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My Ah-ha Moment

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This post is by Melissa K.

So I’ve been dealing with back pain for quite some time now.  I’ve tried many different things to find relief, but nothing helped for long.  Every time I heard a story about a treatment that worked for someone else I would run out and try it.  I felt discouraged many times.  All these other people found their ah-ha moments, where was mine?

Well, there was one thing I kept hesitating to try.  Acupuncture.  There are a few reasons why I didn’t try it:  It’s a treatment typically not covered by insurance, my husband puts acupuncturist in the same category as snake oil salesmen, and if all the doctors I’ve seen can’t figure it out what good are some tiny needles going to do anyway?

Well, tonight I finally tried it.  Here’s how it went:

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I Don’t Care What I Eat

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This is Melissa Kirby, one of Dustin’s contributors.

That’s right!  When I’m in a lot of pain I don’t care what I eat.  When I’m in a lot of pain chocolate cake and I are on a first name basis.  When I’m in a lot of pain I don’t want to exercise or care what needs to get done that day.  All I want to do is take some pain killers and lay in bed all day with a heating pad.  That’s what I WANT to do; but it’s not what I actually do (most days).  No matter how much pain I’m in, life still goes on and I can chose to sit on the sidelines or go along for the ride.

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