Did you know that what you eat is responsible for roughly 80 percent of how you look and how you feel? You could exercise every day and, if you are eating a very unhealthy diet, you may still gain weight, have low energy, and perhaps even health problems such as diabetes.

10622738_997623940263487_473896183349503941_nEating healthy food is my second pillar of success and you won’t succeed in the long run without it. Click here for my analysis of a real client’s food journal—it’s a hard look at the typical American diet and how that hurts you. The good news is that, once you understand the basics, it’s easier than it sounds and you won’t have to starve yourself or follow some crazy diet that makes it hard to eat out and keeps you hungry all of the time. You can eat well, feel full and get rid of your cravings by following a few simple rules.

The Fit Moms for Life 6 Week Challenge includes a healthy, whole foods menu with recipes that will keep you feeling full and losing weight, without counting calories or depriving yourself! It even includes a delicious recipe for chocolate ricotta mousse. =)

Learning how to eat well is the key to losing weight, staying healthy, and feeling amazing. FM4L takes all of the guesswork out of it and makes it easy, with family-tested, kid-approved recipes and meal ideas. Check it out here!

Stay tuned for the story of one of my clients who overcame eating disorders and massive health problems with real food, exercise and the support of her family… We are in this together!