The past 6 weeks I have spoken to more corporations, teacher conventions, after school programs and other organizations, than any other time in my career. In many of these interactive sessions I ask this one simple question…

How will your life look and feel 10-20 years from now if you continue some of your unhealthy habits and likely add a couple more unhealthy habits to your life?”

The energy in the room usually goes down as each participant ponders the answer to this question. After everyone takes a moment to visualize what their lives would look and feel like, they discuss, describe and share their sobering outlooks

For some, they see their kids struggling with their weight and health because they as parents didn’t teach and equip them to make healthy eating and exercise part of their daily routine. These people are overcome with extreme guilt.

Others are afraid if they keep up with their current unhealthy habits, they won’t be around to see their grandkids grow up. Or, if they are alive, they are scared they will be stuck on the couch or in a wheel chair unable to play with their grandkids.

Some other people are worried that the active hobbies they LOVE doing right now, will no longer be possible if they add another 10-20 years of poor health habits into their lives.

Others who love to travel are sobered by the thought of not having enough energy, strength, or capabilities to travel the world in their later years. Getting older does NOT have to be scary, though.

Sure there are some things that life throws at us that are out of our control, but for the most part our bodies and health are capable of staying healthy and fit as we age.


Your choice to stay healthy as you age must start TODAY with your small daily choices. You can’t wait another year, or 5 or 10 for things to be “perfect” before you start your health transformation.

Your body can withstand a lot of abuse, but each day you don’t move, continue to eat toxic food, get too little sleep, and/or live a life of high of stress – your body is being abused and all this WILL take its toll. Heart disease, cancer, diabetes, strokes, Alzheimer’s, and many other types of sickness and disease don’t happen overnight. These health conditions build over decades.

I know it is SOOO hard to make the healthy choices in the moment, when it doesn’t seem like the little daily choices are a big deal, but eventually these choices WILL catch up to you. I want you to live into your 50s, and well beyond, full of energy and life with a body that is capable of taking you to all the places you want to see, and loving and building all the relationships in your life. Your future active, healthy, amazing life begins with the choices you make TODAY!

 If you’re ready to make a change, please feel free to reach out to me and share your story @ If you’ve tried to make changes and are facing challenges, please share your struggles with me – I want to help you live your best life.