Specific Foam Rolling Routine to Reduce Knee and Back Pain, and Speed Up Recovery

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The other day I announced the official launch of the Fit Moms for Life foam roller on Amazon.  The sales so far have been incredible, so thank you for that.  You should get your roller in about 2 days if you already ordered. A bonus to getting the foam roller is our Foam Roller Academy, a series of how-to videos on foam rolling. When starting to foam roll, I like to focus on two parts of the body that, when improved, can reduce knee and lower back pain dramatically.

#1 Calves

Whether we are walking, sitting, or wearing heels, our calves take a beating.  A common problem is tight, or shortened, calf muscles.  This is the first area of the body I want you to start to roll out.

#2 Quads

Tight, shortened, or overworked quads can cause knee pain along with many other problems.  When rolling this area out, you are going to discover some trigger points, or muscle knots, ie lots of pain.

Don’t have a foam roller yet? Click here to order the Fit Moms for Life foam roller and enter coupon code FM4LLOVE for a great $15 discount on Amazon.

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Look for a new blog post focusing on upper body rolling.  These exercises will feel amazing, almost like having a personal masseuse.

Unusual Exercise Device That Reduces Knee and Lower Back Pain and Helps Muscles Recover Faster

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Do you struggle with lower back pain? Do you experience tightness in the hips, hamstrings, or calves? Does your upper back hurt from too many hours hunched over at a desk?
If you answered yes to any of the above questions, you need to open up each email that I will be sending you.  You only have one body and taking care of your muscles and bones (posture) is essential to living a healthy and fit life.
Over the course of the next two weeks, you will learn how a simple exercise tool can radically change the way your body feels.  In addition, a couple of my trainers with masters and doctorates in Physical Therapy will be talking about proper form while exercising. These small tweaks can have massive impact on the quality of your life short term and long.
Today, I am going to kick things off with the official launch of the Fit Moms for Life foam roller.  This has been nearly a year in the making and I am so excited to show you what it is and how it works.

In the upcoming days I am going to be showing you specific exercises you can do to reduce or eliminate some joint and muscle pain, increase flexibility, and improve athletic performance.
If you don’t have a foam roller, or want to upgrade to the FM4L foam roller, you can order it now on Amazon.  If you want to save $15 with our massive launch discount, enter coupon code: FM4LLOVE  ->-> Click here to order on Amazon <-<-
If you order the foam roller right now, it should arrive in a couple days, in time to follow along to the foam rolling videos I am about to send you. ->-> Click here to order on Amazon <-<-

Randomize the Routine with Exercise Bingo

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We all know that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, but what some people fail to realize is that morning workouts can be just as important. Just as eating a hearty breakfast boosts your metabolism, morning workouts keeps your body staying fit much easier.  You can also think of it as “just getting the much-needed exercise out of the way”, so you’re free to enjoy the rest of your day knowing that you’ve done your body some good.

If you’re not able to make exercise a part of your morning routine, that’s okay, because what really matters is that you find a schedule. Experts offer tips on finding the best time of day for your workout, and if you work out often enough at the same time it will become a habit. Morning workouts are ideal because it’s easier to make a habit out of them, but if you find yourself being able to exercise more in the afternoons, or in the evenings after work, then by all means, stick to it!

Let’s face it though, these workouts can be pretty monotonous especially if you only do the same workouts every day. If you need a little help with varying your workouts, you may want to try building yourself a custom workout card and playing Exercise Bingo. Bingo’s been used to help improve skill variety in different sports ever since it saw renewed popularity thanks to the internet, Free Bingo Hunter shows that the game has been adapted by hundreds of sites to fit different themes from Deal or No Deal, to Greek Gods and Goddesses. Two years ago, a funny game called Flip Over Gymnastics Bingo also made rounds in time for the London Olympics. You can try to use the game to randomize your own workouts to avoid monotony.

The first thing you need to do is make a list of five exercises that target each of the following: Arms, Back, Chest, Core and Legs. Arrange these in a bingo card, number each column from 1-5, and at the start of the week take out your card and roll a die for each column.  Keep track of the exercises that correspond to the numbers you rolled. At the end of each round you should have five exercises, one for each category.  By the end of the game, you should have a set of exercises for each day, which will serve as your workout plan for each day of the work week. Should you roll a six for any of the categories, you’re free to choose from the workouts yourself. You can make a new bingo card every week, or reuse the same set of exercises until you feel you’re ready for more intense workouts.

Here’s a sample Exercise Bingo card:


 Guest Post by Anne Wilson

What Einstein knew about weight loss

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Relativity… I am not talking Einstein here.

When I ask someone how well they eat, their answer will completely depend on how they believe they eat compared to their family, coworkers, and friends. Come to think of it, it is not the greatest question for me to ask because it is so subjective. For example… I might look at someone’s food journal and find that they are eating quite well by my standards, but when asked how they believe they eat, they may say they don’t eat well because their friends and family are 100% into whole natural food based diets. The opposite is also true – a client may say they eat quite well, but when I look at his/her journal, it is mostly processed garbage they are eating, but because their circle of influence eats even more garbage, they don’t believe their eating is that unhealthy.

I believe that as a society, we are living in collective denial when comes to our health. The truth is, our lifestyle is slowly bankrupting our society and creating many other problems, as well. Statistically speaking, over the course of 20 years, an inactive person with a BMI over 30 will spend over $200,000 more than someone who is under 30 on the BMI chart and working on improving their health. This stat blows my mind! Why are most people so unwilling to invest $100-$200 per month into a fitness program that will ultimately save them massive amounts of money?

Saving money is just one of the many benefits of making your health a priority. Living a healthy, active lifestyle has the ability to:

  • add nine extra years to your life
  • add immeasurable quality to those extra years
  • increase your levels of confidence in all areas of you life
  • give you the ability to travel easier
  • enable you to continue pursuing your favorite hobbies
  • give you more energy
  • ensure you’ll be playing with your grandkids for many years

….the list is endless!

My main point for you is that relativity is likely messing with our viewpoint of “normal” Case in point, I recently bought the iPhone 6 Plus. Yes, the one that looks like an iPad. For the first few days, this massive screen was awkward and a little weird to get used to, but soon it felt so natural, it was like the phone was part of my body. In the weeks to follow, I would occasionally use an iPhone 5 and was shocked at how small and wimpy this phone was compared to my new 6. When I had the 5s, I had no idea that there was something else out there that was so much more amazing.

Right now, you might be in a spot that prevents you from understanding what you are capable of, or what is possible, or maybe you don’t have role models who have reached the levels of health and fitness you want to achieve. It’s important you spend time with people who are ahead of where you are on your health journey because they can provide you with a new normal to strive for. Without this shift, it is nearly impossible to push yourself past your current level of comfort. I encourage you to find a peer group who can raise your standard of normal and help you achieve the healthy life of your dreams!



The #1 Thing Required to Lose Fat and Transform Your Life

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The Actor Hugh Laurie once said, “It’s a terrible thing, I think, in life to wait until you’re ready.” I agree with this quote and believe that actually, no one is ever ready to do anything. There is almost no such thing as ready. There is only now. And you may as well do it now. Generally speaking, “now is as good a time as any.”

I was standing on a big pier 25 feet above the water in my swimsuit shivering. It was about 40 degrees and we had pulled off the side of the road heading up to Whistler, BC. I was with a bus full of guys and we were told that on our way up to Whistler to ski, we would get to enjoy some natural hot springs. Awesome!  Except it was all a lie…

Instead, we were standing half naked, out about 75 yards into an inlet off the Pacific Ocean fed by glacier water. It was freezing!  I am not very comfortable in water and VERY scared of jumping into it from more than 10-15 feet. There were 25 guys and we were all huddled around, scared to jump from this height and not excited about the 100 yard swim back to shore in the ice cold water. About 5 guys refused to do it and walked away. That left 20 of us standing around, shivering.

Finally, one guy climbs up onto the railing, yells out an inspirational quote, and does a back flip into the water. Within moments others started to jump in. I wanted to jump in so badly, but every bone in my body really wanted to run back to the bus and put on some warm clothes. This cold water plunge was far more terrifying to me than skydiving, getting chased by hippos in Africa, or skiing double diamonds in the Rockies.

Everyone had left or jumped in, until it was just me and two other guys. They saw the terror in my face and said “Dustin we are going to do this together.” In that moment, I ignored all my fears and excuses, climbed over the railing and all three of us jumped in together. The jump wasn’t as bad as I anticipated and the impact into the water was fine. The frigid water instantly took my breath away, adrenaline kicked in and I doggy paddled back to shore faster than I thought was humanly possible.

What is the point in sharing this story with you?

In the past two months I have seen more people take the “leap” with me to start their own personal health transformation. But for as many people who have taken this leap, just as many have made excuses, deciding to wait until spring, believing there will be a better time.

In the New York Times bestseller “Younger Next Year,” the acclaimed author and doctor describes each day we grow older and age, as another day we ROT. It is only through consistent exercise (6 days per week) plus healthy eating, strong relationships, and enough rest, that we slow down and delay the “rotting” process. I want to say to these people who have decided to wait, “You think after you have rotted for another 3 months, will be a better time to start?” (I don’t say this, though, don’t worry:-)

The time is now and the day is today! I know some of you may be going through some really tough issues right now. Relationships may be strained, maybe your job is stressful or non existent, maybe kids are out of control, or your parent’s health is deteriorating, etc. Situations are not ideal, I get that, but… If you don’t take care of yourself, who will? Nobody.

I hope you are ok with this tough love. I just want to see you succeed. This past year I have been more and more convinced of the power of exercise, nutrition, and a community to love and support you in your journey and I want that for you. In an ideal world, I would have taken swimming lessons, I would have trained in cold water to get acclimated to the shock the body experiences, I would have practiced jumping into water from heights, but there isn’t always time to fully prepare; sometimes we just need a kick in the butt and encouragement and support from our friends and family to help us take the leap.

I hope this message fires you up and gets you to take action – NOW.  I care about you and am wildly passionate about your success.

If you are ready for transformation and looking for a plan to get you there, our digital 6 week challenge includes workouts, weekly video teaching segments, awesome eating plans and recipes, a workout guide, plus online support. This FM4L 6 Week Challenge will give you the kickstart you need! At $1.25/day, this investment in your life and healthy is insanely affordable!  ->-> Click here to sign up

How to not gain 50-100lbs

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Support, community, and accountability are the three words that most of our clients say they are looking for when they join the Transformation Center, because they haven’t been able to find these at big box gyms.

1 Dustin 3One of my favorite compliments to receive is to hear from a client who moves away to another city and e-mails me a year later to report they have looked everywhere to find a fitness community like they had with the Transformation Center and they just can’t find it. While I’m sad these clients haven’t found their fitness homes, these e-mails remind me that the Transformation Center really is a uniquely supportive fitness community.

I just read an article written by a former Biggest Loser contestant complaining about the awful stuff they all had to go through to lose the weight on that show (sweat bags, diuretics, 4-6 hours per day working out, 1500 calories, stress fractures etc).

She commented that the BL hasn’t done much in the way of reunion shows because most have gained all of the weight back and then some.

Given the extreme nature of the show, this probably doesn’t surprise you, but I believe those 50-100 pounds come back for many BL contestants because:

-Adjusting back into the real world is a culture shock since they have just spent many months in a sheltered and confined location that was designed specifically to promote weight loss.

-Re-acclimating back into their previous lives becomes extremely tough, and many will revert back to their old habits and ways because there is no support structure in place to guide them through their new lifestyle.

-Their friends, family, and coworkers haven’t changed, and therefore their environment hasn’t either. Changing your environment is one of the hardest things you can do, and definitely doesn’t happen overnight.

-The plan they were following on the ranch was unsustainable. The body isn’t designed to workout that hard for that long, and eat so few calories. Something has to give. Moderation is the key to lasting results and by design, the BL ranch cannot teach moderation in the real world.

-They went from training with professional trainers and workout groups to either training on their own at their house, or at a gym. Their fellow competitors on the show, along with their trainers, assist in building confidence and high expectations and when they re-enter the real world, those built in cheerleaders are gone.

-As much as the show encourages healthy living as a lifestyle, the carrot at the end of the BL journey is the prize money at the final weigh-in, about 8 months after the initial step on the scale. The prize money is a huge motivator and will keep a lot of people highly motivated. Once they get home and that motivator is gone, finding another carrot that is as big as the cash prize is nearly impossible.

To recap, what can you do to make sure you don’t gain 50-100 lbs?

1. Slowly begin to align your friends, activities, social events, parties, and financial purchases around being healthier, happier, and fitter.

2. Find an exercise and eating plan that you can sustain for the rest of your life, even if that means slower weight loss.

3. Seek out a trainer or fitness professional and a group of peers that are going to support you. Ideally, try to ensure you are neither the fittest in the group nor the most out of shape. Being in the middle of the crowd fitness wise, allows you to see what is possible from those fitter than you, and/or offers you the opportunity to act as a mentor and coach to those who are less fit than you.

4. Surround yourself with others who have high expectations of you.

5. Get a clear picture of why you want to achieve the results you want to achieve. Is it to live longer, be an example to your kids, or enjoy retirement? There is no right or wrong answer, but the answer needs to inspire you to stick to your healthy living goals.

If any of this resonated with you and you are looking for a fitness home that’s unlike anything you have tried before, send a message to and I will get back to you asap. We’d love to have you join our Transformation Center family!

At the Transformation Center we are considering launching a new program for anyone over the age of 50 who has flexibility to workout between 10:30 AM and 12:30 PM. It would be a cross between our private training and our larger bootcamps. If you are interested in learning more about this workout group and time, just send me an e-mail. If there’s enough interest in this class and time slot, we hope to launch it soon!


You won’t believe what Liz accomplished… PLUS a free workout video!

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LizzyToday I want to share with you the story of Liz—an amazing woman who joined my Fit Moms class years ago and is now one of my trainers and an incredible inspiration to all who know her.

When Liz first came to my class, she was very overweight, but she made the commitment to herself to keep showing up. Once she started moving, she got stronger and started to feel better, which kept her coming back.

Eventually, she lost over 80 pounds and is now in incredible shape. Click here to read more about her transformation.

Liz’s story highlights my third pillar of success—get moving! Once you start exercising effectively, you will feel better, sleep better and have more energy. The feeling you get from exercise can give you the motivation to make—and stick with—other changes in your life.

Try it out yourself—get moving today!

Click here for a quick 20 minute workout that you can do on your own.

Your Free Fat-Burning Recipes and Meal Plan!

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I hope you enjoyed the crazy-effective but surprising way to help flatten your abs, which you can do any time, any place!

If you missed the video, click here to watch it now! Also, click here to download your free copy of our fat-burning menu and recipes. This simple menu is gluten-free and offers dairy-free options. It is based on nutritious, whole foods and does not require you to starve yourself or count calories! I guarantee that you will lose weight and feel better, even if you follow it for just one week.


I also want to share two more of my favorite workouts that target your butt and abs—two “problem” areas that most women want to tone >>> Click here for these unique exercises.

Doing targeted exercises like these is a great way to tone your muscles and burn fat. But they are only part of the solution to a fit, lean body. I believe there are four crucial (but simple!) pillars of success that are absolutely essential to have the body that you want, to be able to do the things you want to do, and to keep it that way for a lifetime.






Advice for beginners or those starting out

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Yesterday, I did what is pretty much my absolutely favorite thing to do in my career… I met with 31 new clients who are starting a 6 week program we are offering called, Pay to Lose. I will incentivize them by paying them money, depending on how much they lose.

I explained to these new clients that I have resisted this pay to lose idea since I first considered it 6 months ago because I am so not about taking extreme measures to gain short term results. I really want my clients to make true LIFESTYLE changes that will enhance all areas of their lives. But, I decided to go ahead and offer this Pay to Lose challenge, because if I can use a “gimmick” to get new clients started down the road of transformation, I then have the opportunity to educate the participants on how to make a healthy lifestyle a reality.

1 Dustin

As the women came in, I could see fear and apprehension on many of their faces. The trainers greeted them with a smile and asked how they were feeling. “Nervous” and “scared” were two of the most common answers.

That is a totally normal reaction to joining a program like this; there is a lot to be nervous about. These people are to starting to make a lot of changes to their lives – they will change some of their eating habits, they will be getting up at 5 AM or earlier to workout, they will be meeting new people, and they will be moving their bodies in ways they haven’t moved in a long time.

I had one woman come up to me and share that this would be the first time she had ever formally exercised in her entire life. I let her know how honored I was that she chose our program to be her first experience with exercise.

I spoke to the Pay to Lose participants for about 20 minutes and wanted to share some of the highlights for anyone reading this who is just starting out with an exercise program and/or lifestyle change.

The hardest part is just starting. 90% of a rocket’s fuel is used up before it gets into orbit. Once you start the journey, it is much easier to continue. The inverse is also true. NEVER stop, because it is very hard to restart. Trust me, I see this all the time.

Don’t try to change everything at once. Find a couple key points/areas to start with and really go after those.

When you mess up, forgive yourself and get right back at it! If you skip a workout or eat something that isn’t getting you towards your goals, forgive yourself and get right back on the path of making smart, goal oriented choices. As long as one “bad” meal doesn’t turn into a day which turns into a week which continues on into a month, you will be just fine!

Lean on the support of your accountability group. At our Pay to Lose launch, each person was put into a group of about 4 other participants and asked to exchange contact info. The people in these groups will check up on each other throughout the program to hold each other accountable to their goals, offer support when challenges arise and celebrate each other successes. Having a couple supportive people you report to regularly is SO important!

1 Dustin 2

Ask the trainers for help. Many participants came in having previous back problems or other physical limitations. All of our trainers are highly skilled at progressing or regressing any exercise. Find a fitness professional that is on your side.

Evaluate your support system. Some of the people in your life right now aren’t supporting your new goals and dreams. You may need to slowly phase them out of your life. It won’t be easy, but it will be worth it!

Believe that you are worth it and have faith that this process of transformation is a fun, exciting and fulfilling journey!

This final picture captures the moment we brought it in to the center and shouted the word of the day – SUCCESS. Attending the Pay to Lose launch was their success because they showed up and started their lifestyle transformation ball rolling!

All of these ladies left with huge smiles and lots of laughing. They got a great workout in, have a specific plan for success, and met some really awesome peers who are ready to walk the journey with them.

1 Dustin 3

Are you ready?

The 6 week Pay To Lose challenge started today and we are completely SOLD OUT in McFarland but have two spots available in Oregon. We will get you all weighed in on Wed if you want to join. Click here to learn more.

I hope this inspires you to take action. Hopefully you already have a program or a plan that you know will work for you, but if you don’t, I invite you to participate in our online 6 week challenge. Our FM4L 6 week program provides an easy to follow weight loss and lifestyle plan that I know will work for you! ->-> Click here to learn more about this. <-<-

Five amazing exercises to tone your butt

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My clients are always asking me how to lift and tone their glutes. So today I want to share my five favorite exercises to strengthen and tone your butt and hips.

As a bonus, when you work these large muscles, you will build lean muscle mass that will help you increase your metabolism, burn calories and lose weight.

If you want a done-for-you set of workouts that are designed to be incredibly efficient and effective—they take only 20 to 30 minutes—check out the FM4L 6 Week Challenge.

These whole-body workouts may be short, but they are designed to build strength and put your body into fat-burning overdrive. Many women are saying that they have never felt better. Learn more here!

Stay tuned for what may be the most important of my four pillars of success.


You won’t have a dry eye after you open this

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Early this morning, after climbing my 108 floors of stairs, I received an email from a friend asking me if I had heard of an athlete named Amanda Sullivan. I had not, but I quickly investigated. After only a few minutes of reading and watching some video on her, I had tears streaming down my face.

In a moment I will share a couple links to articles and videos of her story.

I talk so much about your attitude. Your attitude will make or break the quality of your life and your success or failure at reaching your fitness goals. On occasion, I get so upset and frustrated when I am talking with a client, or prospective client, and listening to them ramble on with a million excuses why they aren’t where they want to be or where they said they were going to be. They want me to feel sorry for them. I am a very caring person with only their best interests at heart, but I cannot feel sorry for them. I have met too many people who have overcome far greater challenges in life.

Amanda Sullivan is one of those people. Her abbreviated story goes like this…

She was an athlete working as an aid worker starting an orphanage in Mexico, when she was rear-ended in the middle of an intersection by a guy on his cell phone. It tore her body up quite badly and caused head trauma. After 5 weeks, she was out of the hospital. At week 6, she was walking to her first physical therapy appointment when an 81 year old man crashed his car into her, causing such severe injuries that she spent the next three years completely in bed. She now uses crutches and sometimes a wheelchair, but still completes mud runs and 5Ks.

In one of her videos she says, “We all have excuses, I just choose to ignore them.”

Click here to check out a video NBC did on her:

Click here to read about her story in her own words:

If you are on Facebook click here to like her page and watch her burpee video, AMAZING!

I decided that I had to “meet” Amanda, so over the past 30 minutes we have had an amazing conversation. These are the types of people we need to be surrounding ourselves with. I asked her if she could tell you one thing what would it be?

Here was her response…

“Don’t let the negative committee that meets in your head control you any longer. We tell ourselves every day that we aren’t pretty enough, fast enough, fit enough, smart enough, successful enough, good enough. We would NEVER be friends with someone who tells us the very things we tell ourselves every day!!

If we can control our thoughts, we will control our actions and therefore control our destinies. Silence the negative thoughts, the self-doubt, the fear. If you have a body, regardless of how it looks, YOU ARE AN ATHLETE. The more you face your fears, the more you will chase your dreams. You will discover that you are more able, more unstoppable & more beautiful than you ever imagined possible. You will stop waiting for a hero to come and save you. You will find that hero has been with you all along, gaining strength, courage and confidence with every workout, every goal and every race completed. You will finally learn that YOU ARE ENOUGH. You will learn that you deserve all the hope, light, hugs, compassion, friendship, encouragement and love that you ALWAYS give to others.

The time has come to finally live your life 100%. The time has come to stop making excuses. The time has come to be the HERO you’ve been waiting for. THE TIME IS NOW. You’ve got this!!! You always had it (you just didn’t realize how awesome you truly are until now). “

-Amanda Sullivan

Life is too short to put up with the “vampires” in your life who tell you that you will never succeed or who sabotage you as soon as you begin to see progress. I hope you were inspired by Amanda’s story and attitude. Let’s get up off our butts and MOVE! I have worked out twice today already, but I think I will do a third because I am so fired up right now.


I cried…

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The past two days have been special for me. I have been meeting with potential clients who have filled out the Fit and Fabulous over 55 application for our new program that we are launching in Madison. There isn’t a program even close to this in the Madison area. I spend 30 minutes chatting with each person and I ask a lot of questions and just listen. Each individual story inspires me, challenges me as a human, and makes me a better person.

Everyone has a story and when we block out all the noise in this crazy world and just listen, it can be amazing. Let me just briefly share with you a few of the people I have met (and will get to work with further since 100% have joined our program now).

There was an amazing woman in her mid 60’s who has been a giver and caretaker most of her life. She works full time at a job that requires her to sit the entire day. She is looking to lose about 90 lbs. Walking more then 100 feet is extremely exhausting and almost unbearable. When she married her second husband a decade ago she gained 50 lbs because of the unhealthy lifestyle he lived. She knows too well the challenges of the environment. For her, some simple exercises and eating changes will radically transform her life and the life of her family.

A spunky husband and wife came in who were in their upper 50’s. The wife was the one to come to see me, and the husband came because he didn’t want the wife accusing him of sabotaging her efforts (I found this funny). She was of a healthy weight, but lacked strength. She ate very well, but didn’t want the aging process to take over quicker then it should. She is also prone to bone density issues. He was moderately active and wanted to keep up his golf game, downhill skiing, and continue to enjoy his retirement. He didn’t eat nearly as healthy as his wife, which I could tell frustrated her. I asked him at the end if he would like to join his wife in this program and he said yes, to the shock of his wife. Moral of the story after 35 years you can still learn something about your spouse, and these two together are going to be a force to be reckoned with.

Next was a woman who was soon to turn 60. At one point she was over 300 lbs but has lost over 40 lbs. Her second husband is a quadriplegic who she married about a decade ago. Her story of nurture and selflessness made my eyes water. She has overcome other awful things in her life and is at the point where she is ready to face her past demons head on. She is determined to be strong so that she can continue to serve and take care of her husband and prove to herself that she is capable of anything.

I met another woman who was in her mid 50’s. She had been part of our bootcamps in the past, but wanted something different. Something that was more geared towards her age. She successfully ran a half marathon recently and is in pretty good cardio shape, but her knees are beginning to hurt from all the pounding. She is concerned about her lack of strength, but yet wants to feel and discover the athlete inside of her. She also cares for her adult daughter who has developmental challenges and lives with her and her husband full time. She needs to be physically strong to take care of her.

I took a break from the 55 plus group and met with an inspirational woman in her mid 20’s. She and her boyfriend were both injured a couple years ago doing CrossFit (this is no knock on CF); for the past two years she has battled a bulging disc and gained over 40 lbs. She was a D1 collegiate athlete who is now eager to get back to her former self. She has a good idea what she should be eating, but hasn’t had enough accountability to make it a consistent habit. She will be joining our next Killer Kurve’s session and is probably getting her boyfriend to join as well. Her smile and spirit was incredible.

Another special encounter happened with a single woman in her mid sixties. Her personality and energy were that of a 20 year old. For over 40 years she was a professional dancer and performer. All of that dancing caught up to her joints and she has had a knee replaced, and is in bad need of the other knee and hip being replaced. She uses a cane lightly to walk, and needs to lose 25 lbs before the doctors will replace her other side; and she would like to lose over 75 all together. She watches every Dancing With The Stars Episode saying to herself, “I can do every one of those moves”… until she realizes she is captive to her body right now. I took her to our training room and gave her a couple exercises using the TRX that allowed her to squat and bend her legs deeper then they have been bent in years. I gave her a simple band and put it around her ankles and she did some exercises to strengthen her glutes. She has three beautiful nieces and nephews and they want nothing more then for her to play on the ground with her. Unfortunately, this is nearly impossible right now. I can’t wait to see the progress she makes – it is going to be insane! No more cane, and much easier time getting up from the ground.

So why do I share these stories with you?

Besides the fact that I am super proud of each of these people finding the courage to admit that they need help, and saying YES to investing in themselves, I hope that it does much more for you.

I want to encourage you to take the time and sit down with someone and just ask them questions. Ask them about their life, ask them about love, about their passions, about what makes them tick. We live in such a shallow and busy society that we have lost the art of just listening and supporting.

Second, I believe that we each have a story. We each have a story that is so unique that no one in the entire world has our story. By sharing our story we inspire and teach others. We show our vulnerability, our heart, and our passions.

I want to thank each of these people for sharing their story and blessing me, and I hope that by sharing parts of their story with you, that I have inspired you too.

Lastly, I hope that you can relate to at least one of these stories that I have shared with you. You see, we are all very different, but we all are humans and have the same basic needs and wants.

Tying this back into health, wellness, and fitness, we all desire to have a body that we are proud of, that we can look in the mirror and smile at. We want to have a body that is healthy and disease free so that we can do the activities that we love doing. We want a body and a mind that is sharp, so that our relationships with our spouse, kids, grandkids, friends, and coworkers are as strong as possible.

We all have our demons, our challenges, our mental roadblocks, our injuries, and we have a future. That future is so dependent on the actions we take today.

Thank you for allowing me to share my heart with you today and each day that I write. I am honored that you would take the time to read it.

I hope that this message has inspired you in some way. I am here if you want to share your story with me.