You might just think of me as this exercise, nutrition, and a little bit of a mindset guy, but I now study and put a lot of my attention on learning about social dynamics, community building, social trends/norms, etc.

Although I will continue to learn what the latest research in nutrition and exercise is, I believe that to help create a healthy change in our society it needs to come from individuals who spread the message to their friends.

At first I was kinda’ annoyed by the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge.

I wasn’t annoyed that money was getting donated to a very well deserving cause (my grandpa died of ALS so I know how nasty of a disease it is). I guess I just felt like it was cheesy. But, as it has grown and as I have had more time to process it, there are some extremely positive and exciting things about it, from a social perspective.

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I am not going to talk about this from a fundraising standpoint, but rather from the perspective of helping you, your family, those closest to you, and your community all become healthier, fitter, and more positive.

Here is what I have learned or been reminded of from the IBC phenomenon…

When you personally call someone out by name, it makes them feel important to you and they will more likely respond to whatever you are asking of them. In other words, you have more influence on the people around you then you think.

As humans we like to rise up take, and conquer challenges.

It is much more likely that we will do something if those closest around us are doing it too. The desire to feel included and belong is so powerful, no matter our age or social peer group.

Having a strong WHY makes a huge difference. I don’t believe this would have taken off so much if people who have ASL hadn’t come forward and shared their stories. I will admit I was bawling my eyes out when I watched the ESPN video on the guy with ALS who pretty much started this movement.

When you have experienced a type of physical challenge together (although dumping some cold water is such a minor type of challenge/suffering), you tend to bond even more over having done it and then reminiscing about it over and over again.

People are becoming more comfortable with being on video and posting it on social media. This makes me excited, as I am someone who believes that the more we put ourselves out there, the more we can inspire others! It is awesome to see people who would never have posted a video of themselves online, now doing it…..seeing that nothing bad happened from doing it and that they inspired their friends to also challenge themselves.

You might be thinking that I now have some new challenge that I want to give you to try to replicate the IBC in a way that helps make you and your family healthier.

While I do have a bunch of ideas rolling around in my head, I don’t have a formal challenge. But I do want to encourage you in the following way, along with some action steps to follow.

Don’t be shy to make little video clips of you working out in your home, or outside at the playground. Film yourself or your kids helping make a healthy after-school snack or a Saturday morning breakfast.

Post these on social media and tag your friends; those 30 seconds of you doing some pushups with your dog jumping on your back not only will be entertaining but might inspire someone to exercise more.

Challenge a few of your closest friends or family members to do something with you.

Use their name when you call them out. Here are just a few ideas:

  • No alcohol for a month
  • 50 burpees a day for a week
  • No carbs after 6 pm for a week
  • Drink a gallon of water in a day
  • Write down 5 things each day that you are grateful for and share on FB

Tell your story. I get the privilege of hearing hundreds of stories of why it is important for you to be healthy and what you have done, and how that has radically changed your life for the better. This is the best part about my career.

By you not sharing your story more with those with whom you have a personal connection, you are potentially robbing them of a future that is much better than their present state.

So I would like to ask you to write your story out, then make a video of yourself sharing your story. Send it out; people might give you a hard time for not going out drinking with them or skipping an unhealthy social event for a workout, but, they cannot argue or give you a hard time about your story. Your story is your story and that is the beauty of it.

I spent 5 hours Saturday night (yes, I am that cool) creating a 21 day challenge for my clients, and whoever else wants to join in, that I am SO excited about!

Is it going to be extreme?


You will hear about it soon and it will start in a couple of weeks, but it stemmed from my frustrations this summer of hearing more excuses from people about why the summer is hard for them to be healthy and stick to eating healthy and exercising.

I am sick and tired of hearing excuses. I am a very patient man, but sometimes I snap-haha:). We need a big kick in the butt, and this challenge will do that for those who accept it.

It would be VERY tough to complete if you were doing it alone, but with 100’s (maybe even 1000’s) who I know will accept this challenge, the support and encouragement we are going to get from each other online and in person will make all the difference.