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Be Thankful For The Body You DO Have

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So often we focus on the number on the scale or the size of clothes in our closet.  To a large extent, my reputation, career, and success is determined by the ability to make those numbers go down.  Sometimes we are so focused on the numbers that we forget to appreciate the bodies that we do have; a body that can do pretty much anything that we ask it to do.  Oprah said it best, “I am fat and disgusted with myself, but I am very thankful that I have a body that has held up throughout the years.  A body that allows me to go places and do things that I want to do.  A heart that keeps on pumping, a body that isn’t constantly in pain.” (That wasn’t quite verbatim, but very close to it).

I was once again reminded of this truth yesterday as I met with a new client who has drastically seen her quality of life decrease in the past year.  Due to years of poor posture and maybe some other circumstances, she has a herniated disc.  I haven’t had one before, so I can’t totally relate, but I have heard it is one of the worst experiences.  Much of the past 8 months has been spent laying on her back on the ground.  Consequently, her small frail body has turned to “Mush.”  (those were her words).  Until recently, picking up a book was too much for her.  The thing that impressed me most about her, was that she never once complained to me, she wasn’t bitter, or mad.  She had a matter-of-fact tone to her and came to me to see what I could do.

I have said it before, but I spent my senior year internship working with physically and mentally disabled people.  If you haven’t been around this group before, I highly encourage you to volunteer somewhere that allows you to interract with them.  They will teach you so much about life, challenges, and your body.  You will leave with a greater appreciation for what you do have, instead of looking at what you don’t have.

I look forward to continuing to give your fitness and nutrition information to make those #’s on the scale decrease and the size of the clothes to go down, but lets keep everything in perspective!

In a couple weeks I will be sharing with you an incredible before and after of a client of mine (a mom) who has battled so many physical challenges that it even amazes me!