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Female Fat Loss Over 40: How To Look Like Your 20 Again

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I have traveled extensively the past two years and met many of the top experts in the different fields of fitness and weight loss.  Some of these experts I have grown close to and we talk on a regular basis.  My good friend Shawna Kaminski is one of the leading experts in fat loss for woman over 40 years old.  Shawna is in her upper 40’s and has maybe the leanest fittest body I know for her age.  So she knows what she is talking about and practices what she preaches.  She is one of the top fat loss experts in Canada.

After watching this video she has a special offer for her program just for my clients!  If you are reading this that means you.  🙂

Click here to learn more about her program

Check out this video I did with her in New Port Beach

Here is a recap of our interview

Problem #1: Tanking metabolism…. Fat accumulation around the belly.

Solution:  Increase muscle mass

Problem #2:  Eating empty calories.

Solution:  Make sure every calorie you eat is nutritionally dense.

Problem #3: Putting everyone else in front of yourself

Solution:  Be selfish, realize that putting yourself first is the most unselfish thing you can do.

Some of My Favorite Ab Flattening Exercises

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I think the number one request I get from my clients is to flatten their stomach.  While most of the flattening will take place by losing the fat around the midsection, it is very important to keep a strong core for an overall healthy body.  I think of a strong core as an insurance policy for you back.

My Got Core DVDs, have been one of the most popular sets of DVDs I have sold.  I am still selling the first one and then you get the second one for free. They make great gifts and have been responsible for alleviating or eliminating hundreds of my client’s lower back pain.  Click here to get one sent to your door step.

If you have an Apple product I have an awesome Flat Stomach Workout App for $1.99.  Click here to download.

Here is a great video showing some of my favorite core exercises.

Question of the day:  What are some of your favorite core exercises?

My Own Flat Stomach IPhone App is Available!

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Home Page of the app

Home Page of the app

The data base of exercises you can choose from

The data base of exercises you can choose from

I know not everyone has an IPhone or an IPod Touch, but I am guessing you know someone who does.  After 5 months of developing I have an awesome app that I am ready to share with the world!  Please join with me to help spread the word about the app.  Help me achieve my goal of making it to the top page of the Apple Store for apps in the health and fitness category.

This app is only $1.99 so it won’t break anyone’s banks 🙂  Click here to purchase Flat Stomach IPhone App.

Here is what it does.  You select the amount of time you would like to do a core workout.  Next you select the level of difficulty from 1, 1.5, 2, 2.5, or 3.  Then you

This is where you select the amount of workout time and difficulty

This is where you select the amount of workout time and difficulty

The workout that was created by using the parameters of the user

The workout that was created by using the parameters of the user

push create workout and I will “magically” create a workout based on those parameters.  The workout will include a specific ratio of lower back, obliques, deep core, and outer core exercises to ensure a properly balanced core workout.

This app is video based so you will be able to workout right along side as you tighten your core, flatten your stomach, and reduce the risk of lower back pain.  The video plays smoothly from clip to clip with the exact workout that you asked for based on difficulty and amount of time.  If you don’t like any of the exercises you can choose to delete them and add other exercises that are part of the data base.

actual video clip

actual video clip

There is also a section for you to take before and after pictures.  We also have provided an area for you to take circumference measurements and the phone will graph out the progress you have made!  If you have any questions about the app please write them in the box below.

Thanks in advance for posting this on twitter, facebook, and to your email list!  Also encourage everyone to rate it and comment on it.

Here is the actual link you can put in your facebook profile.

Again here is the link to purchase the Flat Stomach IPhone App.



Exercising During Pregnancy

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alecia-beforeToday I have a special guest write named Alecia.  She was recently on CBS news with me showing some great lower body exercises.  What impressed me most about Alecia was how hard she continued to work throughout her pregnancy as well as soon after she delivered the baby.  At this point I need to say that I am not a doctor and you should check with your doctor to make sure you are cleared to exercises.

For those of you who are further along in the Fit Moms For Life DVDs you might recognize her as one of the moms in the DVD, but she did it while she was 7 months pregnant so you might not have recognized her.  She is also the star of one of my new DVD programs that will be released late summer to early fall for moms who have a baby and want to workout with the baby.

Here is Alecia!

I have to say I am super excited to be writing about this! Pregnancy and exercise, I could talk about them all day if someone would let me! For me exercising while pregnant was just as important as eating healthy and taking prenatal vitamins. Your growing baby is counting on you to give it the best start possible and anything you can do to improve that is awesome. I exercised during both of my pregnancies, but after I could really tell that how I exercised made a big difference in how I felt while pregnant, during labor and then after with baby.

Alecia, 6 months after giving birth and 3X per week of heavy lifting and interval training

Alecia, 6 months after giving birth and 3X per week of heavy lifting and interval training

In my first pregnancy I exercised 3-4 days a week, running, using the elliptical and a few step aerobic classes here and there. In the beginning of my second pregnancy I was again doing cardio classes and feeling pretty good I thought. Then my sister and I decided to try a Mamatone class (same as bootcamps) and wow, was it different from what I had been doing! I was sore for 3 weeks straight (a good sore, the kind of sore that makes you feel like you did something great!) and I wasn’t even a newbie, I exercised 5-6 days a week! I had never used heavy weights before, the heaviest I had ever lifted were 10 lb dumbbells and I thought those were tough! I of course was mindful of my body and how I was lifting, certain moves didn’t feel comfortable and so I would modify them or just skip them all together. For the most part though I could do the same as everyone else. Other than being sore what I noticed most at first was how my body was different from my first go round. I was gaining weight at about the same rate but my body was so different. I was leaner looking (in a healthy, pregnant way), less swollen and my muscles were more defined. I had always thought what happened in my first pregnancy would automatically happen in the second so I was pleasantly surprised when although I gained the same I looked and felt so much better, this I credit to the addition of weight training. I stopped weighing myself after a while, I was eating healthy and exercising so it really didn’t matter to me what my weight was. I will tell you though that I gained more than is recommended (I ate very good 95% of the time, pregnancy wasn’t a free for all, so the only reason I can come up with that I gained what I did must be from decreasing the amount of exercise I would have normally been doing) so after I didn’t just have a few lbs to lose. I can tell you though it was much more difficult to move with the added weight but once it does start coming off it became easier and easier to move around and the bad aches and pains slowly become a thing of the past.

Another major bonus of doing more weight training vs. great amounts of cardio was that it was much easier on my body. As the relaxin hormone increased throughout pregnancy the pounding and quick movements of cardio classes and running were taking a toll on my joints and leaving me in a great deal of pain. I was able to do weight training right up until the end with just a few modifications. It wasn’t as strenuous on my joints and it left me in much better shape all around.

Keeping fit while pregnant is a healthy and smart choice to make but for me the best pay off was during labor and after with my baby. My first labor was long and not the most pleasant experience, so for my second labor I wanted to try something completely different. I decided to do self-hypnosis (hypnobabies), which sounds a bit kooky I know but it was pretty amazing and it fell right in line with my training. I truly felt little pain during my labor; I was able to get in the ‘zone’ that some of you may have gotten to in doing physical exercise. Your muscles are on fire but yet somehow you don’t really feel pain, you are just so focused on the end result that you press on, you are strong and you get it done! The people around me were amazed at how comfortable and calm I was, much of the time they couldn’t even tell if I was having contractions or not. Which if you’ve had a contraction or watched a woman having one you know when it’s happening and to not know is pretty incredible. For me it was just perfect, I was able to tap into skills I already had to get the outcome I so badly wanted. *Studies show that keeping up with regular exercise while pregnant can lead to shorter and less complicated labor*

Now, if you have children or have carried one for any extended period of time you know how physically exhausting that can be, throw in nursing in awkward positions and you’ve got a recipe for some major neck and back pain and even injuries. After my first baby I was getting massages weekly because I was so sore from nursing and carrying him all the time (although hmm…weekly massages, that actually doesn’t sound so bad!!). But really it was terribly painful and I felt that way for weeks on end. After realized this was because my core was weak from pregnancy and I hadn’t developed strong back muscles prior. I would not let this happen again! I did a lot of strengthening of my back and this time although I still had some discomfort in my lower back in the first few days it was nothing compared to the last time. To give example, last week when I took my kids to the zoo, I had a hungry baby and a two year old who would never think of sitting and waiting while I fed his sister. So I had to push the stroller (that of course had an infant car seat in it!) to keep up with my ever so excited two year old and nurse my 18 lb baby with no other support but my arm and for ten minutes; that can get pretty darn tiring! Things like that happen all the time, as moms we are multitasking all day long and it takes a toll on our bodies. In taking care of ourselves with exercise and weight training we can better keep up with our fast moving children and leave the massages for relaxation instead of easing our injured muscles!

-Alecia, 28 Madison

Great job Alecia, any new moms have questions for Alecia?

Core Training To Improve Performance

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jessiI have a very special treat for you today!  The past few months I have become friends with a professional athlete named Jessi Stensland.  If you follow triathlons at all, you certainly know her name.  She contacted me when she was in town a couple months ago as she was touring the country teaching her workshops teaching average joes like you and me how to run better and how core strength plays a huge role in performance and health of the body.

She has worked with the highest level sports performance coaches in the world and knows more about the body than I probably ever will in my lifetime.  Check out this video we did at one of my bootcamps and learn how you can become more aware of your core and posture.

Here is an email I received from Jessi, I highly recommend going if you like to run:

Touching base – Madison MovementU workshops are coming up next weekend, March 27-28th. GOT RUNNERS?? Saturday is perfect eye opener – 12-5pm – about the body and running form. It’s been amazing to see people of all levels blown away about how much they DON’T know about running form and how to put into play some pretty basic principles to take so much stress off their body and mind – when training for running and triathlon…As I mentioned when we met – the way the workshops are designed – they are super complimentary to the efforts of trainers and coaches as they empower athletes w/ a better understanding of their body and the relating all their hard work in the gym directly to their swim, bike, and run efficiency and injury resistance.

Saturday’s half day workshop is focused on movement/lecture and running form and function. Sunday’s full day event is the same but finishes up with swim, bike and recovery techniques in the second half. All details are online at

Anyone you know who’s training for a running race, triathlon, or thinking about it – and you feel they could benefit – let em know.

Save $30 when you register for the full day event with code: DUSTINMAHERFITNESS

Check out this video that will help you find your inner core and improve posture!

If you have a question about running, post a comment in the box below and I will try to get Jesse to respond to you currently.

Also I got Jessi to give away a FREE pass to this great event, so write down in the box below why you would like to go learn from the best, and I will be selecting a winner tomorrow.

Worthless Fitness Gadgets/Infomercial Product

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One of the things that gets me the most mad are all the infomercials out there that come up with the most worthless inventions to take advantage of desperate people looking for a quick fix.  Click here to check out a previous post I wrote about this subject.  Check this video out from the Ellen show.  At least she is making fun of it and not endorsing it!  By the way, I still haven’t heard back from Ellen, but I am determined to get on her show!

Have you ever bought an infomercial product and regret buying it later because it didn’t work or you never used it? Please share with us in the comment box below!

Got Core DVDs Now Available!

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Buy the First “Got Core” DVD and get the Second DVD FREE! Limited Quantity Available.


addtocartDVD #1

-Interview with the star of the workout Abby Brockman


-Level 1 Building a foundation

-Level 2 Getting past the basics

-Level 3 Incorporating more muscle groups

Level 4 Getting more of the upperbody involved

Duration: 1 hour and 29 minutes

got-core-upright-graphic1DVD #2


-Level 5 Can you make it through?

-Level 6 How about now?

-Level 7 Bring it!

-Level 8 I dare you to survive!

Duration: 1 hour and 5 minutes




Normally each DVD retails for $29.99, but I was planning on selling them together for only $47. But I want to take that a step further and give you the second DVD FREE, as a way of saying thank you so much for all your support throughout the past couple of years. I am truly blessed and honored to be able to share my knowledge and love of fitness to you! All you will pay is $29.99 (+$5.95 sh&h)

Check Out What Others Are Saying

“LOVE IT!!!! I have used the Got Core DVD for a week now, and have done programs 1 and 2, will do 3 tomorrow. It moves at a fast pace so you don’t have time to think about not liking it, being bored, or how much longer. It has great exercises, and each routine is different–I can pick from 1-10 workouts so I’m never bored. I am getting very good at the “vacuum” and make a point of incorporating that multiple times a day, especially at work.

This is a very good quality DVD that is quick and to the point—it gets the job done. No need for expensive equipment, lots of space, or a huge chunk of time–it is absolutely an essential tool for attaining that flat, toned tummy!!!!!!

I can’t thank you enough for all your support, encouragement, and knowledge. As a trainer focusing on moms–you are an answer to my prayers and what I searched for since having my first baby 8 years ago. Keep it up—you have touched so many lives, and I’m thankful mine is one of them!!!!!!!!!!! “

“The Got Core program hoping it would help my chronic back pain and to improve flexibility. Since I started the program, my back has felt good and my strength and flexibility has improved. I’ve recommended the Got Core program to a number of people.”

7 Stomach Toning Exercises You Can Do Right Now

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got-core-upright-graphic1The past couple weeks I have been focusing on giving you as much information about attaining a flat stomach as possible.  My new Got Core program has been selling unbelievable, I am feel very blessed for the business, but more importantly knowing that there are 500 of you who have a tool in your possession that can really improve the quality of your life.  I know that sounds dramatic, but if you have ever struggled with serious back pain, or poor posture, I think you know what I am talking about.  I am not saying these core workouts will solve all your problems and guarantee you never experience back pain again, but the chances are much lower!

It was great to be back on NBC and it was awesome to have Sarah Carlson herself demonstrate the exercises.  Sarah is an amazing person and has achieved a killer body while facing a lot of adversity the past two years.  If you have been following our segments throughout the past 18 months, you will notice that she has lost over 25 lbs and about 6 inches off her belly.  Sarah works extremely hard at MamaTone, and with the Got Core DVDs and all the results she has gotten have been well deserved!

Here are some great core exercises you can do at home!

Here are the exercises (what each is working): Read More

21 Core Exercises For a Flat Stomach

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got-core-upright-graphicToday I wanted to give you a sneak peak into one of my Got Core programs.  This is a group I have been working with for over 2 years, so many of the exercises you are going to see are very advanced, but the only thing that is different from those in the video and yourself, is experience and proper training.

The Got Core DVDs will be coming out Dec 14th at 7 AM CST and there will only be a limited number available, so make sure you are signed up for the newsletter to be the first to know when they go live.

Here are the exercise names that I give them 🙂 Read More

Weight Loss Workouts For Moms

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The reason I do what I do, is to give moms back their self confidence (if they lost it), reshape their bodies, and increase their energy, to help them make it through the daily grind of life and kids.  The amount of responsibility that moms have on a daily basis can seem overwhelming, and combine that with a poor diet, lack of exercise, and lack of sleep, you can see why so many moms are stressed/worn out, and feel like they are in a gerbil wheel, spinning their legs, but not getting anywhere.

Kim Sveum of ABC news did a great story on Anne Anderson, those of you who are to Fit Moms For Life DVD #6 will recognize her from the workout.  Anne is almost ready to turn 40 and has done a great job eating right, and has been part of MamaTone (Bootcamp for stay at home moms) for well over a year and has really toned up nicely!

Notice the weights Anne and Kim are using are 25 lb dumbbells for many of the exercises!  Don’t be afraid to use heavy weights, it will burn more calories.

Here are the take aways from the video:

1.  If you don’t put yourself first, it will be very tough to keep up with everything.

2.  Know how long you can dedicate to exercise.

3.  Focus on high intensity exercise.

4.  Do strength training.

5.  Feel free to break up a 30 minute workout into 3-4 10 minutes sections.

6. Do some bodyweight exercises at home such as burpees, tricep dips, and squat pulses.

Inside Look at MamaTone and Small Group Training

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A couple days ago I showed you the video of Abby and I on CBS news demonstrating our new fat burning tool, the resistance bands.  Today I would like to take that a step further and show you inside a workout that the resistance band expert, Dave Schmitz took my MamaTone and small group personal training clients through.  Not only was it very intense, but also something fun and different!

These bands are quite a bit different than standard bands that you would get with handles, these bands are circular and have a much larger stretch range which allows us to use them in many different ways than the standard bands!

Although, I am no longer accepting small group or one on one clients due to a long waiting list, I do have some room remaining in MamaTone and Fit Fun Bootcamps, and of course the Fit Moms For Life DVDs are always available!

Click here if you would like to get more info about these custom resistance bands and instructional DVDs that go along with it.  Kids love them and they can do anywhere which is perfect for someone who is traveling and doesn’t want to bring dumbbells with them!

Abby’s Fitness Modeling Experience

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abbyshowA couple weeks ago, I got the privilege of watching my girlfriend compete in her first fitness modeling competition!  It is amazing the transformation she has made the past two years.  I first met her a little over 2 years ago at Supreme Health and Fitness, the gym that I work at.  She joined my Got Core class.  When I first met Abby, she wasn’t in very good shape, was holding more weight in her stomach than she would have liked, and was extremely weak in the upperbody.  She really enjoyed the core classes and wanted more, so she got a few of her friends together and did small group personal training… she said that I was the most expensive crush she has ever had 🙂


Abby over 2 years ago at MY first competition!

She really set herself apart from most girls in their 20’s that I had worked with in the past.  She didn’t question my philosophies or techniques and embraced the heavy lifting and intense cardio.  For many years she had been doing 90 minutes of cardio 4 days a week, which was doing very little for changing her physique!  I believe the reason Abby has had such an amazing transformation comes down to 3 things.

Abby before she started working with me.

Abby before she started working with me.

1.  She embraced lifting heavy:  Abby now squats 225 lbs, deadlift 200 lbs, can snatch a 50 lb db over her head, can do at least 20 dips on a parallel bar, and 8 pullups!

2.  She realized that she couldn’t just eat whatever she wanted to.  Abby doesn’t drink any alcohol, packs her lunch and snacks everyday, reduces her carbs after 4 pm, and drinks well over a gallon of water.

3.  Support group:  Okay, it definitely helps to date a trainer from the support aspect!  She also spends more time with fit people who would rather go for a hike or go swimming than go to the bars and pig out on beer and fatty food.

abby2You can only imagine how many people now ask her for advice on how to achieve the results that she has seen.  She usually laughs and tells them that she does what I teach everyone of you to do, the only difference is that she does it at least 95% of the time!  Consistency is key!  Abby certainly has a sweet tooth, and definitely eats her sweets, but she does enough of the other things right and doesn’t eat the bad foods enough for them to have lasting change.

Abby placed 4th out of a really good field of 12 women!  It was great for her self-confidence and had a really good time with the whole thing.  Even before it was over she was ready to do another one!  This type of competition is just a abby4small tip of the iceberg of different goals and events that you can set and participate in.  I encourage you to find something that puts you out of your comfort zone, sign up, join a group, and be committed!  You will be amazed at how good you feel and the satisfaction of knowing that you pushed yourself past your safety bubble you have been in, and gone to a whole new level of success and fitness!

One of my bootcampers came to Chicago to support Abby.  This bootcamper is in the middle of her complete body and mind transformation and 6 months ago would have never imagined going to such an event.  The show really touched her on a lot of levels, but one of the comments she said to me really stuck, “Dustin, it is simple, it all comes down to choices, these contestants have CHOOSEN to live a lifestyle that gets them to these results.”  She is right, none of the participants just “accidentally” got the results they did or were born that way.  NO!   They had to work extremely hard, sacrifice certain things, and have strong will power and determination.

Abby is now pursuing getting her personal trainers degree and also teaches Fit Fun Bootcamps in Middleton at Madtown Twisters west.  Click here if you would like to join her bootcamp!

I would love it if you posted a question for Abby or gave her a positive message for all her hard work!