Thank You!

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I am off to California in a few hours for a fitness conference and wanted to quick write to you and thank you!  In the past 7 months I have had nearly 100,000 visitors to my websites and 1000’s signing up for my newsletter from all over the world!  8 months ago, I had no idea how to make a website or start a blog, and 100,000 visitors later here I am!

Some fitness professionals thought I was crazy when I wanted to start a blog that would take me 7 hours a week to maintain, and give away $1000’s of dollars worth of fitness information for free that has cost at least $85,000 to obtain, but I have, and always will believe, that if I enrich the lives of others, and provide value to their lives, all my needs and wants will be made available.  I challenge you to live your live this way as well. Read More