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Make these three SMALL changes for massive results

By February 9, 2015 No Comments

In the movie Bruce Almighty there is a great line delivered by “God”, Morgan Freeman’s character. Bruce, played by Jim Carrey, is desperate to get out of all the difficult situations he is in and asks God for a miracle. God says. “You want a miracle? Be the miracle.”

So often we are desperate for that magic exercise that will burn the fat away from the belly, or that one food we need to start eating to lose weight, or the one mindset trick that will make sure you never self-sabotage again. There is no miracle, quick fix solution. The solution involves you looking in the mirror and realizing you are worth it. You are in the situation you are in because of the decades worth of tiny decisions you’ve made day in and day out. Those tiny decisions you make are impossible to detect short term, but have either devastatingly negative or profoundly positive effects years later and this later eventually becomes our now, our present. You must embrace the small decisions you are faced with everyday and realize these choices can be the key to a brighter and healthier future.

I have been reading an awesome book called The Slight Edge and it talks about what I just mentioned above. To get a slight edge on our weight and our health, we often don’t need to make drastic changes, we just have to make super small, seemingly insignificant tweaks. At the time, these tweaks won’t seem like they are doing anything, but all those small changes become like a snowball that gains so much momentum nothing can stop it! 

The problem is, most people get impatient and want to see huge results immediately. The first few rolls of a snowball are small, hardly distinguishable to the eye, but roll after roll it picks up more snow and more momentum until the changes become massive and obvious. Here are three small tweaks I encourage you to make to your routines of daily life. These three changes likely won’t produce any crazy changes overnight, but months and years down the road, the results will be incredible.

1. Write your workout schedule for the week into your calendar and make sure you treat those workouts like the most precious and important time of your day. Don’t give this sacred time up for anything besides an extreme medical emergency. I recommend working out a minimum of four times a week and six times a week if you are over the age of 50.

2. When eating out, always order water only and skip the appetizer and dessert. Make ordering this way a habit and you won’t even miss the extra food and drinks after awhile.

3. Each week, spend 5% less time with someone in your life who brings you down. This person may sap your energy, or make you feel stupid, and may not really believe that you can achieve your goals. In a matter of months, by spending less time with this person, you will find yourself getting annoyed less and feeling better about life.

I could list hundreds of these small little tweaks, some even tinier than the ones I shared above. These little changes are easy to make, but they are easy to NOT to make as well, which is the problem. If you go out tomorrow and order a soda and an appetizer of onion rings along with your meal, nothing negative will immediately happen. If you order that way for years, though, the effect of that junk food is compounded and your health could reach a crisis point.

I challenge you to make these little tweaks to your routine. You are worth it!