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If You Have Never Read a Blog Post of Mine, Read This One…

By September 3, 2014 No Comments

This might be the most powerful and impactful 2 minute video that I have created.

With all the buzz around the 21 Day Clean Eating and Exercise Challenge that starts Sept 8th, I wanted to share something I learned recently that rocked my world. This new concept has been so profound for me that it has enhanced and transformed my ability to achieve high levels of confidence.

We all want to feel confident, but how do we actually achieve confidence? While I was in Toronto with my coach, Dan Sullivan, he presented us with a framework that made such total sense to me – I knew I had to share it with you!

Many people believe that in order to have high levels of confidence, you need high levels of competency. For example with this upcoming 21 day challenge, if you want to have high levels of confidence that you will be able to follow the program, you probably believe you need to know what exercises are best, what foods are bad for you, how to prepare healthy foods, meal plans, etc.

While these things might help you build confidence in the long run, there are two other things that are actually much more important (and much more straightforward!), and that will help you build your confidence more quickly.

->-> Click here to discover what these two components are <-<-

This is the simplest and most powerful framework I have ever seen for creating change, getting results and building confidence. Once you have decided on the first two pieces of the framework, everything else will fall into place.

->-> Click here to watch this 2-minute video <-<

After watching the video I have two questions for you…

  1. Are you committed?
  2. Are you ready to show courage?

You really don’t need to have all the answers, you just have to be willing to start.

If you are ready to take on the 21 Day Clean Eating and Exercise Challenge, let me know by sending me an e-mail to dustinmaherfitness@gmail.com.

This challenge is free and open to the world! Click here to take the 21 day challenge.

If you want access to specific workouts and eating plans that will help you gain the competencies that will make it so much easier to successfully complete the 21 day challenge, click here to learn about a couple programs we offer both locally and virtually.

We only have 6 more spots available for our local, in-person program so click here to learn more and reserve one of the spots.

Let’s make September an amazing, confidence-filled month for all of us!

People all over the world are taking the challenge and challenging their friends to join them! Who can you invite to join this challenge with you? All this week and next I will be sending out content-filled emails sharing the research and reasoning behind some of the 21 day challenge rules. Tomorrow, I will be discussing why I highly recommend you give up drinking coffee for 21 days.

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