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Keep doing this if you want weight loss to be a constant uphill battle!

By March 25, 2015 No Comments

I was recently in Utah skiing and had a realization as I was getting pulled up by one of the lifts.  I decided to film a video as I was going up and the response on Facebook from it was positive so I wanted to share it with you!

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If you don’t take the advice and analogy seriously, I can almost promise you that the improvements you have made in your health and fitness over the past few years will soon go away. Or… If you have been stuck in a rut for awhile, you will continue to struggle to get out.  ->-> Click here to watch the video <-<-
Life is already too challenging to constantly be fighting an uphill battle. I would love to hear from you.  Have you made the changes I talked about and feel a wave of support and momentum in your life?  Send an e-mail to to talk with me.