Weight loss saves a marriage!

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Today, I want to share with you a story of an incredible couple named William and Leanette.

WilliamLynetteThey were like many couples with kids- they lived crazy, hectic lives – trying to provide for their family and be the best parents they could be for their kiddos.

Like many American families, they ate mostly processed food and both of their weights escalated to extremely high levels. At 27 years old, William’s doctor told him that if things didn’t change, he might not live to see 30.

You were introduced to this couple in the Killer Kurves video, but I want them to share their story with you in more detail on this blog post.

->-> Weight loss saves a marriage! <-<-

Here is a short excerpt from their experience…

“Killer Kurves has helped us change our whole family’s eating habits. We have managed to follow the nutrition principles and exercised faithfully and together have lost over 75 lbs in about 12 weeks! More important than our weight loss, I think we have become closer as a couple as we are finally on the same team when it comes to eating. We have been able to discover what works for our bodies and each are able to support the other at parties and pot lucks. If you are considering K2 or are a significant other of someone who is considering, joining is the best form of support!”    -William and Leanette

Click here to read their story and find out what they ate to lose over 140 lbs (as of now).

If you are ready to start your journey, be sure to have signed up for your free weight loss seminar coming up.

->-> Click here to learn more about K2.<-<

Keep moving,
Dustin Maher

A Special Message To My Mom and Moms Around the World

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I have given a lot of thought on what to write to you on this special day. I really believe you should be celebrated 365 days a year, but I’m taking advantage of Mother’s Day to send a special message.

A TributeFor my mom:

Besides giving me life a little over 30 years ago, Mom, you gave up your peaceful sleep for constant feedings, diaper changes, and constant projectile vomiting (so you have told me). You gave up your traveling around the world lifestyle to create a home base for me and be there as my rock, my foundation. You would tuck me in at night, say a prayer, ask me what I wanted to eat in the morning and be my alarm clock to wake me up to feast at the breakfast table. You would have my lunch box packed so I wouldn’t have to eat the unhealthy food at school and then you drove me to school each day so I didn’t have to be on the bus for 45 minutes. You volunteered at my school, and were waiting there each day to pick me up, with a delicious, healthy snack.

I know life wasn’t always easy for our family, mom, but I don’t remember you worrying about how old and rusted our cars were, or how the ceiling in our mobile home leaked. What I do remember is how you taught me that life is about love, experiences, and quality time spent with people you love. You took care of me for 14 days when I had an intensive surgery 6 years ago, just like you have taken care of me my entire life. You never complained, you never got upset (at least that I can remember), and you never seemed to think about how the grass may be greener on the other side.

Thank you for teaching me healthy eating habits at a young age, encouraging me to play outside and be active, and including me in your grocery shopping, prepping, and cooking routine. Thank you for only letting me eat sweet cereal on Saturdays and limiting TV to 1 hour per day. Thank you for making me work in the garden, even though I hated it. Thank you for making me work at the strawberry farm, even though I was still under the legal working age. I developed a solid work ethic from a young age because of how you lived your life, Mom – always working and serving others.

Thank you for you. I love you, Mom and look forward to spending many more decades together.

Your oldest son,


To the rest of the moms around the world:  I just want to say thanks. Thanks for being there for your kids. Thanks for putting their needs before your wants and desires. Thanks for going through the pain of giving birth so us wimpy guys don’t have to. Thanks for doing your best no matter the circumstance.

To all my clients (whom I consider family): You mean so much to me. Thank you for allowing me to be part of your life in some small way. You get me up at 4:45 AM excited for what the day will bring, and you wake me up during the middle of the night with ideas of how I can help you more. You provide the financial stability for my family, along with the close to 20 people I now employ. You inspire me each day by working hard, showing up, overcoming incredible odds, and building the Fit Moms For Life community.

I especially want to thank all of you I have not yet met, but have received emails and FB messages from. I am both humbled and honored to hear that I have played a small role in making your life better. Please continue to send me stories of your success. These stories fuel me to reach for bigger and better heights.

To all mom employees who are moms: Thank you for coming to work each day, filled with such fun and excitement. Your passion for living the FM4L mission and your desire to help other moms around the world get on board this healthy lifestyle is truly amazing for me to witness. So often I hear of people hating their jobs and careers, I am thankful that this doesn’t apply to you. Thank you for financially sacrificing other lucrative careers to help start our Fit Moms For Life movement.

A reminder to all moms: Fit Moms For Life is all about living life to the fullest, serving those around you, and building deep authentic relationships. PLEASE remember though, if you aren’t healthy, energetic, fit, confident, and driven, you won’t be able to serve this world at the level you are capable of. In the process of raising your kids, don’t give up on your own passions, dreams and desires. This is why taking care of yourself is the most UNSELFISH thing you can do. This is the message I have been sharing with you for years, and the message I will keep reminding you of…take care of YOU first, so you can serve your family, your community and the world more fully.

I wish I could wave a magic wand and show you just how incredible life can be when health becomes a priority in your life. Until I find or create this magic wand, the Fit Moms For Life team will continue to work hard to create programs and tools that help you be your best in all areas of your life.

Happy Mother’s Day!


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My name is Kathy Foreyt, I am the youngest child from a family of ten. Growing up at times in my life I was a chubby child. Around my high school years I became more active and got my weight under control. It wasn’t until my last child was born that I couldn’t get rid of the weight. I had tried diets with success, but the weight always came back on, always with a little more. In the past 5-10 years I have tried to exercise at least 4-5 times a week. My type of exercise was mainly walking, when it got to hot outside I would bike for an hour. The main reason for my exercising was I wanted to get off my cholesterol medication. Being the youngest child of ten, all of my siblings have high cholesterol, some have high blood pressure, and high triglycerides. So I came to the conclusion I was just doomed by genetics.

Kathy at the start of K2

Kathy at the start of K2

I heard of Dustin’s program on the news one morning about two years ago, and signed up for emails. I was thinking about joining boot camp a year ago, but I thought I wouldn’t be able to keep up with everyone. But when I received the email about Killer Kurves, I knew this was for me.

Then K2 started, I was scared that I wouldn’t be able to do most of the exercises. And after the first couple of times, I wasn’t sure it was for me. I have about a 30 minute drive home, and I could barely move. But I continued coming, I knew that I needed this.

The most important part of the program was that I wasn’t in this alone I had a group of Ladies that all were facing the same battle as myself. My first challenges were a combination of drinking less coffee, eating all the junk I was used to eating. And I was dealing with a sore knee that by favoring that knee, I was putting stress on my other hip. By asking for modifications it helped me with my knee, and hip. And learning the correct nutrition and type of foods to eat it helped me with my food cravings.

Kathy after 2 sessions of K2

Kathy after 2 sessions of K2

When I started the program I weighed in at 206.2 pounds, and today I weigh 156.4 pounds. My Cholesterol was at 251, and now it is at 139. That number changed in four months of being on the program. When I go outside for walks, they now include burst training as well. I used to walk 4.2 miles in 61 minutes thinking I was doing good. I have cut that down to 45 minutes now, and continue to try to run farther each time I go out. I just feel better about myself, also I don’t think I am as crabby as often. I’m just a happier person in general.

My family has been very supportive and encourage me all the time. It has not only helped me but my husband has lost 20 pounds. My daughter that lives with me is also on her way to becoming healthier by exercising and eating right.

I used to pretty much eat what I wanted and whenever I thought I was hungry. I found out a lot of the times I was just thirsty, so now if I think I’m hungry I will drink a glass of water and wait to see if I am still hungry. We would go out to eat at least 3-4 times a week. Now I only go out to eat once a week. I have limited eating beef to only once a week. We eat veggies more often and try to do this at every meal. Breakfast is hard for me to eat veggies, but I’m trying. The most important part of my journey to becoming healthier is being accountable for everything that I eat. Most of the time I fill my journal in before I eat, just to make sure.

Many people have wanted to know how I have lost my weight, and I tell them all about Dustin’s K2 program. How it is set up for people that have 50+ lbs. to lose. I let them know that it was my destination to lose 50 lbs. at the beginning, but my journey changed now I am more into feeling better about myself. And for me to feel better about myself I need to exercise, and eat right. I also tell them it doesn’t mean I don’t have my cheat meals, I just have a lot less of them. I also try to plan when they are going to be so I really want to enjoy them.

Carolyn- Virtual Killer Kurves Success

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I remember a time back in grade school when I was devastated because when the school nurse weighed everyone I was the only person in my class who did not weigh at least 100 pounds. I never dreamed that someday I would be so frustrated because I had become so overweight that I needed to lose more than 100 pounds. I look at pictures of me prior to having children and realize how healthy I was then. Then I look at pictures

Carolyn After First Session K2

over the childrearing days and I see how much I allowed my weight to become out of control. And now as a grandmother I so regret I don’t have the energy or ability to play with my grandchildren but only sit and watch as they play. Many times over the years I did lose 2030 pounds only to regain it all back plus more, along with more frustration, self doubt and fear of failure each time. And even after total knee replacement surgery I still could not find my way to finally take control of my health. It wasn’t until my sister was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer that I finally found my motivation. I watched her courageously stare cancer in the face with the attitude that “it can stop me but it will have to catch me first”. She lived the last 17 months of her life making each day the best she could with passion and a feisty attitude that she was not going to give in without giving it her best, even knowing that no matter how hard she tried she could not change the end result. Finally one day I asked her how she managed to do that. She simply said that when she didn’t feel like doing what she needed to do she looked in the mirror and said “and just why not”. Those words rang over and over in my mind for months.

My middle son is an entrepreneur and I had asked him many times to recommend something or someone to help me lose weight. He sent me several books over time and I had also bought others I thought would be helpful, but none had spoken to me beyond reading them and storing the information. Then he sent me Dustin’s book “Fit Moms for Life ”.  I read the first 3 chapters and called my son saying how much I liked what I had read. He relayed my words to Dustin who in return told my son to have me go to his website and start receiving his free newsletter, which I did (my first step to taking action). It was in Dustin’s newsletter that I was introduced to the initial Killer Kurves (K2) program on-line. But it took me several months (procrastinating and I still had not read past the first three chapters of Dustin’s book) before I showed the offer to my son and asked him if he thought I could do it. He said he would relay my concerns to Dustin. I told him to be sure and tell Dustin that I was 66 years old, needed to lose at least 100 pounds, had full knee replacement surgery on my right knee about 1 year ago and recently injured my left knee (more procrastination and self-doubt).  A few minutes later my son said he had an answer from Dustin. I was expecting all kinds of answers in reply but not the one I got. Dustin answered with only one word–absolutely!

So there it was. I had backed myself into a corner. How could I not at least try? My son had recommended his friend and my sister’s words were echoing in my head. If I failed I not only failed myself but I would be letting Dustin down (you can’t be more reassuring than “absolutely”) and in turn letting my son down who recommended his friend. And if my sister could live life with pancreatic cancer and have such a positive attitude I could at least give losing weight my best effort and commit to the K2 program. I had long lived my life with no compelling force that moved me to find a path to change, but  change was about to happen. I am normally a rather private person so posting personal thoughts on our secure Facebook page was a big hurdle for me. For the first 3 weeks I read every post and felt a common connection to other participant’s posts and began to apply them to myself. Then with the shield of cyberspace and a trust in those who would read what I wrote, I made my first post.

Carolyn Before K2

I had finally found that path. K2 helped me find the tools that created the mindset for transition, and led me to let go and live the life I deserved instead of feeling unhappy, defeated, unfocused and so stuck that all I could do was brace myself for the next crisis. I found the reason why I wanted to lose weight and became committed to do it successfully instead of just wanting and hoping to lose weight. I also realized I didn’t just want to lose weight but I wanted to become generally healthier. I recognized that this program is something I can do as a lifestyle and not just until I reach my weight goal. While Dustin had preferences/suggestions about foods, he also encouraged eating what is right for me. Dustin’s attitude concerning food and the flexibility of the exercises to match my capabilities allowed me to keep trying and not quit even when it was hard or when things weren’t going well. He only expects that we do our best at all times. I found the path that allowed me to see what I could do to accomplish the changes I so desired but up until then could only wish for.

I feel very fortunate to have been introduced to the participants in session 1. They were honest, encouraging, positive thinking and helpful in so many ways. I found comfort, strength and confidence in their comments, posts, motivational pics, stories, worries and successes. There was always positive energy found there, and as I reflect back I realize the changes that happened within me. Barriers were broken, community was built, a positive mindset had been transformed, goals were set and my confidence began increasing. During the first 12 week program of K2 I lost 20 pounds. I am joining the second K2 program because I know I can do better than I have done so far, and I plan to prove that to myself in session 2 and continue my journey to reach my goal of: “HALF OF ME I WILL BE”.


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I have struggled my entire lifetime with being overweight and within the last decade becoming morbidly obese. I have a family history of obesity with two relatives needing to have gastric bypass surgery. I have tried many diet programs and also exercise programs too. Before being

Nicole Before

introduced to Dustin’s Killer Kurves program, I was able to succeed in either a nutrition goal or an exercise goal but never both at the same time. I struggled with emotional over-eating and my weight was at an all time high of 277 lbs. I heard about Killer Kurves from a referral of a good friend Shelley who was currently participating in Dustin’s bootcamp workouts. I was excited to hear that the program was for people who had at least 50 lbs to lose. What intrigued me the most about Dustin’s program was the combination of a workout and a nutrition/behavior modification discussion in the same meeting. I will admit, I was worried about the bootcamp style workouts which included using 10-15 lb handweights. Being true to the motto of “Come As you Are”, I was encouraged by my trainer to use exercise modifications when needed to

Nicole after 1 session of K2

make my workout right for my body. The padded gymnastics floor was perfect for my joints too. I enjoyed the numerous tools provided to help me succeed: a Fit Moms for Life book, the Killer Kurves binder with daily worksheets and goal tracking pages, webinars with Dustin, grocery store tour, accountability partners, My Fitness Pal food tracker and of course our fitness trainer who had herself lost over 60 lbs with this program. My absolute favorite part of this program was our small group of participants…my team, my community, my friends. I truly cherish this group of women and all the support they have shown me. I love cheering them on with every success they have and encouraging them to stay with it each day.  After the first session of Killer Kurves, I have lost 34 lbs, drink 10-12 glasses of water per day , and workout 5 times per week. I can’t wait for session 2 to start and encourage you to join me as I continue on this health and fitness journey. You will receive the support , encouragement, and tools you need to lose weight and tone your body.

If you are ready to join a program just for you.  Click here now and learn more about this potentially life-changing decision.


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I really like the story you are about to read about Fit Fun Bootcamper Kaitlin because it goes to show that despite growing up in a family of poor eating habits, it doesn’t have to be a death sentence.  Change is possible and results will be achieved.  Losing the weight has not only transformed her body, but has given her extra drive and confidence to build her growing massage business.

Here is her story…

“I’m 22 years old. I grew up in a less than healthy family; McDonald’s and other fast food choices were a regular meal. This unfortunately, continued on as a habit into adulthood. I developed a regular diet of processed food and Drive-Thru, in addition was not exercising at all, and as you can imagine this did not equate for a pants size that I was pleased with. I tried “dieting” a few times, but my idea of dieting at the time

Kaitlin Before

was getting grilled chicken instead of crispy chicken in the Drive-Thru.

My idea of exercise was doing 10 minutes on the elliptical and 20 sit ups twice a week. So obviously I wasn’t seeing many results. Well they always say opportunity knocks, in my case, it rang; my best friend called me at about 11 pm on a Monday night telling me about this boot camp class she found on Groupon, and she wanted me to do it with her. I said “whatever” and agreed, although I was not as excited as she was. I signed up for it, and then after the fact I realized I would be waking up at 5 am, so my initial reaction was “you better be lucky I love you!”. On the first day, I enjoyed a tough workout, definitely more intense than I was expecting but a lot of fun at the same time. The rest of that entire week I was so sore I couldn’t even sit down on the toilet my legs burned so bad. By the second week, the classes were still challenging enough to keep me motivated, and the instructors would give us modifications if we needed them. I started noticing changes in how my clothes fit. And I was suddenly able to pump out 10 push-ups no problem, when before I would struggle with 2. My favorite thing about the classes is after you force yourself to get out of bed at an ungodly hour, THAT’S IT the hard part is over. Once you get there, the trainers keep you moving, motivated and telling you what to do so it’s not like being at home trying to mentally convince yourself to do one more sit up, everyone pushes you and motivates you.

After about 6 weeks I had lost about 5 pounds and one pants size. I decided to take it up a notch and start taking some of the trainer’s advice about eating. So I slowly started changing my diet, first by choosing healthy snacks for while I’m on the go, and committing to one healthy home-cooked meal a day. These things became habit and now a typical 3 Days of meals for me may look like this. Read More

A Look Back and Ahead

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Posted by Roger, a contributor to this blog.

Here's to 2013!

Well 2012 has come and gone and 2013 is upon us. This is the time of year people spend both reflecting and looking forward. I guess I am no different. However, thanks to some wonderfully kind people who have said they miss my posts, I am going to share my reflections with you (actually I have written quite a few posts, just couldn’t bring myself to publish them). Read More


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Today I want to share with you a story of Wendy, although she lives in my town, I have yet to meet her.  Her story reminds me that all it takes is some correct information followed by massive action.  Wendy, like many moms just didn’t know the right way to healthily lose weight and be healthier.  I am humbled that some words in my Fit Moms For Life book, and some of my workout videos was the start of a 67 lb weight loss journey, but more importantly, a beautiful mom of 4 kids finding herself and discovering that being overweight her whole life wasn’t something she had to live with.  Wendy I can’t wait to meet you soon and give you a big hug.  Your story has inspired me, and I know thousands of others who will read this.

Wendy before at over 200 lbs

Here is her story…

“I am 31 years old and a mother of 4 beautiful kiddos (ages, 10, 10, 5, and 3).  For as long as I remember I have considered myself “big boned” and seriously believed that I was just built bigger than other women.  I had come to terms with that and found a way to be happy with my body at the time.  Exercise and healthy eating was a foreign language to me too.  I never really understood how it worked and I never gave 100 percent to finding out either.  I have pretty much struggled with my weight since middle school.

My oldest 2 girls started to participate in a program called Girls on The Run last year (2011).  They were learning about positive thinking, healthy food, and finding inner strength to overcome obstacles.  Watching them finish their very first 5K last November was very emotional for me.  I was proud of them but, mad at myself for not being able to (or wanting to) complete that first 5k with them. I stepped on the scale at the beginning of this year (2012) and was 221 pounds.  I was mad that I let this happen.  How did this happen?  I didn’t even notice that I had put on that much weight.  I still feel embarrassed at times even now after losing the weight!  This year (2012) was going to be my year and I was going to take back my body and not let the chaos of my life to be my excuse.  My mom was also diagnosed with breast cancer for the second time which was pretty hard for me to deal with emotionally.  I wanted to make sure that I was doing everything I possibly could to be healthy and to be able to fight off anything that I could possibly have to deal with one day.

Click the book to buy it

I started to do a little research on eating better and basically the first 2 months of weight loss for me was trying to figure it out.  I started to add some cardio but, after a month I was not seeing any results on the scale or in the way my clothing felt.  I got an e-mail from Groupon with an offer on Dustin’s bootcamps and decided to read a little more about Fit Moms For Life.  I ordered the FMFL book and the Got Core video and started to put what I was reading in to action.  I had to schedule myself to be at the gym 3 days per week after work just to make sure I went.  My husband works nights so this was not always easy to do with all of my kids and then with my oldest 3 being active in sports and extracurricular activities after school.  I decided that I was not going to give up my gym time though.  I had spent the last few years worried about getting everyone else where they needed to be and never worried about how I was feeling or if I was taking care of myself.  My 3 gym visits (Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday) each week consist of weight lifting and burst training.  I spent the other days doing the Got Core video, playing Zumba on our Xbox Kinect with my children, and running.  Sundays are usually my rest/cleaning days.

Wendy Before and After Losing 67 Pounds

I used the My Fitness Pal application on my phone.  Everything I ate, every time I worked out, every pound I lost I entered in to my daily journal there.  I also spent a lot of time journaling in a notebook about how I was feeling or if there was anything particularly hard for me that day.  I wrote personal goals for myself outside of just the obvious weight loss goal.  Sometimes it would be something as small as: read a book with the kids every night this week or to get one room cleaned each night during the week.  Other times there would be goals like: be able to do 50 pushups continuously in the next 90 days.  These types of goals helped me to motivate myself and they also taught me that I can achieve almost anything if I put my mind to it.

I also started to run with my daughters this year (2012) when they started the  Girls on The Run program again.  This was to be their 3rd time running a 5K in this program and there was no way that I was going to let them do it again and just stand by as a spectator.  I wanted to share that moment after crossing the finish line with them.  I also wanted to be able to encourage and motivate them as we all ran together.  I completed my second 5K to support Girls on the Run on November 10th with both of my daughters.

To date I have lost 67 pounds however, I am still hoping to lost another 10 to 15 pounds and am still working hard to tone my stomach.  Now that I have lost most of the weight I do have a harder time staying motivated at times.  I have found that by talking to others about my goals and challenges I face that I have been able to do a pretty good job still making it to the gym and eating healthy.  There are people that tell me “you better not lose any more weight” or “you are too skinny”.  I  just have to remember that this is my journey to be a healthier me and what other people think does not matter.  I can’t tell you how much losing this weight has changed my outlook on life.  I have energy after work now!  I don’t just sit on the couch and watch television any longer.  I am able to control my emotions at home and work a lot better too.  All of the extra energy I have now allows me to keep up with my energetic kids!”


Example Meals:

Day 1

Breakfast: yogurt, granola, berries (strawberries/blackberries/raspberries)

Snack: Banana

Lunch: Turkey Sandwich on whole wheat (onion, spinach, avocado or laughing cow cheese), Apple

Snack: Popcorn (plain)

Dinner: Grilled Chicken, Broccoli, half of a Sweet Potato


Day 2

Breakfast: Oatmeal, Banana

Snack: Orange

Lunch: Salad (Spinach, Onion, Turkey, Walnuts, String Cheese, Vinagerette)

Snack: Apples and Peanut Butter

Dinner: Grilled or Baked Fish (Halibut, Cod), Asparagus, half of a baked Potato



Mary’s Journey To Discovering Herself and Dropping 74 lbs

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Mary is someone I have yet to meet but hope one day to.  She has been a faithful follower of the Fit Moms For Life workouts and eating plans for a couple years and the results are very dramatic.  I really like the part about her story where she shares about being overweight her entire life.  Many people believe that when you are overweight at a young age, you are doomed to a life of obesity, it just doesn’t have to be that way!  Enjoy her story, and write any comments or questions below.

Here is Mary’s story…

“I have been overweight for the entirety of my life.  I have no memories of ever having a flat stomach, not even as a child.  My childhood friends commented often on how my body looked different; one little friend in particular loved to make it a point that I understood that she was so much smaller than I was.

Along with being overweight as a child, I have no memories of a time when I was not following some diet.  My parents would encourage me to exercise and eat healthy.  I read magazines full of fad quick fix diets and I would make real effortful attempts to follow the various diets that I read about.  But despite those efforts and my parent’s encouragement to eat healthy, the kitchen always had Twinkies, ice cream, potato chips, crackers, and sodas on hand… you name it the kitchen had it.  As a kid, and even as an adult, it’s hard to not eat foods that you crave and love if they are so easy to get to.  So despite whichever diet I tried to follow, I was not successful at keeping away from the junk food drawer…yes, my parents had a designated junk food drawer.

I was pretty active as a kid.  I rode my bike a lot, got into inline skating, and walked with my mom.  Billy Blanks came out with Tae Bo when I was in middle school, but despite the exercise that I did, I was still always pretty chubby.

When I was in High School, my parents took me to a weight loss specialist.  I followed the plan that the doctor had put me on religiously.  I was only allowed to eat 900 calories a day, I was taking oral medications that sped up my metabolism and suppressed my appetite, and was even given weekly injections that would boost my energy levels.  While in this program, I lost about 45 pounds and I lost it very quickly.  When I went off to college I was thinner than I had ever been, and I was very happy about it.  However, leaving the doctor’s program with no more appetite suppressors, no more medications that would speed up my metabolism, and no longer eating only 900 calories a day, I quickly gained back the 45 pounds that I had lost, and… by the time I graduated from college I had gained another 40 pounds on top of that.  And, I gained that weight back plus some even while exercising.  I was walking and running consistently through my college years.

I am not a tall girl, I’m somewhere between 5’2”-5’3”, and by the age of 23, I weighed in at 215 pounds.  And I was so ashamed of myself.  I was disappointed that I was unsuccessful at keeping the weight off that I had lost, and was so sad that I was still the fat girl.  For a couple of years I kind of just gave up and resolved that I was just the fat girl and always would be.  But again, I was so ashamed of what I looked like.  I did everything I could to hide myself and disappear.  I wore a sweatshirt and jeans everyday, even in the summer!  I never did anything with my hair, I actually wore baseball caps most of the time.  I NEVER wore makeup. 

I spent the next 2 years living very isolated.  Eventually I got to the end myself in this area; and when you get to the end of yourself, you either choose to fight, or you give up all hope.  I knew that I couldn’t live life the way that I had been living it, and I wanted to live my life as fully as I possibly could.  So when I turned 25, I became flat out DETERMINED that I was going to take some of my excess weight off.  I decided that enough was enough, and I was done living in such unhealth.  I wanted to be able to ride a bike, to be able to hike in the mountains without stopping every 50ft to rest.  I wanted to be able to play and run and have fun.  I wanted to be able to live a physically active and physically playful life.  I decided that I was done isolating, done moping and hiding and wishing that things were different.  I decided in a moment that I was going to combat my unhealthy lifestyle and beat it no matter what it took (never underestimate the power of a choice).

I joined a gym, an all women’s gym because I did not want men to see me.  My parents very generously paid for my membership and also bought me an elliptical machine so that I would be able to exercise on the days that I couldn’t make it to the gym.  I went, yet again, on another diet where I ate things that were low-fat, sugar-free, frozen Smart Ones and Healthy Choice meals, diet sodas, etc… the whole works (right?).  I ate this way, and exercised consistently at the gym and on my elliptical for 6 MONTHS… and I didn’t lose a single pound.

One afternoon, I had just pulled into my driveway after returning from the gym, and I melted down crying in my car.  I was DESPERATE for some breakthrough, for some results for all of the time and effort that I was putting into this.  I believe in God, I love Jesus (I met Jesus when I was 23 years old and got to give my heart to Him), and I was begging Him to help me, to give me something anything that would help me to lose some of the excess weight and get my body physically healthy.  After I was able to get myself out of my car and into my house, I went to my computer and decided to log on to Facebook (which I RARELY do, I have yet to get on board with this whole social media revolution.  I can barely use my cell phone and it’s just a basic flip phone dumb phone device).  But on Facebook, an old friend of mine had tagged me in a notice (or whatever you call it) about Dustin Maher’s fitness program.  What she wrote about Dustin’s program captivated me, so I went to the website.

Click image to learn more about this program and to sign up

I couldn’t believe what I found there.  As I navigated my way through the website, I read about how doing cardio for exercise was ineffective for weight loss.  I absolutely believed that because it had proved to be so true in my life!  He explained how strength training and building muscle was effective for weight loss, because the more muscle you have on your body the more fat you burn.  Everything I read seemed to be true, so I started to get a little excited, I got my hopes up, and checked out what DVDs he had to offer.  Dustin was running a deal on one of his DVD series called Fit Moms for Life, where if I paid for shipping, I would receive the first DVD free.  Now, I am not a mom, but I figured if busy moms could do this, than absolutely I could do this.  So, of course I ordered it.  When it arrived, I saw that I needed a set of dumbbell weights and a yoga ball, so I went to the Wal-Mart and purchased 5lb, 8lb, and 15lb weights to start.  And after the first month, I had actually experienced some weight loss!  I was dying for the 2nd DVD, I couldn’t afford to buy them, but my parents really do love me and support me however they possibly can, so they paid for all 12 of my DVDs.

Mary now, 74 lbs lighter!

Each DVD also contains a nutrition lesson.  These nutrition lessons are solid gold to me!  I discovered that I knew nothing about nutrition!  After watching a few of them, I realized that the low-fat, sugar-free, Healthy Choice frozen dinner eating plan was ALL WRONG.  Nothing that I knew about food was true.  So, over the past 2 ½ years, I have been on a journey where I’ve had to unlearn everything thing that I’d ever learned about food, and relearn it all from scratch.  I needed to change the ways that I thought about food, so I did just that. I took Dustin’s nutrition guidance very seriously and did some research of my own.  With Dustin’s help I taught myself nutrition, stopped eating frozen meals, and taught myself to cook.  I experienced many MANY kitchen fails, but today I can say that I’m a pretty decent cook.

I paid attention to myself and learned what my food traps were.  For example, from September-May, the Reese’s Company infiltrates the grocery stores.  In September out come the Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup pumpkins.  And the day after Halloween, the pumpkins go on sale, and the Reese’s Christmas trees come out.  Then, the day after Christmas, out come the Valentines hearts, followed by the Easter eggs… and the grocery store sells them individually right by the checkout line so that you can grab one (or 5) to have to eat on the drive home.  I know ahead of time, before I even go into the store that these are going to be there, so they don’t catch me off guard and I can avoid caving in.  I decide in advance before I go into the store that I’m not going to buy them, and if I know that I’m experiencing weakness in my food choices, I make it a point to shop at a different store that I know does not sell them so readily.

Also along these lines, I would to go to a party or a get together with friends where lots of salty snacks and baked goods were available.  I would spend all of my energy and thoughts trying to eat as many cookies or chocolates that I could possibly eat without people noticing that I was eating so many.  I wasn’t able to invest in my friendships because I was only thinking about the food.  So I adopted a motto for myself of “enjoy the one”.  I taught myself how to eat only one cookie and one piece of chocolate.  It took a while to learn how to do this, but I can now go to these parties and get togethers, enjoy my friends and invest in my relationships, and I can eat that single cookie that I love, enjoy it, and not be left longing for 12 more of them.

A helpful tip Dustin encourages for your healthy lifestyle is to follow an 80% 20% eating plan.  Eat healthy and wisely 80% of the time, and the not so healthy foods 20% of the time.  This 80/20 gage is so helpful and SO DOABLE.  I spend my 20% primarily on dark chocolate with sea salt and kettle corn.

Over Thanksgiving last year I gained a few pounds, so after that holiday, I journaled about it.  I went over all of the places that I went, what I ate, the food I consumed while I was cooking (you know what I mean; those harmless little bites and taste tests…uh huh).  I learned myself though journaling these things out.  I saw what my traps were, the places where I tripped up.  And after seeing those things and pinpointing where I went wrong, I made a game plan for the Christmas Holiday.   And… I actually lost weight over Christmas last year!  My game plan actually worked.  I ate all of the seasonal foods that I enjoy (I’m one of those weird people that loves fruit cake), but because I had this game plan, I didn’t overdo it.  I know how to handle the holidays without packing on weight and without missing out on the holiday goodies.

I have been doing Dustin’s Fit Moms for Life  program for 2 ½ years now.  I get to use heavier weights now than the 5lb-15lb weights that I started out with.  I now use up to 45lb dumbbells.  With the workouts that Dustin takes you through, his guidance, the encouraging stories of the women featured on his DVDs, and the nutrition and knowledge of food that I have learned… over the last 2 ½ years I have lost between 70-75 pounds, and have kept it off!  I am smaller now than I was during my first few years of college.  My friends and family can’t believe how different I look and encourage me all the time.  I can’t believe the energy that I have and how different my body feels.  My knees don’t hurt nearly as much now THANKFULLY.

I know how to eat.  Without following a diet, I know how to eat healthily and successfully.  I know how to fit a workout into a busy day.  I know what my food traps are and I have a game plan to overcome each one of them.  The way that I think about food has flipped a complete 180 degrees and I don’t see food the same way that I used to.  I don’t worry about gaining back the weight that I have lost.  And I’m actually not finished dropping weight yet, I have about 15-20 pounds left to lose but I know that I am going to lose those remaining pounds.  I feel set up for the rest of my life to live as a healthy woman.  I hope to be a wife and mother someday and I feel set up to be a successful mother in the area of healthy nutrition and exercise (I WON’T have a designated junk food drawer for them).

I am so thankful for what I have learned through the Fit Moms for Life program.  I don’t feel like or worry that I will fail in this area again ever.  Of course, I will have my days where I don’t eat as well as I could have, especially on those days right before my period…yep.  I don’t believe in perfection but I do believe in excellence, so I don’t expect myself to be perfect at this, but I do know how to be successful.  I know how to be successful in the day to day, and in the long run.  I would absolutely recommend this Fit Moms for Life program to everyone; to moms, single women, and I would even recommend it for men.  It’s possible, it’s doable, and it’s sustainable.”


30 Days (Plus) of Awesomeness

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Posted by Roger, a contributor to this blog.

Me Post 30 Days of Awesomeness

Well, I’ve just completed Dustin’s “30 Days of Awesomeness” challenge and thought I would post my final journal entry here instead of just writing on the closed Facebook page.

I decided to participate in the challenge for a couple of reasons. One was to see what would happen if I started keeping a food journal again, as well as trying some of the recipes provided for those accepting the challenge. The second reason was to see what would happen if I tried to maybe step out of my comfort zone. Definitely not one of my strong points. Read More

Happy Holidays

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Happy Holidays Animated GreetingPosted by Roger,  a contributor to this blog.

It is that time of year again. For many of us this can be a difficult time as there are so many temptations. There is the temptation to skip workouts because we are just so busy and tired. There is the temptation to overeat because, dang it, everything looks and smells so good. What’s a guy to do? Read More

Taking Boot Camp With Me

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Roger at 50

Poster by Roger, a contributor to this blog.

Last week I started working toward losing the weight the doctor wanted me to lose. The lifestyle changes I have to make have to be permanent if I want to not only take the weight off, but to keep the weight off. I started with changing my eating habits and now, I have to take the same aggressive approach to my workouts.

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