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How many burpees does it take to burn off a piece of cheesecake?

By July 10, 2014 No Comments

What feeling do you get when you hear or read the word burpee? If you are like most of my clients, just the mere mention of a burpee likely fills you with dread because you know just how tiring and challenging burpees can be. One of my clients shared the following chart with me.


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The image above shows the number of burpees you would need to do to burn off certain foods if you weighed 130 lbs or 180 lb. For example if you are 130 lbs, you would need to do over 1000 burpees to burn off a piece of cheesecake. I like this chart because there are a couple powerful lessons we can learn from it:

#1 Exercise, even something as tough as burpees, really doesn’t burn that many calories compared to the number of calories you can take in or avoid with proper nutrition.

#2 This way of thinking about burpees can help you think twice before you indulge in that glass of alcohol, bowl of ice cream, or extra dessert.

In addition to these burpee chart lessons, I encourage you to think about exercise in terms of the life benefits it provides – increased vitality, self-esteem, and lean muscle tissue. The muscle that you build through proper strength training will help you burn fat even while you sleep.

Many people are obsessed with how many calories are burned in their workouts, but I believe this isn’t the best way to look at things. Instead, try and focus on how strong you are becoming, how fast you are recovering, and how much more athletic you are becoming.

As we can see in the chart above, even intense exercises like burpees do not have a large direct calorie burn. As far as nutrition goes, it’s important to remember calories are not evil – we NEED calories to function and live optimally. Look for your calories to come from real foods that will nourish you with vitamins and nutrients and provide your body with the fuel it needs to build more lean muscle.

It’s the calories that come from pr0cessed food that need to be avoided because, even though they do provide you with calories, they give you zero nutrients – so these processed foods leave your body hungry and craving more. Stick with REAL food whenever possible to give your body the nourishment, fuel and energy you need to live the healthy, happy life you deserve.