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Your Free Fat-Burning Recipes and Meal Plan!

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I hope you enjoyed the crazy-effective but surprising way to help flatten your abs, which you can do any time, any place!

If you missed the video, click here to watch it now! Also, click here to download your free copy of our fat-burning menu and recipes. This simple menu is gluten-free and offers dairy-free options. It is based on nutritious, whole foods and does not require you to starve yourself or count calories! I guarantee that you will lose weight and feel better, even if you follow it for just one week.


I also want to share two more of my favorite workouts that target your butt and abs—two “problem” areas that most women want to tone >>> Click here for these unique exercises.

Doing targeted exercises like these is a great way to tone your muscles and burn fat. But they are only part of the solution to a fit, lean body. I believe there are four crucial (but simple!) pillars of success that are absolutely essential to have the body that you want, to be able to do the things you want to do, and to keep it that way for a lifetime.






5 Exercises You Can Do To Burn Fat This Summer

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Finding fun and new exercises that will burn fat can be challenging. I want to take the guess work out of that for you by sharing a video that I filmed awhile back on CBS with Mary, one of my clients. Pay attention especially to the first exercise, I think it will make you laugh. These exercises can be done indoors or outside, so you can get out and enjoy the beautiful weather.

Since this aired on CBS, Mary has become a holistic nutritionist and has created insanely delicious, simple, and local menu plans for her clients, as well as mine. Mary has created dozens of recipes that are designed to coincide with the timing of all the great fresh produce coming out at our Madison area Farmer’s Markets. Along with shopping lists for the farmers market, she also provides grocery store lists in case you can’t always make it to the local farmers market.

This collection of recipes form a well-balanced, customized menu plan –just like the healthy, balanced eating plans I recommend in my book.

In Madison we have a huge 28 Day “Fresh Start” Summer Challenge that begins this Saturday, May 31st! Click here if you are local to Madison and want to join the challenge and receive her recipes as well as, unlimited workouts, prizes, daily challenges, accountability groups and so much more.

Is there a virtual option? I wasn’t planning on offering a virtual option, but I have been receiving emails and FB messages pleading for a virtual option, so I have come up with a virtual option to the “Fresh Start” Summer Challenge.

In this virtual option you will receive:

  • the “Fresh Start” Farmer’s Market eating plan
  • access to 8 online bodyweight workout videos from my trainers (same as previous challenges)
  • access to our daily challenge calendar and point system
  • private access to our Facebook group where you can share, ask questions and be encouraged during your challenge.
  •  support from an accountability partner
  • other fun bonuses!

This eating plan that Mary created would probably be over $100 if you had her personally create it for you! In this challenge you can get the eating plan plus all the workouts from my awesome trainers, along with the support of our community. This virtual program will be offered for a one-time payment of only $19.  Join the Virtual Fresh Start Here!

Most of these workouts are less then 10 minutes in length and we even have a yoga routine in there for you. You will receive points for doing things that support your healthy behavior, to increase the fun and competition factor.

Click here to get started right now 


Pinks Workout Routine (Grammys)

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Pink 2Did you watch the Grammy awards last night? I only flipped by it to see Pink have an incredible performance (youtube it). Many of my clients went to see her recently in Milwaukee and confirmed what everyone saw last night. Pink’s body is insanely strong, toned, and athletic.

As someone who has trained thousands of moms, I am always curious to find out what others have done to bounce back after having a baby. So I did some research and here is what I found. I have good news and bad news for you.

Bad news…

Pink workouts 1.5 to 2 hours 6 days a week.

Good news…

Based on my experience she could still look and perform like that in half the time or less. In other words, I believe she is spending an extra 45 to 75 extra minutes per day that she could be doing something else. My guess is that because this is her life and career she doesn’t want to leave anything to chance, hence the extra time spent at the gym. Each day Pink breaks up her body parts for strength training. One day might be chest and triceps, then the next shoulders and back. This allows her to spend more time on each body part and also allows her to lift 5-6 days per week.

Pink also spends about an hour each day doing cardio. I would guess this cardio is reduced on days where she is performing since that is a tremendous amount of exercise in itself. It looks like she mixes her cardio up with steady state cardio and HIITs (speed intervals). Pink also puts a big focus on short core circuits to tighten her stomach muscles after her baby. Very similar to my Got Core DVDs. She supplements all of this with kickboxing and hot yoga.

Two hours per day just isn’t practical for most moms, considering time is their #1 reason why they don’t exercise. This is the reason why none of my workouts last more then 30 minutes. I believe 80-90% of the same results can be achieved in that amount of time than a 90-120 min session.

A couple days ago I announced that I just filmed 12 more workouts and that I am offering a huge discount on the original 12 DVDs I created a couple years ago to make room for the new ones. The new ones are only going to be made available for the alumni of our Fit Moms For Life 6 Week Challenge. The original DVDs sold for $39 each. I am going to discount these DVDs to just $25/DVD. The only “catch” is there is a 4 DVD minimum.

Each DVD contains:

  • 30 minute muscle toning strength training workout
  • 10 minute fat torching burst training workout
  • 12 minute tummy toning core workout
  • 5-7 minute stretching routine
  • 15 minute nutritional session
  • 10 minute interview with the mom who you have just worked out to

This deal will only last one week, so take advantage of this right now if you are looking to add some great workout DVDs to your collection. These DVDs progress from #1 up to #12. If you want to have one of the 100 sets that are available reply to this email and let me know if you want all 12 or which ones you need. If you order 6 or more I will cover the shipping for you.

If you have any questions feel free to email me at

Here is just one of the many 100’s who have seen life changing results from these DVDs.1 Pink

Whether you are looking to have a body like Pink, or just more energy and a clearer mind, I would love to help, so feel free to reach out.

If you like the idea of very short body part training workouts. I have created 12 workouts that are body part specific that last 8-15 minutes each which allows you to lift everyday. This program is called Bun Guns Back and Shoulders and you can click here to order it.

Next week I will sharing with you what Pink eats and talking much more in depth the following two weeks on nutrition.

5 Eating Tips To a Flatter and More Toned Stomach | Plus Name Your Own Price Sale!!

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Yesterday, I shared with you 20 plus core exercises that will get your stomach and beyond in the best shape it has ever been, guaranteed. I then took it a step further and did something I have never done and allowed you to make me an offer on my #1 selling DVD system called Got Core. It retails for $29.99 but I am accepting any reasonable offer and will get the DVDs shipped out immediately. Many dozens of you have taken me up on my offer over the past 24 hours.

Click here to make me an offer

Yesterday, I mentioned that abs are also made in the kitchen, so here are 5 nutrition tips to lose fat around the midsection.

#1 Reduce added sugars from soda, juice, candy, ice cream, and pretty much anything processed.

#2 Avoid all FAKE sugars, they come in the forms of SUCRALOSE and ASPERTAME primarily. Fake sugars make you crave even more sweets.

#3 Don’t eat anything that has the words “enriched” in the ingredients label. It automatically means it has been stripped of its goodness and supplemented with factory madeOrganicFood vitamins and minerals.

#4 Bump up your protein content. Protein makes you feel fuller, reduces the glycemic index of food, and burns lots of calories in the digestion of it.

#5 Eat more healthy fats. Fats will keep you feeling full, and help maintain your fat burning hormones. Some good fats to be eating are coconut oil, avocados, olive oil, grass-fed butter, raw nuts, fish and fish oils.

If you implement these 5 strategies I can all but guarantee you will feel better, your jeans will be looser, and you will have more energy. Getting back to the Got Core DVDs, what I didn’t tell you is that I am including a fat burning eating plan with the workouts. So not only are you getting 8 complete 15 minute core workouts on two DVDs, but you are receiving a complete menu/eating plan.

Tracie, our nutritionist has provided you with 36 meals and snacks that are simple to prepare and delicious. Besides the meals and recipes, I am giving you a list of 50 healthy snacks that you and your kids will love. Lastly, a couple years ago I came up with 108 different things you can do to make this your healthiest year ever. Think of it as a challenge of the week sort of thing. You will get all of these bonuses, when you “name your own price” for the 2 DVD Got Core set and all the bonuses.

got-core-upright-graphicClick here to name your price and receive bonuses instantly

I mentioned this yesterday, but I am not limiting the number of DVDs you order for Christmas gifts all I ask is that you don’t go and try to resell them online for a profit. Thanks! Click here to get your abs really tight and flat.


20 “Core” Exercises To Get You Through The Holidays… Plus Name Your Own Price Sale!

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Dustin I want a flat stomach, how do I get it?


I keep hurting my back and my doctor/PT says I need to strengthen the core how do I do that?


I am a runner or play other sports and after 15-20 minutes of activity, I feel like more core isn’t able to keep up, what can I do?

These are just a few of the questions I get related to core training.  I have obsessed about the subject since I was 13 years old. Read pretty much every book on the subject, 1 a dustindone so many core DVDs, and studied it in college and created fitness classes around core training specifically. I was even nominated and received an honorable mention in a national “abs” contest – haha the vanity in that. Luckily, I am mostly over the vanity of a flat stomach (but still want to keep a good six-pack up), and more concerned about making sure the core is functional to protect my back from getting injured.

I created a youtube video for you from one of my “Got Core” classes that I taught awhile back. It will give you at least 20 exercises that yougot-core-upright-graphic can start doing today to strengthening your core.  Click here to watch the video

I don’t believe it to be a coincidence that my #1 selling DVD of all time is my 2 disk DVD set called “Got Core.”  It has sold thousands of copies all over the world, and testimonials have come in from as far away as Europe and South America. On the surface it contains over 50 exercises that target the area, but it is much more then that…It is 8 workouts, each only 15 minutes long (who can’t create 15 extra minutes 3X/week). The workouts start out very basic and simple (to the level my 65 year old mom could do), and they slowly progress to level 8 which will challenge the most fit. [side note] I had my NFL friend try and he couldn’t do the hardest level.

The DVD set retails for $29.99 plus $4.99 S&H. A great value I must say and thousands have agreed with their pocket books. But for the Christmas season I want to try something I have never done before. I want to let you name your own price.  All you need for these workouts is a stability ball (55-65 cm will do) and maybe a weight for an extra challenge, but that is it.

Make a reasonable offer based on what you think they are worth to you, and I will have them shipped out. (If you feel like they are worth more then $29.99 feel free to offer more 🙂 )  Make me an offer!  With Christmas around the corner this could make a great stocking stuffer, so I am allowing you to get as many copies at that price, but I want to ask that if you do that, you won’t go and turn around and sell it on ebay, or other reseller site for a profit.

Flat stomachs are also made in the kitchen, click here for five tips to a flatter stomach.


Healthy Mom, Healthy Family, Healthy Community!

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Tranformation Center

We are so excited about our new “Transformation Center”. Our tagline: “Healthy Mom, Healthy Family, Healthy Community”.

We are also exited to be offering programs for moms, (of course) guys, kids, and many things for our community such as birthday parties, movie nights, date nights (parents leave kids at our place for a night of fun), and so on.

I would like to invite you to come visit sometime, no matter where you live in the world.  We had 70 energetic and awesome people to get things going.  I might write in more detail about the experience of opening up a place, but I can say that I have never worked longer hours, felt more stress, and doubted myself on occasion. But I am confident with the support of an incredible team and community this will be a great thing for our community.

To me this is another example that the greatest things in life require hard work, nights with very little sleep, and moments of stress that you aren’t sure you are capable of handling.

So, if you have a goal right now that you are going after very hard because you KNOW it is the right thing to do and you are experiencing the emotions above, I just want to let you know to keep believing and remembering that anything above “ordinary” requires extra-ordinary work. You must be willing to do things 99% of others aren’t willing to do.

One part of the transformation center I am extremely excited about is the weekend kids birthday parties. It will give families another option for a healthy and fit party, while giving the parents a well needed break from having to “plan” or “do” much of anything. Plus it allows me to hire another 5 people which makes me happy!  My BDS (Birthday Delight Specialists) have created a short survey about kids birthday parties and I would be grateful for any of your experiences and opinions.

Click here to share you opinions >>>

We are wanting to be the #1 party destination, because a birthday party is a great way to reach kids and show them a fun time while making it healthy focused, and it allows moms to experience what the Fit Moms Transformation Center is all about.

Please also check out our Universal Fit Moms for Life Six Week Challenge >>>

30 minute workout you can do anywhere

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 Post by Katie C., blog contributor

Before I started bootcamp, if I only had 30 minutes to work out (or even if I had more time), my default activity would be running.  Now that I’ve been doing bootcamp for almost a year, I’ve learned the importance of incorporating strength activities and am a fan of circuit workouts. Here’s a 30 minute circuit workout that I’ve adapted from iVillage.  It’s a great way to get in a good workout anywhere without any equipment.

1.  Warm up with 8 minutes of cardio (running, jumping jacks, etc)

2.  Do one minute of jungle squats 

3.  Do one minute of push ups

4.  Do one minute of reverse V lunges

5.  Do one minute of modified chair dips

6.  Do two minutes of cardio (any combination of jogging in place, butt kickers, squat jumps, snowboard jumps, etc.)

7.   Do one minute of ab exercises (any combination of front planks, bicycles, Russian twists, etc.)

8.  Take a 30 second break, then repeat steps 2 through 8 two more times.  Your 30 minute intense workout will be done before you know it!

11 Fat Burning, Muscle Toning, Tummy Tightening Exercises

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We had a great time with our Saturday morning outdoor bootcamp kickoff.  There were 90 positive and hard working bootcampers that came out and worked hard, burned calories, improved their cardiovascular fitness, strengthened their core, toned their muscles, and met tons of new people.

One of my highlights was the potluck that we had afterwards.  Great food and community building.  I met so many amazing people, but I wanted to give a couple specific shout outs.

1.  I will keep this anonymous, but a husband of one of my bootcampers pulled me aside and wanted to thank me for this program and how amazing it has been for his wife.  She not only has lost a couple sizes, but their relationship is better, she is more positive, happier, confident, and more adventurous.  I think he summed it up quite well, the benefits of a program based on strength training, burst training, proper nutrition, and community.

If you don’t have this type of program in your area, start your own Fit Moms For Life group up.

Also a shout out to Crystal who came back from Chicago for the workout.  She started Fit Fun Bootcamps 17 months ago, and recently moved back to Chicago.  She has lost 102 lbs.  I didn’t even know she was there until the end of the workout after someone told me.  I didn’t even recognize her!


Ok, not a good pic with the lighting, but some of our great trainers

Finally I want to thank all my amazing trainers for being there.  We had 9 out of the 14 trainers there volunteering their time and energy.  I couldn’t do what I do without you!

Enjoy the video, hopefully you will pick up on some new moves to try at home.

-High knees

-Side shuffle

-Squat jumps

-Sprinting up hill

-Dumbbell swings

-Side lunge with db


-Front plank

-Side plank

-V sits

-Scorpion pushups



At-Home Pre-summer abs/shoulders exercise

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If you started pulling out your summer clothes last week (only to sadly stick them far back in your drawers again today), then you will want to start doing this move.  The warm weather WILL be here soon!   Walking Plank:  put your feet on the couch (curl toes under), hands on the floor in a push-up position.  Walk your hands and feet 4 steps to the right and then back to the left.  Pull in your belly. Make sure you can hold plank on the floor in good form before trying this one.  You’ll feel it in your abs, gluts, and deep in your shoulders.  Repeat 6-8 times, 3/week.

How To Get a Flat Stomach After C-Sections and Pregnancy

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If you are new to this website and are interesting in getting regular tips on exercise, nutrition, and motivation, be sure right now, to enter your name and email in the boxes to your right, and receive a free insiders report!

It goes by many different names:

-Muffin top

-The pouch


-The belly

-Belly bulge

Whatever you want to call it, attaining a flat stomach for a mom, is one of the most physically desirable changes.  You love your bundle of joy, you just don’t like what he/she did to your body. 🙂

So how do we attack this belly?

There are many different components that need to be in place for you to reach the goal of a flat stomach.  The main ones are; nutrition, strength training, burst training, and core training.

I don’t want this post to be too long, so I am going to just stick with talking about strengthening the core today.

I want to start with this one, because ab muscles are completely destroyed after a C-section, and even to some degree pregnancy in general.  A week core doesn’t look good, but more importantly, it makes you susceptible to lower back problems.  Lower back problems are the LAST thing that a mom can afford to have.

Instead of focusing on crunches, which will most likely make the abs even worse and lead to even more bulging of the belly, I teach my moms that it is what is on the inside that counts. 🙂  All joking aside, it is the deep core muscles that play the biggest role in a strong, safe back, and a stomach that looks good.

The video above shows my favorite ab exercises to do that target the inner most abs, the ones that really count. 🙂

Chances are if you have been part of this website for awhile, you already have my Got Core DVDs, and have seen awesome results with them.  But maybe you are new to the site, or for whatever reason, you just haven’t made the small investment in these DVDs.  I have received testimonials from people all around the world who swear by the Got Core workouts.

The secret behind the workouts are twofold.

First there are over 50 exercises that are included, and many of these exercises have subtle ways where we tweak the movements to make them even better.  So you are hitting the core, and much of your body from literally hundreds of different ways.  One of the keys to any exercise program is variety and challenging the muscles from different angles and positions.

The second secret is that there are 8, 15 minute workouts that are included.  So you start off at level one, and slowly build to level 8. Progression is necessary, if you did the same workout everyday for months and months, the benefits would diminish after about 6 weeks.

Oh and I guess there is a third secret, it is FUN!

Click add to cart to invest right now!

All you need to have at home is a stability ball which you can pick up for less than $20 at most stores.  These DVDs come together and normally retail for $59.95, but I want to make these available to you for just $29.95 (plus S&H).

How much is it worth to you, to reduce the risk of injuring your back?

How much is it worth to have a tight stomach?

How much is it worth to you to improve activities such as running?

If it is worth more than $29.95, click the add to cart right now.  We will send it to you within a couple of days.

If you have any questions about anything we talked about today, or if you have a minute to share your experience with the Got Core DVDs, please share a comment below using Facebook or the website comment box.

Why I Love My Foam Roller

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This is Melissa, one of Dustin’s bloggers.

A foam roller is a great (and inexpensive) tool to release tight muscles.  Using one is like getting a massage without the high price tag.   You can use a foam roller to release a tight IT band, help relieve shin splints and increase flexibility and range of motion among other things.  The basic principal is to use your own body weight to apply pressure to the muscles and soft tissue to lengthen and relax them.  Lay the body part you want to work on the foam roller and use your body weight to apply pressure as you roll.  You can use your hands and feet to balance and adjust the amount of pressure applied.  Below is a short video I did showing you some of my favorite techniques.

[youtube A-N1Epq-Oso foam roller]

This is great to do after a hard workout.  I find it significantly reduces the onset of muscle soreness after a workout.  When you first start using a foam roller you may feel some discomfort, adjust your pressure if it is too painful.  As always, before starting this please consult your physician if you have any vascular or chronic pain issues.

What is your favorite exercise tool?

Kettlebell Training Exercises

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As with most things in life, things come and go.  In fitness right now kettlebells might be the fastest growing trend.  Kettlebells have been around for well over 50 years but they have resurfaced as a great way to get in shape.  We use kettlebells at some of our Fit Fun Bootcamps locations in Madison, WI.  Kettlebells have a handle that is fat with a canon looking ball on the end.  Unlike dumbbells, kettlebells are as stable and require additional effort to control.

Check out this video I did on CBS showing some of the exercises that can be done with kettlebells.

She did a great job demonstrating the exercises.  Click here to check out a previous post I did about Sue’s transformation.  She followed that up with a part 2 on what she eats, click here to check that out. I have trained Sue for about 2 years in my small group training (which I don’t offer anymore due to a long waiting list), as well as my Fit Fun Bootcamps and Got Core DVDs.  She is in the best shape of her life right now and heavy resistance training and a lot of hardwork on Sue’s part is to blame for the transformation. Read More