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The Best Diet Pill in the World!

By February 12, 2015 No Comments

Ahh diet pills…

mealThese two words get my blood boiling faster then any insult you can throw at me. Here is the question that frustrates and puzzles me…How can smart, well educated people continuously fall for the same scam over and over again packaged just a little differently each year? Chances are you have been or are currently on some sort of diet pill that the marketers promise will solve all your weight loss problems.

  • How many more deaths will need to occur?
  • How many more heart palpitations, trembles, and headaches will need to suffered through?
  • When will our well educated society stop wasting their hopes, dreams, and money on diet pills?

I believe that there will still be a massive demand for a quick diet pill fix decades from now, unfortunately. BUT there will also be a growing segment of the population who wise up and realize there is no easy answer to their weight issues – just hard work, real food and habit modifications.

Can I be honest for a second?

I believe many people take diet pills because IF (maybe I should say WHEN) they fail they can blame the pill and not their own inaction. So often we don’t want to take responsibility for the situations we put ourselves in. Blaming others and playing the victim might get you a few sympathetic hugs from your friends, but it certainly won’t provide you with life transformation. Taking 100% responsibility for your life is the only way to gain the power and strength you need to improve the areas of your life you want to change.

You married that person you are currently committed to, you accepted that job you are in right now, you chose the friends you spend time with, you decided to eat those certain foods, you chose to not make exercising daily a priority. These are all your choices and actions.

[Sorry got off on a tangent, back to the diet pills]

Please get it out of your mind that there is a diet pill savior that is going to come down from heaven and start melting your fat away as you watch the Biggest Loser while eating stuff crust pizza. 

  • You have the power to eat healthy, natural, REAL food.
  • You have the power to MOVE more each day.
  • You have the power to think positive thoughts.
  • You have the power to find friends that will support and encourage you.

Taking real action is the only way to make a health transformation your reality. I want to work with people who realize we need to get back to living lives that include eating natural, real foods and more daily activity and movement.

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