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It is OK To Be Scared…

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DustinI can’t tell you how many times I hear, “Dustin, I really want to get in shape and feel better,  I’d like to join one of your programs but I am scared I will (fill in the blank).”  The most common answer is, I am scared I will fail or I will give up. Doing something different or uncomfortable is scary, stressful, and nerve-racking, but the alternative to that comfortable, boring, stagnant, isn’t pleasant either.

An example from my own life. I am scared…

If you have been reading my newsletters for the past few months you are aware that I have launched a brand new facility called the Fit Moms Transformation Center.  At the same time my team launched the FM4L 6 Week Challenge in 65 communities around North America.  I’ve been coordinating all this while still teaching 20 plus classes each week.  In one week alone I hired 8 new people.

I am scared…

-I am scared I can’t keep up the 16 plus hour work days that I am putting in.

-I am scared that I won’t be able to generate enough new clients to pay the very high rent at the beautiful space (for the past 7 years no fitness place has been able to pay their rent).

-I am scared that I have people joining my team/mission who are leaving cushy 6 figure careers to pursue a dream of longing to help as many moms be as healthy, connected, and happy as possible.

I am scared of failure…

Can you relate to this in any area of your life?  So what can you do, and what am I doing to get through this challenging time in my life? I first ask myself the question, “What is the worst thing that could happen?”  If you are scared to start a new eating and exercise program, the worst that might happen is that you fail again, your friends think you are crazy, your kids complain about the healthy food, or you waste a few dollars.  To me all these things aren’t too serious compared to the potential and highly probability towards the upside.

Second question I ask myself is “WHY” do I want to do this?

You need to have a HUGE why.  People who are close to me were shocked when I decided to open up such a large Transformation Center.  They knew this wasn’t my first desire, but I felt I owed it to all my long-time clients.  I wanted  to give them the space they deserved, and they had been requesting it for some time now.  I also felt I owed it to my community (Madison), which has been so good to me.  I wanted to offer a safe place for the family to come in such a way that I didn’t see being offered other places.Fit MOms

For the FM4L 6 Week Challenge and everything that entails my “why” is even more massive…  I know based off of research, personal conversations, and experience that we are “starving” for meaningful relationships in our lives.  Being unhealthy, overweight, low-energy sucks, but if you have great relationships it doesn’t suck nearly as bad.  Fit Moms For Life is all about creating nutrition and exercise programs that connect women to one another and help facilitate those relationships.

One other big question I ask myself is who can I talk to, work with, hire, or get mentored by who has done what I am looking to do?

This one is so huge…

I would rather take someone’s painful and expensive lessons and learn from them instead of having to go through them myself.  Each year I invest upwards of 50K in seeking mentors, coaches, seminars, books, etc.  I would rather live in my small one bedroom apartment at 30 years old and be able to invest in coaches rather than live in a 6,000 square foot home and not be able to continue to grow as a person through personal development.  My coaches and mentors have been where I have been earlier in their lives. They provide me the tools and confidence though advice and a systematic plan so I too can get to where I want to go.

Same thing goes with fitness.  Investing in a program that you know has a great track record and gives you an “UNFAIR ADVANTAGE” compared to anyone trying to do it on their own. This could mean joining a gym, investing in some DVDS, hiring a personal trainer, a nutritionists, or a wellness coach just to name a few. Seeking the advice of someone who lives it day to day, and has studied it will help you progress in making changes you want to make.

As I wrap this up, I want to remind you that feeling scared is OK.  We all experience it.  Asking yourself the questions above and then surrounding yourself with others who have been successful in the area that you want to improve upon will help you gain the confidence needed to be successful.  For me, I am confident that with a couple more months of super long hours at the Transformation Center membership will pick up.  I’m confident it will become a household name in Madison, and the go to place for moms and families looking to transform their lives to healthier, happier, and more connected.  I will continue to hire a team that believes in the same things and are all there to support that mission.Women

The Fit Moms For Life movement, which I believe is in the stage of being a spark, will be taking off life wild fire over the next 18 months as moms find out how much fun and incredible life can be when healthy, fit, and connected, and how much better of a mom they will be to their kids if they themselves feel successful, full of energy, and empowered.

If you want to start that journey with me (as opposed to other great programs out there) I have a couple programs starting up in Madison and also a national program.  I have a 28 Day Skinny Jeans Challenge starting Monday at my 5 fitness locations.  Three spots remain.  Click here to learn more about this, close to $3/day.

I am also launching FM4L Six Week Challenge groups on Tues/Thurs nights in Madison as well as anywhere around the world.  You can sign up by clicking here.  If you are in the Madison area, let me know if you want to come to the Tuesday or Thursday 7 PM session.  Here is a pic of all those that signed up a couple days ago at our 6 Week Challenge open.

Fitness Should Be Fun

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CEOEvery speaking engagement I do, I get everyone moving and interacting with each other. I have never had a group that I couldn’t get to laugh like we did when we were kids… Seriously, I have worked with lawyers, accountants, engineers, and high powered wealthy CEO’s and it is always awesome to lighten up the atmosphere with laughter.

Learning should be about FUN, and doing things that you normally wouldn’t do.  I think having fun is what is missing in today’s society, and also the fun in today’s workouts. I don’t believe Zumba is the best workout around, but for people who like to dance, it is FUN for them, and for that I say go for it!

I was reflecting back on our FM4L 6 Week Challenge groups in Madison, WI, a program that has taken nearly a year to develop and 10 years worth of experience that has gone into it.  I was speaking with a woman who is doing the challenge with her mom.  She said her mom laughs through the entire workout. That was great to hear, because I intentionally had a few good guy friends apart of the group workout DVDs to make things goofy and fun.  Nutrition shouldn’t be hard and complicated either. It should be simple, straight forward and fun. My natural-nutritionist Tracie Hittman-Fountain, who I have been working with for 6 years, and who is the mastermind behind the eating plan, made it as simple as possible for moms or anyone else to cook and prepare.

This morning I received an inspiring email from a woman named Laura. I want to stress her results are NOT typical.  I also want to show it is possible for some whose bodies aren’t in a healthy homeostasis balance when following the the Fit Moms for Life plan exactly, results will happen!

Laura Loses 9 lbs in One Week on the Fit Moms for Life 6 Week Challenge.

1000020_10201810699255528_249945312_n“When I was down to only 2 pairs of shorts that fit, I was ready for a change. I cut out all the really bad stuff: pop, doughnuts, cookies. But I was still working out as usual and having the occasional frozen pizza, maybe 2 servings at a time. After 2 weeks of doing it alone there was no change in the scale. What was wrong?

I had been receiving Dustin’s newsletter for 2 years and knew he would be able to help me. I emailed him, introducing myself and asking what he could do to help. I also started scouring his newsletters, gleaning all I could. I noticed there was a 6 week challenge coming up and thought this might be what I needed! Dustin answered my email within a day and told me about the challenge: new exercises for me, a meal plan, and a support group that meets once a week (plus Dustin to answer all my questions, inferred).

I signed up, picked up my materials, and I tried his fit moms’ workout right away, where we got to push an SUV around the parking lot, just like on The Biggest Loser! Then I went to his Elver Park boot camp. That hill is hard even for someone who exercises a lot! The meal plan is just what I needed. You just pick a breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks from the list, and there are recipes for the main dishes. I said to myself, “Where are all the big salads?” There are some salads, but mostly, hearty, healthy foods. In a week, I have lost 9 pounds. When you sign up, be sure to try the sweet potato souffle and the spinach quiche. Mmmm!?”

-Laura K

Thanks Laura for sharing and for your commitment and excitement for the program.

There are a couple great lessons we can learn from Laura, no matter what type of program or routine you join/start.

#1 A problem… Laura was down to two pairs of shorts that fit her. This was her pain point that made her take action.

#2 Do what she knew how to do… Laura eliminated the obvious things that we all know are bad. This is a great first step, but in her case didn’t get her to her desired outcome.

#3 Asked for her… Laura reached out to me for help

#4 Became educated… Laura went back to the probably hundreds of newsletters I had sent her over the past few years to glean as much as she could.

#5 She took action and purchased the FM4L 6 Week Challenge for just $99.

#6 She followed the program and didn’t waiver from it.

Like I said this is a great recipe to follow for awesome results no matter if you do any of my programs, P90X, CrossFit, Zumba, or the hundreds of other programs out there.

Due to the large response in Madison for the FM4L six week challenge that I am holding, I am going to add a second time slot on Thursday nights at 7 pm! I have my first kickoff party this Tuesday (Oct 22) night at 7 pm at the Fit Moms TC, 202 South Gammon Road. Everyone who has signed up or wants to hear more about it before making a decision can come and hang out with me that night. We will be watching a short powerful video, getting to know each other and having a lot of fun. THEN the next week we will officially start, so nothing on Thursday the 24th, but we will meet on the 31st (Halloween).

Click here to go directly to the shopping cart to sign up,


Click here if you want to hear more about the program. At the end of the month we are starting a virtual FM4L 6 Week Challenge program for anyone in the world, which you can sign up the same way by clicking here and learning more about it.

If you have questions simply email me at


Fit Moms for Life 6 Week Challenge

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A couple days ago blogged about the characteristics of a negative support network.  If you feel like you could relate to any part of that and want to change, I would like to try to come along side of you and encourage you. I have found that creating a health and wellness focused group of friends can go a long way into starting down that path of positive, abundant-minded friends ~ a positive support network.

Over the past nine months my incredible team and I have been working very hard behind the scenes taking a look back on the past decade of training clients and what has worked and what hasn’t.  We kept asking ourselves this question…

“How can we create a program that is so simple, affordable, and transformational, that it will spread like wild fire and build communities of like minded people in the process?”

Over the past year we believe we have found the answer. This summer was spent filming all brand new workouts, taking the best of the best from the past 10 years, and bringing in some of my top clients to film the workouts with us.  With the help of our incredible nutrition experts we combined cutting edge science, with simple and affordable meal plans that wouldn’t take hours to prepare and would SAVE you TIME and MONEY.  Then we took the most powerful techniques on mindset, goal setting, and time management and bundled it into a plan that only requires SMALL changes.

What we have is the Fit Moms For Life 6 Week Challenge!

Screen shot 2013-10-16 at 9.45.29 PM

It’s designed to be done in groups with other people, although you can do it by yourself and still get incredible results.

Click here if you want to see if there is a group near you formed. If not you can click here to start your own group.

In the first month of launching we have 65 groups started with hundreds of participants. We believe that this is the little pebble that is starting a massive movement towards community-based health and wellness programs. It starts in the home and begins by changing the relationships you have and the relationships you have towards food and exercise.

Screen shot 2013-10-16 at 9.16.51 PM

If you are living in the Madison, WI area, I am going to get into the action and lead a Fit Moms For Life 6 Week Challenge group myself. It will take place Tuesday nights at 7 pm at the Fit Moms Transformation Center (202 South Gammon) starting Oct 22nd. The first meeting will be our “House Party”, I will provide some food and everyone who is signed up AND anyone who is still thinking about joining is asked to attend. We will have some fun music, games, and watch a powerful 20 min video that explains a bit more about what you will experience over the next six weeks.  ->->Sign up while spots remain<-<-

Screen shot 2013-10-16 at 9.08.53 PM

Those who are still on the fence will then sign up and the following week will be starting week 1.   If you are local to Madison and would like me to add a second session at 7 pm on THURSDAYS reply to this email and let me know.  If we get 8 responses I will have a second group.

Screen shot 2013-10-16 at 9.08.24 PM

We have many also doing it remotely and joining us in our online community and that is great too. Many of them will become leaders once they see how much their body is transforming.

2***This picture is of one of the groups led by another leader Shelley after finishing up one of the fun group workouts together.

Bottom line is whatever type of exercise and eating plan you choose, I would encourage you to find a couple people to be your accountability partners and support team. Our culture as a whole is rooting for us to stay fat, sick, and unhealthy. We shouldn’t expect will power to be our only defense.

->-> Click here to start the FM4L Six Week Challenge <-<-

Reach out and get support and reach out and support others!

If you are confused about the program or just want to share a struggle or something great that has happened, email me, and I will personally read it and respond if necessary.


Transformation Center Celebration!!

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Even though you might not live near Madison, Wisconsin I wanted to include you in this and still invite you since you are a huge part of the success of my local programs even if you didn’t know it!

Just over one week into the new transformation center things have been really heating up!  We held our first Fit Kids Birthday Party for 18 high-energy 7-9 year olds. They had a great time and some even cried when they had to leave, and the 7 year old birthday boy already has determined he will have his next party there. The photo booth that we invested in was a huge hit.  Last night we hosted over 100 people for a Jewish hair cutting party for a 3-year-olds “first haircut.”  The guests were so impressed with the facility that we have a few more parties being booked.

Besides the parties and gatherings we have had about 130 of our “family members come for killer workouts, lots of laughs, and great bonding and community. Oh and how can we forget about all the awesome smoothies being made.  Tranformation CenterThe Fit Moms TC will fully open up the week of Oct 21st. Fit Kids programs will begin at 4:30 PM (reply to this email for details), along with our noon 30 min express workouts and mid and late afternoon bootcamps.

To celebrate this place with the community we are going to throw a party! This party will take place Friday from 6:30-10 pm, on Oct 18th. Our potluck food theme will be “Desserts and Appetizers.” Bring your favorite dish to share dancing shoes because we will have lots of music and fun lights.

Click here to RSVP

This is open to anyone, so please click here to RSVP for this free event and share it with someone you think might be interested in the TC.  I know with all the changes and additional programs being offered there can be some confusion… Especially since we haven’t finished building our new beautiful website, so reply to this email with questions and I will get back to you.

Click here to RSVP

Also don’t forget we have 4 others locations… Oregon, McFarland, Madison East, and Sun Prairie who are all receiving some more “fun” toys to play with. Click here to see the entire schedule for all 5 locations

5 Best Pieces of Fat Loss Tips

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YogaI wanted to share with you my 5 best pieces of fat loss tips. Keep in mind this is based off hundreds of scientific studies, and close to 10 years and thousands of clients that I have observed.

Don’t ignore this due to its simplicity…

#1 Know where you are and where you want to go.  It blows me away that people aren’t clearer on where they currently are, and what their end goal is. Losing weight, having more energy, are not specific enough goals. Complete a pre-test of some exercise, measurements, weight, etc.

#2 Find an eating plan that is SUSTAINABLE.  Atkins never worked long term for the general population because it wasn’t practical for people living in our type of society. Crash diets don’t work because it creates too large of a calorie deficit and your body rebels by craving high calorie foods and storing as many of those calories as fat. Low fat generally doesn’t work great, because it messes up your hormones and doesn’t make you feel full.

#3 Weight training, plus HIIT, plus a little steady state cardio, is the best types of exercise for burning maximum amount of fat AND changing the actual shape of the body. Cardio alone isn’t the best, nor is just strength training. I might add, doing some yoga is a great idea to even the body out and repair it from the higher impact and weight bearing activities.

#4 Reprogram the negative beliefs and self-talk that have been sabotaging you.  You can do 1-3 but to keep the momentum and results going you need to change the thoughts that are circulating deep in your mind. Affirmations are one technique you can use.

I saved the most important for last…

#5 Find a team of support that will be there during your success and during your challenges.  This is the secret ingredient. I can’t tell you how much of an uphill battle you will face if you have an unsupportive spouse, friends, and coworkers etc. Even the most motivated and hard-willed individuals will crumble over consistent sabotage from their peer group.  One other supportive person is better then none, but I have found 4 or more people who are all there for you seems to work best. More than 10-12 and you lose the closeness and intimacy of the accountability.

I hope you find these 5 tips to be helpful. It is no coincidence that the Fit Moms For Life 6 Week Challenge (and all my local programs in Madison) are so transformational. They do an incredible job at addressing all five of these points.

I have a goal of transforming the lives of 500 women by the end of this year through our FM4L Six Week Transformational Challenge. So far we have over 200 from all over North America and we are up to 65 leaders leading groups in their local communities.

Click here to learn more about this program and at just over $2 per day this program is so affordable that money isn’t the reason you don’t join. Plus the program was designed for the busiest of women, so you can expect to spend only 90-120 min per WEEK doing the exercise.

Get started today!! >>>


Healthy Mom, Healthy Family, Healthy Community!

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Tranformation Center

We are so excited about our new “Transformation Center”. Our tagline: “Healthy Mom, Healthy Family, Healthy Community”.

We are also exited to be offering programs for moms, (of course) guys, kids, and many things for our community such as birthday parties, movie nights, date nights (parents leave kids at our place for a night of fun), and so on.

I would like to invite you to come visit sometime, no matter where you live in the world.  We had 70 energetic and awesome people to get things going.  I might write in more detail about the experience of opening up a place, but I can say that I have never worked longer hours, felt more stress, and doubted myself on occasion. But I am confident with the support of an incredible team and community this will be a great thing for our community.

To me this is another example that the greatest things in life require hard work, nights with very little sleep, and moments of stress that you aren’t sure you are capable of handling.

So, if you have a goal right now that you are going after very hard because you KNOW it is the right thing to do and you are experiencing the emotions above, I just want to let you know to keep believing and remembering that anything above “ordinary” requires extra-ordinary work. You must be willing to do things 99% of others aren’t willing to do.

One part of the transformation center I am extremely excited about is the weekend kids birthday parties. It will give families another option for a healthy and fit party, while giving the parents a well needed break from having to “plan” or “do” much of anything. Plus it allows me to hire another 5 people which makes me happy!  My BDS (Birthday Delight Specialists) have created a short survey about kids birthday parties and I would be grateful for any of your experiences and opinions.

Click here to share you opinions >>>

We are wanting to be the #1 party destination, because a birthday party is a great way to reach kids and show them a fun time while making it healthy focused, and it allows moms to experience what the Fit Moms Transformation Center is all about.

Please also check out our Universal Fit Moms for Life Six Week Challenge >>>

Don’t Try Any of My Fitness Programs Until You Read This… We Might Not Be Right For You

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1 Trans

Don’t Try Any of My Fitness Programs Until You Read This… We Might Not Be Right For You

I am going to write this from the perspective of Madison, WI, but you could be reading this from most places in 1st world countries and it will apply to you as well.

It is quite the paradox we are living in… we are sicker and unhealthier then ever before, yet have more amazing options to gyms, weight loss programs, and so on.

How can this be?

The major problem, which I am not going to focus on in this article, is that everything in our society is encouraging us to be lazy and eat quick, processed food.  Our lives are designed for comfort and convenience… this is our biggest challenge.

But what if someone wants to truly change?  What program is best suited for them?  If you had asked me this 5 years ago, I would have selfishly said “MINE!” It wouldn’t have mattered who the person was or their goals, strengths, and weaknesses.

But as I have gotten older, and hopefully a touch wiser, I know that in many cases my programs might not be the best for you.

I am going to try to make this as simple as I can and make some generalizations about the various options you have to choose from regarding your fitness.  I am going to try to make this as unbiased as I can, realizing that I am too close to the industry to make it 100% unbiased so please keep that in mind as you are reading this.

Here are 4 major options that you can choose from.

1.  Bare bones gym: This is a small, no frills gym, many times open 24 hours.  Has all the weights and cardio machines you will ever need.

Examples in Madison: 24 Hour Fitness, Snap Fitness, Anything Fitness, Planet Fitness

Price: This is the cheapest option ranging from $15-$40/month

Pros:  Extremely affordable and convenient.  Many locations and usually open all hours of the day.  Nice equipment.

Cons: Can be very crowded during peak times because they need to over-sell memberships to stay in business, no accountability (these gyms need to have a large % of people to never show up in order to survive), no nutritional guidance, and no support.

Who this is perfect for: someone who knows how to put together safe and effective workout programs, and who is self-motivated, one who already has a great understanding of nutrition and just needs a place to work out.  I would say that I fit this definition as long as I brought in a workout partner to help me stay motivated.  I can work with anything and come up with fun, challenging workouts on my own, but still need the push from a friend.

2.  Traditional gym: this is generally quite a bit bigger, with 2,000 up to 30,0000 members. There is front desk staff, it will include specialty classes, a pool, sauna, hot tub, and lots of weight and cardio machines.

Examples in Madison: Supreme Health and Fitness, Princeton Club, Prairie Athletic, Harbor, Pinnacle, Gold’s

Price: $40-$90/month

Pros:  They offer a lot of bells and whistles and amenities for the price, usually have child care, lots of available times, and different classes.  There is also great variety of equipment and instructors to fit a wide range of interests.

Cons: Many of the classes, child care, and services are add-ons so you have to pay extra for those.  The front desk staff might know your name so it is a little more personable, but still no accountability for you to show up.  Similarly to #1, if these gyms had 100% show up rate 3X per week, they would not have the space or equipment to handle them all.  No nutritional guidance.

Who is this perfect for:  this is great for families or individuals who like to exercise, might not be experts at it, but like variety and options.  They can join classes and learn the choreographed routines and maybe meet some people in the process.  This is great for someone who is outgoing and can strike up a conversation with anyone.  Since there is people there working out at the same time each day, you could find a workout partner.  You already know what to eat and have an idea of what types of workouts you should be putting together to avoid injuries and overuse. This is also nice for those who like to relax before and after workouts, because there are plenty of places to hang out and read, sit in the sauna, and relax.  Can be a great place to call their third home.

3.  Specialty programs and small group training facilities:  these charge more, but provide many more individualized programs.  There are less members overall, but more emphasis on each individual.

Examples in Madison: Fit Fun Bootcamps, MamaTone Fitness, Killer Kurves, CrossFit, Farrell’s Extreme Bodyshaping, Hybrid, Orange Shoe, Fit Club, Monkey Bar, Pat’s Gym, Melt Studio,

Price: $90-$250/month

Pros:  There is a high level of accountability and support and different workouts each time.  If you aren’t showing up, they will notice.  Behavior change is focused along with the workouts. Nutrition is talked about a lot and meal plans and education is a main focus.  Workouts are usually challenging, results can be dramatic, friendships are made very easily, and you get the advice of personal trainers without having to pay their fees. Proper form and breathing are emphasized.

Cons:  it is a larger financial investment, limited hours available, hard workouts that can potentially lead to injuries, waste of money if you aren’t using it, can be hard to do if you have lots of joint issues, not many extra physical amenities to use besides the workouts, the education, and the support and camaraderie.

Who is this perfect for:  a person who is wanting a place to belong and call home, where they are encouraged to meet others who are looking to improve their bodies and lives.  It is for a person who might be looking for a life change and doesn’t know what to do or where to turn, a person who lacks a healthy supportive environment around them.  On the other side, it is also great for former athletes who are use to coaches and players to train with, the camaraderie with these types of programs are similar to that of sports teams.  These are also great for people who don’t want to think about putting together their own workouts or deciding what foods they should be eating, rather they would prefer a plan that is set out for them.  Lastly this is a great option for someone who is looking to not just show up and leave, but someone who is looking to invest in their fellow peers, and to join in on the community activities and be part of a tight knit group.

4.  Personal trainers: They are one on one with a certified trainer who will work with your individual needs and create a program that is specific to that person.

Examples in Madison: Most of the gyms have this as an option and many will push it very hard to newcomers (Supreme Health and Fitness is one exception).  There are many independent trainers who rent space out of gyms, or visit people’s homes.

Price: $520-$910/month coming 3X per week or $40-$70/session

Pros:  Extremely customizable, can work around injuries, proper form focused on, high accountability, focus on nutrition and overall well-being.  Workouts can be always changing.

Cons:  Price is too high for many to consistently work with a trainer, there isn’t much camaraderie with their peers, there is a huge variety in skill levels of trainers, so pick wisely.

Who this is perfect for:  Someone who has $500 plus dollars of disposable income and who doesn’t like to work out in groups or one who isn’t comfortable with how to perform exercise or proper form or nutrition and wants someone to explain things each step of the way.  A person who wants to get pushed and challenged and open to trying new things would also be good for this program. Another example would be someone who values the consistency of having that one person they can trust and count on to be there for them when they fall off the wagon or go through challenges. Also a person who has lots of injuries or unique physical challenges that require significant modification would benefit greatly from a personal trainer.

I started as a personal trainer exclusively and most of my amazing team of trainers are also personal trainers.  I love personal training and what it has to offer.  Some people just love to train one on one, but I have found that groups bring out the healthy competition in each person and elevate the adherence to the program by seeing their peers get in shape.

I realize I have left out studios that specialize in yoga, pilates, or nutrition programs like Weight Watchers or Jenny Craig, but this is already quite long.

As you can see, we do not lack options, rather we might lack clarity of what option is the best one for you.  Over the past 10 years I have tried to expand my programming to reach different types of people. That is why I now have Fit Fun BootcampsMamaToneKiller Kurves,Fitness 4 Kids, and the Fit Moms For Life DVDs.

When someone asks me what my ideal client looks like I list the following.  If you feel like you meet most of these criteria my team and myself would be honored to work with you.

-Willing to take responsibility for where they are

-Willing to work hard

-Maintain a positive and supportive attitude towards themselves and fellow participants

-Desire to invest in the program and help build and maintain the community/family feel

-Doesn’t have too many severe joint issues

-Understands that investing in themselves (time and money) is something that is worth doing

-Is 100% committed to achieving results and willing to try new things

-Is completely ready to have their life and body transformed to levels that they have never seen

Read what others are saying about our programs >>>

Check out our programs >>>  and products >>>

What a Fitness Professional Does On His 30th Birthday

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My brother and I after I had finished 30 sets.

My brother and I after I had finished 30 sets.

When I realized 30 was approaching it was a weird feeling, I really don’t get worked up about birthdays and hardly celebrate them, this year was different, I think more so because of what I thought my life would look like at 30 when I was 15 or 20.  I thought house, wife, and kids.  Well I am 0-3 on that but I am right where I want to be, which just goes to show we don’t always know what we want in the future.

If you have followed my programs and writing for sometime, you know that I am not a huge cardio guy personally and I don’t include it in many of my programs that pertain to weight loss.  I still believe that weights and burst training are the two most important components to an overall fit looking and feeling body, but I am discovering through science that longer distance cardio can be added in moderation and still have its benefits.

I have been incorporating stair climbing as my form of cardio, it is good on my problematic knee, and it is easy to see progress.  I decided to take on 30 sets up and down of one of the hardest and steepest stair cases I am aware of.  A few hours late, my Fit Fun Bootcamper Lynn and I went back with her Garmen and we determined that it is 106 feet in vertical elevation.  So to put that in perspective that is like going up AND down the World Trade Center 2.5 times!  If you have run down stairs you know that is the toughest part on your legs.

Here is the video of my experience:  This took place at the Blackhawk Ski Hill Jump in Middleton, you can get a stairs pass online for just $36 for the summer.

Some are having a hard time watching the video, we are working at making this right.

I am very thankful to God for giving me a body that is capable of moving, and not only moving, but moving in such amazing ways.  There are millions who can’t say the same thing either due to natural causes they couldn’t control, or poor eating and exercise habits over their lifetime.  I don’t share this with many people, but is was 12 years ago when I got the devastating news that my knee had a rare degenerative disease in it, and that I would never be able to play another sport or be very active.  The best doctors in MN told me at best I could live a typical American life.  Well I didn’t want to live typically.  Although I had to eliminate all high school sport senior year and rest it most of college, and then got a radical surgery that took a couple years to fully recover from, I can say my knee was good enough to do that today, something that I couldn’t ever had imagined being able to do at 18 when taking a step on my left leg was impossible.


I want to wrap this up with a challenge.  What area in your physical life, spiritual, emotional, career, financial, and so on would you like to change?  Come up with a crazy challenge to show yourself that you are capable of far more then you ever imagined.  Once you accomplish that it will give you momentum to chase other things.

Fat Burning Partner Workouts

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Exercise SHOULD be fun.  At least some of it.  When I look at designing workouts for my Fit Fun Bootcamps, MamaTone, and various DVD programs, I try my best to add some sort of element of fun.

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This morning myself and my 12 trainers kicked off our outdoor bootcamp season.  I forgot how amazing it feels to workout in the great outdoors.  We had some light mist and fog to deal with today, it had a “magical” feel at 5:30 AM 🙂

One way to make working out fun is to do exercises that require two people.  I have spoke many times about the power of a support team, but when you have someone else there to encourage you and to make things a little more difficult, you tend to work harder and laugh more.

Here is a video I filmed with two busy moms.  Each have had 5 kids, so please no excuses about not being able to get shape after kids, or finding the time.  You can read Jody’s full story in my book Fit Moms For Life: How to Have Endless Energy To Outplay Your Kids.

These 3 exercises can be done with another girl friend, your kids, or a significant other.  Try them out this week, and I bet you will share a few laughs and break a sweat. 🙂 Read More

Signs You are Overtraining

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I received a great email from a client so instead of just writing her back, I decided to make a video and ask my buddy drew to chime in and give his unique perspective on the situation.

If you haven’t checked out Drew’s amazing juicing information, click here to learn from the best when it comes to juicing fruits and vegetables.

Drew focuses on high end coaching where he will come to your house and live with you for a couple days and keep tabs on you for a 6 month body transformation.  As you can tell he focuses heavily on the mindset and nutrition.  The fee for this service is $25,000, if you are interest, leave a comment in the section below and I can forward that to Drew.

20 Minute Fat Burning Workout at Home or While Traveling

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While traveling in AZ, I wanted to get a quick workout in to counter act the 4 days of sitting through a conference.  My friend Maria Andros shows you the workout that we had just done.

Do each exercise for 10-12 reps and 2 sets of each, alternating between an upperbody and lowerbody exercise.

The exercises we did were:

-Push up rows

-Squat to shoulder press

-Lunge to bicep curl

-Bent Row

-Single leg deadlift

I hope you enjoyed this short but intense fat burning workout!

5 “Weird” Fat Burning Exercises

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I thought I would go back into my vault of close to 400 youtube videos and share with you a few of my favorite fat burning exercises.  These videos were taken in Chicago with my friend and fellow trainer John Hall.  At around 45 years old, he is a great example to me what a body can look and perform like twenty years from now.  He practices what he preaches, and I enjoy working out with him.  I hope you enjoy these videos and learn some stuff and be entertained.

1.  Walrus:  This is great for core, back, and triceps.  It is also great to have your kids do if you want your floors to be cleaned.  🙂


2. Killer leg hops:  This shows that I neglect my legs a little too much.  But you don’t have to have rings to do this one, just jump in and out or for your kids draw circles in chalk on your driveway.


3.  Alligator Crawls:  These are pretty hard and advanced, but to make it easier don’t bend your arms as much.  Whenever I go to schools to teach bootcamps to kids I always have them do this exercise and they have a blast doing it.


4.  Hamstring Falls:  This is one of my favorite exercises I have my personal training clients do.  I haven’t found another exercise that gets the hamstrings as well as this one does!  Fit Fun Bootcampers, don’t be surprised to be seeing this one soon!


5.  Burpees with weighted med ball throw:  This one gets the heart rate up like very few other exercises.  I realize this isn’t very practical if you are trying to do this at home.  A ball like the one I was using probably costs $60 and most don’t have a wall that is tough enough to throw against.  But you could do this with a partner and do a chest pass to them, or use a basketball.


If you have enjoyed these exercises that you can do at home with little or no equipment, I encourage you to check out my partner workout DVDs called Ultimate Buddy Bootcamp, or my Buns Guns Back and Shoulders DVDs.


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