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Have you told yourself any of these lies? The sooner you can tell yourself the truth, the sooner you will become lighter, fitter, and healthier. Along with the lies we tell ourselves, our occasional bad choices (eating a “bad” meal, skipping a workout, negative thinking, snapping at the kids, etc) make us feel guilty and then we can spiral into worse self sabotaging behavior.

Avoid this negative spiral by focusing on improvements. For example, if you missed 5 workouts last month, try to miss 4 or less the next month. If you have been drinking three sodas a day, reduce it to two.

Start your change by keeping it simple…

1. Do one thing slightly different today then you did yesterday to make today healthier.

2. When you go out to eat today, order water instead of a diet soda.

3. When you enter your building, take the stairs instead of the elevator.

4. When watching your favorite TV show tonight do 20 squats or pushups during each break.

5. Transformation starts with small changes. Don’t underestimate the everyday little decisions.

Weight loss success isn’t achieved with just one big change; true transformation is achieved by making 100s of little changes to our daily lives.