Support, community, and accountability are the three words that most of our clients say they are looking for when they join the Transformation Center, because they haven’t been able to find these at big box gyms.

1 Dustin 3One of my favorite compliments to receive is to hear from a client who moves away to another city and e-mails me a year later to report they have looked everywhere to find a fitness community like they had with the Transformation Center and they just can’t find it. While I’m sad these clients haven’t found their fitness homes, these e-mails remind me that the Transformation Center really is a uniquely supportive fitness community.

I just read an article written by a former Biggest Loser contestant complaining about the awful stuff they all had to go through to lose the weight on that show (sweat bags, diuretics, 4-6 hours per day working out, 1500 calories, stress fractures etc).

She commented that the BL hasn’t done much in the way of reunion shows because most have gained all of the weight back and then some.

Given the extreme nature of the show, this probably doesn’t surprise you, but I believe those 50-100 pounds come back for many BL contestants because:

-Adjusting back into the real world is a culture shock since they have just spent many months in a sheltered and confined location that was designed specifically to promote weight loss.

-Re-acclimating back into their previous lives becomes extremely tough, and many will revert back to their old habits and ways because there is no support structure in place to guide them through their new lifestyle.

-Their friends, family, and coworkers haven’t changed, and therefore their environment hasn’t either. Changing your environment is one of the hardest things you can do, and definitely doesn’t happen overnight.

-The plan they were following on the ranch was unsustainable. The body isn’t designed to workout that hard for that long, and eat so few calories. Something has to give. Moderation is the key to lasting results and by design, the BL ranch cannot teach moderation in the real world.

-They went from training with professional trainers and workout groups to either training on their own at their house, or at a gym. Their fellow competitors on the show, along with their trainers, assist in building confidence and high expectations and when they re-enter the real world, those built in cheerleaders are gone.

-As much as the show encourages healthy living as a lifestyle, the carrot at the end of the BL journey is the prize money at the final weigh-in, about 8 months after the initial step on the scale. The prize money is a huge motivator and will keep a lot of people highly motivated. Once they get home and that motivator is gone, finding another carrot that is as big as the cash prize is nearly impossible.

To recap, what can you do to make sure you don’t gain 50-100 lbs?

1. Slowly begin to align your friends, activities, social events, parties, and financial purchases around being healthier, happier, and fitter.

2. Find an exercise and eating plan that you can sustain for the rest of your life, even if that means slower weight loss.

3. Seek out a trainer or fitness professional and a group of peers that are going to support you. Ideally, try to ensure you are neither the fittest in the group nor the most out of shape. Being in the middle of the crowd fitness wise, allows you to see what is possible from those fitter than you, and/or offers you the opportunity to act as a mentor and coach to those who are less fit than you.

4. Surround yourself with others who have high expectations of you.

5. Get a clear picture of why you want to achieve the results you want to achieve. Is it to live longer, be an example to your kids, or enjoy retirement? There is no right or wrong answer, but the answer needs to inspire you to stick to your healthy living goals.

If any of this resonated with you and you are looking for a fitness home that’s unlike anything you have tried before, send a message to and I will get back to you asap. We’d love to have you join our Transformation Center family!

At the Transformation Center we are considering launching a new program for anyone over the age of 50 who has flexibility to workout between 10:30 AM and 12:30 PM. It would be a cross between our private training and our larger bootcamps. If you are interested in learning more about this workout group and time, just send me an e-mail. If there’s enough interest in this class and time slot, we hope to launch it soon!