I hope you are enjoying this unseasonably cool weather we are having this week!

The past handful of days I have listened to about 14 hours of podcasts and read several books, and I have discovered that in all the content I’m listening to and reading about, there is an underlining theme of the importance of overcoming our fears.

I am going to keep this short today, but I would like to challenge you to take a few minutes and explore an area of your life where fear is holding you back from your true potential. Create a plan to make small changes and improvements in this area of your life. As you make these small changes you will create small “wins.” These small wins will create momentum, and the momentum will create confidence, and the confidence will create results and help eliminate that F-word, fear.

It has been awesome getting to know the new members in our Killer Kurves program this past week. There was one woman who came up to me after class today and shared with me that she cried all the way home after her first workout because she was completely overwhelmed at how far she had let herself go. Only a week later she is far more optimistic and committed to making difficult, necessary changes so she can get the results she desperately wants for her life.

With the level of commitment she has already demonstrated, I am very confident she will crush her goals!  For this woman, signing up for K2 was her first step towards conquering her fears and building a better life for herself. She even asked her family and friends to chip in a few dollars to help cover the cost so that she could afford the program. Way to step up with an action step and not make excuses!

What area of your life are you going to make a change in with that first action step? What fear are you ready to conquer?