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Never Too Late To Start Weight Training

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Thank you Kris, one of my newsletter subscribers, for sharing this video with all of us.  The video you are about to watch is very inspiring.  It is a story about a woman in her late forties who went through an emotional divorce and was going through many challenges.  She found weight training and not only has she found it, she has set the audacious goal of being the oldest weight lifter in the Olympics.

I am guessing the chances of her making the Olympics are quite low, but she went from lifting 60 lbs to lifting over 200 lbs.  She has lost over 100 lbs.  So even if she doesn’t make it to the Olympics, look at all she has accomplished.  So many times we fear making goals that are too big because we don’t want to look stupid or not achieve them.  Who cares if you achieve it or not, I can promise you, you will be further along then if you didn’t set the goal in the first place.

Enjoy the video.

If you were inspired by this story, I encourage you to create a crazy goal that many around you might laugh at.  Then write your goal in the comment section below.  I promise not to laugh and am committed to helping you reach that goal.

I love her story also from the stand point of how she has lost about 100 lbs by weight training.  I don’t know for sure but I am guessing she doesn’t do a lot of cardio.  It shows the power of building muscle to speed up metabolism.  If you want to take that next step and fall in love with weight training, I am definitely your trainer.  🙂  Whether you live in the Madison, WI area and can come to my Fit Fun Bootcamps, or if you don’t live in the area or would prefer to workout with DVDs from the comfort of your home, I have lots of programs for you.  To the left of this blog post there are images of DVDs, click on any of them to learn more.  Everyone of my programs is based mostly on weight training.

Besides sharing your crazy goal in the section below, feel free to ask any questions

5 “Weird” Fat Burning Exercises

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I thought I would go back into my vault of close to 400 youtube videos and share with you a few of my favorite fat burning exercises.  These videos were taken in Chicago with my friend and fellow trainer John Hall.  At around 45 years old, he is a great example to me what a body can look and perform like twenty years from now.  He practices what he preaches, and I enjoy working out with him.  I hope you enjoy these videos and learn some stuff and be entertained.

1.  Walrus:  This is great for core, back, and triceps.  It is also great to have your kids do if you want your floors to be cleaned.  🙂


2. Killer leg hops:  This shows that I neglect my legs a little too much.  But you don’t have to have rings to do this one, just jump in and out or for your kids draw circles in chalk on your driveway.


3.  Alligator Crawls:  These are pretty hard and advanced, but to make it easier don’t bend your arms as much.  Whenever I go to schools to teach bootcamps to kids I always have them do this exercise and they have a blast doing it.


4.  Hamstring Falls:  This is one of my favorite exercises I have my personal training clients do.  I haven’t found another exercise that gets the hamstrings as well as this one does!  Fit Fun Bootcampers, don’t be surprised to be seeing this one soon!


5.  Burpees with weighted med ball throw:  This one gets the heart rate up like very few other exercises.  I realize this isn’t very practical if you are trying to do this at home.  A ball like the one I was using probably costs $60 and most don’t have a wall that is tough enough to throw against.  But you could do this with a partner and do a chest pass to them, or use a basketball.


If you have enjoyed these exercises that you can do at home with little or no equipment, I encourage you to check out my partner workout DVDs called Ultimate Buddy Bootcamp, or my Buns Guns Back and Shoulders DVDs.


Click the image to learn more about the Buns Guns Back and Shoulder DVDs

Click the image to learn more about The Ultimate Buddy Bootcamp DVDs

30 minute workout you can do anywhere

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 Post by Katie C., blog contributor

Before I started bootcamp, if I only had 30 minutes to work out (or even if I had more time), my default activity would be running.  Now that I’ve been doing bootcamp for almost a year, I’ve learned the importance of incorporating strength activities and am a fan of circuit workouts. Here’s a 30 minute circuit workout that I’ve adapted from iVillage.  It’s a great way to get in a good workout anywhere without any equipment.

1.  Warm up with 8 minutes of cardio (running, jumping jacks, etc)

2.  Do one minute of jungle squats 

3.  Do one minute of push ups

4.  Do one minute of reverse V lunges

5.  Do one minute of modified chair dips

6.  Do two minutes of cardio (any combination of jogging in place, butt kickers, squat jumps, snowboard jumps, etc.)

7.   Do one minute of ab exercises (any combination of front planks, bicycles, Russian twists, etc.)

8.  Take a 30 second break, then repeat steps 2 through 8 two more times.  Your 30 minute intense workout will be done before you know it!

11 Fat Burning, Muscle Toning, Tummy Tightening Exercises

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We had a great time with our Saturday morning outdoor bootcamp kickoff.  There were 90 positive and hard working bootcampers that came out and worked hard, burned calories, improved their cardiovascular fitness, strengthened their core, toned their muscles, and met tons of new people.

One of my highlights was the potluck that we had afterwards.  Great food and community building.  I met so many amazing people, but I wanted to give a couple specific shout outs.

1.  I will keep this anonymous, but a husband of one of my bootcampers pulled me aside and wanted to thank me for this program and how amazing it has been for his wife.  She not only has lost a couple sizes, but their relationship is better, she is more positive, happier, confident, and more adventurous.  I think he summed it up quite well, the benefits of a program based on strength training, burst training, proper nutrition, and community.

If you don’t have this type of program in your area, start your own Fit Moms For Life group up.

Also a shout out to Crystal who came back from Chicago for the workout.  She started Fit Fun Bootcamps 17 months ago, and recently moved back to Chicago.  She has lost 102 lbs.  I didn’t even know she was there until the end of the workout after someone told me.  I didn’t even recognize her!


Ok, not a good pic with the lighting, but some of our great trainers

Finally I want to thank all my amazing trainers for being there.  We had 9 out of the 14 trainers there volunteering their time and energy.  I couldn’t do what I do without you!

Enjoy the video, hopefully you will pick up on some new moves to try at home.

-High knees

-Side shuffle

-Squat jumps

-Sprinting up hill

-Dumbbell swings

-Side lunge with db


-Front plank

-Side plank

-V sits

-Scorpion pushups



Snowshoeing: A Great Outdoor Winter Activity

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Post by Katie C., blog contributor

In a recent post, I mentioned that one of my favorite winter activities is snowshoeing.  Several people expressed an interest in snowshoeing and had some great questions, so here is a more detailed post on this great winter activity that is fun for anyone at any fitness level.

Benefits:  Snowshoeing as a fun way to get outdoors during the winter and get a great total body workout.  As an aerobic exercise, snowshoeing strengthens your heart muscle and increases endurance.  Snowshoeing also works your hip flexors, quads, and calves.  I promise you; even after thirty minutes of snowshoeing you WILL feel this in your legs!  Another benefit of snowshoeing is its high caloric expenditure.  Snowshoeing for one hour at just a moderate speed will burn 400-500 calories.    

Choosing the correct snowshoes:  If you’re going to purchase snowshoes, I highly recommend doing research before or going to a sports store to get advice from an expert.  There are many different types of snowshoes available and each will perform a little differently.   Some things to consider: type of activity (recreational snowshoeing on flat ground vs. backcountry snowshoeing up steep terrain), your weight (including the weight of your backpack if you plan on going on longer excursions), and bindings (you want to make sure that your boot fits well inside the snowshoe and that it’s very easy to tighten and loosen the bindings as needed).  Renting snowshoes is also a great option.  Several REI stores offer snowshoe rentals.

What to wear:  Because snowshoeing is an aerobic activity, you will find yourself getting warm fairly quickly.  It’s best to dress in layers so that you can take them off as needed.  When I snowshoe, I’m often in the woods, so wearing a jacket can be too warm.  Other than that, the gear is simple:  hat, gloves, scarf, and a good comfortable pair of boots (with a few layers of socks underneath). Read More

Exercise and Fitness Trends For 2011

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Each year I like to make predictions about how people are going to exercise and get in shape, and what fitness trends are going to be hot.  Click here to check out last years predictions.

My predictions are based off of my own personal experiences, talking with hundreds of fitness professionals from around the world, reading all the fitness professional trade journals, and looking at where we are currently.  Many of my predictions last year still hold true for this year.

Here are my predictions:

Bootcamps: Bootcamps, which have exploded the past 3-4 years, will continue to be one of the hottest trends, because of the incredible fat burning workouts, affordable prices, access to a trainer, camaraderie, and fun!  Unfortunately, many bootcamps popped up all over that were run by inexperienced trainers looking to make a quick buck; but, fortunately, those will be shutting down.  The fitness consumer is much more savvy now, and by using the internet the great programs can be compared to the not so great programs, and the differences will become obvious.  I have already seen this in Madison, with a couple of the bigger bootcamp programs shutting down.  Average bootcamp classes usually cost between $8-$17.50 across America.  Click here to check out my Fit Fun Bootcamps 10 indoor locations.

DVDs: Home workout DVDs will still be very popular, although I don’t know if as popular as last year with the explosion of P90X and Insanity.  I have found most people who go through these programs do the 8 or 12 weeks and stop with the DVDs.  The challenge is to figure out a way to keep people motivated after the initial program is done.  This is why I am trying to create 1000’s of Fit Moms For Life Communities so people can meet in homes, schools, or churches, to either do the workouts or just keep each other accountable.  I believe this model will be highly successful because I care more about the long-term impact I can leave on a person and a community rather than how much money/dvds I can sell up front.  (Think infomercials).  If you want to try out one of my DVD programs for the lowest financial investment, I recommend my Got Core DVD: eight 15-minute workouts done on the stability ball.  Another program is the Fit Moms For Life DVDs, you can try the first month for just the cost of shipping.  Click here to learn more.

Higher level of fitness professional: Personal training as a fitness career is still a very young and new path.  Until recently, most trainers were men in their early 20’s in college looking to make a few extra dollars on the side.  Now the standards are much higher and the consumer expects a higher level of service, expertise, and results.  Being able to research online and find the top trainers who are getting the best results is going to become easier and easier.  People will be willing to pay extra to work with the best. Read More

Kettlebell Training Exercises

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As with most things in life, things come and go.  In fitness right now kettlebells might be the fastest growing trend.  Kettlebells have been around for well over 50 years but they have resurfaced as a great way to get in shape.  We use kettlebells at some of our Fit Fun Bootcamps locations in Madison, WI.  Kettlebells have a handle that is fat with a canon looking ball on the end.  Unlike dumbbells, kettlebells are as stable and require additional effort to control.

Check out this video I did on CBS showing some of the exercises that can be done with kettlebells.

She did a great job demonstrating the exercises.  Click here to check out a previous post I did about Sue’s transformation.  She followed that up with a part 2 on what she eats, click here to check that out. I have trained Sue for about 2 years in my small group training (which I don’t offer anymore due to a long waiting list), as well as my Fit Fun Bootcamps and Got Core DVDs.  She is in the best shape of her life right now and heavy resistance training and a lot of hardwork on Sue’s part is to blame for the transformation. Read More

Total Body Butt and Leg Toning Exercises

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I realized that I forgot to post a video that my good buddy Davey and I filmed in Vegas awhile ago.  These are two exercises that you might not have thought to do, that get the heart rate up very quickly and tone maximum muscle and burn body fat.  If you like these exercises you will love my 12 short workouts in my Buns Guns Back and Shoulder series.  Click here to learn more about them.

1.  Lunge Chop Twist

2. Squat position cross jabs.

This second video I showed you awhile back, but I wanted to replay it again, because it gives some awesome exercises you can do at home to work the butt and legs. The great thing about these exercises is that they are quick and can be done with very little equipment. Alecia is on set with me in this video and she is probably overall the most fit mom that I have worked with. Her and I will be coming out with a couple DVDs soon that are for moms with small babies. These workouts will use the baby as weight. I just got to see the first edit of the videos and all I can say is adorable 🙂 I think some with buy the DVDs just to watch the baby!

Alecia did a story awhile back about her experience working out during her pregnancy and right after. Click here to check out her story.

Question of the Day:  For those of you who do any of my program, what is your favorite butt or thigh exercise?

4 Minute Fat Burning Circuit

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Don’t have much time?  Can you spare 4 minutes?  Great I thought so.  Check out this tough 4 minute workout that will torch fat and leave you sweating.  Want a little more?  Then repeat it 2-3 times.

If you are part of my Fit Moms For Life DVDs, you are familiar with this type of training for our cardio section of the DVD workouts.  Even though it only lasts a couple minutes, I have been told and also believe it to be the most challenging part of any workout.

FYI, this video was shot about 2 years ago!  I wasn’t too comfortable on camera back then 🙂

You will notice that this is pretty high impact, so if you have bad knees or other joints you need to cut the intensity down or pick lower impact exercises.

Creative Picnic Table Workouts

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The possibilities of different exercises are endless if you have a knowledge of the body and how it moves in addition to a little creativity.  In this CBS episode I show some exercises you can do on a picnic table.  My guest today is Emily a Fit Fun Bootcamp veteran of over two years.  Like we mention in the video, she is 48 years old, but doesn’t look a day over 35.  Her positive energy and enthusiasm is contagious and we are very blessed to have her in our bootcamps.

Question of the day:  What are some fun workouts you do outside?

Playground Workouts To Tone Muscle

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Summer is in full swing and finding places to workout while you are with your kids becomes important.  Playgrounds can provide an great array of equipment that you just can’t find in your house.  Marsue, my trainer for the Oregon and McFarland Fit Fun Bootcamps, puts together insane playground workouts using bands, ropes, and TRXs (I might try to film a video sometime of her doing this).  But sometimes you don’t have any equipment at all, so I have put together 3 exercises that you can do at the playground.  Sure you might get some looks and some negative comments, but usually you don’t want to look or feel like the person that is doing the ridiculing or staring. 🙂

My little brother was in town and he made his TV debut.  I think he did very good!  He is a great example of not letting genetics be an excuse to getting in shape.  All through high school he was about 6’4 and only weighed 160 lbs and got made fun of for it.  The past few years he has changed his diet and works out extremely hard and has put on about 50 lbs of muscle and now weighs 15 lbs more than me and is quite a bit stronger than me.

A couple more of my favorite playground exercises are:

-Knee tucks on the swing: Be in a pushup position, hands on the ground and feet up in the swing.  Pull the knees into the chest.

-Swing rollouts:  Put your forearms in the swing and kneel on the ground, slowly lean forward straightening out your arms.  This works the deep core.

-Dips on parallel bars:  This is more advanced but you put your hands on two parallel bars and lower your body down until your shoulders are at your elbow height, and then press back up.

Do You Have Any Ideas, Suggestions, Or Comments About the Playground Workouts?

Butt Toning and Ab Toning Exercises on the Ball

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I love to use the ball in my workouts.  Using the ball increases the instability and allows for greater range of motion and support for your back.  If you aren’t one of the near 1000 people to already be working out to my Got Core DVDs, I highly recommend the $30 investment.  There are 8 15 minute workouts with over 50 exercises using the ball.

In this video I am in Vegas with my friend Davey who is a trainer and creator of Model Body Workout.  I am going to go visit him again in Huntington Beach in a couple weeks.  Enjoy the video and I apologize for the inappropriate but funny comment from my camera guy 🙂

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