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FM4L_Template3This deal expires at midnight tonight, so check it out here and enter the code CYBERDEAL at checkout.

You may feel tired or overwhelmed by holiday stress, as so many of us are this time of year. Or perhaps you over-indulged at Thanksgiving and your clothes are already feeling a bit tight.

Either way, we can help you get through this busy holiday season feeling amazing.

Imagine how it could feel to start the New Year already on track to meet your weight loss goals! You could wear that holiday dress on New Years Eve and be proud of what you accomplished.

What if you breezed through the busy holiday season, feeling well-rested and with energy to spare? What if you had the guidance and the energy to focus on the things that are most important to you, letting the rest go and feeling good about it?

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I look forward to seeing you in our private, members-only area!

This is the first time we’ve ever offered this program at a sale price, and I cannot promise that we will do it again. Don’t miss this chance to get this incredible program for an absolute steal of a price.

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This is a no risk offer. If for any reason you are unsatisfied, just let us know and we will refund your money, no questions asked.


Did you miss it? Webinar replay available now…

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Did you miss last week’s webinar, with my top tricks and tips for losing weight and staying in shape for life? It’s not too late. You can watch the recording below, or by clicking here.

You’ll learn the 4 most important things you can do to lose weight and build toned, lean muscle (without ever looking like the woman below, in the snapshot of the video!) regardless of your age and current fitness level.


This was a sold-out event, and we had some great discussion. Check it out here!  Even if you don’t watch the webinar, try to do one thing for yourself today. Put yourself first and do something to take care of yourself for a few minutes today. I know it’s hard, but if you don’t take care of yourself, who will? You take care of everyone else around you—you deserve to take care of yourself too.

This Made Me Cry…

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1 UncleThis past Monday at 1 AM my brother’s wife’s water broke and I headed back for a day trip to MN to meet this new member of my family! I am a proud uncle of a beautiful niece! I am especially excited for my mom who has waited for 65 years, (at times impatiently), for her first grand baby. This new addition to our family added to an already amazing weekend! This past weekend made my top three list of most amazing experiences of my career…

For many months, the Fit Moms For Life team has been planning our first annual Fit Moms For Life world-wide Leaders Retreat and we held it right here in Madison, WI at the Transformation CenterOur Fit Moms For Life 6 week challenge program has 106 leaders around the world right now, and close to two dozen of them drove and flew long distances to be part of our three day retreat, (I wish you could have joined us).

Over the course of the weekend the leaders built deep connections with other women, experienced some awesome workouts, ate incredible food prepared by our team of chefs, learned how to prepare quick, healthy meals for their families, got pampered with massages and other little treats, and best of all, were able to experience a weekend with everyone on their side- cheering and supporting them along their journey of health and leadership.

  • No doubters…
  • No discouraging jabs…
  • No “you can’t do this” comments…

This supportive environment is the reason women came up to me at the end of the weekend with tears in their eyes, thanking me and the team – saying it was one of the greatest weekends of their lives. Next year, hopefully you can join us for this amazing experience!

I hope your life is filled with people who believe in you, encourage you to be your best, and are also trying to live their healthiest, happiest, and fittest lives. I would like to share with you my three big takeaways from this weekend and the various speakers I listened to, sessions I attended , and conversations I had with the incredible Fit Moms For Life leaders…

#1 Each of us are on our own journey. Someone who is fitter than you or runs faster than you is not better than you… they have just been on the journey longer than you have and are further along in the process. Be inspired by others’ successes, but don’t compare their journey to yours.

#2 Strive for progress, not perfection. About 30% of the women who attended the retreat had lost between 40-152 lbs from the Fit Moms For Life programs. A common theme among these women was consistency, but not perfection.

When they “fell off the wagon” they found they weren’t actually back to square one. They are different people than they were when they first hopped on the weight loss and healthy lifestyle wagon. The knowledge and new techniques they’ve learned while on their journey make it easier to get right back on that wagon again. Don’t get down on yourself if you haven’t been as consistent as you know you should be. Get back on track and realize you are better, stronger and more knowledgeable than you were a month ago or a year ago.

#3 You should never be the fittest in your workout or peer group. Surrounding yourself with some people who are significantly fitter than you can inspire you to see, understand and accomplish what is actually possible.

Many of these leaders have been the fittest in the FM4L groups they are leading, but when they experienced my workouts in person with some others who were fitter than they are, it showed these leaders there is much more progress that can be made in their levels of fitness. One moment that really inspired me involved a woman named Chanel. She is a mother of 4 and was about 260 lbs before starting the FM4L program. Since then, she has lost over 70 lbs and is planning on hitting triple digit weight loss by the end of the year! Chanel was one of the first women to the top of the massive hill that we run at a local park. To witness her transformation from very obese to one of the fitter leaders, was just amazing and the huge smile on her face at the top of the hill – priceless!

1 FMFL Retreat2

Fit Moms For Life is on a mission to create 14,000 local support groups around the world, one for every McDonalds in America. Help us make being healthy as convenient and affordable as fast food! We are looking for more leaders to join our incredible team (and you will get paid to lead a group)! If you want to facilitate a group in your community click here to learn more about creating a 6 week Fit Moms For Life challenge in your town. As a Fit Moms leader you will receive more direct access to myself and the FM4L team, lots of great resources on helping you and your group get stronger, leaner and healthier as well as access to our amazingly supportive community!

All the leaders who attended our retreat had one thing in common: they all lived full, busy lives but still found a couple hours each week to lead and workout with their FM4L groups. If leading a group is not for you but you are interested in joining the over 600 women who have been a part of the FM4L 6 week challenge click here to learn more and to join as a FM4L participant.

1 FMFL Retreat

Don’t think you need to have everything figured out or be in great shape to become a Fit Moms for Life leader. Our leaders come in all shapes and sizes and some are just starting their health and weight-loss journey. Becoming a leader is an exciting way to get and stay motivated to live your healthiest life! ->->Click here to get started today<-<-


5 Things You Should Do in The Next 28 Days to be “Spring Break” Ready

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Brrr--It-Is-Cold-OutsideIt seems like winter is never going to end and global warming is a joke, but I know many of you will be heading south for spring break and for the rest of us who aren’t, summer is just around the corner. To be swim suit ready, and just feel better overall I would like to share 5 things you should start doing right now over the next 28 days.

1. Eliminate all soda, juice, sugared coffee, and alcohol… You should immediately see yourself losing weight and retaining less water.

2. Strength train intensely 3-4 times per week. This will boost your metabolism and start reshaping and toning the body. Arms are usually the first to notice a positive change.

3. Try reducing or eliminating gluten and dairy and see how you feel. Many times you might have issues with these two and not even know it.

4. Do 10-20 minutes of burst training 2X per week. Short 10-60 seconds of all out intensity followed by 20-120 seconds of rest will increase your cardio like no other and shoot your metabolism into overdrive.

5. Find at least two other accountability partners that are committed to making sure you follow through on your promises to yourself.

6. (BONUS) Write in a gratitude journal each night things that you are grateful for. This will calm you down, help you sleep better, and reduce cortisol levels. It should also help you stay more positive and optimistic.

If you do these 6 things over the next 28 days, I can pretty much guarantee you will lose about 8-10 lbs (if you have weight to lose), you will sleep better, your energy will be off the charts, your fitness level will increase, and your clothes will feel baggy. Please let me know if you are committed to trying this out.

(Non-Madison Residents, skip down to the bottom)

If you want help in the month of March, my team has decided to re-launch our successful 28 Day Skinny Jean Challenge. This challenge will provide you with our #1 tested 14 Day Fat Flush eating plan created by Tracie Fountain, our rock star nutrition expert, and combine that with unlimited access to all of our fitness classes and locations in Madison.

Click here to check out the schedule for East side, West side, Mcfarland, and Oregon.

We are asking everyone who joins to commit to working out at least 3X/week and ideally, doing something that will make you sweat 5X/week. We also want to make this an easy financial decision, so this special is available to anyone who is brand new to our program or hasn’t been a member for at least 6 months. The investment in this program is just $25/week (for 4 weeks). You will only be charged $25 once per week, for the 4 weeks. This 4 week program launches on March 1st with a kick-off meeting I will lead at 9AM at the Fit Moms Transformation Center at 202 South Gammon Road. At this launch meeting we will perform some pretests, get your measurements, and give you more details about the eating plan and workouts.

This popular program will be open to the first 15 people who sign up. If you can’t make it to the first intro session on March 1st, this is not a deal breaker – we will give you a video of the pretests and measurements you can do on your own. If you are a current member of our programs and haven’t received the 14 Day Fat Flush just shoot me an email and I will send that to you for free.

How you look, and more importantly, how you feel, going into this spring and summer, will depend on what you do RIGHT NOW. If this 28 day program doesn’t interest you, that’s okay, but I urge you to go find something NOW that you can connect with and commit to that will lead you to your best self. Click here to reserve one of the (15 spots) 7 spots remaining


When you join I am going to throw in a FREE copy of my book Fit Moms For Life: How to Have Endless Energy To Outplay Your Kids. ($19.99 value). You will also receive 7 home workouts you can do if you can’t make it everyday. Don’t forget you will also receive the menu plan with all the tasty recipes. Click here to start MY transformation

(Non-Madison Residents)Screen shot 2013-10-16 at 9.45.29 PM

We don’t want to leave our friends outside of Madison just hanging, so in a couple weeks we are launching a virtual FM4L Six Week Challenge group, so you get tons of support plus the entire 6 Week Transformation Kit.  ->-> Click here to start my transformation <-<

I know starting something new can be incredibly scary, but I want to assure you each and every “family member” who you will meet was once in your spot and is there to support and encourage you, because they remember what their first day was like too. If you have any questions that you want us to call you about our number is 1-855-Fit-Moms (348-6667).

This Made Me Cry…

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Warning this isn’t a very “happy” blog post…

PrincipalThe west side of Madison is mourning as the beloved high school principal (school is adjacent to our Fit Moms Transformation Center) dropped dead of a heart attack. Just two months ago he gave us access to the high school chairs so that we could hold a seminar at the TC. I train many of the teachers there and students. Unfortunately his heart attack most likely could have been avoided if proper lifestyle was obtained.

A couple days ago I shared with you a story of my windshield shattering and how that symbolizes what happens when people experience heart attacks, stroke diabetes etc. Click here to check out the entire blog post. I had no idea that 24 hours later that truth would hit only 100 feet from home.

I then receive an email that made me cry. It was written from one of my long time clients Lynn, (who you can read about in my Fit Moms For Life Book). Lynn has lost about 70 lbs and kept it off for many years. She has allowed me to share it with you in hopes it inspires you. This stuff isn’t fun to talk about, but it is the reality and I would be doing myself and you a disservice if I didn’t at least bring it up once in awhile.

“You hit the nail on the head with this one Dustin and coincidentally, exactly what I was experiencing when I read it. I was between flights, coming home from NJ where I had just spent a week with my Mom and brother watching my Dad with a tube down his throat, struggling for life in the ICU.

The whole time we were there, my Mom kept saying it was so sudden, he had been fine, how did this happen. It happened over decades. And the sad part is that it Lynnwasn’t all intentional. Health and fitness information was lacking in the time he grew up and his parents weren’t good role models (and that’s being generous). He spent his whole life working 7 days a week at a blue collar job to give my brother and I a better life. He smoked and he drank and he let his weight creep up and he generally ignored his health because he was busy being a provider and he felt strong and powerful and invincible. He did what a good baby boomer husband and father was supposed to do and he did it spectacularly well.

He quit smoking 10 years ago after he had a heart attack and he cut way back on the beer but he didn’t lose the weight and the damage of all that smoking still lingers (he started when he was 12).

I feel grateful for his sacrifices, sad for his current situation and thankful that times have changed. I used to leave newspaper articles for him when I was a grade schooler that talked about how bad smoking is for you. I grew up in a time when health started to become a focus.

I’ve never touched a cigarette or a drug and I can count on two hands the number of drinks I’ve had over the years. I’ve exercised on and off from the time I was in grade school. I used to do a Jane Fonda exercise RECORD with my Mom back in the early 80’s. She would lay out on the ironing board the instruction booklet which had photos of Jane doing the exercises and we would listen and follow along. When we got cable, Charlene Pricket had an exercise show on Lifetime that we did every day. After that, we got a VCR and Kathy Smith was our guru.

I hope to be quick and nimble and strong when I’m my Dad’s age (66). I am glad to report that my Mom is in great health. She’s never smoked or drank and she’s always exercised. My Dad is on the mend. He is out of the ICU and he is receiving PT to recover his strength. Hopefully, he will be able to go home soon.

Thank you Dustin for helping all of us turn out stronger and healthier than the last generation. I get up and go to class every week because I can and I want to be able to do so until my last breath. My husband and I were supposed to celebrate 25 years together this past weekend, but we had to put it on hold. In another 25 years, I will be almost my mother’s age. The next 20 years will determine what my 60’s will look like. Your transformation center is going to ensure that our 50th dating anniversary isn’t spent with one of us in the hospital.”


Thanks Lynn for sharing your story and allowing myself and my incredible team of trainers, and staff to be part of your journey.

While there is still so much we need to learn about nutrition and exercise, we are much more informed then 50 years ago, lets take control of our health and our future and not try to cheat death.

We are excited about our newly launched personal training program. We are opening up 5 additional spots for this life changing program where we walk hand in hand with you to reach whatever goals you have and help you to believe even more in your own capabilities.

->-> Click here to start the process by filling out a quick application <-<

I also met with my team today and we are going to launch a virtual FM4L 6 Week Challenge in two weeks. Basically this means you can order your materials here, and then you will join maybe a dozen others once per week over video chat or phone as we work through the program, celebrate the successes and encourage each other during the challenges. Click here to learn more and order your materials right now

Valentines is this week and give yourself the gift of hope, health, and strength and at less then $3 per day it will fit even the tightest budgets. Forward this URL to anyone you love, it might just save their life and please hug and kiss those who are important in your life, you never know what the future will hold. But hopefully with the right amount of prevention, old age is the only thing that will cause you to pass away. Join our virtual group.


How To Have More Energy and Clarity

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Losing weight is awesome…

Can we agree upon that? Everyday activities become easier, you can buy smaller clothes, and people give you nice compliments.


Is there something even better then weight loss? I believe so. Having energy for the day is even more important then losing weight. That is why the title of my first book I wrote was Fit Moms For Life: How to have Endless Energy to Outplay your Kids. How about clarity of mind? When we are irritated, stressed, tired, hormonal, and hungry our mind can become cluttered, our thoughts become mushy, and we aren’t at our peek mental performance.

I recently asked in a survey “What specific benefits do you experience when you exercise?” I had over 350 responses and one of the most common answers was to have more energy. Exercise alone can have a profound impact on the way you feel. Walking alone can boost your energy. When asked why people don’t go to a gym, the #1 reason was lack of time, followed by no place convenient to go, and third not knowing what to do and feeling stupid.

Gyms can be an awesome place for the right type of person, but sometimes it just doesn’t work. This was the reason why 5 years ago (man time flies), I launched my Fit Moms For Life monthly DVD program. This was a home based exercise and nutrition program that was delivered monthly to their door. Fast forward a few years and over 15,000 DVDs are in use around the world from this 12 DVD set. I have lost count on the hundreds of transformational emails and thank you letters I have received from those on the program. This monthly program goes for $39/month with thousands who have happily invested in it.

Last week I filmed 12 more workouts for our new Fit Moms For Life programs and in order to make room for these new ones, I am doing something I have never done in the 5 years of the program.

I am going to discount these DVDs to just $25/DVD. The only “catch” is there is a 4 DVD minimum. Each DVD contains:

  • fm4l30 minute muscle toning strength training workout
  • 10 minute fat torching burst training workout
  • 12 minute tummy toning core workout
  • 5-7 minute stretching routine
  • 15 minute nutritional session
  • 10 minute interview with the mom who you have just worked out to

This deal will only last one week, so take advantage of this right now if you are looking to add some great workout DVDs to your collection. These DVDs progress from #1 up to #12.

If you want to have one of the 100 sets that are available reply to this email and let me know if you want all 12 or which ones you need. If you order 6 or more I will cover the shipping for you. Another great option is you and a friend go in and get all 12 and you split it up and trade off DVDs. These also make great birthday gifts.


The Best Thing You Can Do For Your Kids

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As a mom you will do anything for your kids. You will stay up all night when they have a fever, you will take off work to get them to a doctor’s appointment, and you will sacrifice your personal money and time so that they have everything they need and want.

I just saw a study that said pregnant moms are 96% more likely to eat healthy. This is awesome since the newer research coming out shows that the nutrition of the mom through the placenta plays a large role on how healthy, and possibly whether the baby will have a predisposition towards obesity.

Once your baby is born and begins to grow, the attention continues to stay on your child and that is when many moms begin to slowly lose important parts of herself, and her health.

1 Actions_not_words!I was recently on a 90 minute call with over 200 thought leaders from around the world and one of the primary topics talked about was the idea that when YOU (moms), take care of yourself, you are modeling that behavior to your kids. Your kids will see that mommy makes time to cook healthy meals, read labels, workout with weights to become strong, and finds time to read a book or create a couple minutes for “mom” time.

I don’t need to tell you that your kids watch what you do and learn from what you do much more then what you say.

So on this call, we talked about the deep guilt that you feel as a mom when you are trying to decide between going for a workout for 30 minutes or playing with your kids, or between making a tasty and healthy 20 minute meal when a frozen pizza can be popped into the oven and you could clean your house instead.

But if we are to step back a moment and really think about it…

Knowing that our kids watch what we do…

We should actually feel MORE guilty if we aren’t taking the time for ourselves.

You might be reading this and 100% agree that you would be a better mom, wife, friend etc, if you carved out a little time in your crazy busy lives to help yourself (I have over 300 survey responses that basically say just that).

Awesome! You are one step closer to achieving that.

Others still might not buy into that premise, so I hope over the next months and years to provide you with so much data, case studies, experts, and so on that you too might become a part of this paradigm shift.

Since the release of my Fit Moms For Life DVDs nearly 5 years ago, and over 15,000 DVDs sold later, I can’t tell you the number of emails and FB messages I receive of stories from moms about how their kids are seeing them workout and want to join in.  Their kids like to play the role of me (the trainer), and tell the mom what she should be doing. The stories, videos, and pictures are adorable and heartwarming, but they go much deeper then that. Those kids are laying a foundation and belief that exercise and healthy eating is what is part of a normal life, and that it is something they should do too since the person they admire most (their mom), is leading the way and setting the example. This of course isn’t a 100% guarantee that this child will grow up to be healthy, but it is an incredible start.

This past week at the Fit Moms Transformation Center we had to cancel classes for two days because of the cold temps and school was also cancelled which caused moms1 a Open Gym to be stressed out and kids to have too much energy.

I had an idea to offer an open gym for two hours. We wrote a workout on the board that the adults could do and the kids could do whatever. We announced this only a couple hours before the scheduled time and ended up having over 40 parents and kids show up.

It was so special to see these kids using the rowing machines with their mom, or carrying medicine balls, or trying to do pushups and enjoy it! The older kids raced (and lost), to their moms on the rowing machines, while others threw balls around and played tag.

1 a open gym 2

I would like to end this by encouraging you to incorporate your kids into your workouts sometimes, and make sure that they see that you are taking your own health and wellness seriously. This can also apply to grandmas with their grand kids.

This is the best thing you can do for your kids.

The Fit Moms For Life 6 Week challenge is a program that a lot of moms are doing with their kids as young as 4 years old. The DVDs are easy to follow and some of them are body weight only so any child can be part of the workouts. We have groups starting in person and online in about a week, so join the over 300 who are already completed their 6 Week Challenge.

Click here to get started

We will be sharing with you more about the program and getting those interested signed up if you haven’t already.

Check out this story about Betsy… can you relate?

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I recently spent over 9 hours in two days pouring over and responding to the 337 surveys that had been submitted about personal choices.  I’ll be sharing all the all the results from the survey soon.

Betsy is a 36 year old, married, mother of two (3, 5), who lives in a relatively small town in Wisconsin. She works part-time to help pay the bills, but is first and foremost a mom to her two young children. She loves being a mom, but also feels that she has lost a bit of who she is. She never lost the baby weight and is not happy with how she looks or feels. She has tried to make changes in the past, going on various fad diets or trying a new workout trend, but she hasn’t been able to stick with anything long term. And in her small town, there aren’t many options for her in terms of fitness centers, health-related services, etc.

She has reached a point where she really wants to change, because she is worried about her own health and her ability to keep up with her kids. She hates how she looks and feels alone and depressed–she does not love who she is right now. But she is terrified that she will not stick with whatever she tries, leaving her to fail once more. She also feels guilty about the idea of spending time and money on herself, rather than on her family. And she has no idea how to fit anything else into her insanely busy days.

Does this sound familiar? Betsy is actually a made up person based off the hundreds of stories people shared in the “Personal Choice” survey. We have created a program that meets Betsy’s criteria.

It is…

  • affordable (under $2.50 per day)
  • time efficient (20-30 min workouts)
  • convenient (can do it at home)
  • has accountability (in person and online)
  • easy to follow delicious recipes (that your family will LOVE)
  • isn’t a quick fix or diet fad (Fit Moms only teaches things that you can do the rest of your life

Screen shot 2013-10-16 at 9.45.29 PM

The program is called the Fit Moms Six Week Challenge, and we are launching a new six week challenge locally in Madison next week, and (online) for anyone in the world starting in a couple weeks.

Click here to learn more and to invest in your challenge kit 

In December, I personally had 30 ladies in my group and they lost an average of 10 lbs in the six weeks. Some lost as much as 22 lbs and those who only lost a couple pounds still lost at least 5-6 inches.

But forget weight loss for a second and lets talk about what these ladies gained.Women

  • They gained confidence that they found a program they could stick with instead of a fad they go on.
  • They began to see changes in the way their kids and husbands ate.
  • They actually ENJOYED going clothes shopping and wasn’t confused what to get at the grocery store.
  • They found simple to make recipes that the entire family loved.
  • They discovered how effect and fun short amounts of exercise can be.
  • They made new friends and have kept in touch with them and created accountability groups.

If you are someone who wants even more accountability, join the 80 leaders from around North America who lead their own FM4L Six Week Challenge in their community and earn money. Some in the first couple months have made close to $1000. The leaders also get much more access to myself and our team dedicated to helping the leaders grow.

Click here if you are interested in being a leader

I would like to challenge you to find 3 others to do this program with you. This time of the year people are feeling guilty about what they did to their bodies through the holidays and you can provide them with a fun and affordable solution that will bring you closer together.

If you have any specific questions about the program please e-mail me at, and I will answer your questions.

Are You Proud of 2013?

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There are only 2 days left in 2013, which gives us a great opportunity to look back on the past year and give the year a rating. Chances are there were areas that were awesome, while others really sucked. Only you know how the past year has been for you. Just like myself, I challenge you to take a “life inventory” of 2013 in the following areas of your life (no particular order)…







-Any other metric you are interested in 2013 2014

2013 2014This can be a painful process. There are areas in my life that 2013 was the best year ever and there are other areas that I wished never happened. That will probably be the case for all of us. It is up to you to decide if you want more of the same or something better.

I would encourage you to set at least 3 goals for 2014. Come up with at least one in each of the following areas:

-Physical achievement: this could be a weight loss goal, a strength or speed goal or something else.

-Relational: is there a relationship you want to deepen? Maybe a relationship you need to end? Or possibly a relationship you want to start.

-Spiritually: this can mean something difference for everyone, but tapping into the higher powers and our “soul” can help ground you and put life into perspective more.

Fit Moms For Life and the Transformation Center are offering more programs and solutions then ever before beginning in 2014. Our Killer Kurves program starts locally January 6th. Click here if you are looking to lose 40 or more pounds of weight. Limited spots are available for Killer Kurves so click here to sign up today. We have FM4L Six Week Challenges starting all over North America through our DVD, book, and journal based community programs. Click here if you want to join or learn more.

Feel free to email me, and share your story with me. I have heard it all and will cast no judgement on anything. I will commit to answering you personally and providing a solution that I think is best.

My friends over at Prograde Nutrition are offering their biggest discount I can ever remember at 40% for any capsule based products including krill oil and multi vitamins. Click here to grab them up and enter “caps40” in the shopping cart.

Cheers to making 2014 your best year yet.



The #1 Best Way To Stay Accountable To Your Weight Loss/Fitness Goals

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I have thought long and hard about this question and after 10 years of research, and real-life observation I have come up with my answer…

The best way to stay accountable to is to help facilitate a group of people who are also looking to improve their health.  Other strategies might include a reward based system. For example, if you workout 4X per week, and don’t go to a fast food joint for the next 6 weeks you will reward yourself with a spa day. Penalty systems can be another way to go. For example you are a hard core democrat. You will give $1000 to the George W. Bush Library Foundation, if you don’t lose 10 lbs this month. These second two strategies play on the pain/pleasure receptors, which are both very powerful and can work well, but I believe the first option, facilitating a group is the most powerful.


WomenSimply put, we are good at letting ourselves down, but we will do anything we can to NOT let our friends and family down.  I have known this tendency in humans for quite sometime, but never has it become so obvious and powerful as in the past 3 months as we launched the Fit Moms 6 Week Challenges across North America (70 of them in total).  When meeting and speaking to many of the leaders their #1 reason for starting their group was to keep themselves on track and accountable.

This surprised me…

I thought they were going to say for the financial benefits (some can make over $1000), or the ability to make new friends, or to give back to their community. But it makes total sense, and that is why the leaders are getting such incredible results (so are the participants), because they are wanting to lead by example.

As we head into 2014, I would like to give you the gift of ultimate accountability and consider becoming a Fit Moms 6 Week Challenge facilitator. Not only will you begin the process of getting in the best shape of your life, you will be enriching and connecting many other women’s lives in the process and get paid for it.

That sounds like a win/win/win.

The best part is it doesn’t take much time on your part, and we have everything you need to promote and lead your group, plus you get exclusive access to myself and my team that is building up the leaders/facilitators.  My goal is to have 30 more leaders signed up by the end of the year so we can launch 100 6 week challenges early next year.

Click here to learn more and to get started

I know this can seem like a big and scary thing to do, but I will be here to hold your hand throughout the entire process.

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If you have any questions regarding this program email me at, and I will get back to you shortly. You don’t need to be at your ideal place, you just need to have a willingness to invite and to love on your community.

Don’t Give Up!!

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I have seen so many people reach amazing physical accomplishments that both them and myself are shocked at. One of the programs I created and run is call MamaTone Fitness. These women are in their late 20’s to late 40’s. Every day I am inspired at how hard they work and the attitude each one brings!  Half way through their 4th set of sprints up an extremely steep hill one woman said, “Do you know how old we are?” It was true that this group of women were all over the age of 40 and I had been working with them for over 6 months. If you would ask these women how they feel, many of them would say they feel better and in far better shape than when they turned 30! One woman in her mid 40’s can do 14 pullups, another mother of 4 children can bench press her weight, a few 60 year old men can do over 10 pullups, are getting off their blood pressure medications, and feel better than they did a decade ago.

I want to point out what is possible when you believe, and work towards what you are capable of. Unfortunately, I have seen many people who let their limiting beliefs such as; I am too short, I am too old, I was never athletic, and I am just big boned, to hinder their results. These individuals will NEVER reach their potential with an attitude and belief like that. 1 Don't give up

I ask you, what is holding you back from reaching your potential? Is it fear? Is it laziness? Is it low self esteem? Whatever it is, push past it and go for what it is that you only thought was possible for “that other person”.

I don’t know where you are at today, maybe you feel like you are on top of the world with your body, finances, relationships, and confidence. If so, awesome keep doing what you are doing and look to improve.


Maybe life has thrown you some curve balls and challenges recently.  I spend a lot of time reading biographies, and listening to interviews from people who have had success in various parts of their lives. The only common thing I can find in all of their stories is that they didn’t give up. When life threw them challenges and knocked them down, they got up and fought some more even though they didn’t know what would happen next. Generally those who have had the biggest successes have overcome the highest hurdles.

Sometimes it seems like we are trying every possible option to reach our goal (the cheese), but we need to keep trying and looking for new ways of doing things.

If you need someone to vent to, feel free to share your story of challenge with me via e-mail at  I’d be happy to listen and lend an eye and ear, all I ask is that you include what you are now going to do to make the situation better.

Keep Moving!!


What’s Your Fitness Age?

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I want to give a big shout out to my dear mom who turns 65 today. When most meet her they think she is at least 10-15 years younger and her energy and spirit are even younger then that.

We can’t change how old we are from a calendar standpoint, but we can change how old we look and feel. A recent article came out in the New York Times that talked about a European research team that took massive amounts of health data and created a simple calculator that estimates your “fitness age.” I have been sharing this with some of my clients and they have been reporting that their fitness age is 10-15 years younger then their actual age.  That of course isn’t surprising with the level of intensity and the healthy eating plans they are on.

I thought you might enjoy checking out how “young” or “old” you are.

Click here to calculate now

If your calculated age is much lower then your actual age, congratulations and keep up the great work. If you aren’t happy with the number that came back and want to do something about it send me an e-mail along with your story and I will do what I can to help. Make sure to let me know where you live also.

For those of you living in WI we are starting to hold cooking classes and workshops. We have our first one next week on Tuesday night, limited spots are available so click here to learn more about how to make nutrition PRACTICAL in your life.