Are You Sure You Don’t?

By April 7, 2014 No Comments

My friend and I were having a conversation recently about relationships in general, and he asked me if I thought I was too “busy” to get into a relationship right now with the rapid growth of Fit Moms For Life worldwide and building up the Transformation Center here in Madison.

The following is my answer to his question (along with a few other thoughts I’ve had since this conversation):

“No I don’t believe I am too busy. Five years from now I will have more opportunities, more requests for my time, and more things to do. It won’t be a better time.

  • If having a relationship is high enough of a priority for me I will make the time.
  • I make the time to brush my teeth twice a day and floss a few times per week.
  • I make the time to shower (most days).
  • I make the time to check Facebook at least a dozen times per day (not good).
  • I make the time to fill up my gas tank in my car when it is getting low.
  • I make the time each week for my two favorite TV shows (Shark Tank, and The Profit).
  • I make the time to go to the bathroom before I pee my pants.
  • I make the time to write to you about 5X per week.
  • I make the time to call my parents about 3X per week.
  • I make the time to go to church each Sunday.
  • I make time for relationships, too, because they are are a priority in my life.”

unnamedLife is about figuring out what is important to you and prioritizing your time to make room for what you value most. Let’s stop prioritizing tasks and activities that seem important or urgent in the moment and instead, let’s make time for things that really get us to where we want to go in life. 

About 3 months ago I hosted a FM4L 6 Week Challenge party for new and perspective clients. One woman attended only because she was pretty much dragged there by a close friend. As I do at most FM4L events, I encouraged this group of 25 women, “Each of you has the ability to make 20-30 minutes for exercise most days of the week.”

Fast forward to about a week ago, and this woman who reluctantly joined the 6 Week Challenge, was back to our next FM4L party encouraging all the new potential participants to join because those 6 weeks of committing to her health had changed her life!

She shared with this new group of women, that she wasn’t too impressed with me when I mentioned everyone has 20-30 minutes for exercise. It was all she could do to keep from blurting out “Whatever trainer, dude. You have no idea what my life and kids are like!”

Despite her feelings about my comment, this women made a choice to make her health a priority in her life, joined the 6 week challenge and at the most recent FM4L launch party, she was happy to report that she did indeed find the time to workout! Not only did she lose a crazy amount of weight and inches, she has a renewed excitement and energy for her life!

Click here to learn more about this home based program that meets once a week to support and inspire each other to keep making health a priority. We have new challenges launching locally in Madison and around North America. We even have one in Malaysia if you are living there!