward to growing older and wiser with you.