21 Day Challenge

Single mom ready to end it all, chooses life

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I knew Onica was a special person the day I met her. I only had about 20 minutes to get to know her, but I could see deep hurt within her and yet I also sensed she was a strong, determined woman that was ready to give it her all.

Fast forward about two months and I was sitting at the Transformation Center going through my e-mail when I received the testimonial you are about to read. The crazy thing about reading this e-mail that night was that Onica was standing about 15 feet in front of me, waiting for her Killer Kurves class to start. After you read her heartfelt story, click here to learn more about how Killer Kurves can help you or a loved one. Even if you don’t live near Madison, the video alone is worth 5 minutes to watch. ->-> Click here to watch the video

Take it away Onica….!

My name is Onica and I have struggled with my weight for as long as I can remember. I have gained and lost and lost and gained more times than I care to count. In high chool my diet of choice was Anorexia, I would eat nothing all day and then have just enough dinner so that my parents wouldn’t notice something was off. I kept the weight off until I was 25 and went from jobs where I stood all day and rarely ate breakfast or lunch to a desk job where it seemed like someone wanted to take everyone out to lunch daily. The pounds piled on quickly after that. I had my son at 26 and never lost the baby weight. Two years later I had my daughter and 6 weeks after she was born I joined a weight loss program. I did great and was 7 pounds from my goal when self destruction kicked in. We had recently moved an hour away from our hometown and I knew no one, I was a stay at home mom and it was winter. I learned that I love to bake and more than that I loved to eat what I baked. Again, the pounds piled on, I was more than I had ever weighed, even when I was pregnant.

Fast forward 2 more years, I was now a divorced, single mom trying to make ends meet. It wasn’t easy to say the least. Every small bump in my life made me feel like I was sinking deeper and deeper into a pit that I was never going to be able to claw my way out of. I felt that every single aspect of my life was just too much for me to handle, that nothing I did was good enough, or could possibly be worth anything to anyone, that my kids would be better off if I weren’t around. What kind of a role model was I for them? Wouldn’t it just be better for them if they didn’t grow up with a mom like me, someone who never had any time or energy for them, whose house wasn’t spic and span and who was fat? I had a plan to end it all, I didn’t have a time frame, but I had a plan. It would have appeared to have been an accident so that my ex would still get the life insurance to use for raising the kids and above all no one else would be injured and my kids wouldn’t be the ones to find me. I had a plan.

Then on September 5th an email came into my inbox from Dustin. It was about a 21 day clean eating challenge. My sister told me that she and her husband were going to take the challenge and that I should do it with them. I decided to go for it. Part of that was to meet with Dustin in person to discuss your weight loss challenges and goals etc. That day changed my life, more accurately, that day saved my life. After I gave a short run down on my weight history Dustin told me about his Killer Kurves program, I didn’t think there was any way I could make it work for me financially or with my schedule so I tried to just forget about it. However it seemed that nothing would make the thought of this program leave my head. It sounded so perfect for me. After several days of not being able to stop thinking about it I rearranged my schedule with my kids, worked out a financial plan and I signed up. I can honestly say that signing up for K2 was the best decision I have ever made for myself.

On our first night I was nervous but excited. Everyone there seemed to be in the same boat. The trainers were very friendly and accommodating to everyone’s fitness level and any physical limitations we had. The people were all super friendly and no one was judging anyone else. As the weeks have gone on we have formed a bond with each other, the support and encouragement is like nothing else I have ever experienced. We have turned into a family of sorts and I love it, I can’t imagine my life without K2 now.

One of the things that I have learned to do is to view food as fuel for my body and not a hobby or way to relieve stress. I won’t put a certain brand of gasoline in my car because it gets terrible gas mileage with it so why did I continue to put food in my body that was terrible for my health and energy? It has really changed the way I look at eating.

We are currently starting our 9th week of the 12 week program and I have lost 29.2 pounds and 14 inches. My self esteem is on the way back up and the pride in myself that I feel is amazing! The little things no longer throw me to the bottom of the pit and I am smiling more than I have in years. I’m not where I want to be yet but I am a whole lot closer and more importantly I now have the support, knowledge, and confidence in myself to keep going towards that goal and not to just give up because of a setback or hard day.

If there is anyone out there that is on the fence about joining Killer Kurves, I say do whatever it takes to make it happen! You will not be disappointed. I know I’m not. Your life will never be the same again.


Wow! When I first read her story I was so moved, I got teary eyed. Since she was also at the TC that night, I went over to her and gave her a big, long hug. I had no idea of her struggles or how Killer Kurves has given her a new lease on life. Her physical and emotional transformation is an inspiration!

Onica, I am beyond excited to see you continue to progress and am excited for the boundless opportunities life has in store for you. Thank you for courageously sharing your story.


PS If you are ready to start your own journey of transformation, or just want to learn more, reply to this email or fill out the contact form here: and I or one of my team members will get back to you!

27 Ways to Get out of a Workout or Nutrition Rut (Plateau)!

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The other day I confessed to you that I struggle to stay consistent with my workouts.  I talked about how I create challenges every once in awhile to keep my motivation high.
Based off the feedback I received from all of you, it really seemed to resonate, so today I want to share with you a bunch of ideas I have for challenges that you can set for yourself.  I hope you decide do one of these or make up one of your own.
Physical Challenges:

  • 5K
  • Half marathon
  • Full marathon
  • Mud/obstacle run
  • Tough mudder
  • Bike race
  • Canoe race
  • Bikini competition
  • Mountain hike
  • Swimming across a lake
  • Surfing a wave
  • Headstand on a paddle board
  • Completing a pull up
  • Doing 30 consecutive pushups
  • Completing 250 burpees in one hour
  • 20,000 steps per day
  • Sweat at least 6 days per week
  • Complete a pistol squat heel to butt
  • Book a sexy photo shoot in 90 days
  • Walk on your hands for 30 feet

21 Day ChallengeNutritional Daily Challenges:

  • No added sugar
  • No caffeine
  • 6 servings of veggies
  • No alcohol
  • Join a CSA
  • Try a new vegetable
  • Sit down and eat dinner with your family at least 4 days per week

The ideas are limitless here but I hope I got your creative juices flowing.  Once you decide on one (or a few), I encourage you to commit to it by sharing it on Facebook and recruiting a couple friends or family to do it with you.
Want to take on a bunch of challenges all at once, but with the support of over 400 local Madison residents?  Join our 21 Day Clean Eating and Exercise Challenge which starts TOMORROW and get ready for some insane results and lifestyle changes. ->-> Click here to learn more <-<-

The challenge rules, you can do this anywhere in the world!

21 Ways to Lose 21 Pounds in 21 Days!

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Rapid weight loss… It is what many people come seeking when they join the Transformation Center in Madison or our online Fit Moms for Life programs.
Here are the best ways I know to lose up to 21 lbs in 21 days.

  • Get in an accident and lose a leg
  • Travel to a foreign land and pick up a tapeworm
  • Contract a severe virus that has it coming out of both ends

Awesome tips, right?
The truth is, rapid weight loss can very rarely be done safely or maintained.  It is all about changing your habits and making SMALL lifestyle tweaks over time.

Six months ago, I came up with a 21 Day Clean Eating and Exercise program that quickly became the most popular challenge I have ever launched.  The testimonials and transformations were insane, but most importantly habits were being refined and tweaked.
21 Day ChallengeWhat are the “rules” to the challenge? The orange infographic explains what the most successful clients did, to not only get fast results, but lasting results over the 21 days. If you want to the momentum and power of a community all striving to do our best over a 21-day period, I would like to invite you to take the challenge. If you are in Madison and already a monthly member of the Transformation Center, this is a free and added bonus program.

What if I am not a member of the TC? You can join us short term for these 21 days and get a lot of bonuses in the process.

Here is what you receive:

  • Unlimited sessions of bootcamp and fit moms at our three locations for the 21 days
  • Signed copy of my book with recipes, meal plans, mindset exercises, and full workouts
  • Bonus workout and nutrition session led by me
  • One on one success session led by myself or one of our team members ($75 value)
  • $5 off our hydrolyzed collagen protein powder
  • Accountability group
  • Knowledge and support of all the trainers and fellow workout community.
  • You will get all of this for just one payment of $87.  This is about $4/day!

->-> Click here to sign up <-<-

Since all sessions will be held indoors, there are only a small amount of spots available. Summer is just around the corner, what better way then to spend 21 days toning, strengthening and having a lot of fun in the process.  ->-> Click here to sign up <-<- Once you sign up, share this with a friend and get them to join you on this 21 day journey. If you can’t make it to Madison, follow the rules above and do it on your own.

Do you have 40 lbs or more to lose and want our ultimate weight loss management program?  Our next 12 week Killer Kurves session starts soon! ->-> Click here to learn more <-<-

My Biggest Pet Peeve!

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Who you are today is what you will become tomorrow.
I was recently asked what are my three biggest pet peeves. One of them is making excuses and not taking responsibility and action for the current situation you are in and doing NOTHING about it but complain. You don’t like your current amount of energy you have? What are you doing TODAY to change that? Not a week or a month from now TODAY.
If increased energy is your goal, here is what I would start doing TODAY to change that:
-Make a plan to get at least 7 hours of sleep.
-Eliminate all caffeine
-Drink 3 quarts or more of water
-Reduce or eliminate processed carbs and added sugar
-Increase your fat and protein content to minimize blood sugar levels
-Exercise vigorously for at least 30 minutes each day.
If you make these changes, your life will forever be changed and your energy levels will be at a place you didn’t think was possible. It starts TODAY! Don’t wait until tomorrow to start to get the results you deserve. Life is too short to procrastinate.
Fortunately, by the time I sit down with someone to help them put together a health plan, they are past the point of making excuses and not taking action.  If you are sick and tired of being sick and tired we are starting another 21 Day Clean Eating and Exercise Challenge on April 1st.  The investment is only about $4/day and free for current monthly members of the Transformation Center.  ->-> Click here to join <-<-
Do you have 40 lbs or more to lose and want the ultimate weight loss program?  Killer Kurves is starting its new session and we are now accepting applications. ->-> Click here to join <-<-


10 Things To Make Meal Planning Easier

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21 dayWe are into the second day of our 21 day challenge. A small percentage of the people participating were able to come to the Transformation Center Sunday night for our kickoff.

Click here if you still want to get in on the challenge. It isn’t too late!

This challenge forces you to cook more at home and read the food labels at the grocery store and in your pantry or refrigerator. Many don’t have the time, knowledge, or expertise to cook at home consistently.

Tracie Fountain, the creator of all of the eating plans in the Fit Moms For Life 6 Week Challenge, has some great tips for making cooking healthy meals easier and faster.

->-> 10 Things To Make Meal Planning Easier <-<

It’s not your fault if you never learned how to cook. Society encourages a fast paced eating-out lifestyle, and your mom may not have involved you in the kitchen. Even though it isn’t your fault, it is your responsibility to make sure your kids learn what to do from you.

->-> 10 Things To Make Meal Planning Easier <-<

 Tracie has an incredible 8-week home study course with DVDs and manuals that will give you a PhD in what to eat and how to eat. The best gift you can give your family is healthy food and passing those skills on. Click here to check out her 8-week program. Dozens of my clients have invested in it and loved it.

For the next couple of days, Tracie is offering a $50-off coupon for you. Enter fm4l in the coupon code at the checkout page to apply the savings. You won’t be disappointed!

Click here to invest in the program now.

What I Learned About Taking First Place in My Stair Climbing Competition

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I was recently in Chicago after completing the Storm the Stadium 6,000 stair running race. To make a long story short, the race was extremely disorganized, they sent some people in the wrong direction, and throughout the race it was very difficult to know where to run next.

1 WinnerI ended up taking 1st place in the elite category, with over 1,000 competitors overall. My client and stair training partner, Tessa (shown in picture), took second overall and first for the women. It shows just how fit clients get with our programs.

I think there would have been a few competitors who would have beat me had the course been better marked, but at this point it doesn’t matter enough to try and figure it out.

This week, we are launching our 21 Day Clean Eating and Exercise Challenge and I realized that I learned a few lessons in this race that I hope will help you over the next 3 weeks.

Click here to join us locally or virtually (this is your last chance).

First, I have trained very hard the past 4 months running some of the steepest steps anywhere. I estimate that I have done 40 stair workouts this summer, and I can only count a couple of times where I didn’t have 1-6 others who would come out and do the workout with me, push me, and encourage me.

Stair climbing burns up to 3X more calories then running. In other words, it is really hard. The 21 Day Challenge is going to be really hard too, but just like I have a team to help me, you will have a team to help support you and cheer you on when you don’t think you can continue.

Second, anyone who has competed in any sort of race or mud run knows that most everyone is super-supportive, positive and happy. This morning at the Chicago White Sox stadium was no different—it was filled with incredible stories and people.

It is the same with the 21 Day Challenge—each person involved has a different story that can help us learn more. Over the course of the challenge, we will be sharing with each other and helping each other overcome the obstacles that arise during the next 21 days.

Lastly, the feeling I got when I crossed the finish line was amazing. It wasn’t because of the place I got (I didn’t know for a couple hours how I finished). Rather, it was the feeling of pride and confidence I got from setting a goal and doing my personal best and achieving it.

I can’t wait to hear the stories that are going to come from you at the end of the 21 days. Not only will you have lost weight and inches, but you will have so much more energy and zest for life. After 21 days, you will have an inner confidence that you can overcome any obstacle that life throws at you.

You still have today to join the over 500 who have committed to doing it together. I hosted an opening kickoff Sunday night (Sept 7th) at the Transformation Center at 6 pm.

21 day

We did the pretest, going over the rules in greater detail, setting up accountability groups, hearing from a woman whose life was saved at the TC and doing a fun group workout together. We had people come from over 5 hours away just for this kickoff.

Success and confidence breeds more success and confidence. That is how momentum works. So I am putting it out here right now so I can’t back out. I will be running a spontaneous marathon this fall. I have only run more than a mile 3 times in my life. The thought of running 26.2 miles with absolutely no running training is scary and overwhelming, but you only grow when you get pushed out of your box. I will test my physical and mental capabilities in an activity I know very little about. Should be interesting.

Top 10 Reasons Why You NEED The 21 Day Clean Eating Challenge

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The 21 Day Challenge starts this coming Monday, and hundreds have already joined from around the world. But I know there are still some on the fence wanting to do it, but not having enough confidence in themselves to complete it.

Click here if you missed my video on how to build confidence.

In case you missed it here is the image with the challenge “rules.” Feel free to use this, post it to your Facebook page, and invite others to join.

21 Day Challenge rules

Top 10 reasons why you should join

1. It is FREE (or a very small fee if you want to attend our in-person workouts and/or receive access to workout videos and eating plans. CLICK HERE to learn more and sign up, we have 5 more21 Day Challenge spots available for our in-person sessions.

2. You will lose weight. This isn’t a calorie restriction plan or even a low sugar plan, but eating real food and cleansing your body of toxins will release your stored fat.

3. You will become smarter. The rules require you to read food labels, which is one of the best skills you can learn for your health.

4. It will positively affect your entire family. Maybe they don’t adhere to the entire challenge, but you doing it will rub off and they will start making changes too.

5. The is the fastest way I know to jumpstart progress after a crazy summer.

6. You won’t be doing it alone. As I mentioned, hundreds, if not thousands, are all doing it together and will support and encourage one another.

7. The challenge will dramatically improve your confidence. Maybe the thought of not drinking coffee for 21 days seems daunting, but once you achieve it, you will look back at it with pride and confidence, which will allow you to set even bigger goals.

8. You will have SO MUCH more energy. It might take up to the first week to experience this increase, but as your body releases the poison and toxins that have built up, and receives the proper nutrients, your body will feel dramatically different.

9. It is only 21 days. I am not asking you to do this for 365 days. It is my hope that you try out some new things and find the ones that work for you and discard the ones that don’t work.

10. It is fun! Each day we will have little daily challenges that you can participate in. And making drastic eating and exercise changes can open up new possibilities for you that are hard to envision now.

So if you have been on the fence, I want to get you off. It starts with just one click of the link below.

->-> Click here to get started now <-<-



Why You Should Give Up Coffee for 21 Days (controversial)

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Ever since I announced the 21 Day Clean Eating and Exercise Challenge, the comment I have been hearing the most is, “do I really have to give up my coffee?”

In this article, I would like to share with you the science on both sides of the coin, along with my personal opinion.

Americans drink 624 million cups of coffee per day. That averages out to a staggering 3 cups per person. 87% report not being able to live without their daily coffee. I have been told that my articles are sometimes too long, so I will do my best to be brief by providing you a list of the potential positives and negatives of coffee consumption, based off of current research. Feel free to dive deeper into the research by clicking the links I provide below.

The positives of small doses of coffee/caffeine (2 cups or less per day):

  • Coffee beans are seeds which are filled with many biological compounds (antioxidants) and some recent studies say that limited coffee consumption may reduce things like: certain cancers; dementia; Alzheimer’s; Parkinson’s; stroke; and diabetes. These same compounds may improve concentration and memory.
  • Increased alertness when very tired
  • Increased stamina when working out
  • Reduced risk of suicide
  • “Grabbing coffee with a friend”—positive social experiences often go along with coffee consumption

Click here to check out more positives and the research behind the claims.

The negatives of coffee:

  • Potential problems for those who have high blood pressure
  • Addiction: caffeine is the most-used drug in the world
  • Increased anxiety and disrupted sleep cycles and patterns
  • Interaction with some medications taken for thyroid, depression, and heartburn
  • Increased blood sugar levels, making it harder to control diabetes and maintain energy
  • Increased bone density loss post-menopause
  • Potential stomach problems, especially for those susceptible to acid reflux and heartburn
  • Highly acid (hence more heartburn)
  • Potential adrenal fatigue

Click here for an article with more negatives and the research behind the claims.

21 Day Header

I have tried to lay out some of the highlights for the 10,000’s of studies that have been done on coffee and caffeine, but there is much more that you could learn.

I am a bit biased on coffee because I have only had one sip in my life, and I have never seen my parents drink any. In other words, it wasn’t part of my life growing up. My dad has a saying that has stuck with me. “True freedom is being able to say no to the things you can have.”

While a cup of coffee a day probably won’t do you much harm and may actually be good for you, I try to live by the following motto.  How would I feel if I got stuck on an island with only water and fresh food? Would I go through withdrawals? Would I psychologically have a hard time not drinking my coffee, or my soda, or any other vice? If the answer is yes, I try to eliminate or moderate my behavior.

The biggest reason I am against coffee is that many use it as a band-aid to cover up the underlying issue… they are tired and need it for energy. They aren’t getting enough sleep, they aren’t eating foods high enough in nutrients, and they aren’t exercising enough to balance their hormones and keep themselves energized.

Whether or not this is you, I believe a 21-day coffee fast will benefit you greatly. You might experience headaches and crabbiness the first couple of days, but they will go away once your body gets cleansed. If you need ONE cup of unsweetened green tea to get you through the first couple of days, that is ok. But then let’s try to really get rid of caffeine. Having the willpower to say NO will boost your confidence and build momentum up that will carry over to all areas of your life.

If you don’t agree with anything I said and you are really resisting this notion of giving up coffee for 21 days, you need this challenge the most. =)

Click here to learn about all the details of the 21 day challenge (which is free).

If you want me to help by providing you with fat burning workouts (in person or digital), along with eating plans and recipes that follow the challenge rules, you can invest in that for a small fee.

->-> Click here to learn more and to take the 21 Day Challenge <-<

A side note on coffee: it stains your teeth. I get asked on a weekly basis how my teeth are so white. My answer is the same every time… Crest Whitestrips once per year, I don’t drink coffee or alcohol, and I eat tomato-based sauces only once in awhile. That is the secret to a bright smile!

If You Have Never Read a Blog Post of Mine, Read This One…

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This might be the most powerful and impactful 2 minute video that I have created.

With all the buzz around the 21 Day Clean Eating and Exercise Challenge that starts Sept 8th, I wanted to share something I learned recently that rocked my world. This new concept has been so profound for me that it has enhanced and transformed my ability to achieve high levels of confidence.

We all want to feel confident, but how do we actually achieve confidence? While I was in Toronto with my coach, Dan Sullivan, he presented us with a framework that made such total sense to me – I knew I had to share it with you!

Many people believe that in order to have high levels of confidence, you need high levels of competency. For example with this upcoming 21 day challenge, if you want to have high levels of confidence that you will be able to follow the program, you probably believe you need to know what exercises are best, what foods are bad for you, how to prepare healthy foods, meal plans, etc.

While these things might help you build confidence in the long run, there are two other things that are actually much more important (and much more straightforward!), and that will help you build your confidence more quickly.

->-> Click here to discover what these two components are <-<-

This is the simplest and most powerful framework I have ever seen for creating change, getting results and building confidence. Once you have decided on the first two pieces of the framework, everything else will fall into place.

->-> Click here to watch this 2-minute video <-<

After watching the video I have two questions for you…

  1. Are you committed?
  2. Are you ready to show courage?

You really don’t need to have all the answers, you just have to be willing to start.

If you are ready to take on the 21 Day Clean Eating and Exercise Challenge, let me know by sending me an e-mail to

This challenge is free and open to the world! Click here to take the 21 day challenge.

If you want access to specific workouts and eating plans that will help you gain the competencies that will make it so much easier to successfully complete the 21 day challenge, click here to learn about a couple programs we offer both locally and virtually.

We only have 6 more spots available for our local, in-person program so click here to learn more and reserve one of the spots.

Let’s make September an amazing, confidence-filled month for all of us!

People all over the world are taking the challenge and challenging their friends to join them! Who can you invite to join this challenge with you? All this week and next I will be sending out content-filled emails sharing the research and reasoning behind some of the 21 day challenge rules. Tomorrow, I will be discussing why I highly recommend you give up drinking coffee for 21 days.

21 Day Header


Everything you need to know about the 21 Day Clean Eating and Exercise Challenge!

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21 Day Header

I hope that you will join the thousands of people around the world who are taking the 21 Day Clean Eating and Exercise Challenge!  This email contains all of the details and information that you will need to join in. You can also find all of this information here:

The next 21 days will be quite hard, but I know you can do it, and the feeling you are going to get at the end is going to be amazing. The challenge will officially start Sept 8th and end Sept 28th. You will need to do the fun 3 exercises in the pre-challenge fitness test before we start, and then do it again after the challenge is over to help measure and track your results.

As a reminder, the rules of the challenge are:

  • No soda
  • No soy
  • No coffee
  • No alcohol
  • -No fast food
  • 96 ounces of water/day (3 quarts)
  • 6 or more servings of vegetables each day
  • No fake sugars like sucralose and aspartame
  • Write down 3 things you are thankful for each day
  • 7 or more hours of sleep/night (or an additional nap)
  • Complete 3-exercise pre and post-test (video included)
  • No processed vegetable oils (canola, soybean, corn, palm)
  • Participate in fun daily challenges like “do 100 squats today.”
  • No food that has the word “enriched” in the first 3 three ingredients
  • No fruit juice or other calorie filled drinks (unsweetened teas are ok)
  • Exercise at least 14X (20 min/session and 8 weight session minimum)
  • No processed corn products (high fructose corn syrup, corn syrup, etc)

We have also created a daily calendar for you to follow. Click here to download the calendar, print it off and attempt to do the daily challenges. (Right-click on the link and select “Save Link As” if you have any difficulty with the download.)

At any time, if you want to join in one of our programs that give you access to a supportive online community, workouts, eating plans, etc that will help you make more progress more easily, we’d love to have you join us.

Those outside of the Madison area can learn more about the Fit Moms for Life 6 Week Challenge here:

If you are local, you can join our local programs during the challenge–learn more here:



21 Day Clean Eating and Exercise Challenge… You in?

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Summer is winding down fast and school and a more predictable schedule are about to begin. This summer, more then any other summer I can remember, I have been hearing excuses of why it is harder to stay fit and lean. Parties, vacations, erratic kids’ schedules, cookouts… the list goes on and on. But in the end, they are all excuses, because I also have many clients (who are just as busy as the rest of us) who do make it a priority and who have lost massive amounts of weight this summer.

The Fit Moms For Life staff has created an exciting 21 Day Clean Eating and Exercise Challenge that I hope will be a not-so-gentle kick in the butt that you and I need (I am doing this right alongside you).

Will it be hard? ABSOLUTELY.

The beauty of this challenge is that anyone in the world can participate for free. I am making it available for everyone… the rules, the tests, and the daily challenges. If someone wants to attend our workouts, or use our specific fat-burning eating plans that go along with the challenge, they can pay a nominal fee. (If you are an existing local client, you will get access to this information for free. We will send a link to our private members’ area for this challenge later this week.)

The Challenge officially starts Monday Sept 8th. There will be a kickoff party (if you can make it to Madison) the night before, on Sunday Sept. 7th, at 6:00 pm at the Transformation Center.

->-> Click here to get all the details of the challenge <-<-

I have structured the challenge in a way that the more people that can do this the better. This is because it isn’t a competition against each other, but rather a collaborative supportive challenge, in which the more people that do it together, the easier it becomes.

In short here are the “rules” of the 21 days:

  • No soda21 Day Challenge
  • No soy
  • No coffee
  • No alcohol
  • No fast food
  • 96 ounces of water/day (3 quarts)
  • 6 or more servings of vegetables each day
  • No fake sugars like sucralose and aspartame
  • Write down 3 things you are thankful for each day
  • Get 7 or more hours of sleep/night (or an additional nap)
  • Complete 3-exercise pre and post-test (video included)
  • No processed vegetable oils (canola, soybean, corn, palm)
  • Participate in fun daily challenges like “do 100 squats today.”
  • No food that has the word “enriched” in the first 3 three ingredients
  • No fruit juice or other calorie filled drinks (unsweetened teas are ok)
  • Exercise at least 14X (20 min/session and 8 weight session minimum)
  • No processed corn products (high fructose corn syrup, corn syrup, etc)

For most reading this, there will be a couple of the “rules” that make you grouchy or even a little angry. That is ok, it is only 21 days! If you do live in the local Madison area, I have only 20 spots available for non-clients to join the in-person challenge at the crazy low rate of 2 payments of $35.

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We also have a “digital” plan that you can sign up for too.

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In a couple days I will be sharing with you our daily challenge calendar and the 3 pre- and post-challenge fitness test exercises you will be doing.

I have given a similar challenge to a small group of clients in the past, and based on their results, I can say that many of you will lose 6-12 lbs in just 21 days. It is almost like a cleanse, without all of the potential side effects. We are cleansing the body of most toxins and breaking the body of unhealthy cravings.