How does sun and sand sound come mid January? You are invited…

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How does sun and sand sound come mid January? You are invited…

 I know it doesn’t seem right to be talking about the cold winter yet, but in the Midwest at least, it is only a few months away.

I personally enjoy the snow and cold weather, but also miss the warm sunshine beating down on my face.

My wife Tessa and I would like to invite you to the 4th year of hosting a fitness cruise in the Caribbean (Tessa’s first). 

It has been a handful of years since I last did one, and we are so excited to invite you for 7 nights of incredible food, weather, people, exercise, entertainment and fun.

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We have partnered up with one of the finest cruise lines (Norwegian) and have selected one of the greatest and newest ships in the entire world right now (The Norwegian Escape).

Imagine for a moment waking up to a warm, humid sea breeze. You put on your workout clothes and head to the top deck to take part in a fun workout that all ability levels are able to succeed at led by Tessa and me.

After an invigorating 45 ish minute workout and stretch we head down together to one of the 25 restaurants on the ship to enjoy a healthy breakfast of fresh goodness.

Next, we talk about the day and the various activities people are planning on taking part in and either group up for activities or do something on your own. After a full day of fun on the ship or at on one of the islands, we meet back together for an incredible dinner and then catch one of the amazing evening shows.

This sounds awesome! But it sounds expensive. 

Because we are able to get a group rate we are able to offer this cruise for an incredible value of less than $160/day which includes your food, ultimate beverage package, entertainment, room, taxes, workouts, etc.

Pretty awesome huh?

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We have limited spots available though, so head over to the web page we created and take a look at more of the details and reserve your spot.

As long as you are cool, you qualify for this trip. Usually I have only met half of the guests prior to coming on the ship, so invite your friends, share with your family and let’s create some memories that last a lifetime.

Keep moving,

Dustin and Tessa Maher

PS: The ship will only allow us to reserve a certain number of rooms before they get “released” after which this special price is no longer guaranteed. So don’t waste time, check your schedule and make the necessary arrangements.