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What you are about to see is disturbing – watch only if you are ready for change.

By September 11, 2014 No Comments

Every once in a while a video or article comes out that gives me goosebumps and fires me up to fight the fight of helping families regain their health. The video you are about to watch got me fired up like no other viral video I have ever seen. We can’t wait another day to take action and create change, we deserve better and so does the next generation.

Depending on where you are in your life journey, this video will stir up different types of emotions. You might feel a sense of relief that your struggles with your health and weight actually began when you were an innocent child and that your current issues really isn’t your fault. Or, you may feel very blessed that you came from a home where cooking healthy meals from scratch was an everyday occurrence (that is me). Maybe you have tears streaming down your face because you are that mom or dad right now, busy and stretched thin and consistently giving your kids the food and drink that will one day land them on the ER table. Possibly, your kids are out of the home now and guilt is welling up in your heart and regret fills your body because you wish you had known what you do now and raised them differently when it comes to food.

An emotion I have right now is anger; anger towards the processed food industry and how they target kids so early on – during their most impressionable years. No matter your emotion, the good news is that your future can be infinitely better than your past. You have access to knowledge and tools that can change your life, the lives of your kids, and your grandkids. There is a catch though, you have to invest the time into learning the tools and then APPLY these tools into your family’s life.

At Fit Moms For Life we are very proud of the programs and tools we have created over the past 10 years. Our programs are based in science and research, but are practical solutions that work in the real world we live in today. In other words – Fit Moms For Life programs really are doable, even for a crazy busy person like yourself.

Over the past year and a half we have launched a new Killer Kurve’s session each quarter. The stories of transformation through this specific program are incredible. This is one of the only programs I have ever seen that focuses solely on overweight and obese people who are looking for a radical change in their life, that doesn’t require a radical eating or exercise plan. In Killer Kurves, we help you make small, manageable choices that create massive, long term change.

Why does this program work so well?

Killer Kurves wasn’t created by some fit trainer who has never had an ounce of body fat, or from a scientist behind a computer who is looking only at all the research papers. Killer Kurves was created by trainers who were formerly obese. It was created with the true understanding of what someone 40-200 lbs overweight goes through on an everyday basis and how they struggle. Our team of trainers who specialize in Killers Kurves has expanded. Besides Liz (the co-creator of the program who lost over 60 lbs), we have added Shelley and Monique who have both been through the program, lost weight and changed their lives and are now paying it forward.

We understand that making true change is really difficult and that not everyday is going to be easy. That is why Killer Kurves focuses on community and accountability – to celebrate the successes and encourage each other through the struggles.


We are launching new weekend and evening time slots for our Killer Kurves program. Until now, you needed to get up at 5 AM to come to Killer Kurves, but now we are offering weekend and evening options as well. Sure you might have to work around your family’s schedule a bit, but just think about how your family is going to benefit long term (remember we don’t want your son or daughter on that ER table 30 years from now).

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The next 12 week session of K2 starts the week of Sept 28th. Our past 3 sessions have all sold out, so let’s leave the craziness of summer behind and commit this fall to establishing a routine that will provide you with crazy amounts of energy and weight loss.

 ->-> Click here to learn more and reserve your K2 spot in Madison <-<