I cried…

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The past two days have been special for me. I have been meeting with potential clients who have filled out the Fit and Fabulous over 55 application for our new program that we are launching in Madison. There isn’t a program even close to this in the Madison area. I spend 30 minutes chatting with each person and I ask a lot of questions and just listen. Each individual story inspires me, challenges me as a human, and makes me a better person.

Everyone has a story and when we block out all the noise in this crazy world and just listen, it can be amazing. Let me just briefly share with you a few of the people I have met (and will get to work with further since 100% have joined our program now).

There was an amazing woman in her mid 60’s who has been a giver and caretaker most of her life. She works full time at a job that requires her to sit the entire day. She is looking to lose about 90 lbs. Walking more then 100 feet is extremely exhausting and almost unbearable. When she married her second husband a decade ago she gained 50 lbs because of the unhealthy lifestyle he lived. She knows too well the challenges of the environment. For her, some simple exercises and eating changes will radically transform her life and the life of her family.

A spunky husband and wife came in who were in their upper 50’s. The wife was the one to come to see me, and the husband came because he didn’t want the wife accusing him of sabotaging her efforts (I found this funny). She was of a healthy weight, but lacked strength. She ate very well, but didn’t want the aging process to take over quicker then it should. She is also prone to bone density issues. He was moderately active and wanted to keep up his golf game, downhill skiing, and continue to enjoy his retirement. He didn’t eat nearly as healthy as his wife, which I could tell frustrated her. I asked him at the end if he would like to join his wife in this program and he said yes, to the shock of his wife. Moral of the story after 35 years you can still learn something about your spouse, and these two together are going to be a force to be reckoned with.

Next was a woman who was soon to turn 60. At one point she was over 300 lbs but has lost over 40 lbs. Her second husband is a quadriplegic who she married about a decade ago. Her story of nurture and selflessness made my eyes water. She has overcome other awful things in her life and is at the point where she is ready to face her past demons head on. She is determined to be strong so that she can continue to serve and take care of her husband and prove to herself that she is capable of anything.

I met another woman who was in her mid 50’s. She had been part of our bootcamps in the past, but wanted something different. Something that was more geared towards her age. She successfully ran a half marathon recently and is in pretty good cardio shape, but her knees are beginning to hurt from all the pounding. She is concerned about her lack of strength, but yet wants to feel and discover the athlete inside of her. She also cares for her adult daughter who has developmental challenges and lives with her and her husband full time. She needs to be physically strong to take care of her.

I took a break from the 55 plus group and met with an inspirational woman in her mid 20’s. She and her boyfriend were both injured a couple years ago doing CrossFit (this is no knock on CF); for the past two years she has battled a bulging disc and gained over 40 lbs. She was a D1 collegiate athlete who is now eager to get back to her former self. She has a good idea what she should be eating, but hasn’t had enough accountability to make it a consistent habit. She will be joining our next Killer Kurve’s session and is probably getting her boyfriend to join as well. Her smile and spirit was incredible.

Another special encounter happened with a single woman in her mid sixties. Her personality and energy were that of a 20 year old. For over 40 years she was a professional dancer and performer. All of that dancing caught up to her joints and she has had a knee replaced, and is in bad need of the other knee and hip being replaced. She uses a cane lightly to walk, and needs to lose 25 lbs before the doctors will replace her other side; and she would like to lose over 75 all together. She watches every Dancing With The Stars Episode saying to herself, “I can do every one of those moves”… until she realizes she is captive to her body right now. I took her to our training room and gave her a couple exercises using the TRX that allowed her to squat and bend her legs deeper then they have been bent in years. I gave her a simple band and put it around her ankles and she did some exercises to strengthen her glutes. She has three beautiful nieces and nephews and they want nothing more then for her to play on the ground with her. Unfortunately, this is nearly impossible right now. I can’t wait to see the progress she makes – it is going to be insane! No more cane, and much easier time getting up from the ground.

So why do I share these stories with you?

Besides the fact that I am super proud of each of these people finding the courage to admit that they need help, and saying YES to investing in themselves, I hope that it does much more for you.

I want to encourage you to take the time and sit down with someone and just ask them questions. Ask them about their life, ask them about love, about their passions, about what makes them tick. We live in such a shallow and busy society that we have lost the art of just listening and supporting.

Second, I believe that we each have a story. We each have a story that is so unique that no one in the entire world has our story. By sharing our story we inspire and teach others. We show our vulnerability, our heart, and our passions.

I want to thank each of these people for sharing their story and blessing me, and I hope that by sharing parts of their story with you, that I have inspired you too.

Lastly, I hope that you can relate to at least one of these stories that I have shared with you. You see, we are all very different, but we all are humans and have the same basic needs and wants.

Tying this back into health, wellness, and fitness, we all desire to have a body that we are proud of, that we can look in the mirror and smile at. We want to have a body that is healthy and disease free so that we can do the activities that we love doing. We want a body and a mind that is sharp, so that our relationships with our spouse, kids, grandkids, friends, and coworkers are as strong as possible.

We all have our demons, our challenges, our mental roadblocks, our injuries, and we have a future. That future is so dependent on the actions we take today.

Thank you for allowing me to share my heart with you today and each day that I write. I am honored that you would take the time to read it.

I hope that this message has inspired you in some way. I am here if you want to share your story with me.



How much balance & flexibility do you have? Take this test!

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Do you struggle with balance or flexibility?

No matter what your age, you may struggle with this, but as a person ages, balance, flexibility, bone density, and strength are four things that naturally decrease, unless you do something to counteract this decline.

Today, I would like to cover the topics of balance and flexibility and show you a few simple tests you can do to see where your balance and flexibility ranges are.

In this short video I invite you to take your own balance and flexibility tests…

Stork: Poor (0-10 sec), Average (10-40 sec), Great (41 plus sec)

Single Leg Deadlift: Poor (0-5), Average (6-15), Great (16 plus)

Quad Stretch: Poor (Can’t grab foot), Average (Grab foot butt heel doesn’t touch butt), Great (Heel can touch butt)

Trunk Rotation: Poor (Noon-2:30), Average (2:30-4:00), Great (4:00 or greater)

Squat Test: Poor (Above parallel), Average (Parallel), Great (Below parallel)

Once you complete these 5 simple tests you will have a good idea of where you stand (or fall over). That was my attempt at a joke.=)

Stay tuned for next blog post I will provide you with some exercises and stretches you can do to improve these important balance and flexibility tests.

We recently launched Fit and Fabulous Over 55 in Madison. These specialized small groups will be 45 minute sessions and will focus on balance, flexibility, strength, and fat loss. We will provide you with an eating plan and nutritional coaching designed for post menopausal women that will give you more energy, more strength, and help you keep up with your grand kids (current or future)!

Spaces will be very limited so to get more information and be the first in line ->-> CLICK HERE <-<- to fill out a short application and our FM4L team member Anita will follow up personally with you. Click here to let us know you are interested in our new Fit and Fabulous Over 55 program!

If you don’t live near Madison and are looking for a joint friendly or 50 year old + workout, my Boomin Bodies DVDs are a great option! The DVDs contain two, short total body workouts that are extremely joint friendly.


Did you miss it? Webinar replay available now…

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Did you miss last week’s webinar, with my top tricks and tips for losing weight and staying in shape for life? It’s not too late. You can watch the recording below, or by clicking here.

You’ll learn the 4 most important things you can do to lose weight and build toned, lean muscle (without ever looking like the woman below, in the snapshot of the video!) regardless of your age and current fitness level.


This was a sold-out event, and we had some great discussion. Check it out here!  Even if you don’t watch the webinar, try to do one thing for yourself today. Put yourself first and do something to take care of yourself for a few minutes today. I know it’s hard, but if you don’t take care of yourself, who will? You take care of everyone else around you—you deserve to take care of yourself too.

Why Your Friends Are Jealous of You (And What You Can Do About It)

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Does it ever feel like every time you gain momentum and start to make progress in a program, some of your friends and family start to sabotage your efforts? You are not alone and this is one of the other huge reasons why it can be tough to stick with a program.

Here’s how it usually goes. You are doing great. You are in the right mindset now—you did the 10 year visioning exercise (that we’ll share in our webinar) and now you believe that change is possible and that you are worth the effort. You understand your BIG WHY and use that to keep you motivated every day.

You eliminated the 5 foods that are making you fat and started eating the foods that will keep your body in fat-burning mode. You changed up your exercise routine and, while you are actually spending less time exercising, you are stronger, have more energy and you feel better.

You’ve been at it for 6 weeks and inches are dropping and your clothes fit better. You are excited and want to tell people about your success.

But slowly, some of your friends who were excited for you in the beginning are starting to pull back. They may tell you that you look too skinny. Or they may give you a hard time if you want to drink water instead of alcohol or soda. Maybe you hear that you are no fun if you don’t want to go out drinking. Some may say, “We want the old you back—what happened to the fun Sarah?”

The solution is to have a serious talk. Share with them why you want to make these changes in your life and ask them to support you in that. If they are unwilling to support you, you may have to distance yourself or step back from that relationship.

Sign up for our free, live webinar, where we will discuss 3 more ways to overcome friends and family who sabotage your efforts.

Best Shape of Her Life at 61? See how she did it

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Have you ever met someone for the first time and you instantly felt more energetic and positive by being around that person?

That is what happened to me recently as I met an awesome woman named Mary. Mary works for a billion dollar organic food company that I am working with to help their wellness program get even better than it is already. She had been doing my program for the past 5 years and was instrumental in getting me into the company. After hearing a little bit of her story I asked Mary if she would be willing to get interviewed so I could share with you how she lost 30 lbs AFTER menopause, and AFTER stopping smoking.

->-> Click here to join the program that Mary is now doing to take it to the next level <-<-

Take it away Mary!

Share a little bit about yourself and your background with your health and fitness.1_Mary_BA

I am 61 ½ years old, single and have no kids so I don’t fit the typical Fit Moms for Life. At age 59 I ran my first 5K followed two months later running my second 5K and then a week later did my first Sprint Triathlon finishing in second place. The following year at 60 I did my second Sprint Triathlon and finished in 1st Place!

Where was your life before being introduced to my program? 

Most of my adult life I weighed in at between 130 and 135 pounds and smoked for thirty years. That is what helped me stay thin which is a very stupid way to go about it. Thirteen years ago I stopped smoking and started walking. Up until that point I was basically a couch potato. I moved back to Wisconsin from Seattle, joined a gym and used the treadmill and elliptical. Then menopause came along and really threw a wrench into things. The pounds came on pretty easily and pretty fast especially around my middle. I was able to disguise it some but the weight started showing in my face and neck which I couldn’t hide.

How did you hear about my program?

At one of my yearly physicals, I got on the scale and weighed 170 pounds. I knew I weighed this much but when you are standing there in front of a nurse it just hits home. I was so depressed. My Physician Assistant suggested I try Dustin Maher’s program Fit Moms For Life. She said you don’t have to be a mom to do it and said that she was even doing the program. I went home and immediately ordered the DVDs.

What were your initial thoughts? Where you skeptical?

I got the DVDs, bought a stability ball and hand weights, 5 lb and 7 lb. They felt pretty heavy in the store so thought I would start with them.

As you were in the program what were you enjoying? What were some of the challenges you had to overcome?

When I first started I was amazed at how heavy the weights were that the ladies were using on the DVDs. I was gasping for breath doing the burst cardio, I also have asthma, but Dustin suggested putting my hands behind my head which really helped. I think I could do five pushups and my abs burned doing the crunches. I stuck with it, doing it three times a week. Before long I had to go buy heavier weights, 8 and 10 lbs and then 15 and 20 lbs. The pounds started to drop, inches started to melt away and I was getting stronger and less out of breath. I felt so good after I had finished and even noticed my posture was improving due to some of the weight exercises. As soon as I got home from work I would do the exercises in order to get them done and not procrastinate. People started to notice my weight loss and it was so fun to go buy new clothes.

How is your life different now than it was before being introduced to my program. 

I am probably in the best shape in my life at 61. I am healthier, stronger and more fit than ever. I lost 30 pounds, went from a size 14 to size 10. BMI is in range, visceral fat (which is the internal fat around your organs) is low and my metabolic age is 52. I have so much energy people are constantly asking how I can have so much energy. I have energy because I exercise!

How has other areas in your life improved besides losing weight and toning up.

Being in better shape I want to do more and try more things. I love to snorkel and would love to learn how to scuba dive. On my 60th birthday I Bugee Boarded in Mexico and it was awesome! July of 2015 I am doing a biking tour in Ireland, biking 30 to 50 miles a day. What a way to see where my ancestors came from. I feel like I am unstoppable. Longevity runs on my mother’s side of the family and I tell people my goal is to live to 102 years old and be taking a Spin Bike class in my 90s. I want to feel good in old age, have balance and keep up with my young friends.

Today I take Spin Bike class three times a week, TRX class two times a week and added Dustin Maher DVDs to get more strength training in to help shed and tone my tummy more.

How has the reaction been with your friends and family. Do they treat you differently? Do they try to sabotage your results? How have you handled all of that.

My friends have been great and I hope I inspire them to be more healthy.

What is your eating like now and before you began our program? 

I have always ate pretty healthy. When I moved out to go to college in 1971 my mom told me she wanted me to cook and not eat junk food, well, really how much junk food was out there then compared to now. I have always cooked from scratch but after quitting smoking and going through menopause I developed a sweet tooth and wasn’t paying attention to portion sizes. I did Weight Watchers for a while which woke me up to how much a cup and half cup really are, not what your eye thinks they are. I portion out just about everything now, keeps me accountable.

I have recently made some changes to what I eat thanks to Dustin. Lowfat is CRAP….I have changed to whole fat foods like milk, dairy products, eggs and using coconut oil to cook with and have not noticed any weight gain. I am cutting as much sugar out of my diet as I can and surprisingly not missing it and paying close attention to eating only when I feel hungry. I am also very lucky to work for an organic company and have access to many organic products and live in an area where a lot of organic produce is grown. I try to eat organic dairy, organic meat and buy organic of ‘the dirty dozen’. I have also stopped drinking Crystal Lite and using Splenda to bake with. When I do bake something I cut way back on the sugar and add stevia. I have found some recipes come out just fine using stevia and no sugar.

To give you some idea of what I am normally eating I have a 3 day journal:


Breakfast 3 eggs scrambled with whole milk, necatarine and 1 ½ cups steam broccoli (who said we can’t eat veggies for breakfast, the cereal police?)

Lunch Chicken Salad made with Greek yogurt and sliced grapes, carrot and celery sticks and fresh Bing cherries

Dinner Tortilla Pizza – whole wheat tortilla with couple tablespoons of pizza sauce, cubed chicken, sliced green olives and ¼ cup of Mozzarella cheese


Breakfast 2 Barbara’s Shredded Wheat (no added sugar and only one ingredient) with whole milk and fresh blueberries. Stevia to sweeten.

Snack 12 almonds and a piece of fruit

Lunch Large Green Salad (I use a salad serving bowl) with mixed greens and baby kale, grape tomatoes, radishes, sliced apple, tablespoon of sunflower seeds, 3 oz salmon or chicken and a couple tablespoons of raspberry vinaigrette.

Dinner Smoothie with frozen strawberries, frozen banana, ½ c Greek yogurt, ½ c V8 Fusion lite Strawberry Banana juice and a scoop of whey powder.


Breakfast Out to eat with friends. 2 large pancakes with syrup and glass of milk…My treat meal

Lunch Smoothie with frozen strawberries, frozen banana, ½ c Greek yogurt, ½ c V8 Fusion lite Strawberry Banana juice and a scoop of whey powder.

Snack String cheese and piece of fruit

Dinner Grilled marinated chicken breast, baked sweet potato and broccoli. I don’t put anything on the sweet potato, great by itself.

Most days I don’t need a snack because I am not hungry in between meals.

Lastly your best friend comes up to you and is considering joining the program you were just on. What would you say to them?

Don’t hesitate, do it…..It works, just stick with it. Before you know it you won’t be sore and you will start seeing results!

Thanks Mary for all that incredible advice. I know your story has inspired those at any age that it isn’t too late to start.

Click here to check out the program Mary has been doing, we have a super special offer going right now that will help you lose weight and feel better at any age!


5 foods you should never eat/that leave you fat and with no energy

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1 junkIf you’ve ever tried to lose weight, you’ve probably tried a dozen diets that have not worked. Maybe you lost weight, only to gain it back again. Or maybe the diet just wasn’t practical for your family. Perhaps it left you feeling worse than when you started. The thing about diets is that almost all of them are too extreme and too restrictive. They just aren’t sustainable.

Not only are many of them ineffective, they are potentially harmful. They may require you to spend a lot of money on questionable supplements or highly processed foods. Some may damage your metabolism, making it even more difficult to lose weight. Worst of all, the diet industry doesn’t want you to succeed! They want you to keep trying to lose weight, over and over again. Marketers are constantly trying to figure out ways to trick you into thinking that their diet or their pill is the one that will get results.

But they are misleading and deceiving you in order to get you to part with more of your hard-earned money. If you want to start to lose weight and feel better, there are 5 foods that you should never eat.

  1. Fake sugars—These chemicals are created in a lab, not a farm field, and offer no nutritional value. Worse, eating them increases sugar cravings and may contribute to cancer and other disease.
  2. White bread and other sources of “enriched flour”—White flours, where all of the grain’s natural bran and fiber has been stripped away, are very quickly converted to sugar in the body and have almost no nutritional value. They increase sugar and carb cravings and are quickly stored as fat if your cells cannot use that energy right away.
  3. Processed vegetable oils—While often considered healthy, most vegetable oils such as canola oil, soybean oil, corn oil, and margarine are highly processed and cause inflammation in the body. Recent research is implicating them as a major factor in heart disease and obesity.
  4. Fat-free foods—Again, while often labeled as healthy, most fat-free foods are highly processed and full of sugar. They lack the nutrients your body needs and will leave you with cravings and feeling hungry. Natural healthy fats will leave you feeling fuller and will help balance your hormones.
  5. High-fructose corn syrup and other processed sugars—These highly processed sweeteners will increase your blood sugar more rapidly and significantly than almost anything else. They will leave you with cravings for more sugar and will be stored as fat around your belly, while giving you very little nutritional value.

Want to know what to eat instead? Join us for a free webinar on July 24, where we will talk about 8 foods that you should be eating more of, and that will help you burn fat and build lean muscle.

->-> Sign up here <-<-

Hope to see you on the 24th—register now because space is limited to the first 100.

A week from today, the Fit Moms For Life team will be making its biggest announcement in years. We believe this is a game-changer for any person or family looking to making living healthy practical, affordable, and time efficient. Stay tuned!

The Dirty 4 Letter F-word

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I hope you are enjoying this unseasonably cool weather we are having this week!

The past handful of days I have listened to about 14 hours of podcasts and read several books, and I have discovered that in all the content I’m listening to and reading about, there is an underlining theme of the importance of overcoming our fears.

I am going to keep this short today, but I would like to challenge you to take a few minutes and explore an area of your life where fear is holding you back from your true potential. Create a plan to make small changes and improvements in this area of your life. As you make these small changes you will create small “wins.” These small wins will create momentum, and the momentum will create confidence, and the confidence will create results and help eliminate that F-word, fear.

It has been awesome getting to know the new members in our Killer Kurves program this past week. There was one woman who came up to me after class today and shared with me that she cried all the way home after her first workout because she was completely overwhelmed at how far she had let herself go. Only a week later she is far more optimistic and committed to making difficult, necessary changes so she can get the results she desperately wants for her life.

With the level of commitment she has already demonstrated, I am very confident she will crush her goals!  For this woman, signing up for K2 was her first step towards conquering her fears and building a better life for herself. She even asked her family and friends to chip in a few dollars to help cover the cost so that she could afford the program. Way to step up with an action step and not make excuses!

What area of your life are you going to make a change in with that first action step? What fear are you ready to conquer?

Will you be around for your grandkids?!

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The past 6 weeks I have spoken to more corporations, teacher conventions, after school programs and other organizations, than any other time in my career. In many of these interactive sessions I ask this one simple question…

How will your life look and feel 10-20 years from now if you continue some of your unhealthy habits and likely add a couple more unhealthy habits to your life?”

The energy in the room usually goes down as each participant ponders the answer to this question. After everyone takes a moment to visualize what their lives would look and feel like, they discuss, describe and share their sobering outlooks

For some, they see their kids struggling with their weight and health because they as parents didn’t teach and equip them to make healthy eating and exercise part of their daily routine. These people are overcome with extreme guilt.

Others are afraid if they keep up with their current unhealthy habits, they won’t be around to see their grandkids grow up. Or, if they are alive, they are scared they will be stuck on the couch or in a wheel chair unable to play with their grandkids.

Some other people are worried that the active hobbies they LOVE doing right now, will no longer be possible if they add another 10-20 years of poor health habits into their lives.

Others who love to travel are sobered by the thought of not having enough energy, strength, or capabilities to travel the world in their later years. Getting older does NOT have to be scary, though.

Sure there are some things that life throws at us that are out of our control, but for the most part our bodies and health are capable of staying healthy and fit as we age.


Your choice to stay healthy as you age must start TODAY with your small daily choices. You can’t wait another year, or 5 or 10 for things to be “perfect” before you start your health transformation.

Your body can withstand a lot of abuse, but each day you don’t move, continue to eat toxic food, get too little sleep, and/or live a life of high of stress – your body is being abused and all this WILL take its toll. Heart disease, cancer, diabetes, strokes, Alzheimer’s, and many other types of sickness and disease don’t happen overnight. These health conditions build over decades.

I know it is SOOO hard to make the healthy choices in the moment, when it doesn’t seem like the little daily choices are a big deal, but eventually these choices WILL catch up to you. I want you to live into your 50s, and well beyond, full of energy and life with a body that is capable of taking you to all the places you want to see, and loving and building all the relationships in your life. Your future active, healthy, amazing life begins with the choices you make TODAY!

 If you’re ready to make a change, please feel free to reach out to me and share your story @ If you’ve tried to make changes and are facing challenges, please share your struggles with me – I want to help you live your best life.

Only read if you’re ready to live each day all out!

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I recently spent a week out in Colorado hiking a bunch of 14ers. A 14er is a mountain over 14,000 feet. There are between 54-58 of these mountains in Colorado. One of the items on my bucket list is to climb each one of these Colorado 14ers.

Click here to check out the rest of my bucket list and then go create a bucket list of your own!

Climbing mountains (aggressive hiking as I like to call it) is the single most enjoyable activity in my life.

1 Trip

  • I love feeling so small against the giant rocks.
  • I love being out in nature away from technology.
  • I love knowing that my hard work in the gym, in the kitchen, and on the stairs, pays off in such a powerful and tangible way.
  • I love the sweat and burn in my legs and lungs as I push on towards the top.
  • I love the exhilaration that I feel as I summit and look around at the incredible views.
  • I love looking down to the base of the mountain where I started. There is such a sense of accomplishment knowing I just climbed that whole mountain!
  • I love the descent – I usually try to run down, at a nearly uncontrollable speed – narrowly missing rolling ankles, landing on rocks, and tripping and falling. For me this is the ultimate adrenalin rush, an even bigger rush than sky diving!
  • I love the feeling at the bottom, legs hurting, blisters forming on my feet, and joints a little sore, as I submerge my feet into the glacier filled rivers and streams. I keep my legs in there until I can hardly feel them.
  • I love the warm shower after and then the relaxing feeling I get for the rest of the night.

Why did I just share this with you? This is my idea of living life to the max – pushing my body to the limits, discovering who I am, and gaining more confidence and perspective about who I am and what I am capable of accomplishing. Hiking might not be your thing, but I challenge you to discover that activity that gets you in the moment, that you feel giddy about, that gets your heart racing, and- just do it!

One of my biggest fears in life is being sentenced to living a life of just passively letting the days go by as I watch other people fully live out their lives and dreams. Climbing 14ers helps me conquer my bucket list and my fears and makes me feel fully alive!

I’d love to hear what you do that keeps you living fully alive. Ready to commit to doing more of what inspires you to live each day all out? Send me a message at and let me know how I can help.

Let’s start out this week living each day all out and fully alive!


5 Secrets to Help You Lose 50 Pounds or more (or those last 10 pounds!)

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I’m super excited because one of my favorite programs that we offer at the TC, Killer Kurves, is now taking applications for our next 12-week session which starts July 7th!

This is the best, most comprehensive program we’ve ever created for helping clients lose significant amounts of weight (50 lbs or more). Right now this program is only being offered locally in Madison, but we have a similar 6 Week Fit Moms For Life program that is being offered all around the world. The FM4L program has had incredible weight loss success as well and uses the same eating, exercise, and mindset principles as our Killer Kurves program.

->->Click here to start your 6 Week Challenge <-<-

As I prepared for this Killer Kurves (K2) launch, I spent quite a bit of time personally chatting with the dozens of clients who have lost 40 lbs or more through our programs. As I listened to their successful weight loss journeys, I noticed some definite patterns emerge that I would like to share with you.

Here’s what’s working best for those who have lost significant amounts of weight:

1. Food journaling. Nearly everyone I talked to uses a food journal to log in their daily food intake or comes back to journaling on a regular basis. Most use because of its ease of use and large database of food.

2. Drastically cutting back on sugar and processed carb intake. Some have a rule that they don’t eat after 7 pm which keeps them away from the dangerous foods, while others just make sure that food never enters the house.

3. Changing the way they spend their free time. We have a few husband wife teams that are part of the program and one of these teams has lost close to 80 lbs together. The coolest part of this type of transformation is the drastic change in activity levels that comes with the weight loss. This couples’ vehicle is now spotted around town with kayaks on top and bikes on the back. I bet if you told them last summer this is what their bodies and vehicle would look like, they would have laughed in disbelief! Now they are entering 5Ks and fun runs together and just live a totally different, more active lifestyle.

4. They are ready to change. This is a huge one. Just because someone signs up for K2 and invests in the program doesn’t mean they are ready or willing to do what it takes to be successful. Anyone can say they want to lose weight and get in shape, but if they aren’t in a place in their life where they know they need the change and are willing to do the work it’ll take to get there, chances are not great that they will follow through with the hard work it entails. Successful K2ers know they need to change their lifestyles and are willing to do the hard work it takes to get there.

In order to ensure we have people in our Killer Kurves program who are fully ready to commit, we have an application process for entrance into K2. Killer Kurves is such a time intensive program for our trainers and staff, we want to make sure we are making an impact on those people who are truly ready for a lifestyle change.

5. Those who lose massive amounts of weight don’t strive to be perfect. Instead, they are working hard at making more healthy choices than unhealthy, and when they do stumble and make poor choices, they come back to the group for support, help, and encouragement. In other words, they realize getting to a healthy weight is a journey that will not always be perfect or smooth, but that consistency will get them to their destination!

6. BONUS! The #1 thing my clients who have lost significant amounts of weight all attributed to their success… the awesome support of the Killer Kurves community. It is really hard to explain in words what this community is – it is only truly understood when experienced.

Think of K2 almost like a family – a family that is all striving to be healthier, happier, and more positive together. There are no discouraging words, no sabotaging when people start to see results, no bringing ice cream into bed, and no weird looks or comments when one of us signs up for a sprint tri or mud run. Just high fives, hugs, support and praise.

Another way to think of this Killer Kurves community is like a frat or sorority, minus the drinking and partying. Instead of a Friday night drinking fest, it might be a Friday night group bike ride, or a Saturday morning at the farmers market. Instead of a movie night with candy and unhealthy popcorn, we hold a movie night watching a documentary on a health related topic, with healthy snacks provided and a discussion to follow.

This community is why Killer Kurves has become the successful program it is today. Plus, our trainers have lost 50 or more lbs themselves to qualify to teach K2, so you know they have truly walked in your shoes and understand your journey.

->->Click here to watch a short inspiring video and apply today!

Our M/W/F session sold out even before we opened up any spots, but we still have openings in our T/Th/F spots – although a couple slots have already been taken by those on our waiting list. Sessions are designed to hold only 20 or so participants to ensure each person gets the individualized attention they need.

This program WILL sell out, don’t wait another minute to start your journey. You deserve to have all the energy, joy, and confidence you desire! Killer Kurves can help you achieve your desires!

->->Click here to start your journey and to learn more about K2 

In the K2 community we do a lot of social things together outside of class. At one of these events, I met a husband of a woman who has been part of our K2 program. She has lost close to 40 lbs this year. He pulled me aside and looked me straight in the eye as he got pretty emotional. He said he wanted to thank me for helping to create K2.  He explained that his wife has struggled with her weight her entire adult life and he has never seen her stick with a program as long as she has with K2. She has never seen such dramatic results, most of which have nothing to do with weight loss. He told me K2 has dramatically changed their relationship along with the entire family’s relationships with each other.

I just got goose bumps writing this, thinking back to that conversation. I almost started to cry as he shared with me. All I could do was thank him, and let him know I really had little to do with the program’s creation. Liz, his wife’s trainer and co-creator of the program, the fellow K2 family members, and most especially his wife herself, who has worked so incredibly hard – they are the real heroes and the people who need to be thanked.

If you are in the Madison area and are ready to start your journey, or be supported in the middle of our journey, click here now and get started. This specific program requires you to have a BMI of 30 or greater. If you don’t know what your BMI is we have a calculator on this website, click here to calculate your BMI.

I never really struggled with my weight, I just ignored it…for 20 years.

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Today I want to share with you a story of a woman named Jeanne. She was your typical middle aged woman – overweight, sedentary, hated exercise and she was losing a part of her past self. She began her journey of transformation with just one decision.

Here is Jeanne’s story…

“I never really struggled with my weight; I just ignored it . . . for 20 years.

I thought of myself as a healthy eater, making all the family meals from scratch – never from a box or a soup can. I enjoyed cooking and I was proud of my culinary skills. If I had any challenge with eating at all, it was that I loved good food too much and often didn’t know when to stop.

It was my lack of exercise, I knew, that was killing me, or likely would. As a communications professional and graphic designer, I have always held sedentary desk jobs. And while it wasn’t such a big deal early in my career, my steady weight gain and lack of energy had clearly escalated in my mid-40s, to the point where I was tipping the scale at just over 190 lbs.

I had a lot of excuses for not moving. I hated exercise. Hated sweating. With a full time job and a family to manage, I didn’t have time to go to a gym. I was just one of those people who was meant to be fat. Wide hips ran in my family. This is me – accept me for who I am!

At the same time, I longed to be thinner, healthier. And I was acutely aware that menopause was just around the corner. If I didn’t start doing something soon to build up some muscle, I’d lose what little I had left.

There wasn’t any one thing that finally motivated me to join FMFL. It was a perfect storm of things. A photo taken at a company holiday party. A favorite sweater that was relegated to the “some day” pile. My 12-year-old daughter’s eyes when I turned down her request to join her in a 5K. The fact that the “outer” me no longer bore any resemblance to the smart, sassy and fabulous “inner” me that I knew I was.

I had two good friends who had already been a part of the Killer Kurves program for a number of months when, around the first of the year, they posted a testimonial video on Facebook describing their successes. I took one look at that video and started to cry. I loved these gals, and I was so proud of what they had accomplished. They looked fantastic! Knowing they’d have my back, I didn’t give it a second thought. I just went directly to the Killer Kurves website and signed up. Just like that. And then I went home and told my family I was doing this . . . for me.

It was honestly the best knee-jerk decision I’ve ever made.

I hit the ground running, attending boot camp three times a week and adopting some healthy eating habits I had never considered before: reading labels; eating clean; eliminating enriched flour, corn oil, processed soy and added sugar; reducing alcohol; fasting after 7 p.m. I never felt that I was denying myself, I just made better choices and substantially reduced portion sizes.

I’ve had beautiful support from my family, friends and co-workers. On boot camp mornings, my husband gets up early in the morning with me when he could easily lie in bed at least another hour. And my daughter is helping me train for our first 5K together at the end of the summer.

The support I’ve received from the Killer Kurves community at FMFL is beyond awesome! We understand each other and have each other’s backs. If you don’t show up for class, you’re missed and we’ll let you know about it. It’s a very comfortable and welcoming atmosphere where we truly “come as we are.” And most mornings that means bed head and half-opened eye lids. By the end of class, we’re fueled up and ready to tackle the day.

And then there’s Liz, our trainer extraordinaire! She is always positive and caring and, having succeeded in her own weight loss journey, truly understands the challenges we face. Somehow she manages to keep boot camp fun and fresh, while pushing us in directions we didn’t know we could go. In the 24 weeks I’ve been a part of Killer Kurves, we have never done the same routine twice. Never. Who knew you could do so many moves with a Swiss ball?

After six months of attending boot camp three times a week and adopting some pretty simple eating rules, I’ve lost 23 lbs. — that’s nearly one pound a week! I’ve said goodbye to my old frumpy closet and hello to a more fabulous one. Even the outfits I was saving for “some day” had to find new homes. For the first time in a very long time, I’m looking forward to wearing summer clothes. My husband likes to show me off. And my daughter hugs me and tells me how proud she is of me.

I don’t have any specific goals for my weight loss. My intention is to be healthier, wherever that takes me. I will continue to maintain an active lifestyle and put clean healthy and tasty fuel into my body.

Most importantly, I will love me. Cuz I’m still smart, sassy and fabulous!”



Congratulations, Jeanne and thank you for sharing your transformation with us!

Killer Kurves (K2) is now accepting new applications for our next session which starts July 7th. The M/W/F session is already sold out, but we have spots still available on T/Th/F. ->->->Click here to learn more and start a new journey

I know you might be terrified, you likely have a million other responsibilities right now, finances might be tight, etc, but I can guarantee you that when you invest in YOU and put yourself and your health first for once, everything else in your life will improve, too!

Click here to learn more about the K2 program and watch a short powerful video that addresses the fears and skepticism many had before they took the leap and joined Killer Kurves.

->-> Yes Dustin, I am ready to learn, work hard, and build a strong supportive community. Click here to get transformed.

If you have questions, concerns, or would like to personally chat with someone who is in the Killer Kurves in the program right now, or someone who is a K2 graduate, e-mail me at 


This humbled me…

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I was recently in Colorado for five days climbing 14,000 plus foot mountains. In fact I did six of them in just over 24 hours! I will share with you a powerful insight I had… Like I mentioned earlier, I have been doing quite a bit of hiking the past few days, and am pretty proud of how fit I feel and what I have been able to accomplish. I have come a long way in just a few years in my fitness levels.

1 This humbled me

I was feeling super pumped as I started to descend my 6th peak, (and maybe a little too high on myself) and I noticed three guys in their fifties nearing the top. They all had skis and boots on their backs and were going to somehow ski down from the top of this very steep mountain shoot. I stopped to chat with them because I was just in awe of what they were doing. They shrugged it off and said they have been doing this for decades. Soon after, as I got lower down the mountain, I came across another two guys in their fifties, or maybe early sixties, and they were carrying helmets and ice axes. I knew that my hike up the mountain didn’t really require that equipment, so I stopped and asked what they were doing. They pointed far ahead into the distance and pointed at a narrow snow filled shoot that went nearly vertical for 2000 feet to the top of the mountain I had just climbed. They were going straight up that. Sure enough, there were about half a dozen small dots (climbers) that were ice picking their way up to the peak – straight up.

During these moments of awe, I came to the realization that while what I had done was great and I was (and still am) very proud, there are people out there who make what I did seem like child’s play. In other words, these people raised my standards of what is possible. Comparing just to compare can made you sad and depressed, but comparing and being surrounded by those who are fitter and make the extraordinary seem ordinary – that is powerful.

If you are the fittest, healthiest, most positive person in your peer group, you need to find a new peer group if you want to continue to grow and elevate. You don’t need to be at the bottom of the group’s level (although this is the fastest way to grow). Being part of a group in which some of your peers are above your level of expertise and some who are below (who you can mentor), that’s ideal .

unnamedAt Fit Moms For Life we strive to bring people of all levels and abilities together because we can all learn from each other and raise and improve each others levels of fitness, health and mindset – together. If you are ready to take your life and body to another level, I invite you to join a Fit Moms For Life 6 Week Challenge.

->-> Click here to get started <-<-

I’d suggest doing a quick inventory of your workout/support group. Are you at the top middle or bottom of the group? If you are at the top, go places where you can find those that are higher then you.