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What Einstein knew about weight loss

By January 30, 2015 No Comments

Relativity… I am not talking Einstein here.

When I ask someone how well they eat, their answer will completely depend on how they believe they eat compared to their family, coworkers, and friends. Come to think of it, it is not the greatest question for me to ask because it is so subjective. For example… I might look at someone’s food journal and find that they are eating quite well by my standards, but when asked how they believe they eat, they may say they don’t eat well because their friends and family are 100% into whole natural food based diets. The opposite is also true – a client may say they eat quite well, but when I look at his/her journal, it is mostly processed garbage they are eating, but because their circle of influence eats even more garbage, they don’t believe their eating is that unhealthy.

I believe that as a society, we are living in collective denial when comes to our health. The truth is, our lifestyle is slowly bankrupting our society and creating many other problems, as well. Statistically speaking, over the course of 20 years, an inactive person with a BMI over 30 will spend over $200,000 more than someone who is under 30 on the BMI chart and working on improving their health. This stat blows my mind! Why are most people so unwilling to invest $100-$200 per month into a fitness program that will ultimately save them massive amounts of money?

Saving money is just one of the many benefits of making your health a priority. Living a healthy, active lifestyle has the ability to:

  • add nine extra years to your life
  • add immeasurable quality to those extra years
  • increase your levels of confidence in all areas of you life
  • give you the ability to travel easier
  • enable you to continue pursuing your favorite hobbies
  • give you more energy
  • ensure you’ll be playing with your grandkids for many years

….the list is endless!

My main point for you is that relativity is likely messing with our viewpoint of “normal” Case in point, I recently bought the iPhone 6 Plus. Yes, the one that looks like an iPad. For the first few days, this massive screen was awkward and a little weird to get used to, but soon it felt so natural, it was like the phone was part of my body. In the weeks to follow, I would occasionally use an iPhone 5 and was shocked at how small and wimpy this phone was compared to my new 6. When I had the 5s, I had no idea that there was something else out there that was so much more amazing.

Right now, you might be in a spot that prevents you from understanding what you are capable of, or what is possible, or maybe you don’t have role models who have reached the levels of health and fitness you want to achieve. It’s important you spend time with people who are ahead of where you are on your health journey because they can provide you with a new normal to strive for. Without this shift, it is nearly impossible to push yourself past your current level of comfort. I encourage you to find a peer group who can raise your standard of normal and help you achieve the healthy life of your dreams!