My Best Advice On How To Make A Transformation

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We have a new Killer Kurves session starting this week and I just shared with them my best advice on how to make the most of the next 12 weeks.

I wanted to share it with you too because I think the messages are applicable to whatever journey you are on. So here it is:

I have been thinking a lot about the 12 week journey you are about to embark on and I am so excited for you and what is going to happen, even though you probably have no idea.

In Steve Job’s famous interview he says (paraphrase), “It is impossible to connect the dots when at the present time, it is only when looking back can you see the path taken.”

K2 will be a dot that will send you in a path towards more of everything you want in life.

People join because they want to lose weight, but they stay because of the strength, confidence, and friendships they form.

That is why 85-90% of those who complete our first 12 week session continue on as an alumni.

My advice to you as a trainer for 15 years and 7 years into the Killer Kurves program is as follows…

-Believe and trust in the process. There is no challenge or barrier that someone else in our program hasn’t overcome before.

-You are not weird, messed up or more broken than anyone else. As humans we all have major challenges, short-comings, and flaws. We are all different but the same.

-Show up. Make attending your sessions as high of a priority as a doctors appointment. Make it a non-negotiable to the best of your ability.

-Open up. You might feel guilt or shame for things that have happened in your past. Again, we all have stuff in our lives. The more you can open up and share, the quicker the transformation.

-Keep an open mind. Don’t tell yourself you aren’t a runner, don’t like vegetables, or can’t do pushups. These thoughts place limiting beliefs that manifest themselves into truths. Stop them now and replace them with empowering, supportive thoughts.

-Embrace others. If you don’t have a supportive environment at home, work, or other places, that makes things hard. So it’s even more important to connect and build relationships within your K2 groups. They can help you overcome a lot of negative influences in your life.

-Enjoy the journey. It’s not a race. A race has a start and a finish. You are on a journey that will continue for the rest of your life. While short-term goals are great, don’t forget the long-term focus.

-Don’t underestimate the power of small changes…. Increasing your water, increasing your vegetables, reducing sugar, getting an extra 30 minutes of sleep. These play HUGE roles in the way you feel.

-Pursue progress, not perfection. The more “perfect” you try to be, the more stress it will cause and the more likely it is that you will give up all together. Make it a goal to be trending towards being fitter, stronger, and healthier each week. Again small changes throughout the day yield huge results long term. You will have bad days, weekends, and even maybe a bad week or two, but get right back on track and don’t feel guilty.

-Always keep improving. This especially goes for alumni. Even if you have reached your ideal/goal weight you shouldn’t just now coast. Set other goals—it might be a strength goal, an event goal, or an endurance goal.

-Have fun. You might like to exercise or maybe you have hated it your entire life. Either way exercise can be fun, and doing it with others makes it even better.

-Finally don’t take yourself too seriously… because nobody is watching and we ALL have these moments. Maybe you will trip over your own feet in warm up, or pass some gas during Russian twists, or roll off the ball during back extensions. Just laugh it off and continue on.

I could say a lot more but this is enough for now.

I am so proud of you for taking this step. In the 7 years of this program I have never heard one person say, “I regret joining K2.” They only regret not starting earlier.

If there is anything I can do to help, don’t hesitate to ask. You may not see me physically during all your workouts, but I keep in close contact with the trainers to make sure we are supporting you the best possible way.

If you find yourself ready to make a change, contact us ASAP.

Visit to learn more.

Weight loss saves a marriage!

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Today, I want to share with you a story of an incredible couple named William and Leanette.

WilliamLynetteThey were like many couples with kids- they lived crazy, hectic lives – trying to provide for their family and be the best parents they could be for their kiddos.

Like many American families, they ate mostly processed food and both of their weights escalated to extremely high levels. At 27 years old, William’s doctor told him that if things didn’t change, he might not live to see 30.

You were introduced to this couple in the Killer Kurves video, but I want them to share their story with you in more detail on this blog post.

->-> Weight loss saves a marriage! <-<-

Here is a short excerpt from their experience…

“Killer Kurves has helped us change our whole family’s eating habits. We have managed to follow the nutrition principles and exercised faithfully and together have lost over 75 lbs in about 12 weeks! More important than our weight loss, I think we have become closer as a couple as we are finally on the same team when it comes to eating. We have been able to discover what works for our bodies and each are able to support the other at parties and pot lucks. If you are considering K2 or are a significant other of someone who is considering, joining is the best form of support!”    -William and Leanette

Click here to read their story and find out what they ate to lose over 140 lbs (as of now).

If you are ready to start your journey, be sure to have signed up for your free weight loss seminar coming up.

->-> Click here to learn more about K2.<-<

Keep moving,
Dustin Maher

Video of the year (must watch)!

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I want to thank my client Mary, for sending me this video you are about to watch.  I think it is the most inspirational video I have seen this year. Maybe it is because of her age, or her struggles with depression, acid reflux, panic attacks, and anxiety, or maybe it is because of how she is making a difference in her community.

Carve 8 minutes out of your busy life to watch this.

At the very least, your soul will be warmed and you will smile.  This might be, though, the moment where you make a decision that will alter the future decades of your life for the better.

It might be the day you commit to starting or restarting your journey to having the healthiest and fittest body possible.  Not so that you can walk on stage in a bikini, but a body that can serve you for the rest of your life.

If you are fortunate enough to be in Madison, I have some upcoming free workouts and workshops.  This is the best place to start.

->-> Click here if you are over 50.<-<-

->-> Click here if you are under 50.<-<-

You can also fill out a short application and I will get back to you asap.

->-> Click here for application.<-<-

For those of you outside of the Madison area, I have created a 6 week life changing program that can get you on the path towards a lifestyle of health and wellness. ->-> Click here to learn more. <-<

You can do this, I hope her story inspired you today, you can be better, I can be better, we can be better.  Let’s do it.

Sore joints? This is for you… Hydrolyzed Collagen Back in Stock [big sale]

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I was in my office in the back of the Transformation Center, when a client came in excited.  She told me she saw my car out front and thought I might be around. “My 76 year old mom LOVES you and can’t stop talking about you!” she exclaimed. I was confused, I had never met her mom from Indiana before, and I can’t say I have had many 76 year olds confessing their love towards me.

“Why?” I asked. My client explained, “We gave her the Fit Moms Hydrolyzed Collagen 4 weeks ago, and her chronic knee pain is totally gone.  She could hardly walk up stairs and when she did it was very painful, but now she is pain free. She can’t stop talking about it and how happy she is.” I smiled and told her I am so happy to hear that.  Almost everyday I hear a story like this.  Joint pain is dramatically reduced, hair grows stronger, nails get thicker, hunger pains subside, weight loss occurs, and sometimes skin tone improves.

Since launching our own hydrolyzed collagen a little bit ago, over 1,000 clients have seen the benefits of it and made it part of their daily routine to add to their coffee, tea, yogurt, smoothie, soups, baked goods and much more.

CollogenI WANT TO HELP ANOTHER 250 FEEL BETTER TODAY! For a limited time, I am reducing the price from the retail price of $47.99 (82 servings per container) to just $42.99. ->-> Click here to order on Amazon. <-<-

Free shipping for prime members!

All I ask in return is that if you have had a “5 star” experience with it so far, that you leave a review on Amazon.  Not only will this help others who don’t know the benefits of collagen, it will also introduce them to the world of Fit Moms for Life and the transformational benefits of nutrition, exercise, mindset, and community. ->-> Click here to leave a review. <-<-

When you order the collagen, you will receive a link to download our delicious cookbook filled with over 30 recipes that are very healthy and tasty and incorporates the collagen. ->-> Click here to order on Amazon. <-<-

Be on the lookout for another blog post with one of my FAVORITE recipes using the collagen, so simple, yet healthy and yummy.

5 Foot, Mother of Two Goes from 210 lbs to 166 lbs and still losing (winning)

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Every story I hear from a client inspires me to push harder in my own workouts and in my own life.  I would like to introduce you to Mallory who has been at the Fit Moms Transformation Center for just over 3 months.

Don’t let her small stature fool you, she is a mom on a mission and it has been awesome to see her journey.  Check out her story below and then I will come back at the end with a couple observations.

Share a little bit about yourself and your background with your health and fitness.

IMG_6599 I’m a Pediatric RN, mommy and wife. I grew up in a large family on a small farm in Northern WI. Money was tight growing up and therefore our diet resembled my parents budget. My mom did her best to make healthy meals with what she had. We had a garden and raised our own beef. I learned that meals needed lots of meat and very little green stuff, as my dad referred to it as “cow food” or “grass”. My mom always attempted to have a vegetable and/or fruit with every meal despite my fathers view point. After leaving the farm I married my high school sweetheart Nick and we brought two beautiful boys into the world. He has loved me at my heaviest and through this whole health journey. 

I was moderately active all the way through high school but always struggled with keeping weight off. At 17 I became the manager at a fast food restaurant and increased my poor eating habits. After high school I became lazy, it was easier to eat out then cook. Also whenever I was stressed or upset I found comfort in food. The stress of nursing school and the birth of my first son Gavin brought me to the heaviest, and it was eye opening. I was sitting at 210lbs on my 5ft frame. While looking at our beautiful family picture I only felt shame. In the summer of 2012 after graduating from nursing school I decided it was time to lose the weight.

My husband would ask to do active things and I would make excuses, I didn’t want to be the fat girl with the good looking guy. Physically active things always seemed to come easy to him and I often felt left behind. I made my first goal to just keep up with him. If he was walking fast into a store instead of saying slow down, I tried to keep his pace. This was not an easy feet! I then learned of Couch to 5k and surprised Nick by telling him I downloaded the app and was going to run a 5k. He was supportive right away and joined me. We ran our first 5K spring 2013! I got down to 170lbs by the end of the summer and also found out I was pregnant with my second son Corbin. I gained back most the weight while pregnant and at six months postpartum had made it to 180lbs only to gain back 10bs while breastfeeding. That’s when I heard of Dustin’s Santa Slim Down/Pay to lose challenge, I watched the video about the challenge multiple times and finally built up the courage to tell Nick that I was going to join a community that I had never heard of, drop $150 and go to boot camp. At first he seemed more skeptical then me, but quickly became the supportive husband he has always been. I started the challenge November 30, 2014 weighing 190lbs. And now on March 9, 2015, 100 days later, I am down to 166lbs! 

Where was your life before being introduced to my program?

I had hit a wall and was becoming more frustrated with my weight. I looked back on the summer of 2013 and wondered if I’d ever be able to do it all over again. I honestly was feeling depressed. I had seen many mothers lose the weight after having a baby with just breastfeeding. I didn’t lose, I gained! It is crazy how intensely hungry you are while breastfeeding. 

How did you hear about my program?

 I heard about Dustin’s program through a Facebook post on the No Excuse Mom’s Madison’s page.

As you were in the program what were you enjoying?  What were some of the challenges you had to overcome?

I love the community. All of the people I have met and worked out with are encouraging, helpful and friendly. IMG_6561Dustin and the trainers are excellent, I have never felt as if I didn’t belong there. The workouts are intense but the feeling of achievement at the end is worth the burning muscles. At first I had to overcome the little voice in my head telling me I was crazy. On day two when I couldn’t sit on the toilet or walk stairs I was convinced this was the biggest mistake ever… Ouch! But the pain went away and only strength remained, strength I honestly thought I never would have. I can do a real push up now and I actually don’t dread burpees.

How is your life different now than it was before being introduced to my program?

I have energy and I feel good in my body! I have found myself holding my head higher. My diet has changed and so has my families. We buy fruit and veggies in bulk and limit sweets and added sugars. I’ve been cooking more meals at home and packing my lunch for work so I know what I’m eating.

How has the reaction been with your friends and family.  Do they treat you differently?  Do they try to sabotage your results? How have you handled all of that?

My family and friends have commented on my weight loss and most of it has been positive. I have never taken compliments well so it’s something I struggle with. My family does point out when I eat an unhealthy snack but I know that having a cookie on occasion is not going to ruin what I have accomplished. 

What is your eating like now?  

The movie Fed Up was an absolute eye opener, I watched it with my husband during the challenge. Within a week we got a babysitter and went on a shopping mission to change the food we keep in our home. We read labels and discussed our overall goal for not only our health, but the health of our boys. We aimed to buy more fresh produce and limit all added sugar. This has been a huge positive change for my family. It has been great having my husband and I on the same page about what we are feeding our family. 

A typical day for me:


  • 2 eggs poached
  • Greek yogurt
  • Banana or cup of berries
  • Water


  • Lean turkey breast
  • Colby jack cheese slice
  • Cut veggies with dill dip
  • Apple
  • Skinny pop
  • Water with lemon


  • Sautéed green beans and mushrooms
  • Chicken breast
  • Quinoa
  • Water


  • Dried apple slices
  • Fresh fruit
  • Almonds with raisins and a table spoon of dark chocolate chips
  • Water

Lastly your best friend comes up to you and is considering joining the program you were just on.  What would you say to them?

Come with me and see what it’s about, the community speaks for itself!

I think the coolest part of her story was the support and excitement her husband had as she began her journey.  Spousal support is the most powerful support you can get, and Mallory is blessed to have it.

Like just about everyone who starts one of our programs the first week is brutal and your muscles hurt to the touch, but let Mallory remind you it is only a temporary pain and will only last about a week.

Lastly, even though she was bigger starting out, she felt comfortable, safe, and not judged.  This is radically different than many places she could have gone to start her journey and what makes the TC and the Fit Moms for Life worldwide community so special.  Women supporting each other.

How To Impress Your Doctor

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Today I’m excited to share a testimonial from one of our Fit and Fabulous clients!

Sue is a great example of the type of client we work with in our Fit and Fabulous over 50 private group (and small group) training programs. Her mind is sharp but her body has let her down over the past decade. Less than a year ago she had her knee replaced, which gave her a new lease on life, but her other knee also needed a replacement.

Lucky for us, Sue randomly found my Fit Moms for Life book online and bought it. She read through it in one day and was excited to put what she read into action! She quickly discovered that our Transformation Centers were only 10 minutes from where she lived in Madison. Sue immediately contacted us, met with me and joined our Fit and Fabulous training group.

Sue only had about 7 weeks to strengthen up before her second knee replacement surgery. We pushed her as safely and quickly as possible to build her strength, increase her flexibility, and burn some fat to take the weight off her joints.

Sue recently had the surgery done and sent the following email to the three trainers at the Transformation Center that worked with her before her surgery.

Hi Liz. ….

Dr.My doctor could tell I worked out because I was so strong. Also…I was shocked when I went in for surgery, they brought in the anesthesiologist and he was getting ready to put in my IV….out of the blue he says…”Sue your arms are beautiful for a 64 year old lady. Most I see are all flab.” I looked at him & said “You have made my day!” He then said “We can tell that you’ve been working out because of how your lower legs look”. They had to give me a nerve block in my right leg by my thighs. He said this area is usually very very flabby for most women …

I wanted you to pass my email on to Michelle & Dustin to show them that all of our hard work is paying off.

My range of motion was 54 in the hospital & today I was able to get 74….so that is progress.

This week sitting in a chair & lying down I’ve been using my 9 lb weights & my new 10 lb weighted medicine ball.

MY doctor said…”Sue you are motivated to get fit……not many of my patients are. I have to tell them to lose weight before I will even do the surgery”.

I know this is long…but I thought all of you would be interested in what my doctors said….& especially about my arms. It certainly made me want to keep moving!

Thank you for sharing your experience, Sue! Your dedication and hard work before surgery and during your recovery is inspiring and demonstrates the importance of strength and fitness at all ages!



Inspiring story of how one woman lost 48lbs and continues to lose!

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Do you have significant weight to lose and feel overwhelmed as to where to start?

Are you the caretaker for many people in your life and find that you’re constantly putting yourself last on the list?

If so, you are really going to enjoy the interview I have for you today! Jody, first started with our FM4L 6 Week Challenge (available to anyone in the world), and then transitioned into our fast growing Killer Kurves program, also known as K2.

Jody has an infectious smile and personality that brightens up the room. I am so proud of her on-going transformational journey and her dedication to this lifestyle change!

Here is the interview with Jody:

Share a little bit about yourself and your background with your health and fitness.

I swam competitively since I was 5 years old through high school. Also, I started running long distance on the track and field team in junior high through my junior year in high school. I kept up my fitness routine in college, as I didn’t want to gain the dreaded “Freshmen 15”. I was really good my first two years of college at the University of Wisconsin-Madison; however, when I transferred to University of Oregon, I gained the “Junior 20”. I have always been cautious about my health and my weight, as my father had diabetes and we watched what we ate as a family. Everywhere I have lived I have joined a gym (usually at the start of a new year). I would go for awhile, until I was bored or didn’t see any results.

Where was your life before being introduced to FM4L and Killer Kurves?

2First off, I am a people pleaser and go with the flow kind of gal. The last time I really wanted to lose weight was in 2006 when I went through a bunch of medical tests to make sure I was healthy enough to give my dad a kidney. He had diabetes and was on dialysis at the time. It is amazing what you can do when you put your mind into it.

So in June 2006, I donated my kidney to my dad. It was great recovering with him over the next month and to watch his energy come back. I would love to say that he is doing great today; however, he passed away suddenly of a massive heart attack in 2010. It was shocking and very hard on my whole family.

In the 4 years after his death, I have gained quite a bit of weight as I was always thinking about how my mom was doing and not really caring about myself. Since my siblings all had significant others and kids, it was up to me to be strong for my mom. I didn’t want her to worry about me as I was alone and didn’t have anyone to lean on during this tough time, so I would visit her every weekend for a couple of months, just to be with her. Over these years I found out that she is one of the strongest women I know and I so admire her.

I knew I really needed to work on my health as I would get depressed and not really care how I looked. I would enjoy my time just chilling at home and not going anywhere where people would see me. My mom was very supportive and would kindly remind me to take better care of myself but I really didn’t know what to do. I didn’t know how to change my mind and attitude, until I went to visit my doctor in 2013 for a checkup and she listed obesity as a health issue in my chart.

I had avoided going to the doctor for many years, as I didn’t want to be reminded about my weight. This time, I wanted the Dr. to tell me I was healthy and surprise, I was told I had a disease of obesity, which I could fix. Your program has helped me better my life. I can do something for myself and not feel guilty about it. Now, I feel that I’m really living my life instead of just existing here on Earth.

How did you hear about my program? What were your initial thoughts? Where you skeptical?

I heard about your 6-Week Challenge program through my work. You came for an informative lunch-N-learn discussion. At first I wasn’t going to attend, it was Fit Moms for Life and I wasn’t a mom. I asked one of my co-workers, who invited me to go to the lunch and learn with her, why I would attend something that wasn’t relative to me since I’m not a mom. She explained that it wasn’t just for moms – it is for anyone who wants to improve their health, so I went to your talk, joined the FM4L challenge and it has changed my life!

I walked into my work’s cafeteria bright and early on that Tuesday morning excited, nervous, anxious, and definitely not knowing what I was getting myself into. At first, I didn’t think this program would be any different than any other weight loss program I tried. I figured it was just for 6 weeks. I can try any program for 6 weeks. I still remember waking up the next day after the first workout and I could barely walk. My whole body was so sore and it was so hard to getting up from my office chair. I kept telling myself that it is a good hurt and that my body is waking up.

As you were in the program what were you enjoying? What were some of the challenges you had to overcome?

1I really enjoyed actually moving my body again with a big group and learning different exercises. I also enjoyed learning more about myself and why I was actually attending the program through the weekly questions. I also liked the Fit Moms for Life wristbands which were provided. I believe that having that physical reminder on me has helped me stay with the program and make it a true lifestyle change. I loved going through this journey with others and sharing my successes and struggles. In the past, I would always try to tackle my weight loss by myself as I would only disappoint myself and not let others down if I didn’t follow through.

I have come to realize the importance of community and especially being part of the right community, where you feel comfortable sharing your journey. When I started the 6-week challenge in May, I didn’t feel comfortable or safe to share as much with that community, as they were on a different journey and had different goals then me.

This all changed when I started Killer Kurves, where I was among people who knew the struggles and hardships of trying to lose weight. It is so refreshing to have the right people around me for help with my struggles. The K2 program has helped me open up more to people and to feel more confident and proud of myself.

How is your life different now than it was before being introduced to my program?

I can’t believe how much I have grown in strength and confidence over these past 6 months and I’ve realized that this journey is not just about my weight loss. As of today, I have lost 48 pounds and over 25 inches (10 inches just on my abdomen!). It is a good start to my journey, but I’m not done yet. I am more positive now at work and not so negative in daily situations. With the weight loss, when I smile, my dimples are showing more and I’m loving that.

How has other areas in your life improved besides losing weight and toning up?

My work environment has become more positive and I’m not dreading going to work these days. I’m becoming more talkative and opening up more to people. One of the big improvements in my life is having my spiritual life back. I have had a strong relationship with God previously; however, it changed when my dad died. I was very honored to be the one to give my dad a kidney to make his life better – I thought that was my purpose in life. When Dad died suddenly, I was very angry with God . I’m happy that I have that relationship back in my life these days.

How has the reaction been with your friends and family. Do they treat you differently? Do they try to sabotage your results? How have you handled all of that?

It is really awesome that people at work are noticing. It has been exciting that people are coming up to me saying that I’m looking good and noticing my hard work. At first, I would take the compliments but not really acknowledge them, as I knew I had a long way to go until I hit my ideal goal weight. Now, I’m very proud people are noticing and thanking them for saying something. I’m embracing the change.

How has your eating improved? What is your eating like now?

Before the program, I would rarely bring in a lunch to work and if I did it would always be a frozen dinner. Living alone, I would go to fast food places on my way home from work for dinner. I would rarely cook dinner for myself. I didn’t eat many veggies, I usually reached for fruit if I was thinking about eating something healthy.

With the program, I have learn so much about nutrition and continue to learn more. The main nutritional change I have made is making sure I eat a protein or fat with a carb – no eating carbs alone anymore. Today, I enjoy planning and preparing my meals daily, including my snacks. I learned that I need to plan and prep all my meals for the week on the weekend or I make really bad choices with my eating during the week.

Examples of my breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks today are the following:

Breakfast: 2 fried eggs in butter with wheat toast or Greek yogurt with granola and honey

Lunch: mixed green salad with multiple veggies, baked chicken leftovers from dinner

Dinner: Eat leftovers from previous night or make another recipe.

(My favorite recipes from the FM4L 6 week challenge are: sloppy joes with romaine lettuce, chicken enchilada bake and turkey chili)

Snacks: string cheese with sliced cucumbers or almond butter with apple or cottage cheese (2%) with carrots

Lastly, your best friend comes up to you and is considering joining the program you were just on. What would you say to them?

I love Killer Kurves and the support and encouragement I get from everyone there, especially from the trainers Monique and Shelley. They make me believe I can do these workouts and deserve my sweat 🙂 I love the community it brings me and how they motivate me to continue on my journey. I feel I can be myself with everyone there and they accept me for me. Even though I will continue to be nervous driving to the Transformation Center, I have embraced that feeling knowing that I’m improving myself one day at a time.

Thank you Jody for sharing your on-going K2 journey with us. I know you inspire others with your dedication and commitment. Jody is an ordinary person who made a commitment. The commitment wasn’t just to lose weight – the commitment was to sign up and show up. That is all I ask from you. This program works! Showing up and becoming part of this community is hard to describe until you are in it. Just take the chance and join K2. You deserve this-do it for yourself!

Hello! 3 Healthy Daily Habits You Must Start When You Turn 50!

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At the Transformation Center in Madison, McFarland, and Oregon, we help hundreds and hundreds of clients each week improve their mindset, provide them with meal plans and recipes, deliver fun and challenging fat burning workouts and create an environment of positive support and accountability. The average age of our client is between 47-50 years old.

This coming Sunday, I am holding another FREE Fit and Fabulous over 50 workshop at the TC at 5:30 pm.  Since I started doing these free workshops 5 months ago, I have had over 200 attend and no one has left without a big smile on their face. Why? Because we make it fun, which is what exercise should be. Besides the workout, we talk about and provide a plan for making the participants’ M50’s and 60’s much healthier and fitter than their 40’s. Click here for a short video from last workshop.

So, it is exciting! ->-> Click here if you want to register for this workshop; 5 spots remain available. <-<

Also, if you are 50 and over and would like to learn more about our exclusive Fit and Fabulous over 50 small private group training program, I have a simple form for you to fill out and I will be personally calling and meeting with you to see how I can help you. We currently have 3 spots that have opened up for the private training program.

->-> Click here to fill out the short survey. <-<-

Each person that I meet with for a consult for the Fit and Fab over 50 program is given a free copy of the NYT best seller: Younger Next Year. In the book, the two authors share 3 things you MUST start doing once you turn 50 to slow the “rotting” process as they put it.

#1 Exercise 6 days per week. This isn’t negotiable. The six days should be a combination of cardio days and strength training days. Your cardio activity needs to be intense enough that it is difficult for you to say a full sentence without taking a breath. Golf doesn’t count, sorry. Neither does a slow to moderate walk. Lifting challenging weights is the other exercise recommendation.

#2 Reduce processed foods to a minimum. Drink plenty of water and watch your added sugar intake. This advice is good for everyone.

#3 Maintain strong relationships. The book focuses a lot on this as one of the keys to living a long and happy life. While they are big proponents in being married to a partner, they say the key is to have a handful of really strong friends that you can go out with, talk about anything with and support one another.

Creating these relationships around healthy physical activities is ideal. As we age our natural tendency is to go out less, move less and retract from others. We need to be doing the opposite if we don’t want to die young or be old and grumpy.

If you haven’t read the above mentioned book, I can’t recommend it enough. I have purchased over 100 copies and given them out to my clients. The book is that awesome. ->-> Click here to get a sneak peak into my most recent Fit and Fab workshop. <-<

As I have studied and learned more about health and fitness after 50, I have become so excited about the possibilities for my life and the lives of anyone over that age. There is so much potential, but we must put in the time and effort it will take to improve our health.

Let’s do it together!

Bad news…

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At first I thought about only sending this out to those of you living in the Madison area, but I decided to send it out to the 10,000s around the world who receive my newsletter and follow Fit Moms For Life. Sometimes, we are all guilty of focusing too much on weight loss, but these testimonial quotes you are about to read will help us be more mindful of the many other benefits that come with living a healthy lifestyle.

Weight loss is just a by-product, or a result , of other areas in a person’s life improving.

Killer Kurves is the most comprehensive, effective, in-person weight loss program I know of, and we are starting a new session this coming week. I’m super excited about this new session, but the bad news is, time is running out and we only have a couple spots open in both the AM and PM time slots.

If you are interested in being surrounded by others who are also looking to make life transformations and lose 40-200 lbs, then you will want to sign up right now because time is running out!

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Please read the following quotes from clients who are current Killer Kurves members or are alumni of the program. The program has been so transformational, that over 90% join us for the alumni program after their initial 12 weeks.

“Since I’ve started K2 I’ve been migraine free! I suffered from severe chronic migraines and was on 2 different medications to help with them. The medications had some undesirable side effects too. Well recently I’ve been able to discontinue all medications because I haven’t gotten any migraines! Definitely from exercising and eating healthier.”

“Before K2 I was overwhelmed often with a feeling of anxiety and life just being too much (caused by out of control hormones and way too much cortisol in my system perhaps?) That feeling is gone. I feel good and miss workouts because I feel even better after them — physically and emotionally.”

“I’ve gained confidence in myself and my ability to make healthy choices.”

“I’ve learned to be nicer to myself.”

“I have made some friends that are on the same journey as me who will help me continue.”

“I got my groove back!”

“I have gained strength and confidence in myself that I can do it! “

“I have gained strength that I didn’t even know I missed. And a whole new outlook on my life to go along with it. More confidence, more happiness.”

Our Killer Kurves program includes access to a private Facebook group that has dozens of inspirational posts and comments each day. With their permission, I have a few that I would like to share with you….

Theresa lost a staggering 12 inches off her belly. As you know, belly fat is the most dangerous fat. Assuming she keeps it off, this statistically will extend her life by many years. How much $$ is that worth to you?


 Ivy has lost over 50 lbs with Killer Kurves and had a “strange” experience earlier this month…


Ebony is just finishing up her first 12 week session with Killer Kurve’s and will be joining the “Alumni” program next. She is shedding fat like it is going out of style.


Jennifer is a beautiful single mom on a limited budget. She is doing everything she can to make sure her and her incredible sons have a healthy future together.


Cheryl is a determined woman who took the leap and is reaping the results. Losing weight is just one of the many benefits that come with Killer Kurves.


Great job everyone and thank you for letting me share these quotes and posts. You have undoubtedly inspired many others to make a change!

I am so confident in our Killer Kurves program, I am willing to refund you the entire fee if you come for the first month and aren’t completely happy with the program. The investment in this program is about $6.50 per day. How much is it worth to you to experience the successes the above Killer Kurves clients have achieved?

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If you are on the fence about joining or just need more information and live in the Madison area, I’d like to offer you a last minute invite to our Killer Kurves meet and greet potluck this evening at 6:30pm at the Fit Moms Transformation Center. A great opportunity to meet the amazing trainers, K2 alumni and other new Killer Kurves clients! Just e-mail me if you plan on coming. We hope to see you there! 

I get questions from all over the world asking how people can participate in our programs if they don’t live in the Madison area. I recently created a comprehensive program for at home use that incorporates the best of Killer Kurves and provides a detailed exercise and nutrition blue print to follow. The digital version is only $47.

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What you are about to see is disturbing – watch only if you are ready for change.

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Every once in a while a video or article comes out that gives me goosebumps and fires me up to fight the fight of helping families regain their health. The video you are about to watch got me fired up like no other viral video I have ever seen. We can’t wait another day to take action and create change, we deserve better and so does the next generation.

Depending on where you are in your life journey, this video will stir up different types of emotions. You might feel a sense of relief that your struggles with your health and weight actually began when you were an innocent child and that your current issues really isn’t your fault. Or, you may feel very blessed that you came from a home where cooking healthy meals from scratch was an everyday occurrence (that is me). Maybe you have tears streaming down your face because you are that mom or dad right now, busy and stretched thin and consistently giving your kids the food and drink that will one day land them on the ER table. Possibly, your kids are out of the home now and guilt is welling up in your heart and regret fills your body because you wish you had known what you do now and raised them differently when it comes to food.

An emotion I have right now is anger; anger towards the processed food industry and how they target kids so early on – during their most impressionable years. No matter your emotion, the good news is that your future can be infinitely better than your past. You have access to knowledge and tools that can change your life, the lives of your kids, and your grandkids. There is a catch though, you have to invest the time into learning the tools and then APPLY these tools into your family’s life.

At Fit Moms For Life we are very proud of the programs and tools we have created over the past 10 years. Our programs are based in science and research, but are practical solutions that work in the real world we live in today. In other words – Fit Moms For Life programs really are doable, even for a crazy busy person like yourself.

Over the past year and a half we have launched a new Killer Kurve’s session each quarter. The stories of transformation through this specific program are incredible. This is one of the only programs I have ever seen that focuses solely on overweight and obese people who are looking for a radical change in their life, that doesn’t require a radical eating or exercise plan. In Killer Kurves, we help you make small, manageable choices that create massive, long term change.

Why does this program work so well?

Killer Kurves wasn’t created by some fit trainer who has never had an ounce of body fat, or from a scientist behind a computer who is looking only at all the research papers. Killer Kurves was created by trainers who were formerly obese. It was created with the true understanding of what someone 40-200 lbs overweight goes through on an everyday basis and how they struggle. Our team of trainers who specialize in Killers Kurves has expanded. Besides Liz (the co-creator of the program who lost over 60 lbs), we have added Shelley and Monique who have both been through the program, lost weight and changed their lives and are now paying it forward.

We understand that making true change is really difficult and that not everyday is going to be easy. That is why Killer Kurves focuses on community and accountability – to celebrate the successes and encourage each other through the struggles.


We are launching new weekend and evening time slots for our Killer Kurves program. Until now, you needed to get up at 5 AM to come to Killer Kurves, but now we are offering weekend and evening options as well. Sure you might have to work around your family’s schedule a bit, but just think about how your family is going to benefit long term (remember we don’t want your son or daughter on that ER table 30 years from now).

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The next 12 week session of K2 starts the week of Sept 28th. Our past 3 sessions have all sold out, so let’s leave the craziness of summer behind and commit this fall to establishing a routine that will provide you with crazy amounts of energy and weight loss.

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Top 10 Reasons Why You NEED The 21 Day Clean Eating Challenge

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The 21 Day Challenge starts this coming Monday, and hundreds have already joined from around the world. But I know there are still some on the fence wanting to do it, but not having enough confidence in themselves to complete it.

Click here if you missed my video on how to build confidence.

In case you missed it here is the image with the challenge “rules.” Feel free to use this, post it to your Facebook page, and invite others to join.

21 Day Challenge rules

Top 10 reasons why you should join

1. It is FREE (or a very small fee if you want to attend our in-person workouts and/or receive access to workout videos and eating plans. CLICK HERE to learn more and sign up, we have 5 more21 Day Challenge spots available for our in-person sessions.

2. You will lose weight. This isn’t a calorie restriction plan or even a low sugar plan, but eating real food and cleansing your body of toxins will release your stored fat.

3. You will become smarter. The rules require you to read food labels, which is one of the best skills you can learn for your health.

4. It will positively affect your entire family. Maybe they don’t adhere to the entire challenge, but you doing it will rub off and they will start making changes too.

5. The is the fastest way I know to jumpstart progress after a crazy summer.

6. You won’t be doing it alone. As I mentioned, hundreds, if not thousands, are all doing it together and will support and encourage one another.

7. The challenge will dramatically improve your confidence. Maybe the thought of not drinking coffee for 21 days seems daunting, but once you achieve it, you will look back at it with pride and confidence, which will allow you to set even bigger goals.

8. You will have SO MUCH more energy. It might take up to the first week to experience this increase, but as your body releases the poison and toxins that have built up, and receives the proper nutrients, your body will feel dramatically different.

9. It is only 21 days. I am not asking you to do this for 365 days. It is my hope that you try out some new things and find the ones that work for you and discard the ones that don’t work.

10. It is fun! Each day we will have little daily challenges that you can participate in. And making drastic eating and exercise changes can open up new possibilities for you that are hard to envision now.

So if you have been on the fence, I want to get you off. It starts with just one click of the link below.

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Why You Should Give Up Coffee for 21 Days (controversial)

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Ever since I announced the 21 Day Clean Eating and Exercise Challenge, the comment I have been hearing the most is, “do I really have to give up my coffee?”

In this article, I would like to share with you the science on both sides of the coin, along with my personal opinion.

Americans drink 624 million cups of coffee per day. That averages out to a staggering 3 cups per person. 87% report not being able to live without their daily coffee. I have been told that my articles are sometimes too long, so I will do my best to be brief by providing you a list of the potential positives and negatives of coffee consumption, based off of current research. Feel free to dive deeper into the research by clicking the links I provide below.

The positives of small doses of coffee/caffeine (2 cups or less per day):

  • Coffee beans are seeds which are filled with many biological compounds (antioxidants) and some recent studies say that limited coffee consumption may reduce things like: certain cancers; dementia; Alzheimer’s; Parkinson’s; stroke; and diabetes. These same compounds may improve concentration and memory.
  • Increased alertness when very tired
  • Increased stamina when working out
  • Reduced risk of suicide
  • “Grabbing coffee with a friend”—positive social experiences often go along with coffee consumption

Click here to check out more positives and the research behind the claims.

The negatives of coffee:

  • Potential problems for those who have high blood pressure
  • Addiction: caffeine is the most-used drug in the world
  • Increased anxiety and disrupted sleep cycles and patterns
  • Interaction with some medications taken for thyroid, depression, and heartburn
  • Increased blood sugar levels, making it harder to control diabetes and maintain energy
  • Increased bone density loss post-menopause
  • Potential stomach problems, especially for those susceptible to acid reflux and heartburn
  • Highly acid (hence more heartburn)
  • Potential adrenal fatigue

Click here for an article with more negatives and the research behind the claims.

21 Day Header

I have tried to lay out some of the highlights for the 10,000’s of studies that have been done on coffee and caffeine, but there is much more that you could learn.

I am a bit biased on coffee because I have only had one sip in my life, and I have never seen my parents drink any. In other words, it wasn’t part of my life growing up. My dad has a saying that has stuck with me. “True freedom is being able to say no to the things you can have.”

While a cup of coffee a day probably won’t do you much harm and may actually be good for you, I try to live by the following motto.  How would I feel if I got stuck on an island with only water and fresh food? Would I go through withdrawals? Would I psychologically have a hard time not drinking my coffee, or my soda, or any other vice? If the answer is yes, I try to eliminate or moderate my behavior.

The biggest reason I am against coffee is that many use it as a band-aid to cover up the underlying issue… they are tired and need it for energy. They aren’t getting enough sleep, they aren’t eating foods high enough in nutrients, and they aren’t exercising enough to balance their hormones and keep themselves energized.

Whether or not this is you, I believe a 21-day coffee fast will benefit you greatly. You might experience headaches and crabbiness the first couple of days, but they will go away once your body gets cleansed. If you need ONE cup of unsweetened green tea to get you through the first couple of days, that is ok. But then let’s try to really get rid of caffeine. Having the willpower to say NO will boost your confidence and build momentum up that will carry over to all areas of your life.

If you don’t agree with anything I said and you are really resisting this notion of giving up coffee for 21 days, you need this challenge the most. =)

Click here to learn about all the details of the 21 day challenge (which is free).

If you want me to help by providing you with fat burning workouts (in person or digital), along with eating plans and recipes that follow the challenge rules, you can invest in that for a small fee.

->-> Click here to learn more and to take the 21 Day Challenge <-<

A side note on coffee: it stains your teeth. I get asked on a weekly basis how my teeth are so white. My answer is the same every time… Crest Whitestrips once per year, I don’t drink coffee or alcohol, and I eat tomato-based sauces only once in awhile. That is the secret to a bright smile!